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The Canadian

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  00:11:49  10 August 2010
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On forum: 05/21/2010

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Don Reba
09/07/2010 12:17:43
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“Get up!” a voice shouted from beside me. Putting my head up in surprise, Bearpaw was pulling me up by my collar in one hand and an AK in his other one. Loud gunfire boomed all over the place as I woke up.
“What the fuck is going on? Where am I?” I almost yelled in panic.
“You’re still at the fucking camp and we’re attacked by damn bandits so take your fucking gun and fight!” He said while emptying his AK on a guy wearing a black coat that was running inside. I reached my backpack to find that the rifle wasn’t here. I grabbed my belt and found the berretta still in its holster. I grabbed it and cooked the backslide. Bearpaw was still next to his window shooting at the bandits coming from everywhere. I ran under the door frame and took a aim at the one entering the camp. I fired two bullets at him and he fell on the ground. The knockback reminded me my wounded arm which was hurting like hell. An arm moved behind the bus and a round object fell not far from our position. Reacting quickly, I grabbed the stalker next to the window and threw ourselves in the middle of the room. A second later the wall fell in an explosion. The man went back on his feet while mumbling words I didn’t understand and fired his shotgun in the hole. I went at a window as Bearpaw threw me a small double barreled shotgun.
“The ammo is on the floor. Now got ahead and clean the house in front of us. Move!” He literally yelled while firing. I cracked open the gun and filled the two receiver with a fresh shell and took a handful of them in my pocket. I looked at a window and saw a moving object in the front house. I peeked and pressed the trigger. I returned behind the wall and cooked the two hammers and blew a gunshot at the man. The only response received was an cream of agony. Considering my shot as successful I replaced the used shell by a filled one and cooked back the gun. I sprinted at the next house and stopped under a window. A dead bandit lied on the grass and four of them were inside. I gave a quick look at the dead corpse equipment and grabbed a grenade.
“Hope those still work fine.” I murmured while activating and throwing it square at a bandit face. A huge boom succeeded as an arm flew over my head. I rose and aimed inside at a wounded bandit about to throw a grenade. The man died on the shock without having the chance to use his last resort weapon. The stalkers already had cleaned the three houses on the left and the only remaining treats were behind the scrap vehicles. Reloading another time the old shotgun I slid next to the fence. Looking under the fence I saw two feet going to the corner. I aimed at the fence and emptied the gun. The man fell on his face without any signs of life. Bearpaw ran at the other side of the bus as I took the other side.
“Get their attention!”He screamed. I putted my berretta on the other side and fired blindly. A second later He went by the corner and emptied the rest of his clip on the remaining crew. A man fell from the back of a tree with a hole in the head as Fox came from behind with his revolver lowered.
“Good job guys, it’s all clean and we don’t have any casualties. Everyone loot their killed bandits and put the bodies down the hill.” He said while holstering his handgun. Bearpaw came next to me and pointed at the two nearest bodies.
“Those are yours. Take everything you want and leave the rest in the box next to the fireplace. You take also the house you cleaned.” He replied while reloading.
“Also, good job for the grenade. Hound Dog wanted me to give you that as a present for saving his life.”
I caught the strange object as he continued talking.
“It’s a Sparkler. You won’t find any around here except in the anomaly tunnel but they are quite widespread. Weaken the body against electricity but give a boost similar to an energy drink as long you have it close without plastic bags.” He finished explaining.
“I’ll thank him later.” I replied with a smile that quickly faded as I saw the dead bodies lying around. Opening my backpack, I noticed I had been robbed all my SKS ammo and a few food supplies.
“If I find this guy I’m going to tear him open in one of those anomalies” I mumbled. I searched both men bodies for anything useful but only some 9x18 pistol rounds and some canned food were still usable. They both had Marakov’s which looked more like a suicide device than a firearm. Putting the rest of the stuff in a bag they were carrying I led my way to the house. The floor was cracked open by the grenade and a bandit laid on what remained of the floor his body mutilated. The tree others were still in one piece. I searched them and took an AK-74 that was still in good conditions, some of the rifle ammo and two strange objects which looked like those rought devices that stalkers use to find anomalies. I took the bodies outside and dumped them down the hill. Coming back in the house I stuffed the rest of the junk in the bag and went to the fire. A stalker took it and emptied it’s content in the box while grabbing every PDA in it. The man handed me a map of the area with location circled in red.
“There’s a last gift for saving my life. Those are some stashes with equipment in them. Please use them only if needed since I might need things in them at any time.” Said the one I recognized as Hound Dog.
“Thanks, I really appreciate your help. And would you have seen a man walking around with an SKS by the way?” I asked.
“Yes. This morning I saw someone going out of the camp to hunt with something like that. He didn’t come back yet. And if I find something of interest in those PDA I’ll let you know.” He replied.
“It’s all right. See you later!” I said while walking to Bearpaw’s house. He was next to a table cleaning his gears. I took out the uncooked shotgun with the rest of the ammo and putted it on the corner of the table. He putted his hand over mine and putted it back in it.
“Keep it. Maybe it’s not the most valuable thing but you’re going to need it more than me. Found anything of interest on the bastards?” He said in a low tone.
“Actually just this AK and some strange devices with a light on them. Beside that no a-” I managed to say before being interrupted by a familiar voice.
“Is your name Mark Brivosky?” asked in a hurry Hound Dog who just entered the place.
“How did you know that?” I asked
“Give a look on these.”He said while handing me a PDA. I looked at the screen and read the words on the screen.

Task: Find Mark Brivosky and kill him. Bring back a piece of identity as proof.
Reward: Report to Smoker.

“The asshole…” I mumbled.
“You know who he is?”asked the stalker.
“Yes, it’s the one who pretend to be my father.” I answered.
  12:00:17  7 September 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 10/06/2009
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Ah ben the Last Stone merci lgros , j'pensais jétais le seul Québecois a capoté sur ste jeu la , mais tu me prouve le contraire , ton histoire est très interessante et jaimerais bien voir le reste

Je vais meme peut-etre en écrire un beau roman moi aussi de STALKER, si j'ai bien le temps ...

Lache pas !

Dont stop !
  12:16:46  7 September 2010
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Don Reba
Bishop and Councilor of War


On forum: 12/04/2002
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English, please.
  22:53:06  7 September 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 10/06/2009
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English, please.

Sorry I forgot.
  22:28:18  21 September 2010
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On forum: 05/21/2010
Messages: 40
well I`m still working on it when I have time, school and work takes almost all my time and the little rest I have free I often loose myself in stalker a bit, so I`m still writing but time is an issue.
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