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In the End

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  17:12:28  26 June 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
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OK but there are some weird stuff in the first chapter of this page.

Viktor is shot by a QUADRUPLE BARREL SHOTGUN,which would not be realistic sir. Not at all.

Viktor is shot by a QUADRUPLE BARREL SHOTGUN at near point blank but survived. HOW THE-

If Viktor survives that,how come the bandit leader One eyed died as a S&W model 500 got fired at his chest?

Looking at the last chapter,one of the greatest fights in the world? MOST OF THE DAMAGE IN THE ZONE WAS CAUSED BY THEM??

That reminds me of my first stories,amateur.

Ahem,getting stabbed in the chest?

He's a rookie.




I don't think even Sidorovich would have that. C'mon,giving a mission to ROOKIES and making them have 2 MILLION??

And I don't think Sid would accept the deal. He'd give 1 million still.

When did it become one year? I'd think,weeks or something.

If you'd take those mistakes out It is a VERY nice story.
  16:08:57  26 June 2010
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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Keep it up Maiman.

I wonder if they'll meet Boar again hehe.

It is the zone after all, I remember playing CoP a couple nights ago and ran into Skull who I remember very well from SoC... lets just say I had to make sure he stayed dead this time :
  15:39:26  26 June 2010
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
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Keep it up Maiman.

I wonder if they'll meet Boar again hehe.
  13:29:08  26 June 2010
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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You want more, you got it!

Here you go more of the end coming right up!
  13:28:40  26 June 2010
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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In the End, Part 8

Part 8
Rain was pouring hard, Mitya looked out of the medical building, he was sitting with the others at Viktor's side, Viktor was asleep still. Sasha kept looking out the window towards the gate every now and then and Nikolas made things worse with sayings like 'if he didn't make it at least the clock isn't ticking for him anymore' or 'it doesn't matter I'm sure it was painless', Mitya really wanted to hit him. The PDA clock said it had been three hours since Pavlik left, knowing how dangerous the mission was, everyone was losing hope. Sasha looked up again, suddenly she stood up and hurried to the window, Mitya looked to see a man dragging a wounded stalker into the camp, even from here Mitya could see the man was bleeding badly, several stalkers came and helped carry him, they passed the window, Mitya looked at the stalker, his face was clearly visible, it was Pavlik.

"oh my god" said Sasha "it looks bad"
"his body is probably numb from the cold, he wouldn't feel the blinding pain" said Nikolas
"shut up Nikolas" said Mitya watching as his friend was placed on the bed beside Viktor, the medics ripped off Pavlik's suit and were trying to stop the bleeding with some bandages.
"what happened?" Mitya asked the stalker who carried him into town
"me and the other diggers were at the artifact fields, I went to get my bag and I heard several cracks... my friends were dead in seconds... I then saw him fighting the sniper, he stabbed the guy but the guy just pulled the knife out and stabbed him back..." the digger began to mutter "he then kicked the sniper into the Whirligigs and tried to leave but he lost too much blood..."
"its okay, thank you for bringing him back" said Mitya
"you're welcome" said the man
"whats your name?" Mitya asked
"Kolya" said the man
"thanks Kolya" said Mitya sincerely

Kolya left shortly after being thanked by each of them, they turned to Pavlik, he was pale and sweating, the bleeding had stopped finally.

"well... the bleeding stopped but like your other friend, we still don't know what will happen" said a medic
"well he's bound to have better odds in here than he did out there" said Mitya
"thats true" said the medic as he went to check on another patient.

Mitya looked at the others, they were now sitting between two injured friends, both suffering from similar fates. Mitya looked out the window towards Sidorovich's office, he could see Sidorovich looking down at them. What a bastard, Mitya thought to himself, he doesn't even care, probably hoping he doesn't have to pay him now for completing the suicide mission. Mitya sat down and looked back and forth between Viktor and Pavlik, both were sleeping soundly, meanwhile Nikolas and Sasha sat half asleep by their sides. He waited for several hours until Nikolas and Sasha were both asleep against the wall, Mitya tried to keep focus but sleep began to fill his brain until finally he closed his eyes and couldn't open them again.

Pavlik woke up, sun beaming down on his face, his body was sore. He turned his head painfully to the left, he saw Sasha, Nicholas and Mitya slumped together fast asleep, he looked up and saw Viktor, he too looked like he was just waking up.

"hey" said Pavlik, it hurt to talk
"hey" Viktor mumbled "how long was I out"
"dunno" said Pavlik "a day or so"
"why are you in the nice bed and they're on the floor?" Viktor asked
"I got stabbed" said Pavlik
"by who?" Viktor asked "the bandit?"
"you were out a while" said Pavlik "by a crazy doomsayer"
"ah" said Viktor "that makes sense"
"yeah" said Pavlik "I guess I get paid though"
"I guess theres an upside to getting stabbed after all" said Viktor
"yeah..." said Pavlik "doesn't feel like it..."
“why did you come here Pavlik?” Viktor asked
“what do you mean?” Pavlik asked
“you are out of place” said Viktor
“how am I out of place?” Pavlik asked
“you have seen the people here” said Viktor “Boar and Pellicle and Gallileo”
“how am I out of place among them?” Pavlik asked
“Boar is a psychopath, Pellicle is a paranoid isolationist and Gallileo is a selfish and paranoid old man, you on the other hand try to do good, but you hide it behind this desire for money”
“desire for money?” Pavlik asked in surprise
“you got stabbed for money” said Viktor “now I have been out for a while and don't know the full story but you seem to be fine with situations if you are getting payed”
“well its why I am here” said Pavlik “the money is good”
“but you risk losing yourself to Mercenary Sins” said Viktor
“Mercenary Sins?” Pavlik asked
“its an old folk tale among stalkers” said Viktor “the first Mercenary was a stalker like any other, he wanted to do good for people and helped camps and towns from mutants, bandits and other threats, he was a hero. People gave him money and ammo in return but after a while he got used to the money, he started asking for payment for his services, nobody cared much because they payed him anyways, but he started raising the price, eventually the poorer camps couldn't afford his services and despite once saving them for nothing, he left them to die, he developed the Sin of Greed, after a while he started getting payed to wipe out these towns, he developed the Sin of Wrath, later he started getting payed to simply stay out of peoples business, the Sin of Sloth developed. He developed the Sin of Jealousy as people started copying him and made a lot of money, some more than him. He then indulged in Wrath and killed many of them, taking money to buy himself food and left towns starving, he developed the Sin of Gluttony, he then spent his money on anything he pleased as eventually everyone was at his mercy, he developed the Sin of Lust as nothing was out of reach, he up becoming what many came to be known as Demon as that was what he was”
“what ever happened to Demon?” Pavlik asked
“well not much is known, but his downfall came swiftly” said Viktor “he developed his final sin, the Sin of Pride, he was the strongest, fastest, smartest stalker, no one could stop him... no 'one'. The stalkers rebelled and hired a mercenary strike force from outside the zone who were said to have fought the greatest battle the world had ever seen, it was rumored the Military came in to put an end to the fight, for it was so destructive most of the damage and debris in the zone was actually caused by them, someone, military or mercenary stopped him but no one survived the fight, whether the military sent squads or tanks to deal with them is unknown but what is known is that a nuclear warhead blew up the area, the place is said to be so destroyed that no one has ever gone there, its known as the Demon's Vale”
“where is this place?” Pavlik asked intrigued
“nobody knows” said Viktor
“so you think I am following that self destructive path?”
“I think you are treading a thin line” said Viktor

Mitya jerked awake and looked around.

"you're both awake?" Mitya asked in surprise
"yeah..." said Pavlik
"Pavlik was just telling me how he got stabbed" said Viktor
"yeah..." said Pavlik "fun memories"
"I got shot" said Viktor "it hurts a lot"
"yeah it was painful to watch" said Pavlik

Mitya elbowed Nikolas and Sasha awake, Nikolas looked up and nearly nodded, Sasha practically screamed.

"YOUR ALIVE" said Sasha hugging them both, they both grunted in pain "sorry"
"well there alive but its not like thats going to last forever" said Nikolas
"I wish I was still asleep" Viktor said slowly
"you know Nikolas..." Pavlik began "you and Bayonet would have been great friends..."
"who?" they all said at the same time
"the crazy guy who stabbed me..." said Pavlik slowly "he said things like that all through the fight... until I slit his throat... though he kept trying to talk even after that..."
"sounds lovely" said Mitya
"yeah I am sure he spent his final moments gurgling insults" said Nikolas
"did we get the money?" Pavlik asked
"we haven't visited Sidorovich yet" said Mitya
"I think I can do that" said Pavlik climbing to his feet
"hey don't rush things" said Mitya
"yeah you can severely injure yourself and start bleeding again" said Nikolas "and the chance of survi..."
"yeah it would probably be best if you stayed in bed" said Sasha
"Yeah... well I think the look on that bastards face would make me get better soon" said Pavlik standing up, he felt a lot of pain.
"uh doctor?" Mitya called out
"yes" said the medic walking back "oh good they're up"
"is he allowed to walk around?" Mitya asked
"well it might help but..." the medic muttered quickly reaching into his bag and pulling out a slimy rock, putting it up to his chest and wrapping it to him with bandages "lets just be safe"
"I'll be back" said Pavlik slowly stumbling to the door
"I'll come with you" said Mitya "you two watch Viktor"

Sasha and Nikolas silently nodded, at least Viktor was awake now. Mitya helped Pavlik to the warehouse and helped him up the stairs. They reached the top, Pavlik opened Sidorovich's office door. Sidorovich looked up in surprise.

"you're awake" said Sidorovich "My medic's said that your wounds were almost fatal"
"yeah well I got better" said Pavlik "and I did my job"
"yeah, I heard from a digger named Kolya" said Sidorovich "witnessed the whole fistfight"
"yeah I am sure it was just as amazing from where he was" said Pavlik "so payment?"
"right to the money" said Sidorovich "good man, I like you, you understand the important things"
"yeah I'm sure I do" said Pavlik "but you aren't finished with us are you?"
"well yes... I like you and you get the job done" said Sidorovich "an old friend of mine sent me information, he runs a lab in the north, in an eerie place once called Yantar"
"and he wants what exactly?" Pavlik asked
"he is studying a place north of the lab, an old complex believed to be the location of a top secret laboratory called X16" said Sidorovich "but he does not have any information about it, you see its an off the books beyond top secret laboratory, few people know it exists, and the only place he could think of that would have it is the old Agroprom Research institute, or whats left of it... he believes it has the coordinates to the old command post the KGB were stationed at during the early days of the laboratories many secret experiments"
"so you want what exactly?" Pavlik asked
"you and your friends cross the junk lands to the research institute and steal some documents before heading north to my friends lab, let him study said documents and head to the location revealed in said documents and find whatever information you can before returning to him for payment" said Sidorovich
"how far is Yantar?" Pavlik asked
"its in the northern areas of the zone" said Sidorovich
"pretty far from here isn't it?" Pavlik asked "why don't you have any stalkers in Yantar do it?"
"thats just it though" said Sidorovich leaning closer "there are no stalkers in Yantar, or near Yantar, the place is death, all those who go near the laboratory come out mindless zombies who want nothing more than to cause pain and suffering on others, I would send others but no one will do it"
"how much are you offering?" Pavlik asked
"one million rubles" said Sidorovich slowly, making sure Pavlik hears each and every syllable perfectly clear
"one... one... million?" Pavlik asked slowly "thats... a lot of money"
"yes, hopefully with this information we can learn the secrets of the zone and with it gain more money than one million, that is why another million is on the table if you find out the code to the laboratory door" said Sidorovich "one million for returning information another for the code to the lab, do we have a deal?"
"two million rubles..." said Pavlik taking a deep breath "we have a deal"
"excellent" said Sidorovich "you can leave when your ready, no big hurry"
"I need a guide" said Pavlik "I don't know the way to Agroprom nor Yantar"
"I can send one of the diggers" said Sidorovich
"Kolya" said Mitya "we want Kolya"
"fair enough" said Sidorovich "I will call him"
"well... good bye Sidorovich" said Pavlik "I will leave in a few days"
"good hunting stalker" said Sidorovich

They both left the office and walked down the stairs turning to the door out of the warehouse.
"Two million rubles" said Mitya "this is too good to be true"
"I know" said Pavlik "but this is the dream, we came here to come out rich, one year of work honestly got us what thirty thousand rubles? we are getting two million rubles for a single assignment, a few weeks!"
"yeah but this is more dangerous than working a till in some corner store" said Mitya
"doesn't matter" said Pavlik counting the ten thousand rubles "we can get some more help with this money too"
"fair enough, I doubt we can rob a military research center by ourselves" said Mitya "and of course everything in between"

They entered the medical building, the others looked up at them.

"what is it?" Sasha asked
"we got another job" said Mitya
"oh come on you got stabbed last job and almost died" said Nikolas "what number did the fat bastard give you?"
"two million" said Pavlik

The room became quiet, the five of them looked around for a few minutes, big smiles on their face.

"whats the job?" Viktor asked
"head to Agroprom steal some documents, head to Yantar, give said documents to some egg-head, then go to whatever crazy place the documents lead to and recover more documents and a code for a door and return for two million rubles in cash" said Pavlik
"sounds kind of difficult, do we even know where those places are?" Nikolas asked
"we got a guide, Kolya" said Mitya
"the one who saved Pavlik?" Sasha asked
"yes" said Mitya

They seemed to all agree with the choice, they turned back to Pavlik.

"what about the dangers?" Nikolas asked "we will be deep in the zone fighting horrors never before seen"
"we are hiring a team with the money gained from the last job" said Pavlik "as well as any supplies we will need"
"when?" Sasha asked "who would follow a couple of cut up rooks still recovering near death experiences?"
"we will wait a few days" said Pavlik "to lick our wounds"

Pavlik laid down on the bed, the medic removed the slimy artifact and left the room, the others leaned against the wall and talked, Pavlik slowly fell asleep as his mind drifted from his body...

Pavlik found himself standing in the middle of a field, the field was torn up. Massive craters were everywhere and the land was shredded, massive pits and faults everywhere. He walked across this destroyed field, lightning filled the sky, he saw many structures scattering this field, mostly small generators. He walked aimlessly, he then tripped and slid down a hill, the sky turned blood red, he rolled over and found himself lying on the ground outside a massive structure, reactor four of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. He looked at the sarcophagus as he climbed to his feet, he saw millions of mutants running towards him, he heard a shout and saw Mitya trapped, a massive monster standing over him, Pavlik ran to him but suddenly he was inside a tunnel. It was dark and he couldn't see anything, he saw a pit below him, he saw Viktor lying, his legs broken, thousands of rodent-like creatures surrounding him, waiting for him to die, Pavlik jumped down and suddenly found himself in a field of garbage, Sasha was backing away from a large bandit, the bandit was carrying a large chain with spikes at the end of it, Pavlik shouted, the man turned around and swung the chain, it hit Pavlik in the face. He spun around and found himself in a laboratory, he was staring into a chamber, inside he could see Nikolas staring at him, radiation was filling the room, Nikolas smiled at him as he fell over and collapsed, his Geiger counter clicking hysterically. Pavlik hit the glass screaming, he smashed it and fell into a room with a massive crystal, a massive chamber.. he was crawling towards it, he reached up to the bright crystal, he felt pain as he felt himself being dragged back, watching his blood trail away... Pavlik turned to see a horrific creature carrying him towards a pit and throwing him off the edge, he fell down into a pit of glowing liquid, pain filled his body and he screamed in agony...

"AAAAAAAH" Pavlik screamed, he was in the medical building screaming in pain, he felt several arms pushing him down.
"Pavlik... Pavlik calm down... Pavlik calm down" said many voices

Pavlik stopped screaming, he looked around to see the others looking at him. They had the same face of fear and worry. Pavlik coughed and looked around nervously.

"are you okay now?" Mitya asked
"you were twitching and shaking" said Nikolas "I thought you were having a seizure"
"yeah and you were mumbling and at one point crying" said Viktor "it was kind of frightening to watch"
"what happened?" Sasha asked quietly
"nothing" said Pavlik "I think I am just hallucinating from the pain"
"thats obviously not what happened" said Sasha, annoyed he was hiding the truth from her
"yeah spit it out" said Mitya
"it was nothing" said Pavlik
"lots of things are nothing Pavlik" said Nikolas "and that was not nothing"
"yeah why won't you tell us" Viktor asked
"IT WAS NOTHING" Pavlik shouted

They went quiet, they stared at him for a few minutes before looking away. Pavlik looked away from them, he couldn't look at them any longer... he had seen all their deaths... he couldn't let that happen to them... he laid still for a while before he fell asleep again...

Nikolas sat in the other room, Viktor and Pavlik were asleep, their wounds healing, Mitya had passed out in a chair and Sasha sat by Pavlik's side, she turned her head and looked at Nikolas, she walked over to him.

“you can't sleep?” she asked
“I don't know if this is a good idea” said Nikolas
“what is?” Sasha asked
“going on this suicide mission” said Nikolas
“I agree but Pavlik seems to have a plan” said Sasha
“I don't think he does” said Nikolas “and if he does its not a good one, he is leading us to an inevitable death”
“so what do you suggest, he needs the extra help, you want to abandon your friend?” Sasha said 'I heard he was always there for you when you had a bad plan”

That shut Nikolas up, he sat for a few moments, Sasha couldn't help notice something was going on in his head, almost as if he was fighting in his head over a retort or something else.

“he told you that?” Nikolas finally asked
“yes” said Sasha
“thats not entirely true” said Nikolas
“how so?” Sasha asked
“its... nothing” said Nikolas
“what?” Sasha demanded
“get some sleep” said Nikolas standing up
“where are you going?” Sasha asked as Nikolas began to walk to the door
“I need to clear my head” said Nikolas walking out the door

Sasha looked puzzled, something was bothering Nikolas, what did he mean by what he said. Her mind raced on until she fell asleep...
  13:27:57  26 June 2010
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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In the End, Part 7

Part 7
Mitya drove down the hill and stopped the truck, Pavlik looked up at a large complex, walled off with a single gate being the only way in or out. They drove slowly to the gate and parked the truck, his PDA made a noise and suddenly he heard a voice coming from it.

"state your purpose here bandit" said the voice

Pavlik looked in surprise but realized the truck was covered in bandit insignias, he quickly picked up his PDA and clicked talk.

"Were not bandits" said Pavlik
"really, its written all over your damn truck, were not blind" said the voice
"I'm serious, we just escaped the bandit camp" said Pavlik "I think I killed their leader"
"I doubt it" said the voice "many people killed Boar only to have him be the last thing they ever saw"
"well I highly doubt hes still alive" said Pavlik
"your funeral" said the voice "if your not bandits who are you?"
"I am Pavlik, my friends and I are recent arrivals here" said Pavlik "listen, we kind of need assistance, we are low on ammo and one of us is severely injured, we stopped the bleeding but he is still in a lot of pain"
"we will let you in but expect an armed escort" said the voice
"fair enough" said Pavlik

The gate opened, Pavlik slowly drove into the compound, there were a good dozen stalkers waiting for them, they pointed to an area for them to park and waited. Pavlik parked the truck and climbed out, he turned around to stare right down the barrel of a rifle. He looked around as the stalkers searched the truck, pulling the others out and keeping them lined up.

"they weren't lying about the wounded one, its a miracle this guy is still alive" said a stalker "twelve gauge buckshot point blank range"
"how did you stop the bleeding?" another asked
"we found an artifact in the cave over there" said Pavlik "the blood dried up instantly"
"you made it through the cave, in a truck as noisy as this, with a wounded and came out alive" said as stalker "thats a miracle, where is the artifact by any chance?"
"still in the cave" said Pavlik "we took nothing with us and we were allowed to pass on freely"
"interesting" said the stalker "wait one second”

The stalker grabbed his PDA and clicked talk.

"boss, they are clean, there story so far checks out" said the stalker "what should we do with them"
"take the wounded to the medical building, take the rest to me" said the voice
"well" said the stalker "you get to meet the boss"

They watched as several stalkers arrived with a medical bed and lifted Viktor onto it, they pushed him down the street and turned a corner leaving their sight. The stalkers walked them down the road until they reached the very end, they found themselves staring at a large warehouse, they walked up a staircase and reached what looked like the warehouse foreman's old office. A stalker knocked on the door and opened it, the four of them entered the room and the stalkers closed the door behind them. Inside was a small office, dimly lit by the thin rays of light cutting through the blinds in the window, it had a desk, some cupboards and a radio, the radio was playing Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival, behind the desk was an older man, maybe in his late late thirties. He was well built and had thick brown hair, he was leaned back in his chair smoking a cigar. He took one look at them and smiled, it wasn't like the bandits evil smile but there was something untrustworthy about it, he had plans for them it seemed.

"well, what brings you to this wonderful little piece of nowhere?" said the boss
"well came from Galileo's village" said Pavlik
"that bastard still has a village?" said the boss "I thought he lost it to bandits years ago"
"no, he recently took out a bandit controlled farm" said Pavlik
"really? thats great" said the boss
"we helped him achieve that" said Mitya
"really?" the boss asked watching them
"yeah Pavlik here took out the leader of the bandits before he could call for help" said Mitya
"really?" the boss asked again watching Pavlik ever more closely, a big smile on his face
"yeah, Nikolas and I did our part too, well not much Nikolas but I..." Mitya began
"before Mitya tells you his life story and greatness, who are you?" Nikolas interrupted
"fair enough, though I did not get all your names" said the boss examining Sasha for a moment and turning his attention back to Pavlik "my name is Sidorovich, I run this town"
"well Sidorovich" said Pavlik "are you certain we're not bandits?"
"not quite, let me just call Galileo to clarify, if you are who you say you are you shouldn't be bothered by this call" said Sidorovich
"fair enough" said Pavlik

Sidorovich leaned over towards a laptop and began typing. Pavlik's eyes moved around the room, he saw a cupboard full of bouncing artifacts, several boxes of supplies and a Groza on a workbench, an old scope lying beside it. He turned his head to the opposite side of the room, there were several filing cabinets and above them were many pictures, Pavlik looked at them closely. He saw a man in his late twenties or early thirties standing behind an older man in a hazmat suit standing in front of what looked like a small tornado. The next picture had the same two with a third man of similar age as Sidorovich, the third man had darker hair and was carrying a Winchester 1300, his foot on the remains of what looked like a wolf, the older man was holding a sample of its blood and Sidorovich was holding up its tail. The next picture showed the three of them standing outside a bunker in a swamp. The last one showed Sidorovich and the dark haired man standing outside a building with a sign above it labeled 'The Whirligig Bar', they seemed a lot older, the picture was obviously more recent.

"well" said Sidorovich "according to Galileo the five of you left his town to find a town in the valley area, is this correct"
"yes" said Pavlik
"not many towns in the valley area" said Sidorovich "mainly just bandits and con artists"
"we were not aware of that until we arrived" said Pavlik
"fair enough, I believe you" said Sidorovich "though I believed you when I heard the extent of your friends wounds"
"yeah that was that bandit... uh... Boar is it?" Pavlik asked
"Boar is a monster" said Sidorovich "a cold blooded beast, he's barely human"
"yes... said Sasha, finally joining the conversation "I saw..."
"yeah I'm sure you did" said Sidorovich examining her intently before turning back to Pavlik "the man is insane, stay away from him"
"I killed him" said Pavlik
"you really think so kid, were you listening to the part where I said he's barely human?" Sidorovich asked "so many people have shot him, killed him and ended up dead, he is an unstoppable beast"
"okay well how about we cut to the chase then" said Pavlik "you knew we weren't bandits, you believed our story but still you brought us up here, you want something and you want to know if we are the stalkers you need to get the job done"
"hmm, you got a good head on your shoulders kid" said Sidorovich "and I hear you guys are really good for rooks but I don't know if your up for it"
"what is it" Pavlik asked
"there is this stalker, cold blooded son of a bitch, he is part of this group Final Day or something, they believe the zone is a symbol of the apocalypse, but anyway he is killing the diggers just north of here, trying to stop them from tampering with the zone" said Sidorovich "hes killed everyone I sent, this guy is a madman and should be put down six feet under, you accept?"
"payment?" Pavlik asked
"ten grand" said Sidorovich, leaning back.
"ten grand, in rubles?" Pavlik asked
"no in yen OF COURSE IN RUBLES" said Sidorovich "do you accept it or not?"
"I accept" said Pavlik
"good, I will mark his last known location on your PDA" said Sidorovich
"I will see you when I'm done" said Pavlik
"well aren't you certain of your abilities" said Sidorovich "I like that"

They left Sidorovich's office and back down the stairs and out of the warehouse, they looked at each other for a few moments before Pavlik spoke.
"I go alone" said Pavlik
"what are you insane?" Mitya asked
"he clearly is, you heard Sidorovich, this man is insane" said Nikolas
"you can't possibly think you can take him alone can you?" Sasha asked
"listen, I don't trust Sidorovich and we can't leave Viktor here alone" said Pavlik "Mitya is probably the best fighter among us and I need him here to protect Viktor"
"what about me?" Nikolas asked
"is there any reason to fight?" Pavlik asked
"no, it doesn't matter really, we all end up dead eventually" Nikolas replied
"exactly, your not coming" said Pavlik
"what about me?" Sasha asked
"face it, your not that great of a fighter" said Pavlik
"oh thats fair, you haven't seen me fight" said Sasha glaring at him
"yeah but I did see you about to get eaten by some starved and weakened stalkers without putting up a fight, you aren't coming" said Pavlik
"fine" said Sasha "I'll check on Viktor"

Sasha walked away, heading for the medical building. Pavlik turned to the others and lowered his voice.

"okay heres the deal, Nikolas you watch Viktor, sit by his side, tell stories about you and him being close whatever, just keep an eye on him until I get back, take shifts with Sasha, Mitya you watch over Sasha, Sidorovich has something planned for all of us and if sending me on a suicide mission is the first thing on his agenda I doubt you guys are going to be any better off" said Pavlik "watch your backs"
"watch your own" said Mitya "I will be fine"
"here goes the ego" Nikolas muttered
"good luck" Pavlik muttered back

Pavlik looked up at Sidorovich's office, he could see Sidorovich watching through his blinds, Pavlik turned around and walked away. Pavlik walked out of the gate, the truck would make too much noise. He walked across the fields, glancing at his PDA, he was getting close, just over the next hill. Pavlik lowered himself next to the ground and climbed to the top of the hill. He watched as several stalkers walked into a large field of miniature tornadoes, throwing bolts in front of themselves, when they emerged they were carrying artifacts. They examined and traded artifacts with each other for a while.

Pavlik kept his rifle ready, there was a loud crack and he watched one of the stalkers get thrown off his feet and into one of the miniature tornadoes, he was sucked up into the air and exploded. Several more cracks were heard and Pavlik watched the other stalkers meet similar fates. Pavlik watched the hills around the field for muzzle flashes, finally he saw it, in a tree on top of a hill was a man leaned against it rifle raised. Pavlik aimed his SKS at the man, he fired a round and watched the man drop from the tree. Pavlik hurried over to the man, he reached the tree and found the body gone. He heard a twig snap behind him.

"you come to protect those who ignore the inevitable, those unworthy of survival" said the man "you are an unbeliever, you don't deserve to survive the apocalypse and you will die here today"

Pavlik took a deep breath and spun around rifle raised, the man stabbed his rifle's bayonet towards Pavlik who blocked it with his SKS and swung the stock at the mans face, the man punched him in the face and the rifle rolled down the hill. Pavlik pulled out his Colt 1911 and fired several shots, the guy stepped out of the way and knocked the gun out of Pavliks hands, Pavlik grabbed the man's rifle out of his hands and hit him in the face with the stock. The man kicked Pavlik in the chest and the rifle flew out of his hands, Pavlik rolled to his feet but was quickly drop kicked to the ground, the man kicked him a few times. Pavlik rolled out of the way as the man stomped hard where he was just laying. Pavlik felt a hunting knife in his pocket. He kicked himself to his feet and punched the man, spun around as the man punched back and pulled the knife out of his pocket stabbing it into his outstretched arm and slashing down to his shoulder, he spun the knife in his hand and stabbed the man in the chest.

"I do not fear death" said the man pulling the knife out and stabbing Pavlik in the chest.

Pavlik ripped the knife out, the man uppercut him in the face knocking him off his feet, he rolled down the hill, the knife flew out of his hands. The man grabbed the knife and threw it at Pavlik, it hit him in the shoulder, Pavlik fell over in pain pulling the knife out and swinging it at the man who knocked it right out of his hand. The man karate chopped Pavlik right in the throat, he stumbled back immobilized. The man picked him up and threw him, Pavlik landed on the ground and felt a slight pain in his back, he landed on the knife. He rolled over and grabbed the knife, jumped to his feet and round house kicked the man square in the chest, spinning around and swinging the knife in a horizontal slash. Pavlik looked up to see the man's throat slit, he made a gurgling noise and took a step towards Pavlik, punching Pavlik in the face, Pavlik grabbed the mans slit throat and the man grabbed Pavlik's wrists and squeezed, Pavlik felt intense pain and released his grip, the man punched him in the stomach and took a step towards Pavlik pulling out a small switchblade Pavlik shook his head and jump kicked him, his foot hit the man in square in the chest sending him into the small tornadoes, Pavlik watched him get sucked up into the air and explode in a spray of blood. Pavlik picked up a battered PDA off the ground and looked at it. It belonged to 'Bayonet', the picture was the man he just killed. Pavlik walked over to the hill and grabbed his SKS and Colt 1911, took one last look at the anomaly field and walked away.

He suddenly fell over onto his knees, he looked down to see he was bleeding out badly, he felt sharp pains in his heart as he attempted to get back up. He closed his eyes and began to walk, it was the only option he had, there was little he could do to stop the bleeding. If Sidorovich meant for this to be a suicide mission then he had most likely succeeded, Pavlik walked up the hill and fell over, he slid down the hill, pain searing across his chest, his vision blurred and all went black...
  11:47:14  26 June 2010
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Guess Who.


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In the End, Part 6

Part 6
The truck drove into the complex, bandits were everywhere. They looked around as they were dragged off the truck and carried into a large warehouse, they were dragged to some stairs and were carried down into a dark crawlspace, they saw several cells, there were blood splatters all over the cells. They were thrown into separate cells and watched the doors slam shut and lock, they was no escaping now.

Pavlik looked at the others and then turned to the last cell, there was a man wearing a dark longcoat and what looked like an old miners hat, the man was young and his hair was tangled and wild, as if he hadn't cleaned it in years. His face was pale and he had a thick beard, he was sweating badly.

"uh... are you okay?" Pavlik asked slowly stepping towards the other cell
"I.. uh.. yeah.. I just am not use to all this... these... people are everywhere...." the man stuttered, he looked around nervously "I don't like all this brightness... I want to go home..."
"home is... where exactly?" Pavlik asked still trying to piece together what the man just said
"the cave... far from others... except for Burers... lots of them... don't mind me though... keep away from me and my treasure..." said the man
"treasure?" Pavlik asked
"shiny and bright, but found in dark places" said the man shaking
"artifacts?" Pavlik asked
"outsiders call them that" said the man "they are my treasure"
"great you found a mole man" said Mitya now interested
"a caveman with shiny treasures, why do the bandits even bother him?" Nikolas asked
"good question, why are the bandits keeping you here?" Pavlik asked
"they want treasure... they can't have... Burers don't let them..." said the man
"Burers?" Viktor asked in surprise "those are just stories"
"what are Burers?" Sasha asked
"yeah what is the mole man talking about?" Mitya asked
"dark creatures that haunt the mines and caves of the zone, they are said to be gifted with dark powers and..." Viktor began
"cut the hocus pocus crap" said Mitya "what are they"
"basically short mutated people in dark coats who kill people" said Viktor "but I've heard lots of stories..."
"yeah and we already have one crazy person" said Mitya "lets not have two"
"I don't like this..." said Nikolas "the bandits are all over the place, surely Stag would have warned you Viktor"
"well he told me about the village because I was curious" said Viktor "I doubt he expected me to actually leave town, I was a bartender after all"
"yeah, I thought I saw a bar you can tend to if this doesn't work out" said Mitya "if you don't mind the bandits"
"whats your name?" Pavlik asked the man
"name?" the man replied "I... don't remember... too long... never could remember... they call me... they call me... Pellicle..."
"Pellicle" said Pavlik "where is your cave?"
"you seek my treasure?" Pellicle said backing away
"no but we are underground, perhaps your cave connects to this place" said Pavlik "maybe there is an entrance"
"my cave... is along... concrete trail... in other metal place... behind it... big hole... leads to the cave..." said Pellicle "its not far... but too far..."
"sounds like we can run it" said Pavlik
"forgot about these metal bars have you?" Nikolas asked
"no Nikolas, we are to run 'through' the bars" Mitya replied "they are an illusion, there is no bars"
"shut up Mitya" said Pavlik "they have to give an opening sometime, they will screw up eventually"
"right... they will open the doors and turn their backs on us" said Mitya
"just wait and it should come" said Pavlik "otherwise were dead anyways"
"I hear someone coming" said Sasha

There were loud footsteps, several bandits entered the crawlspace, they walked to the cells, behind them a large bandit in a brown longcoat stood behind them. The man was huge, his face scarred and battered, one eye was gone with a huge scar running where it once was. He carried a four barreled shotgun and he carried it with one hand.

"so here they are" said the man, his voice deep and threatening "well what shall we do with all of you, which one is the so called hero?"
"that one there" said the bandit who ambushed them, pointing at Pavlik
"really?" said the man "he doesn't look like much, but neither do the others"
"He killed Knuckles as he was about to call for help" said the bandit "cost us that farm"
"yes" said the man "a momentary set back, the farm will be ours in a few days"
"yeah and with Sheriff gone that town will be as good as burned" said the bandit
“what about the blowout” said the man “how did they manage to survive?”
“Caliph watched the whole thing” said the bandit “apparently Gallileo had a stash of RPG-5s in his attic as well as some sort of antitank sniper, blew them apart with ease, hell he blew the face off of a pseudogiant”
“and you would think that would make the town just as dangerous without Sheriff” said the man
“you know I bet your right boss” said the bandit
“of course I am, if we are to overthrow Gallileo we need either an army or a tank, whichever comes first, get Caliph to start looking for either or” said the man
“right boss” said the man “right away”

The man shifted his attention to the others, his eyes crossed paths with Mitya's then moved to Nikolas's. The moved to Viktor and then to Sasha, upon seeing her his face formed an evil smile, he turned back to Viktor.

"this man, where have I seen this man?" the man asked
"he was the bartender in that Galileo's village" said the bandit
"ah, what is he doing so far away?" the man asked "I think we should speak to this one a bit more personally"

The man stepped towards the cell, he opened the door and walked inside. Pavlik looked around, everyone, even Pellicle was staring quietly. The man stared at Viktor for a few seconds before speaking.

"what are you doing here?" he asked "theres no bar out here, why come out here?"
"I left, I was going to find another town to visit" said Viktor
"now that is a lie" said the man pulling out a large knife "and I do not like liars"
"I'm not lying" said Viktor "I decided to find another town, go on an adventure"
"adventure eh" the man said, he slashed his knife cutting Viktor's arm "how about now, still want an adventure"

Viktor fell onto his knees, holding his arm and breathing heavily, blooding dripping down it. The man examined his knife and looked at Viktor again.

"next time you lie I think I will go for that pretty face of yours, maybe get me an ear..." the man began
"you bastard" Viktor muttered
"bastard am I" said the man raising his knife "I think I will go for the face then"
"LEAVE HIM ALONE" Sasha shouted
"shut up girl, I will get to you next" said the man
"bastard..." Viktor muttered, still breathing heavily
"you know, I don't think I want his face anymore" said the man "I was being generous but they don't seem to appreciate it"

The man raised his quadbarreled shotgun and fired one barrel at Viktor, Pavlik heard Sasha scream as Viktor was thrown off his knees and hit the wall, blood pouring from his chest, he coughed up blood. He heard Mitya and Nikolas shouting and swearing, Pellicle started to mutter loudly, the bandits turned around and walked up the steps, the man closed Viktor's cell and walked away.

Pavlik watched as Viktor weakly dragged himself towards Sasha's cell, who quickly took off her coat and wrapped it around his wound through the cell bars. He was crying in pain as blood dripped from his chest.

"now what?" Mitya asked "wheres our opening now?"
"I... don't know" Pavlik muttered
"well thats great, now Viktor is dying and you don't know" said Mitya "well this is just great, lets wait for them to open our cells, GREAT PLAN"
"Viktor... I'm sorry" Pavlik muttered

They heard footsteps, several bandits walked down the steps into the crawlspace, they walked over to the cells.

"cowards" said Mitya "why don't you come in here and unbound us, instead of shooting tied up unarmed prisoners"
"shut up" said a bandit "we are not here for you"
"the boss set us to collect her" said another bandit
"stay away from her, or so help me god I will..." Mitya began
"yell at us in your cage" said the bandit "yeah that will help"
"what about Viktor?" said Nikolas "if she goes he will bleed out, we can't get to him"

The bandits thought about it for a minute.

"will you shut up if we move him closer?" one of the bandits asked
"yes, that would be nice" said Mitya

The bandits opened Sasha's cell door and two of them entered and dragged her out, they watched them drag her up the stairs and out of sight, they turned their eyes on the remaining bandits, who opened Viktor's cell and dragged him towards Pavliks, they opened Pavlik's cell and dropped him in the room, Pavlik noticed the bandit next to him wasn't paying attention to the pistol in his holster, Mitya and Nikolas noticed where he was looking and started shouting. The bandits turned their attention on them and Pavlik took this opportunity.

Pavlik grabbed the pistol from the holster and put the barrel to thee bandit's temple, the other bandits turned and aimed their pistols at Pavlik.

“don't shoot or I blow his brains out” said Pavlik
“don't shoot guys please” said the bandit

The bandits cocked their pistols, Pavlik sighed and threw the bandit at the others firing six rounds, one hit a bandit in the head, another hit a different bandit in the throat, another hit that same bandit in the shoulder, the other two hit the third bandit right in the chest. The last bandit was lying on the floor in fear, Pavlik kicked him over and put the barrel right between his eyes.

'parley?” the bandit asked
“what?” Pavlik asked
“I surrender” said the bandit “don't kill me”
“open the cells, don't make any sudden moves” said Pavlik helping the bandit to his feet.
The bandit opened the cells, upon opening Mitya's cell he was immediately punched in the face. The bandit fell over in pain, Pavlik sat down beside him with the barrel back between his eyes.

“please don't shoot” said the bandit
“whats your name?” Pavlik asked
“Rat” said the bandit
“fitting” said Pavlik “where is your boss”
“upstairs, by the entrance, he is in the office on the second floor” said Rat
“okay Rat here is the deal, you lead my group to a vehicle and help them escape and we will leave you alive once we are clear of this place, just hope to god we never meet again”
“okay” said Rat

Pavlik looked up to find Mitya stripping the bandits of their equipment, Nikolas was tending to Viktor's wounds. Mitya put on the a long coat and passed more to the others, who put them on over their suits. Pavlik looked to Pellicle.

"can you take us to the cave?" Pavlik asked
"yes" said Pellicle
"well come on" said Pavlik

They grabbed the bandits weapons and ran up the stairs, they looked around and saw a way out.

"go" said Pavlik "follow Rat, if he tries to screw you kill him"
"what about you?" Mitya asked
"I am not going to leave Sasha here" said Pavlik "plus I might pay their boss a visit, he deserves to pay for what he did to Viktor"

They nodded and carried Viktor to the gate and ran out, Pavlik watched them hurry down the road and out of sight, he took a deep breath and turned around. He ran up down the hallway and found himself looking up a staircase going up a few flights. He ran up the first flight but heard footsteps, he ran across the hall and found himself in a large entrance room. He saw bandits on the level below him and quietly crept across. He reached the other side and heard voices through the wall, he heard Sasha scream and felt the blood pumping through his veins, he hurried to along the wall looking for a doorway, he turned a corner and found it, he saw a room with a door leading to an office, he crept towards it and heard voices.

“stay back” said Sasha
“what are you going to do girl, shoot me with that” said the man “I doubt you could even hurt me”

There was a gunshot, Pavlik ran into the room and fired the bandit's pistol, the man rolled out of the way and grabbed the four barreled shotgun fired all four barrel at once with a horrible blast that broke a massive hole through the door. Pavlik ducked behind a desk which too disintegrated as the man fired his shotgun again. Pavlik took a deep breath and jumped to his feet and fired, the round hit the man and practically bounced off leaving almost no wound. The man fired all four barrels, the window practically exploded. Sasha fired six shots at the man's neck, leaving several welts but almost nothing more than that. The man turned his shotgun towards Sasha, Pavlik notice a S&W Model 500 hanging from the destroyed desk. He grabbed it and jumped to his feet firing it at the man, the man turned moments before and fired all four barrels, the bullet went right through his chest, hitting the wall behind him. The man fell over, blood pooling under him, Pavlik turned around, directly behind him the wall was shredded with bullet holes, he looked down at his chest and saw no wounds, he stared for a moment at this incredible luck but the momentary surprise shortly ended. The door burst open as bandits rammed through, Pavlik grabbed Sasha, lifting her off her feet and jumped out the destroyed window.

Pavlik landed on his back, Sasha on top of him, bandits were shouting above, Sasha stood up and looked down at him, who could barely move.

“are you okay?” Sasha asked
“that hurt more than I thought, am I lying on pavement?” Pavlik asked
“uh yes” said Sasha
“that explains the pain' said Pavlik

Several bullets missed him by inches, Sasha grabbed him and pulled him to his feet, she put his arm over her shoulder and half dragged him away from the building, A truck drove up to them, the same truck that brought them here, Mitya was behind the wheel.

“well hurry it up the bandits are realizing our deception” said Mitya
“yeah what did you do?” Nikolas asked “we almost blew our cover”
“shot their leader now help me up” said Pavlik
“what happened?” Nikolas asked
“he hurt his back and is acting like a helpless old man” said Sasha

They dragged him into the back of the truck, Sasha climbed on and went to Viktor who was bleeding badly. The gates began to close as the bandits tried to stop them, Mitya plowed right through the gates turning and following the road out of the complex.

“how much farther?” Pavlik asked
“its right in there” said Pellicle pointing to the facility ahead “in the back there is a big hole”
“okay” said Pavlik “you think the.. uh... Burers will try to harm us?”
“I am... free” said Pellicle “you could have left me... you clearly have a good soul... the burers should see that”
“right” said Pavlik not entirely convinced, he doubted any mutant in the zone would show any sort of sympathy towards them.

They drove down the road and he saw what Pellicle was talking about, another complex was just off the road, they drove into it.

"how much further?" Pavlik asked, he turned around to see a convoy of bandits driving after them "quickly please"
"just behind the big building" said Pellicle
"thanks" said Pavlik driving behind the building, sure enough there was a large tunnel.

Not wasting any more time Pavlik drove the truck straight into it, it became darker and darker, the headlights revealing the path as he finally reached a large chamber, he parked the truck and looked at Pellicle.

"we are home..." said Pellicle
"so... what were you saying earlier about Burers?" Pavlik asked
"they don't bother me... they watch over the treasure..." said Pellicle

They climbed out of the truck and Pavlik quickly hurried to the back. Viktor was sweating, he was pale and they were having trouble stopping the blood loss.

"how is he?" Pavlik asked
"not good" said Sasha "it's a good thing we found the truck, he wouldn't have made it here"
"doesn't matter now does it, he might not make it still" said Pavlik
"we can't stop the bleeding, its too much" said Nikolas
"it will take a miracle" said Mitya "and I haven't seen many of those lately"

They heard a loud noise, they turned around to see a shape at the other end of the cave. It rolled something across the cave towards them. They watched as a little rock rolled towards them, it glowed a greenish glow that grew brighter as it rolled closer. Pavlik scooped it up and stared at it, he saw some of the wet blood on his hand dry up, he turned around to Viktor and realized what he had to do, he put the rock on Viktor's wound and watched the bleeding stop almost instantly, he saw Viktor's arm stop bleeding as well, the others sighed in relief. They pulled the bloody coats off of him and took off their bandit coats and put them on him for warmth. Everyone was distracted by Nikolas's recovery, Rat slowly put his hands on the artifact, Pavlik turned around and pointing the barrel of his pistol between Rat's eyes.

“I wouldn't do that if I were you” said Pavlik
“right” said Rat passing him the artifact, Pavlik turned back to the others
"that was amazing" said Nikolas looking at the rock "how was that possible?"
"I don't know but that was a miracle" said Mitya "we have to have one of those"
"perhaps" said Pavlik "but not this one"

He rolled it back across the cave, he saw the shape scoop it up and walk away.

"why did you do that?" Mitya asked "we could have used that"
"what good would it do, according to Pellicle thats the only reason why the Burers don't kill him, hes not taking the artifacts out of the cave, hell I don't think he normally leaves the cave"
"where is Pellicle anyway?" Nikolas asked
"over there" said Sasha pointing to a large pond, Pellicle was reaching into it, he pulled out what looked like a greenish liquid but was a solid object.
"what is that?" Nikolas asked
"I don't know" said Pavlik "but this cave is amazing thats for sure"
"agreed" said Mitya "but we have to find a way out"
"wait, where are the bandits?" Sasha asked "they were right behind us"

There was a loud roar as several trucks drove into the chamber, bandits fired their rifles and shotguns from the back. Pavlik grabbed his SKS from the truck and fired several rounds, he heard noises and footsteps from behind him, he saw many shapes heading for the trucks. The lighting in the cave seemed to dissipate, the headlights of the truck all went out, there was an unearthly silence. He heard horrified screams for several minutes, he stood absolutely still, the lights seemed to return, he looked around to find the shapes gone and what was left of the bandits hanging off the side of their trucks. He heard someone puke beside him as he watched pieces of the bandits drip from the sides of the trucks.

"so... time to go?" Mitya asked
“I would have to agree with the big guy who punches me” said Rat
"agreed" said Pavlik "HEY PELLICLE?"
"yes..." Pellicle muttered while examining the strange rock, he seemed to have not noticed the bloodbath
"is there any other way out of here?" Pavlik asked
"straight out the other side... the path leads to the old town..." said Pellicle
"thanks" said Pavlik "well goodbye I guess..."
"goodbye... come by soon... bring more treasures if you want... the Burers like that..." said Pellicle
"uh.. sure..." said Pavlik

They climbed into the truck and drove across the chamber, they noticed several glowing green ponds as they drove down the tunnel and out into the sunlight. They found themselves on the very far edge of the tunnel, ahead of them was a small village walled completely off, Pavlik picked up a pair of binoculars from under his seat and examined the town, there were stalkers wandering the street, it seemed bigger than the last town. Pavlik grabbed Rat by the suit and threw him over the edge of the truck, Rat stood up panicking.

“you can't leave me here defenseless I would be dead in a week” said Rat
“would serve you right” said Pavlik
“If it wasn't for me you would still be in that cage” said Rat
'”no we wouldn't” said Pavlik
“it was my gun you used to escape” said Rat
“true enough” said Pavlik

They dumped the bandit gear, save for the coats off the edge of the truck, they drove off leaving him to his fate, Pavlik thought to himself that perhaps he should have let him come, but after all Viktor was almost killed by his kin and he still might die from his wounds. Pavlik turned to the boxes in the back of the truck, one was full of first aid kits, he simple stared at the irony, the other contained their guns and equipment, he looked beside the two boxes and saw a secured case, he opened it and found a small notebook, he pocketed it and threw the secure case over the side, making sure nobody noticed its existence. Mitya drove the truck down the hill and towards the camp. They almost died in the attempt but they reached the town. Pavlik made a mental note to stay a while before leaving again...
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Albanian Monsteя!


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Now give us more? And i'll consider using scrapbook on your story, so its zeroes(0) and ones(1) get forever stored in my HD.
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Guess Who.


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Now, I have a craving for this, sinister motives of the zone, dude trying to find dead brother/father/sister/relative at the CNPP, this seems too similar to something I read a long time ago

Doesn't every stalker story plot wait never mind every story plot have some sort of sinister motive

And as for the mutant horde, god knows what kind of firepower Gallieo has hidden in that attic of his
  19:33:48  25 June 2010
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
Now, I have a craving for this, sinister motives of the zone, dude trying to find dead brother/father/sister/relative at the CNPP, this seems too similar to something I read a long time ago
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