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In the End

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  04:24:06  21 June 2010
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3536
In the End, Part 1

Part 1
Pavlik woke up, he watched his breath leave his mouth as the cold air filled the room. He climbed out of bed and turned on the lights, his heating was disconnected. He walked into his kitchen and checked his fridge, he grabbed a slice of bologna and ate it hungrily. He grabbed the remote control and clicked the on button, nothing. He checked the batteries and found it empty, he walked across the room and turned on the television.

"We are outside the Chernobyl exclusion zone once again as a lights fill the sky, it is unknown what is causing this and government officials refuse to discuss details, there is military involvement and as you can see there are helicopters flying over the fences into the 'zone'" said a reporter on the television " we are being told to keep are distance and that everything is under control, we will bring more information in a few minutes but from what we can..."

There was a horrific wailing noise and the power in his apartment shut off. Pavlik swore loudly and jumped, he looked around to find his house empty and silent, not a single hum from his kitchen, his power was disconnected. Pavlik grabbed several blankets from the closet and went to his bed, hopefully it will be nice out tomorrow, he thought to himself, he needed at least one break.

Pavlik woke up the next morning, sun beaming down on his face. He looked at the clock beside him and saw the time was eight am, he swore as he jumped out of bed and quickly dressed, he was late for work. He ran into his kitchen and opened the refrigerator, there was a disgusting smell and he slammed it shut, the last of his bologna went bad, he opened the cupboard, he found a small box of cake mix and a packet of sugar. He reached inside and grabbed a spoon and shoved some cake mix into his mouth quickly coughing up powder and running out the door.

He hurried to his car and grabbed the door handle, he pulled but it didn't move. He pulled as hard as he could and heard a loud snap and nearly fell over, the door handle broke off. In a fit of rage he kicked his car and the door popped off. He angrily climbed inside and put the key in the ignition, there was a second snap as his key broke. He quickly ripped open a panel under the steering wheel and pulled a knife out of his pocket, quickly cutting two wires and crossing them, the car started. He pulled out of the parking lot and drove straight into another car. His car span rapidly, sparks flying everywhere, it slowed to a stop and several parts of the car fell out of their intended places. He climbed out where his door was holding his head, his car was totaled. He looked over at the other car, a very expensive looking sports car, there was a large dent in it, the driver climbed out of the car.

"look I am sorry this is my faul..." Pavlik began but quickly stopped seeing the size of the man
"you better start running right now" said the man as he reached in his car pulling out a metal baseball bat.
"couldn't agree more" Pavlik said quickly turning around and legging it down the street.

Adrenaline pumped through his veins as he ran headlong down the street, he could hear the man behind him, he quickly turned down an alley and climbed over a chain link fence. He hurried to the end of the alley, he heard the man climbing the fence behind him. He ran down the street and ducked into convenience store and watched the large man run by. Pavlik took a deep breath and stepped outside and ran in the direction opposite to the large man and ran as fast as he could. He reached the small hardware and electronics store he worked at and ran through the door.

The store was small, it had several aisles of various tools and gadgets, with a back door leading to the bathrooms, his bosses office and the warehouse in the back. He looked across the counter to see his friend Mitya staring at him.

"hey Mitya, how was your day?" Pavlik asked breathing heavily
"eh it was okay, did you run here?" Mitya asked
"car accident, big guy, baseball bat" Pavlik panted
"ah I see" Mitya replied "the boss wanted to see you, sounds bad, he might be firing you"
"ah first heat, the power, then my car, then my lungs and now my boss" said Pavlik "I can see this day is going to be great"
"PAVLIK!" a voice screamed from across the store
"after you" said Mitya "nice knowing you"
"well see yeah Mitya" Pavlik said quietly muttering afterwords "I hope"

He walked slowly to the back door, he put his hand on the door knob. He started praying under his breath for a way out of entering and found his prayers answered, not in the way he wanted.

"YOU" shouted a deep voice behind him, he turned around to see the same large man he was chased by standing in the doorway still holding the baseball bat.
"oh boy" said Pavlik muttering many swears under his breath
"well, a nice business you got here, mind if I improve it?" the man asked before slamming his baseball bat into a shelf, breaking several clocks and radios.

The man swung his bat around smashing the store right before Pavlik's eyes, Mitya quickly ran over to where Pavlik was standing, obviously to get out of swinging distance. To make matters worse, Pavlik heard the door behind him open.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT HERE" his boss yelled as the man continued to trash the store.

His boss quickly ran back into his office and returned from it carrying a revolver and firing it into the air. The man stopped swinging and turned his head in surprise.

"who the hell are you and what the HELL ARE YOU DOING TO MY STORE" said the boss
"you're store? I thought it was his!" said the man pointing his finger at Pavlik
"hes uh, really big?" Pavlik said quietly
"and hes carrying a big bat" Mitya added

Pavlik didn't hear the rest, he legged it out of there, Mitya left shortly afterwards with his backpack he always carried with him slung over his shoulders. They listened behind them as they heard more shouting.

"so... coffee?" Mitya asked, a loud gunshot echoed from their old workplace.
"coffee sounds nice, RUN" Pavlik shouted as the two of them climbed into Mitya's car and drove away as quickly as possible.

The two of them sat in a cafe several blocks away. It was quiet and almost abandoned.

"I can't believe that happened" said Pavlik "I wonder what happened in there"
"I don't really want to know" said Mitya "what now?"
"what do you mean" Pavlik asked
"well we just lost our jobs, you've lost a lot today, now what?" Mitya asked
"I don't know" said Pavlik "I'll have to think of something"
"I hope you do, I might try getting a job at the mall, maybe some place is hiring" said Mitya standing up, looking through his wallet for money.
"you got the time?" Pavlik asked
"yeah its five fifteen" said Mitya checking his watch
"damn I gotta go to my parent's" said Pavlik "family dinner"
"sounds fun, good luck" said Mitya
"I'm probably going to get an nice disappointed look from everyone" said Pavlik "good luck with the job hunt"

They both left and waved to each other as they went their separate ways. Pavlik walked down the street, he wasn't looking forward to the rest of his day. He reached his parent's house and knocked on the door, the door opened revealing short lady with graying hair.

"ah, we were wondering when you would show yourself" said the lady
"hello mom" said Pavlik
"still working at that store?" his mother asked
"no got fired" said Pavlik
"sweetheart, when are you going to get back on your feet" his mother said letting him in "you were there for only six months"
"yeah and if I stayed any longer I would have ended up dead" said Pavlik
"what do you mean?" his mother asked
"long story involving a big guy with a bat and an angry boss with a loaded .44" said Pavlik entering the dinning room, there was an angry face looking at him "for another time"
"so he arrives at last" said a balding old man
"hello dad" said Pavlik
"what is this about an angry boss with a .44?" his father asked
"he got himself fired" said his mother as she pulled out a chair for her son
"son when are you going to get your act together" said his father "your brother is doing very well, why aren't you?"

Pavlik quickly scanned the room and noticed his brother wasn't in it.

"where is Petrov anyways?" Pavlik asked
"still on his honeymoon in Greece" said his mother happily "hes on a cruise ship right now"
"yeah because he can afford it" said his father "because he isn't unemployed, hes the CEO of an important corporation"
"yeah he sells jumpsuits to madmen" Pavlik replied
"he sells state of the art protective suits for scientific expeditions" said his father "he makes thousands with each sale"
"and he sells them to madmen and lunatics" said Pavlik
"at least the madmen and lunatics can afford them" said his father
"so what are you saying, I should go jump a fence into a death trap just because there are some shiny rocks to be found" said Pavlik
"no I am saying you should take advantage of what is out there and find a way to make money out of it" said his father "instead of sitting around and being a complete loser"
"will you two stop it" said his mother
"sorry mother but it seems I am no longer welcome, goodbye" said Pavlik

Pavlik turned around and left, slamming the door behind him. He walked down the street sat down at the bus stop. He looked behind him through the windows of the electronics store at the televisions on display. The news was on.

"as you can see there are more lights being reported over the Chernobyl exclusion zone, there are lots of helicopters coming in and out of the 'zone' but we are unaware what the cause of this extensive military involvement is about" said the reporter "government officials still refuse to talk about the cause of these flashes but..."

The bus arrived and Pavlik quickly boarded, he sat down at the back of the bus and looked over at the televisions as the bus drove off. He was thinking of his argument with his father, he thought of one thing his father said, well why don't you just go to hell... he brushed the thought out of his mind. He stepped off the bus and headed up to his apartment, he passed an open window and looked inside, the television was on.

"Murder at a local business, the manager of a hardware and electronics store was found dead and the store ransacked, there is belief it may have had gang related involvement" said the reporter
"oh my god" Pavlik muttered, he quickly headed into the apartment building and boarded the elevator, he entered his apartment and closed the door behind him, it was colder inside than it was outside and there was a stale odor. He walked over to his couch and collapsed on it and fell asleep, his mind drifting to the store, the zone, his brother and his fight with his father...
  06:34:53  21 June 2010
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
Messages: 4114
Good 1st part Maiman.

That was one hell of a day for him indeed..
  16:16:31  21 June 2010
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3536

Good 1st part Maiman.

That was one hell of a day for him indeed..

Yeah just realized how long that part is... hmm I think some of the later parts might need to be split

Heres some of the info on this series
1. There are 5 other installments to the story
2. Each installment is 15 parts long
3. Each part is... about this size or bigger
4. It will be epic (hopefully, it will mainly be up to you to decide)
5.At the very minimum it will have the Maiman standard of enjoyment
  15:53:14  22 June 2010
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
Haha, now that was one hell of a day.
  10:25:07  23 June 2010
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3536
In the End, Part 2

Part 2
"Do you have any idea how much we lost... Why don't you go to hell and... bright lights over the Chernobyl exclusion zone... your brother is doing well, why aren't you... I'll think of something..." whispered many voices then suddenly there was a horrific wailing noise and Pavlik woke up.

Pavlik looked around, the sun was beaming through his blinds but there was a distinct chill in his house, he looked around then rolled off the couch. He quickly dressed and headed for his kitchen, he grabbed a box of cake mix from his cupboard and began to shovel it into his mouth, he heard a noise outside his door. He grabbed a knife and hurried towards it, there was a loud knock. Pavlik opened the door.

"Surprise" said Mitya, pointing to a familiar man beside him "look who I found wandering the streets"
"Nikolas" said Pavlik "I thought you were in Omsk!"
"I was for a while" said Nikolas "but things didn't work out"
"yeah things didn't work out for us either" said Pavlik
"yeah Pavlik got our boss killed" said Mitya
"by accident" said Pavlik
"you pissed off a lunatic with a baseball bat" said Mitya "a big one at that"
"and now the lunatic has a loaded .44 and is probably looking for me" said Pavlik
"well I am sure you are pleased with your life, no matter how short it will be" said Nikolas
"shut up" Pavlik replied
"so you come up with a plan?" Mitya asked
"I dunno" said Pavlik "what job can three unqualified young men be hired for"
"especially when one has a shortened lifespan due to armed lunatics" said Nikolas
"yeah might as well go to Chernobyl" said Pavlik laughing, Mitya and Nikolas went silent.
"Now there is an idea" said Mitya
"I was kidding guys" said Pavlik
"yeah I hear of people getting rich there" said Nikolas
"seriously guys, I was kidding" said Pavlik
"we just need to get supplies and we could be rich" said Mitya
"guys come on seriously, we would probably die there" said Pavlik
"if that is the case, how come everyone who goes there comes out richer than anyone with an honest job?" Nikolas asked
"well... uh... thats actually a good point" said Pavlik "you know why haven't we thought of this before?"
"now that is the million dollar question" said Mitya
"I was in Omsk, thats my excuse" said Nikolas
"shut up" said Pavlik "now where would we get supplies?"
"I got an idea I will be back" said Mitya running out the door.

They waited for an hour before Mitya came storming in and placed his backpack on the table, opening it and pulling out several devices and putting them on the table.

"why do you always seem to have that thing" said Nikolas pointing to the backpack
"better to always have one" said Mitya "never know when you need to carry something"
"most people have arms" Nikolas replied
"what are all these?" Pavlik asked
"three Geiger counters, three PDAs, three flashlights, three sets of night vision goggles and a satellite phone" said Mitya "as well as a small tool kit and a radio"
"where did you get these?" Pavlik asked
"where else?" Mitya asked "the hardware and electronics store"
"but that one guy trashed the place, how did you find three of each item we needed?" Pavlik asked "seems coincidental" said Nikolas, picking up a Geiger counter "but brilliant all the same"
"It was kind of odd, I just found perfect condition ones lying on top of the broken ones but who really cares" Mitya asked
"we need weapons" said Nikolas "we can't just run into the zone unarmed"
"theres a gun store several blocks away" said Pavlik
"who has money?" Mitya asked
"I got none obviously" said Pavlik
"don't look at me it was a long flight from Omsk" said Nikolas
"well I got nothing" said Mitya "Nikolas do you know anyone who owes you anything"
"more like the other way around" said Nikolas
"well my family moved to Poland" said Mitya "they don't have the kind of money"
"and after that lovely dinner I had last night I doubt I will be able to ask for money" said Pavlik
"oh yeah how did that go?" Mitya asked
"my dad told me to go to hell" said Pavlik
"ouch" said Nikolas "well what about your brother"

Pavlik thought for a second, he really hadn't thought about that, his brother was rich and some small cash wouldn't be much of a problem for him, he might even give them some of those suits he sold.

"thats brilliant, my brother even sells environmental suits" said Pavlik "I don't have a phone though"
"um what about the satellite phone?" Nikolas asked
"oh yeah good call" said Pavlik

Pavlik dialed his brothers phone number, there was a brief delay but he suddenly heard his brothers Petrov's familiar voice.

"hello who is this" Petrov asked
"hey Petrov its me Pavlik" said Pavlik
"Pavlik" said Petrov "how are you"
"good" said Pavlik "listen I might as well get right to it, I need some money"
"how much?" Petrov asked
"uh... five thousand?" Pavlik asked
"five thousand" Petrov repeated "why?"
"well you know health and safety" said Pavlik
"the truth" said Petrov
"well I am going on a trip" said Pavlik
"you can barely manage your house and your planning a trip?" Petrov asked
"okay I am..." Pavlik searched his brain for the right way to tell him "I am going into the zone"
"are you insane" said Petrov "you have no idea the dangers there and you are running blindly into it"
"hey can you help me or not, its either run blindly in unarmed or run blindly in with a loaded rifle" said Pavlik
"theres hardly any different between those" said Petrov "the zone is a dangerous place, we design our suits to survive more the animal scratches, you could die even with no apparent danger"
"well then give us some of your suits" said Pavlik
"no I can't" said Petrov
"but I'm your brother" said Pavlik
"these suits cost thousands to make I can't just give them away" said Petrov
"so you aren't going to help your own brother" said Pavlik
"I'll send you the money but you have to talk yourself out of this" said Petrov "its insane"
"I'm going" said Pavlik
"then be smart" said Petrov "be careful and don't do anything brave or foolish"
"I'll be fine, whats the worse that could happen?" Pavlik asked
"oh so many things you couldn't imagine" said Petrov "good luck"
"and enjoy the rest of your honeymoon" said Pavlik
"can't say I'll sleep well" said Petrov

Pavlik hung up and turned to Mitya and Nikolas.

"five thousand rubles" said Pavlik "lets buy some guns"

They left the apartment and climbed into Mitya's car, they drove after stopping at the ATM to the gun store and walked inside, it's walls were lined with rifles and its display cases with handguns. They walked around and browse for a while keeping track of which gun they would prefer. Pavlik walked up to the shopkeeper.

"Uh the Colt 1911, Makarov and the Five Seven" said Pavlik "and maybe the Toz-34, SKS and the Mosin Nagant"
"4950" said the shopkeeper
"really? wow" said Pavlik, giving the shopkeeper the money "sure why not"

They left the store with their guns in a box and climbed into the car.

"where to?" Mitya asked
"we have 50 rubles, lets buy some food and head for zone" said Pavlik "we are actually doing this"
"yeah" said Nikolas loading his Makarov "let get rich"

They drove north, they drove through the night until they found their car parked in front of a rusty wire fence. They climbed out of the car and grabbed their supplies, they each strapped a geiger counter to their belt, turned on their PDAs and pocketed their flashlights, Pavlik grabbed the Satelite phone and Nikolas grabbed the radio, Mitya filled his backpack with canned food. Pavlik grabbed the Colt 1911 and the SKS, Mitya grabbed the Five Seven and the Toz-34 and Nikolas grabbed the Makarov and the Mosin Nagant. They put on their night vision goggles and looked at each other.

"well.. here we are" said Pavlik taking a deep breath
"yeah... the zone..." said Mitya sounding slightly worried
"the... um... answer to our problems" said Nikolas breathing quickly
"come on its not that bad, its just on the other side of a wire fence" said Pavlik "its just right there, I see nothing dangerous watch"
He threw a rock over the fence it bounce of the ground and exploded, there was a horrific wailing noise and they all jumped in fear.
"WHAT THE.." Nikolas shouted
"okay I am sure there is a logical answer to what happened" said Pavlik slowly
"THE ROCK JUST EXPLODED" Nikolas shouted
"and the creepy noise?" Mitya asked
"just the wind" said Pavlik
"you sure?" Mitya asked
"THE ROCK JUST EXPLODED" Nikolas repeated
"I'm sure, we are just getting jumpy" said Pavlik
"THE ROCK JUST EXPLODED" Nikolas repeated
"shut up Nikolas" said Pavlik "we are just getting jumpy, we will be fine, lets just throw things in front of us before we walk"
"good idea" said Mitya "we can watch more rocks explode, that will calm us down"
"this was your idea Mitya" said Pavlik
"no it wasn't" said Mitya "you said we might as well go to Chernobyl"
"fine well I'll see you sissies on the other side" said Pavlik

Pavlik climbed over the fence, he landed on the other side keeping a distance from where the rock exploded and walked down the hill, he heard Mitya and Nikolas shouting at him to wait and heard the fence creaking under their weights. They quickly ran beside him.

"nice of you to join me" said Pavlik
"we really did it" said Mitya looking around
"Chernobyl" said Nikolas "were going to be rich"
"very rich" said Mitya
"so what will you buy with your infinite riches?" Pavlik asked
"a mansion in southern Spain with more rooms than I will ever need" said Mitya
"I'll invest it" said Nikolas
"you understand the meaning of infinite riches right?" Mitya asked
"can never have too much money" said Nikolas
"but investing infinite money is pointless" said Pavlik
"says someone foolish with money" Nikolas replied
"it was a mistake bringing him" said Pavlik " I think I might just kill him"
"oh shut up, lets just find someone who we can ask directions from" said Nikolas
"yeah maybe a stalker will come and help us" said Mitya
"well lets go that way" said Pavlik pointing north
"okay fine with me" said Nikolas

The three of them walked down the hill and across the field, the sun rising over the hills. They were in the zone now, near one of many military cordons, their lives were to change forever, but the question is how...
  12:30:23  23 June 2010
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
Messages: 4114
Sounds good.

But.. How come theres 3 posts of Chapter 2? (Repeating ones..)
  13:42:57  23 June 2010
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3536

Sounds good.

But.. How come theres 3 posts of Chapter 2? (Repeating ones..)

yeah sorry bout that my computer keeps double posting... or triple posting but yeah fixed

more coming soon!
  13:58:18  23 June 2010
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918

Sounds good.

But.. How come theres 3 posts of Chapter 2? (Repeating ones..)

he pressed submit too much, and also give us moar, and increase ze quality of ze written wordz or i will kill ze kitten.!
  15:39:19  23 June 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940

Or we kill his fraülein...

Ze Riflemen are on ye door,Maimen. Suorrender! Or Gestapo will come and finish ze ass of yours!
  20:35:29  23 June 2010
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
Messages: 3536

Sounds good.

But.. How come theres 3 posts of Chapter 2? (Repeating ones..)

he pressed submit too much, and also give us moar, and increase ze quality of ze written wordz or i will kill ze kitten.!

Yes I pressed submit trying to give you guys more

More will be coming soon, no need to call ze gestapo!
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