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In the End

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  17:31:44  26 June 2010
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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He was shot from a single barrel of a possibly handmade quadbarrel shotgun, and as much as most video games depict shotguns are not the most powerful guns ever, though they are pretty close, and point blank gunshot to the chest from anything I admit is pretty hard to survive and Viktor almost did die but the bleedin, internal and external were stopped and slow his fate long enough for the stalkers to get him to medical help, if you are refering to the story Viktor tells of that epic battle note that he referred to it as a folk tale meaning it most likely is just a bunch of stalkers telling some tale that has very little basis of truth and the real purpose is simply the moral. As for the two million rubles, I could make that amount in one week in SoC, wait make that three days, and thats just a stalker selling guns, Sidorovich, the scientists and any other trader could possibly pool out that amount of money, and don't forget how in the early days artifacts were said to be worth way more than they are now, also getting stabbed in the chest is about 90% lethal, I know I got stabbed in the arm and nearly lost it, which would have made writing this story very damn difficult, I am lucky to still have most of my feeling. As for the one year they were referring to one year outside the zone working a normal job not one year in the zone and... the bandit, well you never know sometimes people are lucky sometimes they are not...

Also wouldn't a merchant like Sidorovich know that investing large amounts of money could lead to a greater reward. (also RU isn't worth much, 2million RU is worth 52349.21 Euros (yes I looked it up) so easily Sidorovich could get that together via outside connections if he doesn't want to do the classic stalker pic up everything and sell it for large amounts of money system)

Sure the story has its highs and lows but it still has plausibility

Anyways I will try to put up the rest of the story by probably tonight.
  17:57:43  26 June 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
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I get it now.

OK,keep up.
  19:38:49  26 June 2010
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
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Post moar, and blood-e.
  03:48:44  27 June 2010
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Post moar, and blood-e.

blood-e or wall-e

okay I will get more... moar? more moar moaremarroresars....

Uh I will get back to you on that
  14:32:43  27 June 2010
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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In the End, Part 9

Part 9
A week passed by, they prepared themselves for the long journey ahead and though still sore, Viktor and Pavlik recovered from their wounds. Pavlik looked around at them slowly, today was the day they had to hire some stalkers, by tomorrow morning they would be gone.

"so... where do we hire stalkers?" Mitya asked as they walked down the street
"I would say the bar" said Viktor "stalkers hang out there when they don't have jobs"
"well, what kind of stalkers would you think we would find?" Nikolas asked
"god knows, all we know for sure is they are probably wasted" said Viktor
"something tells me I am not going to enjoy this" said Sasha
"well one thing is for sure" said Pavlik hearing the shouts of many drunks as they reached the bar "they are drunk"

They walked into the bar, it was a large room with many tables littered everywhere, stalkers were shouting and drinking and a questionable fog was coming from one of the private rooms, Jimi Hendrix, Highway Chile was playing. They walked through the bar and sat at a back table.

"well now what?" Mitya asked
"uh... I don't know, Viktor?" Pavlik asked
"uh, don't ask me I'm new here" said Viktor
"oh yeah your bar was a piece of crap" said Nikolas
"shut up" said Viktor examining the room "I will go find some stalkers, wait here"

Viktor stood up and left, they looked around at each other slowly.

"now what?" Mitya asked
"we wait" said Pavlik
"you honestly think he can find someone?" Nikolas asked
"hes well groomed, he might seem rich to these stalkers" said Pavlik "maybe he might draw their eyes"
"yeah well that makes two of us" said Sasha strapping on her gas mask and ignoring several drunk faces
"yeah, probably a good idea" said Pavlik watching Viktor talk to the local barman, they spoke briefly and the barman gave him a sheet of paper, he then quickly typed on his PDA and several stalkers around the bar stood up from their chairs and started moving towards them, Viktor ran back to his seat.
"well I spoke to the barman and they gave us a list of stalkers" said Viktor "they are all looking for work and are coming to us"
"one less task" said Mitya "well here comes the first"

The man was wearing a bright red sunrise suit, it was well trimmed and it kind off looked like something a rich nobleman would wear when out duck hunting, the man had a great smile on his face and a feel of sophistication unrecognizable among the many other faces.

"hello gentlemen" said the man sitting down, he had a refined accent
"hello" said Pavlik "you are mister?"
"Nigel Fletcher at your service" said the man happily
"ah, your accent is... English?" Pavlik asked
"Manchester English chap" said Nigel
"why are you here?" Pavlik asked
"I hear you are in need of my services" said Nigel
"no I mean in the zone" said Pavlik "you don't look like you belong here"
"I may be a man of sophistication but that doesn't mean I am not a man of worth" said Nigel "I am here to honorably serve the people till my dying breath, I am a man of action and am willing to go down in a blaze of glory if necessary, along with my good ol' winchester at my side however I doubt that will happen anytime soon"

The five of them nodded to each other, Nigel had an optimistic personality and certainly seemed courageous enough, no matter how dangerous the task.

"well.. we will get back to you" said Pavlik
"Marmelade!" said Nigel "I will expect your call!"

As before, before they could collect themselves, someone else was sitting in front of them. A somewhat creepy looking black man was sitting in front of them, he had long dreadlocks and wore a dark almost robe-like trench coat, he stared at them with intense eyes, his locks were braided with little skull idols at the tips.

"I hear you be offerin' some work" said the man
"you heard correctly" said Pavlik, kicking Nikolas's leg, who was too busy staring at the little skulls to notice "you are mister?"
"Croatoa" said the man "I be a humble servant of Ogu"
"Ogu?" Pavlik asked

Croatoa reached into his pocket and pulled out a skull, it was made of crystal or was encrusted with crystals at least, it was the color of blood.

"Ogu be with me, he watches out for me and be guidin' my way" said Croatoa
"huh..." said Pavlik still wondering slightly whether it was real or not "and why are you here? In the zone?"
"I be lookin' for some fun mon" said Croatoa
"uh.. huh..." said Pavlik wondering despite himself what Croatoa meant by 'fun' "well we will get back to you"
"I be waitin' for it" said Croatoa

They looked up as he left and another sat down in his place. In his place was a tall asian man, Pavlik took a few minutes to look at him, the man had messy hair and a light beard, Pavlik decided to venture a guess that he was Mongolian. The man wore ragged but warm looking cloths and furs, with a tattoo of an arrow on his forehead, he had many bands hanging from his suit and a bone necklace hung from it..

"you are mister?" said Pavlik looking at the list, the man stared at him "mister? uh... Khaan?"
"KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN" the man screamed extremely loud
"wow" said Pavlik holding his ears, the bar was silent "that was loud"
“My battle cry scares my opponents” said Khan “they wet their pants in fear”
“more like hold their ears” muttered Mitya

The man went back to staring, Pavlik looked at the others who were also completely taken by surprise.

"we will get back to you" said Pavlik, the man nodded and walked away

Another stalker sat in front of them, it was a massive man with long braided blond hair and a thick and braided beard, the man had a thick jaw and a thick chin and had scars across his face. Pavlik sized him up and estimated he was at least seven feet tall, his suit had what looked like bear fur as the trim, if he could be described with one word it was definitely 'viking'.

"and you are mister?" Pavlik asked
"Hald, Hald Theimdall" said the man
"sounds Scandinavian, which country?" Pavlik asked
"Sweden" said the man
"hmm, so whats your story?" Pavlik asked unable to help himself
"I am here to lay low a while, no one seems to respect my ability" said Hald
"how so?" Nikolas asked quietly
"well I was in Finland for a while and this man was leaving his house and found me funny looking, so I went to have a chat with him" said Hald "so I walk up to him and he sees how big I am and locks the door but I kick it down, he starts shouting and I pick him up but his wife shoots me in the leg, so I through him and went for his wife but he pulls a gun out of nowhere, AND SHOT ME, SO I THEN WALKED UP TO HIM AND RIPPED HIS HEAD CLEAN FROM HIS SHOULDERS AND TORE THE SKIN OFF SO I CAN DRINK MY MEAD FROM HIS SKULL AND THEN GRABBED HIS WIFE AND BEAT HER TO DEATH WITH HER OWN ARM... plus I got fired from my day job"

The five of them were once again open mouthed, they had no idea what to say to that nor did they have any idea how they could EVER say no to someone like him.

"we will get back to you" said Pavlik
"you better, or this will be a waste of time" said Hald "and I don't like to waste time"
"I'll keep that in mind" said Pavlik quietly

The man stood up and walked away, he hit his head on a lamp and someone laughed, Pavlik heard a beer bottle smash and someone fall over, he heard fists hitting flesh in the crowd of people, another man sat down in front of him. He was slightly smaller than him but well muscled, he looked Japanese and looked well disciplined, his suit was simple but had a a style that resembled a samurai cuirass, with Bushido engraved over his heart..

"and you are mister?" Pavlik asked
"Akuji" said the man
"and you are here why?" Pavlik asked
"I am here because a man killed my father, the man is here in the zone and I must find him" said Akuji "but I have ran out of money, I need a job to get back on my feet and continue my search"
"okay" said Pavlik "I guess we will get back to you"
"I am looking forward to it" he said as he stood up and left
"he seemed disciplined" said Pavlik
"I think his own mission might conflict with ours" said Mitya "that guy would ditch us if he found any clues to where that guy is"
"I guess but I am really starting to doubt if we are going to find anyone" said Pavlik
"I liked the British guy" said Viktor
"yeah he was charming" said Sasha "unlike most of these guys"
"that Viking definitely could handle himself in a fight" said Mitya
"yeah but he would probably kill us all in a blind rage" said Nikolas "I vote for the Jamaican"
"yeah just because he was into some strange voodoo crap" said Pavlik "oh great here comes some more"

Two men sat down, they were wearing rough leather suits and had wide hats, the same worn by characters in westerns. One of them was tall and blonde the other was short, stock and had long brown hair. They both were fairly young too.

"howdy partner" said the short man
"and you are mister and mister?" Pavlik asked
"I'm Roy and this is my partner Johnson" said the blonde man
"Roy and Johnson" said Pavlik looking through the list, he found them both and nodded "so what are you guys doing in Chernobyl"
"well we were out in Texas and realized there was no frontier anymore, no outlaws to shoot or damsels to save" said Roy
"so we heard about the zone, no laws but the laws of the stalkers and that was like frontier law so we decided to grab our guns and show the stalkers a thing or two about Texas" said Johnson

They both pulled out revolvers and spun them around in the hands, occasionally throwing them in the air and switching hands.

"when did the circus come to town" Mitya whispered, Pavlik tried to remain serious
"so what do you think?" Roy asked
"pretty good... we will get back to you" said Pavlik
"well alright, just give us a call" said Johnson
“Americans” Mitya muttered under his breath

"this is a waste of time" said Mitya
"I know but what can we... oh damn here comes another" said Pavlik

A tall bald man sat down, he looked old and weathered and didn't look like the type you would cross but also looked fairly normal compared to the others they had met, he war an old flak jacket, ammunition slung across it..

"uh and you are?" Pavlik asked
"Joseph" said the man "South Africa, Ghana, Congo, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Somalia, Egypt, Libya, Zaire, I survived twelve wars in the last twenty years"
"Impressive" said Pavlik "you want a drink?"
"'beer" said Joseph
"barman, a beer" said Pavlik
"so whats your story, why are you here?" Pavlik asked
"I fought wars across the African continent for twenty years, fighting warlords, arms dealers, drug lords, mercenaries, militia and even tribals, I wanted out of that hot sandy rock, I wanted to experience a new world, so I headed east to the middle east and found myself in more sandy deserts, I eventually reached Ukraine and decided not to go back, I hate deserts, all they end up as is sand and blood, up here you have the benefit variety when it comes to your grave" said Joseph
"well you sound like you know your stuff" said Pavlik "we will get back to you shortly"
"I'll be here" said Joseph walking away
"I liked him" said Viktor
"you said that about damn near everyone" said Mitya
"he knows his stuff" said Pavlik
"twelve wars in twenty years" said Nikolas "and he survived all of them, impressive is right"
"well, how many more on the list?" Sasha asked "I really don't think any of them so far are real winners"
"um...oh damn" said Pavlik
"what?" Sasha asked
"the list goes ever on" said Pavlik

They all sighed, there were so many stalkers for hire but none of them seemed right. A man sat down in front of them, he looked untrustworthy but nonthreatening, he had short, flat hair and his face was scarred, as if he was tied up and beaten, unlike the others of the group, he war no suit, instead he war what looked like a very dirty tuxedo, much of it was torn and he war it very informally.

"hi I'm Dexter, Dexter Aces, I heard you have a job" said the man
"Dexter Aces?" Pavlik asked with eyebrows raised "what kind of name is that?"
"picked it up in Vegas, along with several other less fortunate names" said Dexter "so you got a job?"
"I dunno, I am not sure if you are what were are looking for" said Pavlik "but I will let you know"
"uh... okay... I guess well see you later I guess..." said the man somewhat disheartened walking away
"didn't like him" said Mitya
"neither did I" said Nikolas
"I did, he seemed like he was cunning if not intelligent" said Nikolas "Vegas though... probably a gambler, maybe a cheat, could explain the injuries"
"a gambler and a cheat, I can see why you like him" said Sasha taking off her mask now that most of the people around them were gone, passed out or punched out by an angry Norseman.

Another man sat down, he was young, with messy brown hair and big smile on his face, he wore a bright emerald green sunrise suit, a Steyr Scout Tactical slung over his shoulder.

"well, I hear you be hirin' for some important piece of work now, I was thinkin' of hookin up for the job" said the man with a unique accent
"your name?" Pavlik asked
"Marcus Finly, proud supporter of Irish independence" said the man "I fought in everything from the IRA to the IRS and anything else that starts with IR"
"IRS?" Pavlik asked puzzled "Isn't that..."
"ANYWHO" said Marcus quickly changing the subject "whats this job be and WHO IS THAT"

Marcus's eyes caught Sasha, she rolled her eyes in an irritated fashion.

"well who might you be darlin', you be lookin' for a bit of Irish in y..." Marcus began but was quickly cut off
"WHY don't we talk about the job" said Pavlik "are you good in a fight"
"am I good in a fight?" Marcus asked clearly offended but still staring at Sasha "I'll have you know I was the IRA's top sniper"
"really?" Mitya asked "you seem kind of young"
"well I would be considerin' I started age six" said Marcus "best shot in my grade eh"
"well we will let you know" said Pavlik
"alright, I will be hearin' from you and I will be hearin' from you too I assume" said Marcus to Pavlik and Sasha before strutting away
"damn terrorist groups" said Nikolas
"I kinda liked him" said Mitya
"I don't know" said Viktor "he was kind of cocky"
"he was a pig" said Sasha "do not hire him"
"he certainly seemed skilled" said Mitya
"or he was just trying to make himself sound good" said Sasha "that guy had a major ego"
"yeah just like Mitya" said Nikolas
"shut up" said Mitya "here comes another"

A man sat down, he was tall and wore round glasses, he stared at them for a for a minute, his stalker suit had a unique camouflage that reminded him of the French military uniform..

"name?" Pavlik asked
"Loup" said the man
"thats french right?" Viktor asked
"yes, I came here to escape several... tragedies" said Loup "so about this job"
"its dangerous but extremely well paying, so do you have any skills in particular?" Pavlik asked
"I run VERY fast" said Loup
"and this will be useful to us how?" Pavlik asked
"If we get into a fight I will outlive you all" said Loup laughing “no I am effective scout or decoy”
"well we will get back to you on that" said Pavlik

Another man approached, a Hispanic man approached, he had long hair tied in a ponytail and a thin mustache. He smiled slightly as he sat down, he was wearing a very light sunrise suit with a leather jacket over it..

"name is Hector, I hear you have a job" said the man
"yes uh, before we know whether you have the job, are you any good in a fight?" Pavlik asked
"I am very accurate with a submachine gun" said Hector
"well um... good but are you any good in a fight for real?" Pavlik asked "have you been in a firefight"
"well you could call it that but it was over before the man closed his door" said Hector
"okay well we will get back to you" said Pavlik
"let me know" said Hector walking away

Another man sat down, he was a tall dark haired man wearing black tinted sunglasses. He looked at them and sat quietly.

"well mister?" Pavlik asked, the guy didn't answer "your name is? hello mister? your name?"

Pavlik examined the guy closely, he noticed on the side of his suit he had a Scottish flag sewn into it, he looked through the list of remaining names.

"mister Kai?" Pavlik guessed, the man nodded "are you any good in a fight?"

The man nodded again, Pavlik looked at the others and looked back.

"we will get back to you" said Pavlik as the man nodded and walked away
"okay that guy was kind of creepy" said Mitya
"I like him" said Nikolas
"yeah well he didn't say anything" said Sasha "how can we trust someone like that"
"he keeps his mouth shut at least" said Viktor "unlike some people"
"yeah... wait what?" Nikolas asked
"well I don't know but the last few weren't exactly winners" said Mitya
"more are coming, I think it is almost over" said Pavlik

A large man sat down, he had straw-like hair and wore stone wash blue overalls. He had a big smile and crooked teeth.

"name's Lewis" said the man "I am here because I need money to take care of mah children"
"how many children do you have?" Sasha asked curiously
"seven" said Lewis, causing them to choke on their drinks "Willy, Billy, Hank, Dale, Jimmy, Walker and Lewis Jr"
"well you must be working hard to support them" said Pavlik "you know this is a dangerous assignment"
"well I gotta do what I gotta do" said Lewis pulling out a picture "this is mah wife"
"how lovely" said Pavlik
"yeah shes also mah sister, mah cousin and mah auntie" said Lewis
"thats nice... wait what?" Pavlik blurted out
"its nice it is" said Lewis
"well um... I will get back to you" said Pavlik
"well hot dog I got the job didn't I" said Lewis excitedly hugging him
"I will um get back to you on that" said Pavlik watching him leave
"well that was interesting" said Nikolas
"yeah and creepy" said Sasha
"I dunno, he seems desperate" said Viktor
"he might hold his own, he looks kinda strong" said Mitya
"where did he come from?" Nikolas asked
"I dunno, some strange western place big on incest" Viktor replied

Another man sat down, he had long black hair and a feather through it, his face looked chiseled and his eyes looked unnaturally focused, he wore a long brown longcoat with many pockets in it, he had dark skin and Pavlik couldn't tell where he was from.

"and you are?" Pavlik asked
"I am known as Iroquois" said the man "I am a tracker"
"so you would be of what use to us?" Pavlik asked

Iroquois pulled out a bag of dirt from one of his many pockets and emptied it onto the table. He drew a shape in it.

"a boar track" he said changing shapes rapidly "a flesh track, a dog track, a human track, a bloodsucker track and a pseudogiant track"
"impressive" said Pavlik
"do a Poltergeist" said a drunk man who was apparently watching the interview
"DO YOU INSULT ME" said Iroquois throwing the dirt in the mans face "THEY DON'T HAVE FEET"

The man took a swing at Iroquois who quickly side stepped, grabbed the guy and threw him across the bar, he sat down and looked back to them.

"we will get back to you but you are probably one of our top choices" said Pavlik
"thank you" said Iroquois walking away
"strong" said Mitya
"cunning" said Nikolas
"dislikes drunks" said Sasha
"is that a good thing?" Viktor asked
"here comes one more, last one" said Pavlik "thank god"

A german man sat down, he was balding, had a thick mustache and his face was slightly singed. He smelled like gunpowder and was smoking a thick cigar, the tip of which looked like it exploded.

"mister... Gustov" said Pavlik reading the last name on the list
"thats me" said Gustov
"so whats your story" Pavlik asked
"I'm a sapper" said Gustov "I have no story, if I did it would have blown up by now"

Gustov laughed at his own joke for a minute before pulling out a hip flask and sipped it.

"a sapper" said Pavlik "so you have experience with explosives"
"since I was four and found out fertilizer can go BOOM!" said Gustov "and sugar also goes boom, and vodka burns and all sorts of crazy things, then cherry bombs... great times, school lacked toiletry for three years after that oh and bottle rockets... oh and then I found out thermite recipes... and napalm... oh I love the smell of napalm in the morning, I though I would make a perfume once... BUT I BLEW IT UP HA HA HA!"
"right..." said Pavlik "well I assume there is a reason why you are here?"
"well I was looking for something to blow up that I never blew up before, so I BLEW UP SOME BANDITS HA HA HA" said Gustov "AND A BLOODSUCKER AND HALF A TRAIN HA HA HA!"
"we will get back to you" said Pavlik watching Gustov walk away laughing
"he seemed interesting" said Nikolas
"great sense of humor" said Mitya
"could be useful" said Viktor
"he looks like he blew himself up a few times" said Sasha
"well he is a possibility" said Pavlik
"now what?" Mitya asked "we saw like twenty guys, who do we pick?"
"I have no clue" said Pavlik "how will we tell if they are any good from talking to them"
"how about we test them" said Sasha "target practice?"
"thats not a bad idea"

They walked to the shooting range, they had several cans set up on a rock, Loup immedietly took off, running over a hill and out of sight.

"is he coming back?" Pavlik asked
"I dunno I will keep my PDA timer on, see if he decided to run a marathon instead" said Nikolas
"okay why not" said Pavlik watching the rest one by one take turns firing.

They were all pretty skilled, each one as good as the last, though a couple of unusual methods were used. Akuji attacked the cans with his katana, Kai simply stared leaving them to believe that he was really skilled but did not speak any language they understood, Croatoa scared them all when he poured rum on the skull and blindfolded himself but somehow managed to hit all the targets and Dexter who threw sand in everyone's eyes shouting 'pocket sand' then kicked the cans down and fired a couple shots to make it look like he shot them and Loup showed up and picked up the gun and did a somersault and shot a surprising amount of shots, after doing six laps around the town in four minutes. Hald threw a log at the cans crushing them completely causing them to spend an hour searching for more cans and lastly Gustov, instead of shooting, simply clicked a detonator and blew up the entire hill in front of them taking the cans, the rock, the log and practically everything on it with it, apparently it was Gustov who chose the location for the target practice.

"THAT IS AN EXCELLENT USE OF MY PLASTIC EXPLOSIVES NO?" Gustov shouted in his thick german accent, muffled greatly by the ringing in everyone's ears.
"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR?" Pavlik asked, his ears felt like they were bleeding
"IT FANNY" said Gustov in his thick accent

By the end of it they had accomplished nothing, other than meet a lot of people and blow up a hill. They had no idea who they were going to hire and now were left to wonder what they were going to do about all these stalkers waiting for the job offer.

"who are we going to hire?" Mitya asked
"we saw talked to them then saw them in action and I can't decide" said Nikolas
"thank god its not your decision" said Viktor "who do we choose Pavlik?"
"please tell me you're not considering that pig" said Sasha
"I got an idea I will see you guys in a bit" said Pavlik "I know exactly who we will take..."

He walked away with another word and hurried off out of sight leaving them standing confused by the gate...

“hes got to stop doing that” said Mitya “can't he at least tell us his plan before running off dramatically”
“eh let him” said Viktor “its better than one liners”
“true enough but don't encourage him” said Mitya

They all laughed for a moment watching Pavlik disappear from sight...
  14:55:57  27 June 2010
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Guess Who.


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In the End, Part 10

Part 10
Pavlik woke up, rain was pouring on the roof of the bar, they had rented a room now they had recovered, he climbed off the couch, Sasha had claimed the bed, Mitya claimed the chair in the corner and Viktor and Nikolas slept on the floor. They had asked why Pavlik could only afford one room but Pavlik simply stated that he had spent the ten grand on preparations, in truth he did spend it all on the trip but it was a special surprise that he had prepared, he was certain it would work. It was about six in the morning, they needed to get ready by now so they could meet their new team, Kolya would also be returning from a small mission he was doing for Sidorovich. Pavlik kicked the others lightly.

"time to get up, we are out of town in an hour" said Pavlik as the others sleepily stretched
"mornin' already?" Mitya asked
"yes and we have an hour get going" said Pavlik

They walked downstairs and quickly ate, Pavlik left the bar and headed for Sidorovich's office.

"we are leaving" said Pavlik
"I was wondering when you would get around to it" said Sidorovich
"well in a few minutes we will be out of town" said Pavlik "I thought I would let you know so you can call the scientist and tell him were coming"
"don't worry he will know, good hunting stalker" said Sidorovich

Pavlik ran out of the office and into the street, the others were standing under some shelter, he saw Kolya walking down the street.

"got the news, just got to hand this artifact over to the boss" said Kolya "when do we leave?"
"within the hour" said Pavlik
"okay I will be back quickly" said Kolya running into Sidorovich's warehouse

They waited for him to return, he came back about ten minutes later. The six of them walked to the gate.

"where are the other stalkers?" Mitya asked
"they will meet us outside" said Pavlik throwing Mitya the trucks keys "start the truck"
"right" said Mitya running to the truck, he backed up and they climbed into the back, Mitya jumped out and climbed into the back, Pavlik and Kolya climbed into the front seat.
"so where to?" Pavlik asked
"we need to get into the valley" said Kolya "and head to the junk lands west of the bandit base"
"great, I suspect they won't be to fond of us" said Pavlik

They drove out the gates and found several stalkers waiting for them. Akuji, Loup, Hector, Dexter, Lewis and Iroquois climbed into the truck, he heard a tap on the window behind him and looked back to see Mitya looking confused at him but Pavlik simply smiled and continued driving, all according to his plan. They drove north across hills, he passed the hill he fought the final day stalker and continued before turning west, he drove up a large hill and heard many geiger counters clicking, he drove back down into the valley, the bandit base in plain sight.

"didn't remember the valley seeming this small" said Pavlik
"yeah well everything seems bigger at first" said Kolya "lets drive around it, do a nice wide berth will you"
"yeah, don't feel like getting ripped apart" said Pavlik
“these guys gave me a lot of trouble when I passed through here” said Iroquois
“what happened?” Dexter asked
“they got what they deserved” said Iroquois
“they give everyone grief” said Loup “I have been here a while and I have seen many rooks get dragged into that hell, never returned unless they decided to wear black”

They drove around the bandit camp, keeping to the northern end of the valley, there was a loud crack and one of their rear view mirrors was shot off, the bandits knew they were there.

"uh Pavlik I think they recognized us" said Mitya
"I know keep your heads down" Pavlik replied stepping hard on the gas, they drove quickly but Pavlik soon noticed several more trucks behind them, they drove west until they reached a large hill and a small canyon.
"right on through" said Kolya "to the junk lands"
“what did you do to piss them off?” Hector asked “I mean enough to send an armed convoy after us?”
“I shot their leader” said Pavlik
“he dead?” Hector asked
“no idea, think so” said Pavlik
“well damn this is gunna get bumpy” said Lewis

Pavlik drove up the hill and into the canyon, there were several trucks behind him, four, five, six, more and more kept coming, the back of each was loaded with bandits. Several gunshots were heard as bandits shot at them, he heard gunshots behind him as his team fired out the back. They drove out of the canyon and down a hill, there were many of the small tornado anomalies he had seen before.

“SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP” Pavlik replied

Pavlik swerved out of the way trying to drive, he heard a crunching sound as one of the bandit trucks drove straight through one and was compacted into a cube bandits and all. Pavlik spun the steering wheel like a madman trying to avoid hitting any of the whirligigs, he heard another loud crunch and some screams behind him. Pavlik saw a wall of whirligigs blocking their paths.

"that was never here before" said Kolya as the wall of whirligigs drew nearer "quick do something before we end up like those bandits"

Pavlik looked around and saw a large chunk of debris, it was angled like a jump and was literally the only option he could think of. He drove straight to it and slammed on the gas again.

“no no NO NO” shouted many voices behind him

The truck drove straight up and flew over the whirligigs, he looked behind him to see the others holding on with their lives.

"SORRY" he yelled back as he heard many cheers and shouts behind him

They hit the ground with a bang, the truck slid onto its front wheels and drifted along the muddy ground for a good twenty meters before flipping over, they slid across the ground still, the truck hit a rock and began to spin out of control, the truck crashed into a pole sticking out of a pile of garbage which shot straight through one window and out the other, Pavlik and Kolya staring at it in shock.
Pavlik turned around and saw no one behind him, he looked out the cracked window and saw several shapes clambering to their feet, they apparently let go sometime during the spinning and were thrown around. Pavlik crawled out of the truck and looked around, it was silent until he heard a loud engine roar, the bandit trucks one by one jumped the whirligigs.

"RUN" Pavlik shouted as they ran across the field, the trucks, just like theirs flipped and crashing in a pile

They ran through piles of garbage trying to get away but the gunshots followed them, they found a pile of old cement chunks, they climbed behind it watched the bandits emerge from the garbage, there were a lot of them.

"they look pissed" said Pavlik
"that they do, what did you do to piss them off?" Hector asked
"oh we helped capture their camp and shot their leader" said Mitya
"all in all just a regular day for us" said Nikolas
"Loup, you remember the plan" Pavlik asked
"yes" said Loup
"you feel up to it?" Pavlik asked
"I uh..." Loup replied
"good" said Pavlik "NOW"
"screw this" said Loup looking at the bandits and legged it off westward
"oh son of a bitch" said Mitya
"now what" Viktor asked as many bandits slowly crossed towards them
"only one thing we can do" said Lewis slowly
"what offer someone as a bargaining chip?" Dexter asked
"fight" said Akuji
"I was afraid of that" Dexter mumbled

They raised their rifles and fired, the bandits ducked behind every bit of cover they could find as several of them were quickly killed by the suppressive fire, Pavlik crawled around behind them and found an old box, he quickly found it and pulled out a dusty detonator.

"whats that doing there?" Mitya asked
"just a bit of forward thinking" said Pavlik clicking the button, there was a loud explosion as the bandits simply disappeared in a cloud of dirt
"what the hell was that?" Dexter shouted in surprise
"forward thinking, lets get out of here" said Pavlik
"Pavlik um..." Sasha said nervously

A single shape walked through the cloud of dirt, it was a massive man in a brown long coat, his face was scarred and was missing an eye, he was carrying a quad barreled shotgun in one hand that seemed fairly battered and a long chain with a spiked tip in the other. Dread filled Pavlik as the man drew nearer, like the reaper himself coming to collect his soul.

"RUN" shouted Pavlik, this was not part of the plan

They legged it through the garbage in the direction Loup ran down, they ran up a pile, Geiger counters clicking, they reached the bottom of the hill, there was a shotgun blast and Lewis fell over, a bullet went through his leg. They dragged him behind cover and watched the hill top. The man slowly walked down the hill, sun on his face, it definitely was Boar.

"oh god what is he doing here, I though you killed him" said Nikolas
"I know I thought so too" said Pavlik
"now what?" Mitya asked
"I have to finish this" said Pavlik "or he won't stop"
"you're insane" said Nikolas "you shot him before and he got up"
"and my leg hurts like hell" said Lewis, Sasha was trying to stop the bleeding
"okay Kolya, lead the others to the Agroprom, I will hold him off" said Pavlik
"what about Lewis, he can't walk and hes bleeding too much" said Sasha
"well..." Pavlik began
"I can try to stop the bleeding while you fight off Boar" said Sasha

Pavlik suddenly saw a glimpse of his dream, the man with the chain by piles of garbage.

"no" said Pavlik
"we have no choice" said Sasha
"fine, Akuji cover her" said Pavlik "rest of you wait for me in the Agroprom area, if I am not back by the end of the day carry on without me"
“that man, he looks so familiar” said Akuji
“thats great now I am going to hold him off” said Pavlik “keep her safe, don't leave her for a second”
“of course, you can count on me” said Akuji

Pavlik jumped over the cover and pulled out his pistol, he walked towards the bandit and stared at him, he heard the others running as fast as they could.

"you" said the man "you are going to regret crossing me"
"yeah I already do" said Pavlik
"well, I'm an impatient man and its dying time" said Boar firing his shotgun, Pavlik dived and fired three shots, sliding across the mud.

Pavlik climbed to his feet and avoided another blast from the shotgun, he rolled and fired another shot, it hit Boar in the leg, he didn't even flinch. Boar swung the chain and it hit Pavlik in the face, the chain was so heavy he moved with it and felt himself fly a few feet before hitting the ground, he was bleeding badly, he climbed back to his feet. Boar fired all four barrels of his shotgun, it hit Pavlik square in the chest sending him flying, blood spraying everywhere. He hit the ground with a painful thud and felt searing pain cross over his entire body...

Sasha put pressure on the wound, she heard gunshots and the clanging of a chain, she looked up just in time to see Pavlik get shot clean in the chest, do a flip in the air and land on the ground, where he continued to lay motionless.

"oh my god" she said slowly turning to Akuji, Akuji was gone "oh no"
"well hello" said Boar's heartless voice "I was wondering when I would see you"

Sasha slowly backed away as Boar stepped over the cover and hopped over Lewis, not even noticing him, Boar raised his chain.

"I am going to enjoy this" he said slowly, an evil smile crossed his face.

He raised the chain up in the air, two hands grabbed his shoulders, Lewis threw him into a nearby pipe and lunged at him, the two rolled on the ground hitting each other until Lewis grabbed a rock and swung it down towards Boar's head, there was a blast of a shotgun and Lewis flew off of Boar and landed on the ground, several bullet holes in his gut. Boar climbed to his feet and walked towards Sasha, there was a sound of metal colliding with metal as a katana knocked the shotgun out of Boar's hand, Sasha watched as boar turned around, Akuji was standing there holding his katana.

"you were the one who killed my father, you are the one I seek" said Akuji "you will die"

Akuji stabbed Boar straight through the gut with his katana and slashed, Boar screamed in pain. Akuji pulled the blade out and swung in a stabbing motion towards Boar's neck, Boar grabbed the blade and threw it aside, Sasha ran for the blade and threw it to Akuji who stabbed it through Boar's back. Boar fell forward and landed heavily on the ground, Akuji stabbed the body one last time and turned away from it, he smiled slightly at Sasha when suddenly a chain swung across his face and ripped back, blood sprayed in Sasha's face. Boar stood up and swung the chain at Akuji, who blocked it with his katana and swung it, Boar grabbed the katana and snapped it in half. Boar grabbed his shotgun and shot Akuji in the chest with it, Sasha screamed as blood sprayed everywhere, she turned and tried to run but the chain swung around her legs and pulled her back, she fell on her face and slid across the mud, she turned around to see Boar's insane eyes looking down at her, he threw aside his shotgun and swung his chain around with two hands.

"any last words sweetheart?" Boar asked
"yeah, go to hell" said another voice, there was a loud blast of four shotgun barrels and Boar flew off his feet, blood spraying everywhere, Boar fell beside Sasha who dragged herself away from him, Boar grunted in pain.
“you little bastard” said Boar
“with your own gun too” said the voice “hows that feel you son of a bitch”

Another burst fired through his chest, Boar grunted in pain, blood was pooling around him.

“I will kill you” said Boar in a struggling voice
“that was for the stalkers who suffered because of you” said the voice “and this... is for Viktor”

Another burst fired from the quadbarreled shotgun right in Boar's face, blood sprayed eveywhere as his face was completely destroyed beyond recognition, Sasha looked up to see Pavlik staring down at her holding his hand out, his suit was covered in blood and was heavily shredded but he seemed fine.

“how did you survive, I saw you got shot?” Sasha asked

Pavlik ripped off his coat revealing a thick combat jacket under it, now shredded with bullets but it managed to get the job done.

“lets just say we overestimated how much it would cost to hire the mercs” said Pavlik, he looked at Akuji and Lewis, lying dead on the ground “shame though”
“yes it was” said Sasha
"you okay?" Pavlik asked
"they're dead because of me" said Sasha
"they died saving your life, you should feel sad, you should feel proud they did their jobs" said Pavlik looking over at Akuji, he walked over to him and looked into his eyes, closing them with his hands, he turned to Lewis, he had a face of fear mixed with determination now frozen on his face, Pavlik closed Lewis's dead eyes.
“they didn't need to die” said Sasha “I was too much of a victim, if I did something back there”
“you would be dead and they would probably still be dead” said Pavlik “I was lucky they distracted him long enough for me to drag myself to my feet, getting shot from four shotgun barrels at close range left me paralyzed for almost the entire fight, even with a suit I think I am heavily bruised now”
“its still a miracle you survived” said Sasha
“there was a large chance I wouldn't have” said Pavlik
“so now what?” Sasha asked
“we head to the others” said Pavlik “complete the mission”

Already this trip was seeming a worse and worse idea...
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You should have hired the Norseman, Gosh I would sooo like a viking vs undead idiot fight.
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In the End, Part 11

Part 11
Mitya sat with the others, they were sitting beside an old jeep, waiting for Pavlik to arrive.

"maybe he didn't make it" said Nikolas
"we wait till tonight" said Mitya "like he asked us to"
"someone is coming" said Iroquois who was lying on the ground

They raised their rifles and watched as a man hurried towards them, it was Loup.

"oh good you guys made it" he said "wheres Pavlik?"
"you bastard" said Mitya running at him and punching him in the face "you ditched us"
"I was supposed to" said Loup
"what the hell are you talking about?" Mitya asked
"Pavlik came to me the other day and told me to ditch the group at the garbage if we were attacked by bandits" said Loup
"why?" Mitya asked
"he wanted me to send word to the others that we would be delayed" said Loup
"others?" Mitya asked
"yeah what others?" Nikolas asked
"the other stalkers" said Loup "we are joining up with another group outside the institute"
"son of a bitch" said Mitya "he had a plan the entire time"
"so where is Pavlik?" Loup asked
"the leader of the bandits was there" said Viktor "he stayed behind to hold him off"
"we have to wait for him" said Mitya
"don't worry" said a voice behind them "you don't need to wait any longer"
"Pavlik" said Mitya in surprise "your alive"
"you doubted me?" Pavlik asked

They stared at his face, there was a deep cut across his face it was bleeding. Sasha came up from behind him and put a cloth to it.

"will you hold still, I am trying to stop the bleeding" said Sasha
“how are you still alive?” Viktor asked eying all the blood on his suit
“its all blood packets” said Sasha
“forward thinking” said Pavlik
"where are the others?" Nikolas asked
"didn't make it" said Sasha silently "they tried to save us"
"they did save us" said Pavlik "neither of us would be here if it wasn't for them"
"is Boar?" Viktor asked
"yes, he is, I made sure of it this time" said Pavlik "so Loup nice of you to join us"
"yeah what is this about you hiring another group of stalkers" said Mitya
"what?" Sasha asked in surprise
"well I figured we can use extra rifles" said Pavlik
"who is in the group?" Mitya asked
"well... I don't want to ruin the surprise..." said Pavlik
"cut the crap and tell us" said Mitya "who did you hire"
"a good few, some of the good shots" said Pavlik
"I am going to venture a wild guess and say Gustov is among them" said Mitya
"oh you mean the fireworks display earlier, yeah I asked for his help" said Pavlik
"where do we meet them?" Viktor asked
"over there" said Pavlik pointing to a hill, there was a tall structure on it, they saw a flashing light come from the hill "theres the signal lets go"

They hurried after Pavlik, quickly running up the hill, up on the hill were a small team of stalkers. Gustov was sitting by the structure playing with an explosive device of some kind, near him was Khaan, watching with interest, standing nearby was Hald, forced to crouch to avoid being seen by the military patrols, across from Hald was Joseph who was cleaning his M1 Garand.

"well you chose a team consisting of a crazy sapper, a mad viking and a war vet, oh yeah and that crazy mongol" said Mitya "great..."
"forgetting about me?" said another voice as a clump of grass stood up, revealing a man in a ghillie suit "how is that even possible"
"Marcus?" said Nikolas in surprise "you could have chosen the Jamaican guy but you chose Marcus instead"
"we need a sniper to cover us" said Pavlik
"but why Marcus?" Sasha asked
"we needed a sniper, Marcus takes pride in his skill lets finally see if he can do his part" said Pavlik
"what about Kh... him" said Mitya
"we need a distraction" said Pavlik
"well I am fine with this team" said Hector "they look like they know their stuff"
"yeah well, Joseph I am fine with" said Mitya "and the viking will be useful"
"if he doesn't kill us in a blind rage" said Nikolas
"don't worry I have a plan" said Pavlik
“Khaan you ready?” Pavlik asked
“Consider them gone” said Khaan
"good" said Pavlik "lets get ready"

They slid down the hill behind several bushes. Khaan ran down the hill towards a cluster of broken jeeps and helicopters, he crouched behind the helicopter and waited.

"what are we doing?" Mitya asked
"Khaan" said Pavlik “NOW”
"KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN" shouted Khaan standing up and jumping up and down, dozens of soldiers came running out of the camp and fired, Khaan ran headlong into the nearby forest, the soldiers ran after him, they disappeared from sight.
"NOW GO" shouted Pavlik

They slid down the hill and ran headlong into the camp ducking behind cover and firing at the military, though greatly reduced in size there were still lots of soldiers. Pavlik ran around a corner right into a soldier, who already had his rifle raised, a bullet flew straight through his head, Pavlik turned to see Marcus wave and fire another shot at a soldier firing at Joseph.


They ran into the institute building and ran to the stairs, they ran up to the third floor and ran into the hall, they took a left into the office and found three secure briefcases on a table.

"okay which ones?" Mitya asked
"take them all, no time to look through them" said Pavlik as each of them grabbed one "now we go up"

They ran up to the top of the institute onto the roof, there was a military HIND on the roof.

"oh god" said Mitya "what are we going to do about that"
"this" said Pavlik running to it and attaching the bomb Gustov was working on to the bottom of it.

They ran to the back of the building and climbed down the ladder, they ran around the building and threw a smoke grenade towards the direction of the military, that was their signal to leave, they ran out of the institute, suddenly an BMP-1 drove out of nowhere and its main gun turned and fired, bullets and blood sprayed everywhere as they ducked behind cover. Pavlik crawled to looked at his teams condition, Gustov was looking through his backpack, everyone else was taking cover, suddenly bullets were coming from the other way as the smoke grenades began to dissipate, they were surrounded.

Hald and Hector ran from their cover to the the institute and ran behind the walls to shield themselves from the BMP-1, they opened fire on the soldiers. Gustov pulled out a disassembled RPG-7 and began to put it together. Pavlik turned his head to see how the others were doing, Hector was behind cover spraying suppressive fire at the soldiers, Pavlik heard Hector shout and watched him stand up and in another spray of blood he fell over. Hald jumped from out of nowhere and fired an automatic shotgun, the bullets ripped the soldiers apart, he pulled out a massive knife spun around throwing it at a man behind him. He recovered his gun and ran back to the wall as the BMP-1 momentarily aimed its gun towards him, Gustov took this as his moment to stand up and fire the RPG-7, it hit the BMP-1 on the side and the BMP-1 exploded. They all stood up and took a breath of relief.

"oh god that was close" said Nikolas

Pavlik checked Hector was dead, this wasn't part of the plan. They dragged his body and dumped it in a crater, they buried it with debris.

"where was their sniper support?" Sasha asked

They turned to the hill, they saw bodies lying on top of it.

"oh no" said Pavlik running up the hill.

They reached the top, about a dozen soldiers were lying dead at the top of the hill, they searched the bodies for Marcus, they found a body wearing a ghillie suit, they heard a hammer cock back. They turned around to see Marcus aiming a .44 at them.

"well now, did you all miss me that much?" Marcus asked holstering his pistol
"we were wondering why you didn't help us back there but..." said Pavlik looking at the bodies "this answers itself"
"yeah well they though they could ambush me but I wasn't surprised" Marcus bragged
"yeah well we got the documents, but we already lost three stalkers" said Pavlik
"what about Khaan?" Iroquois asked
"I think he long gone?" Marcus asked
"I don' t hear him anymore" said Pavlik "we have to assume he escaped"
"or was killed and the military are coming back" said Nikolas
"nonetheless lets get out of here" said Pavlik "where is Yantar?"
"uh..." said Kolya "we're going to Yantar?"
"yes" said Pavlik
"I am not going near that place, NOBODY told me we were going to Yantar" said Kolya
"come on Kolya we are almost done, we just need to hand over these documents" said Pavlik
"and were done?" Kolya asked
"and we have to go someplace else afterwards" said Pavlik
"no deal" said Kolya
"you can stay in the scientists bunker the entire time" said Pavlik "you would be safe in there I'm sure"
"fine but I get a bigger cut" said Kolya
"deal now lets go" said Pavlik
"fine, follow me" said Kolya leading them north.

Across the fields to the west sat two men, watching through binoculars. They looked at each other.

"they stole from the institute" said one
"yes, three cases" said the other "did you get the IDs off of them"
"yes" said the first "41b, 27c and 61e"
"41b is useless to us, 27c is valuable but unimportant, 61e however..." the second began
"we have to intercept them, send in Sigma and Epsilon" said the first "high priority, tell them the cases must be recovered or destroyed"
"at once sir" said the second

The two walked way, they hurried down the hill towards an old jeep and drove off north, deeper into the zone...
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In the End, Part 12

Part 12
Pavlik looked at the foggy mire which was Yantar. It was cold and dead, with swamps and high grass surrounded by rocks and dead trees. Up on a hill was a large complex and in the swamp below was a bunker, there were walls around it but it looked like they weren't staying up.

"so this is Lake Yantar" said Pavlik "I see why you don't want to stay"
"no you don't thats the thing" said Kolya "theres a device here that drives you made, boils your brain and turns you into a monster"
"and where is that?" Pavlik asked
"its rumored to be in that complex, but no one who went there ever returned" said Kolya "no one"
"well then lets avoi..." Pavlik began but was interrupted

There was a loud bang and the ground began to tremble, just as suddenly as it came it stopped.

"what was that?" Pavlik asked
"I have no clue" said Kolya "shall we continue?"
"yeah, Loup tell the others they can come" said Pavlik

Loup headed down the hill, he returned with the others, the fog was starting to get thicker.

"we should hurry before we are lost in the fog" said Iroquois
"good idea lets go" said Pavlik

They hurried down the hill, the fog was getting thick very fast until finally all they could see were black outlines of each other. They walked suddenly stopped, all of them heard it. Faint. Constant. Moans. They looked around and suddenly saw a wall of shapes emerging from all sides, they heard guns firing and scattered, they were surrounded by unknown assailants, they had no idea what was happening but they ran and that was all that could be determined through the fog. Pavlik reached the bunker door and saw a microphone, he turned it on and talked quickly.

"Hello, we are delivering documents here, can you open the god damn door we are under attack" said Pavlik he heard the door open "THE DOOR IS OPEN EVERYONE IN"

He ran inside and opened the inner door, he turned around rifle raise for the others to enter. Mitya ran in first, then Nikolas, then Kolya, then Sasha, shortly followed by Iroquois, Joseph and Gustov.
The door slowly closed but burst open again as Dexter and Marcus ran in firing over there shoulders, several of their attackers were coming through the door, one of them entered, it was a stalker like any other but his face was wide open and his eyes blank, a hand grabbed it by the shoulder and threw it out, Hald entered the bunker and slammed the doors shut.

"what about Loup?" Pavlik asked
"we were overrun and I told him to leg it out of here, he ran south and thats the last we will see of him I am sure" said Hald
"well at least hes safe" said Pavlik he then noticed there were others in the room "well everyone, meet team three"
"three, you hired another group?" Mitya shouted in surprise "what did you hire the entire bar?"
"practically yeah, all who were willing" said Pavlik

Against the wall Roy, Johnson, Croatoa, Kai and Nigel. Roy and Johnson were twirling their guns, Croatoa was pouring rum into the skull and Kai was sitting in the corner. Kai pointed towards a desk, a scientist was waiting patiently.

"right" said Pavlik grabbing the cases "everyone just wait here I guess"

Pavlik turned the corner revealing the rest of the bunker, it was smaller than he though but he simply shrugged and walked over to a counter, behind it was many complicated tools and a small team of scientists.

"hello, hello" said a scientist, the one from the picture in Sidorovich's office "you are the once Sidorovich sent correct?"
"yes" said Pavlik placing the cases on the table "we were getting shot so we didn't have time to check them, sorry"
"understandable" said the scientist "but where are my manners, I am Professor Sakharov and you are Pavlik I assume"
"yes, I hope my team didn't cause you trouble" said Pavlik
"no I love the minds of the young inexperienced" said Professor Sakharov "so much I can talk to them about"
"sure..." said Pavlik "so how long will it take to decipher the documents?"
"a day or so at most" said Professor Sakharov "you can wait it out here, I am detecting an emission is starting to form anyways"
"an emission?" Pavlik asked
"you haven't been here long have you?" Professor Sakharov asked back passing the documents to other scientists
"no just over a week" said Pavlik
"well an emission is a radiation storm stalkers tend to call blowouts" said Professor Sakharov "my advice, find shelter if caught in one or you won't last a minute out there"
"great to know, I think I survived one of those a week ago, what were those things out there?" Pavlik asked
"interesting you asked" said Professor Sakharov excitedly "they are the result of psyonic emissions coming from the laboratory we are trying to enter, something in there makes your brain boil and turns you into a mindless and easily controlled being who obeys the being commanding their every... well... command"
"being commanding them?" Pavlik asked
"its all a theory, in truth we don't know what is controlling them" said Sakharov "however we have seen similar effects happen to those around Controllers, hence their names, so I hypothesize there is a powerful controller locked away in there, as for the brain scorcher, I believe there is one or many powerful controllers there creating an impassible emission"
"brain scorcher?" Pavlik asked
"you are definitely new" said Sakharov "it is a structure north east of here that creates a powerful field impassible by anyone, it turned on only a few years ago and ever since no one has passed through it"
"so no one has been past there?" Pavlik asked
"well a few made it and came back with tales but other than them..." Sakharov began "no, not since the reactor leak in 1986"
"shame... what tales by any chance?" Pavlik asked
"well some say there are goldmines of artifacts up there, untapped since the second disaster" said Sakharov "others say there are untold horrors up there"
"which ones do you believe?" Pavlik asked
"I am a scientist, I believe facts" said Sakharov "but off the record, I believe a little bit of both"
"interesting" said Pavlik
"PROFESSOR YOU BETTER TAKE A LOOK AT THIS" shouted a voice behind him
"what is it?" Sakharov asked

The scientist held up an artifact, it was glowing and pulsating peculiarly. Professor Sakharov gasped in excitement.

"we have discovered a new type of artifact" said Sakharov excitedly
"thats what I thought" said the Scientist "but that isn't why I called you"
"what do you mean" said Sakharov
"its rapidly changing its molecular structure, it is... evolving" said the scientist "what does this mean?"
"I don't know, put it in observation, we will keep an eye on it, run some tests" said Sakharov "where did those military scientists find it?"
"Professor, these documents are speaking of a giant crystal..." said a scientist, Pavlik lost his focus, he was back in that room with the giant crystal, crawling towards it, he was then pulled back watching his blood trail of he snapped back to his attention "it is saying it is in the power plant and its apparently inside..."
"reactor four" Pavlik muttered
"yeah how did you know?" the scientist said, looking at him as if he just noticed he was there
"I don't know but I had a feeling" said Pavlik
"well this is interesting" said Sakharov "perhaps we should send an expedition there after the task at hand"
"perhaps" said Pavlik "if we can get that brain scorcher shut down"
"yes" said Sakharov "the scorcher would be a problem"
"Professor we've got it, its in a lab north of the complex, theres a separate complex" said a Scientist "Facility X3"
"excellent" said Sakharov "you should head out tomorrow, the emission has made its way here"

There was a loud bang and the ground quaked, there was a ringing noise, he heard the stalkers shouting in surprise.

"thanks for the warning" said Pavlik "tomorrow then"
"just one minutes" said Sakharov turning on a laptop "hello, hello, why hello Sidorovich I was calling you to let you know your stalkers arrived intact, they brought more than was asked for too"
"what do you mean?" said Sidorovich's voice
"they brought us exactly what we needed as well as information on a crystal in reactor four of the power plant and a rapidly evolving artifact, the likes of which we have never seen before" said Sakharov
"let me guess they want more money?" Sidorovich asked
"actually they never asked but if that is the case we should double their already substantial payment" said Sakharov "if they wish to continue working for us after this task"

There was a choking sound after Sakharov said double, Sidorovich coughed and then continued.

"four million rubles is a lot" said Sidorovich "what do you mean by continuing?"
"heading north is what I mean" said Sidorovich "find a way to bypass the scorcher and find this crystal"
"fine, thats a suicide mission anyways" said Sidorovich
"excellent" said Sakharov "I shall let him know"

Sakharov turned off the computer and looked back up at Pavlik.

"do you accept the offer?" Sakharov asked
"four million" said Pavlik
"yes" said Sakharov "we will lend you advanced suits for the job, once you come back from your current task of course"
"deal" Pavlik replied shaking his hand

Pavlik walked over to the others, they were listening to Nigel playing a guitar and the ringing of the emission.

"theres a blowout happening so we have to wait for things to cool down, after that we head north to Facility X3 and back with what we need, then we come back get our two million and decide after that who is ready for our next assignment" said Pavlik
"next assignment, you accepted another one?" Mitya asked
"the pay off is two million" said Pavlik "earning us four million rubles"

They were silent for several minutes before someone said anything.

"four million rubles, what is the job" Nikolas asked
"find a way to bypass the brain scorcher and figure out what is in reactor four" said Pavlik
"reactor four, other than deadly radiation?" Mitya asked
"we will be receiving protective suits" said Pavlik
"but you are walking to your deaths" said a voice behind them, they turned to an open door to see a man staring at them, one they had met once before, on their first day in the zone.
"Stag?" Nikolas asked
"yes" said Stag "I was here because I heard the scientists found some idiot to do their dirty work and here you are ready to run headlong into the brain scorcher"
"listen we respect your experience but we can get there" said Pavlik "and the money is good"
"will you stop it, you went on a mission that got several of your team killed, you are now about to go into a laboratory and lose more of your team and then go headlong into a death machine in hopes of finding a gap and entering a land of deadly radiation and horrific monsters, and somehow enter a power plant, surrounded by constant emissions and walk through a horrifically radioactive sarcophagus and enter the reactor four itself in search of something that may not even be there in the first place" said Stag "sure you will get out of there alive perhaps, but at what cost, you got your four million but how many of these people will escape with you, I doubt any of them will and in the end, in the end what do you have. In the end you have nothing but yourself and your money and all of your friends, all who trusted you are now dead and forgotten, lost to an unforgiving land you should never have entered in the first place, you make me sick"

He turned around and walked back the way he came, everyone was looking back and forth, they sat silently for several hours. Pavlik sat down and thought about it, he accepted the assignment, he had to do it, but was Stag right? Only time would tell Pavlik assumed...
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