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The Canadian

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  02:41:58  8 June 2010
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On forum: 05/21/2010
Messages: 40
Quick note

Just to precise, I didn't actually played CoP, only SoC. I watched the ending and the story is based on the location from Soc, not CoP. I say that just in case that people point it out as I heard there was a pretty good difference between both. Currently working on the next part.
  05:13:15  5 July 2010
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On forum: 05/21/2010
Messages: 40
A new start

Okay sorry guys, for those that may ask where is the last part I deleted it. Wrote it in a hurry and screwed it all over. Here is the good one. Sorry for any misunderstanding, and enjoy!

“So, how’s our little survivor downstairs?”

“He’s in bad state, but stable and alive. I gave him some medication but

he will need more for maybe a week or two. Give him these pills when

he will wake up. Ho and before I forget it, I would like him to pass by at

Yantar when he will feel good. People who survive that are pretty rare

and some tests could help us developing our blowout protector. “Have a

good day Brok!”

I opened my eyes. My head was hurting a lot, but I already felt worse. I

lifted myself up from the bed I’ve been placed and scouted my

backpack. Rifle, gasmask, clothes, everything was there. I changes

clothes and threw the old torn clothes on the floor. I took my Kevlar

vest and adjusted it to fit tight. I closed the pack and prepared to go out

but I saw a sheet of paper with a note on it. I took it and read it.

“Dear stalker. I wrote this letter in case that the message I asked Fox to

tell you is misunderstood. The emission damaged a lot your body but I

assume you already guessed. It messed a bit your DNA and to prevent

cancers and other side effects I gave you some medication. You need to

take two pills per day and if injured meanwhile take a red pill instead of

the white ones. I don’t know the amplitude of the disease and if you

notice anything abnormal take another white one. You won’t need them

until 24 hours after I will go. Try to not take any other drugs or

substance that your body isn’t used to just to be more cautious.


PS: You have enough of them for a month and I would like you to come

by at Yantar at the lab. I will be able to finish the treatment and you will

run some ‘tests’ to compensate the cost of what I gave you.”

I folded the letter and placed it in the front pouch of my backpack. As I

walked up the stairs a stalker in stalker suit came to me.

“So, how are you feeling? I thought you would wake up tomorrow.” He


“Not so bad. I heard the directives of Brok when he told you. I’m happy

that there are good people around there.” I replied.

“Alright, so here is the gift he gave you: medication, 3 boxes of 30 9x19

ammo and a heavy little box. Wonder why the hell he gave you those.”

“Maybe because he wants to make sure I get up there by myself and

not in a plastic bag?”

He let a small laugh and pointed toward the place everyone ran before

the blowout.

“Siro want to see you. The only thing he said to me was that he wanted

you to come alone. See you later!”He said while heading toward the fire.

“See you later too.” I replied. I inspected the place: there were about 4

guys watching the surrounding and three taking their diner. I walked to

the place the stalker told me and went down the stairs. An old man was

waiting me behind what looked like one of those old bank pay-offices.

As soon that I entered the room the door closed behind me.

“So that’s you that everyone is talking about. I thought that you were

taller. Anyway it doesn’t matter. Fox is recruiting people to clean the

bandit hideout again. There aren’t a lot of them but those won’t run for

their lives. I know that he don’t want you to be implied in this one since

you’re weak, but we need everyone out there to do something to help.

So here is my proposal: a stalker spotted a few crates on way from the

Zone gate and wants it to be searched. We sent a man but he didn’t

come back. I want you to find him and investigate him to find what killed

him. Also do his leftover job. For reward I will give you a 500$ discount

on any firearm. Want to do it?” he said, his tone somewhat strange.

“I will in no time, but anything I should be warned of before I go?” I


“Yes. Usually boars like to hang around so make sure you get a gun

before going. Fox can give you a used marakov if he got some from

another raid.”

“Well, I’m going for it. I’ll be back before dawn.”

I went back up the stairs and looked on my PDA for information on the

landscape. A grey dot appeared at the end of what seemed the hill next

to the village. Opening the little operator manual, I found the page

related to the symbols: gray for no activity since 24 hours. I sat next to

a wall and took the black box from my backpack. It was pretty heavy

and well packaged. I opened the lock and looked at his content: a

Berretta M9, two magazines and a cleaning kit. I took the gun from the

box and inspected it. The thing was almost new and must have fired

only twelve shots before being stored. I ejected the mag from the

handgun and filled it with the fresh 9mm ammo. The cartridges slid in

easily and until the 15th round no excessive resistance occurred. I

added a last one directly in the receiver of the gun itself and locked it in

cooked position. Filling the two other mags, I putted everything on my

belt and went to my destination.
  23:06:43  5 July 2010
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On forum: 05/21/2010
Messages: 40
Taste of the Zone

Remember, it's not forbidden to post comments!

I came after five minutes next to a body. I searched the body and made

a mental list of what it had on it: two medkits, a couple of bandages, an

almost falling apart marakov, a knife and a small box of 9x18 ammo.

The body was white, and there wasn’t any sign of fight or blood on him.

Inspecting more attentively the dead stalker, he found what would

answer his death: a hole perforated by something very sharp in his

neck. The flesh was empty of any blood and the wound was whipped

clean. I looted the corpse and removed the leather coat from him. It

was in perfect condition except from a burned hole in the sleeve. I

putted everything in my backpack and walked toward the crates. Taking

the stalker’s knife, I broke open the box and putted it content in a

plastic bag: ten boxes of marakov ammo, a few food supplies, three

gasmask filters and a GP-5 gasmask. Suddenly, a brush moved on my

right. I took the berretta and aimed toward it. Nothing there. I looked

around me but there wasn’t anything to be seen anywhere. I walked

back to the camp gun in hands, ready for a dog or boar rushing at me.

Fox waved me his hand and came to me.

“So, any idea of what happened down there?” he asked.

“Not a single one. The guy just got his blood sucked out of his body. He

didn’t fire a single shot and even if he would have done the crap he had

on him would surely had blown up.” I replied.

His face changed from curious to fear.

“We’re in deep shit. Hand the stuff to the trader and get back here very

fast. We got a bloodsucker around here.” He said while grabbing his AK-


I wanted to ask him what was a bloodsucker but it would wait later. He

ran toward the campfire and started to talk to stalkers. All of them took

their guns and looked ready for war. I went to Sirodovich and putted the

blue bag on his desk.

“I didn’t count how munch ammo is in the boxes but there is everything

from the crate. But I took the dead stalker’s gears” I said.

The old man opened the bag and looked at each items carefully.

“Looks like a military helicopter lost a part of his supplies. I guess I will

be able to negotiate an offer with the colonel. So now take a weapon of

your choice, and I remove 500 bucks from it.” He said while moving

away from the wall where every weapon is shown. AK’s, pistols,

shotguns and SMG, it was the crazy gunman dream. I needed something

reliable, accurate and widespread that would not attract too munch

robbers. I had two choices: an old Lee Enfield with a scope and a Toz

78/22LR with a scope. Considering that I already had .22 ammo, I took

the Toz as a main choice.

“Can you do modifications or I will have to ask someone else to upgrade

my rifle?” I asked.

“Well, I can do most basic stuff but don’t expect me to add an electronic

compensator on anything. Last time it didn’t hold the ride and blew after

the third bullet.” He replied.

“Alright. What can you do with the Toz right there?” I asked while

pointing the gun.

“Well, I can clean it up, change barrel, expand the clip from 10 rounds

to 12 and switch the trigger for a smoother one. Whit everything it will

cost you 1050 rubles. Is that what you want?”

“I think I won’t take it. Got anything else similar?”

“I think I have something just for you.”

He crouched under his desk and took a long black box.

“This, my friend, is the first weapon I ever owned in the zone. It’s a SKS

from my father who fought during war. It’s in excellent state and has

some little modifications that you won’t see anywhere. It has a

sharpshooter canon, recoil-absorbing stock, short travel trigger, an AK-

47 clip adapter and an 8x scope. Of course it won’t be free, but I won’t

put it overpriced: 2300$. I can throw 3 other clips for 300$. Deal?” He

asked while showing me the weapon. It was in perfect condition. I

looked at my spare cash and counted. I had 4520$ remaining.

“Deal, but add a new GP-5 in addition of the 3 mags. Mine is old and

don’t really want to risk anything.” I replied.

I gave the money that was asked and he removed the rifle from the box

and gave me the rest of the arsenal. A box of 150 round was supplied

with the 4 other AK clips who were already filled up. I packed the stuff

inside my backpack and went out. The sun started to set and I didn’t

even eat anything. Everyone was watching the surrounding of the camp

except Fox who looked like was cleaning his rifle. I checked if

everything I had was ready and went to Fox.

“Care if I go with the others as a sentry?” I asked

“In the current situation it won’t hurt. Any questions before going on

duty?” he replied.

“Yea. What does one of those bloodsucker looks like? I think I already

heard something about those but don’t remember”.

“You don’t see it, it’s almost invisible. When moving it look like a blur

with two white eyes floating. It’s the first time they wander so close to

the border. We got to take it out or the military will get a hard time.”

“Military? Aren’t those supposed to keep us away from there and kill us

on sight?”

“Supposed, but not obligated. Bandits and mutant grows at an

hallucinating number and they are dangerous for both us and them, so

cooperation has become essential. But they still are the army; don’t try

to sneak past them. Now go, I got other things to do.”

I went back to the trader door entrance since no one was keeping it.

Rifle cooked and machete loosened, I was ready to meet it arms wide

  23:10:39  5 July 2010
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Teh Soul Eater
I didn't do it.


On forum: 03/21/2010
Messages: 1667
You should play CS. Its great. Story's going along good too.
  23:54:22  5 July 2010
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On forum: 05/21/2010
Messages: 40

You should play CS. Its great. Story's going along good too.

Did and found it boring as hell. Even on Master difficulty it's easy as hell. And no more unique weapons . Even the artifact system made me rage: always in those anomalies clusters, don't have any effects other than protecting from anomalies and some rare that can remove radiation.
Even CoP got me hooked up longer. Sorry if it may offence some people but I hated the new turn from SoC. Only thing I liked was the upgrade system and real NPC life. I still stick to the original one and replay with various mods.

Next part of the story incoming this night or tomorrow.
  00:33:49  6 July 2010
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On forum: 05/21/2010

Message edited by:
07/06/2010 0:36:10
Messages: 40
An old friend return

Here's a short bit of the story I just wrote. Enjoy!

“Okay everyone get over here, we got news!” yelled Fox.

I gave a last look around and went by the fire.

“Scouty found our little sucker. He made his home in the tunnel behind

the base we cleared this morning. Almost everyone knows his way there

and those who don’t just follow someone trusty who know his way. We

go in an hour. Whacky, Strool, Seiry and the new ones stay at the

camp. And by the way, anyone saw Bearpaw? I didn’t saw him since the

blowout.” He said.

“He went to get his stuff back from the Barkept. He will be back around

1:00 AM.” said a tall guy.

“Alright then, everyone goes at their jobs!” shouted Fox.

I stood up and returned to my assignment. The hour came and half of

the camp left guns in hand, heading to the hideout. Ten minutes later,

everyone PDA got a message. They killed the bloodsucker and were

resting at the nearby base. The tall stalker on the roof went down,

vodka in hand.

“This shit is dead, it’s party time!” he shouted like an idiot.

Everyone took a bottle and sat next to the fire. Me, I went in a house

and placed my sleeping bag on the floor. My eyes caught a glimpse of movement at the

window and it looked all fuzzy. I thought I was hallucinating until I remembered what

Fox said: it's invisible. I released the strap holding my machete in place and walked

toward the door. A blurry object was approaching the fire, his two white

orbs floating toward the drunken victims. I sneaked in his back and

swung the back of the machete at what seemed to be its neck. A dark

red goo spread from the wound as the beast turned toward me. I

slashed the front of its throat as it bitted my arm. The freak held my

arm in his mouth trying to suck all my blood in a vain effort as I finished

my third slash. The machete’s saw went through the entire neck and

torn it in half. The cloak finally went off as I saw the ugly brown thing

biting my arm collapse on the ground. Realizing what just happened, a

drunken stalker started yelling toward me in a rush of panic. I turned

back as another face lunged toward me. Raising the weapon in my

hand, I was ready to cut its damn mouth in half when suddenly its head

exploded a foot away from my face. The stalker in black trench coat

lifted up his dragunov and rushed at me: Bearpaw was back. He swiftly

took a bandage and patched back my arm as I was going face to


“I left you one time in the arms of death, but I won’t make it happen

twice.” He said. “And why the hell are you using the freaking saw

instead of the blade? A second later you were a dry steak.”

“The saw can rip through everything so never take any chances.” I

managed to answer as the pain started to flow in.

“Nice one for a man caught between death and life. I’m calling those

who stayed at the old bandit outpost. There may be a lot more of these.

Go back in the house and have a nap, I’ll watch out those drunkards.”

He said in a serious tone.

“Fine for me, all this got me the rest of my strength. See ya tomorrow!”

“Take care, friend.”

I stood up and went back to my bed. I didn’t have any difficulties to


I wondered what was going to happen tomorrow.
  00:56:30  6 July 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 07/10/2009
Messages: 667
Well...I am glad you returned.It is going good for now.The parts are coming at nice rate...It is OK

  03:15:52  6 July 2010
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On forum: 05/21/2010
Messages: 40
thanks for the reply but I don't think I will be able to keep that speed for long. I live on a barn, we got a lot of things to do and I got a job so today was one of those paused days. But I won't stop before a while. Still too munch to eviscerate in the zone!
  00:36:20  20 July 2010
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On forum: 05/21/2010
Messages: 40
Sorry for not posting updates but these days I have a lot of work to do. But I promise a new chapter of moderate length in 4-5 hours. Have more work to do for now.
  05:16:52  20 July 2010
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On forum: 05/21/2010
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The source of all Strength

It's amazing what I can think by just listening to one song. Dumped it over my old text in an hour. ENJOY!!!

And BTW if you guys think the story goes a little bit too munch superhero, just say it and I will adjust everything since it's not my goal.Of course the beginning look a bit like it but it's not everything.

I woke up, sun in my eyes and pain in the arm. I was feeling like a car

roamed me in a wall for the second time in my life. I went off the

sleeping bag and stuffed it inside my package. I looked on the PDA: it

was midday and everyone was there. I went out of the house and

approached the fire. Fox was the first to notice me coming.

“Hey, feeling good today?” was his first words when he saw me.

“Yea. My head feel heavy but nothing more.” I replied.

“Then I have another job for you. Get in the farm next to the bridge.

From there you will scout the area to find two bandits. They are both

dressed in black trench coats and are armed. Once you find them, send

their position to me from your PDA and don’t leave them from your

sight. I will give you the rest of your task on place.” continued Fox. “Also

be sure to stay light and not carry too much, you may have to travel a

lot.” He then added.

“I’m on my way.” I acknowledged. I went in the house I was before and

looked for somewhere to hide the unnecessary stuff. No holes in the

walls or loose planks to move. I went in another room which seemed to

be a kitchen. There was a dirty dishwasher sitting under the dirty wood

counter. A few steps from it were an oven which the front door was

literally stolen and had many years of dirt and beating covering it. The

cabinets hanging on the walls were all broken and useless. My attention

went to the oven. The steel plate in the back was almost totally

unscrewed and could easily be moved up to six inches which was more

than enough to hide stuff. I hidden almost all my ammo and food in it

and took care to screw the plate to be sure no one could suspect the

stash. Now I had only my filled up magazines on my vest and food

supplies for a week. I left the sleeping bag where it was since it was

pointless to take it with me. I weighted my backpack just to give me an

idea off if I had to remove some stuff from it. It was all right. I strapped

everything on my back and checked twice my weapons. I went out of

the house and followed Fox indications on my PDA. The farm was

around 500m away and there was an anomaly field near. I slowly

walked out of the camp, watching everyone doing their hobbies, and

went in direction of the barn.

The air was fresh, almost exempt of any odors. The grass looked more

like miniaturized bushes growing in the middle of nowhere. Despite of all

the dangers roaming around this place seemed to be out of a dream.

Reaching a small bridge, I looked at the wild dogs chewing old bones on

my left. My attention drifted to the weird distortions a few meters from

the dogs.

“Must be some of those anomalies that I heard about.” I whispered to

myself. “Better stay away from those for now.” I added.

The road ahead looked clean of anomalies so I kept going that way. The

barn was a few steps ahead so I left the road and entered the building.

Looking again on my PDA, the location was in the granary right to the

north on my compass. I walked in direction of my objective when I

tripped on a rock. I rose from the ground and looked at the blue rock.

The thing seemed to hide a strange blue light right under it. I crouched

next to it and took the stick of my Geiger counter. Slowly lifting the

rock, the shiny blue orb started to levitate until it reached my torso. It

was the size of a golf ball and emitted a strong blue light that was

varying along with its levitating abilities. Taking closer the radiation

detector, the thing started to lose its light and slowly fall down. Looking

at the dial, it showed no radiation but the light fluctuated in the opposite

way of the object. Right when I removed the detector away the orb

lifted to my head and shined powerfully. Considering this lucky finding

as inoffensive, I took it in my hands. It was cold like ice on the touch,

but my hands weren’t getting colder. Instead, I felt small sparks trough

my arms that were spreading all over my body. After merely three

seconds, the orb started to follow the rhythm of my heartbeat. I felt the

unknown energy climb to my head as I felt energized like if I just drank

one of those energy drinks. I stuffed it in my pocket and walked in the

granary. The effect wasn’t as big as before but still present all over my

body. I climbed the stairs and cooked my rifle. I crossed the planks and

sat at the end of the homemade floor. The little tower on the roof looked

like a good place to spot but it was the first place to look into to spot a

sniper. I took my binoculars and watched the surrounding. I could see

almost everything from this place except what was on the other side of

the fallen bridge. The minutes went by and boredom took over. I putted

the binoculars aside and took back the thing I got earlier. Holding it in

my hand firmly, I focused my mind on the flow of energy. Strangely, the

more I focused on it the more it was powerful. Intrigued, I started to

wonder if my mind had an influence on the weird sphere. Pushed by

curiosity, I looked at the ball and focused the most I could on it.

“Show me what you can do dear.” I said while keeping full focus.

The orb started to glow more and more until I was blinded by the light.

The energy flowing like a waterfall inside my head as my hand started

to shake on its own. The light was so intense that even when my eyes

closed I only saw the blue color of the object. Suddenly realizing what I

was doing, I opened my eyes and the light went back to normal. Looking

at my hand, the small orb made a pulse and I felt a jolt in my arm.

Looking at it, I realized that I didn’t even felt the wound that the

bloodsucker inflicted me the night before. I rolled up my sleeve and

looked at my forearm. Slowly removing the bandage, my eyes opened

in surprise when I saw the healed scar which looked like a year old

wound that healed perfectly over time. I looked at the sky and followed

the movements of the crows. The picture was sharper than ever.

“How can people fear this heaven?” I whispered with pure delight while

contemplating the clouds. As an answer the little orb emitted a small

pulse thought my fingers.

“Yea, you’re right. Because they have no control over it. Absolutely no

control.” I told the little sphere in my hand while going back to duty.
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