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In the End

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  04:32:15  4 July 2010
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
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  01:13:43  4 July 2010
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
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Awesome, so there will be a next chapter?
  14:01:18  1 July 2010
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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In the End, Part 15

Part 15
They reached a long bridge, the three of them shrugged their shoulders and walked along it. The bridge was filled with cars and corpses, it caused their Geiger counter to click rapidly. They were halfway across it when there was a loud blast and part of the bridge exploded. They ducked down and saw several RPGs flying towards the bridge, someone obviously didn't want them to cross. They ran as quickly as they could across the bridge, parts of it exploding as they did. They reached the end and turned, they ducked behind an old car and looked for the shooter. Standing on top of a broken BMP-1 was a man in state of the art military armor, similar to some science fiction exoskeleton, carrying an RPG-7.

"who the hell is that guy?" Viktor asked
"looks like a friend of those guys who attacked us" said Mitya
"well" said Pavlik "he is carrying a long range and high explosive weapon..."
"so...?" Mitya asked
"Mitya you go to the far right, both of you just run from cover to cover while I distract him" said Pavlik
"how are you going to distract him?" Viktor asked
"watch and learn" said Pavlik running headlong into the middle of the street and zig-zaging towards the attacker.

Mitya ran across the street and ran from car to car, Viktor copied his movements, they heard several explosions. Pavlik looked at the attacker, he dropped his RPG-7 and switched for what looked like a small gattling gun, Pavlik swallowed quickly and dropped behind a car as bullets sprayed everywhere, he heard the shell casings spraying against the ground. Pavlik looked through a car window to see a long chain of ammunition feeding the minigun, it seemed to trail to a large box of ammunition strapped to his back, he never even noticed the commando had in the first place. Pavlik ran from his cover and ran to the next car, bullets sprayed everywhere, he saw Viktor and Mitya open fire at the attacker, the attacker turned his minigun towards them, alternating burst shots. Pavlik watched the man hook the minigun to a special attachment on his arm and sprayed it with one hand at Mitya, he then pulled out a revolving grenade launcher and fired several shots at Viktor. Viktor jumped out of the way as the car he hid behind exploded, Pavlik stood up and fired a burst. The commando turned both guns towards Pavlik and fired, Pavlik jumped behind another car as his exploded, bullets spraying everywhere. Viktor ran across the street to near Mitya as the cars on his side exploded one by one. Pavlik followed suit as his cover exploded. They ran from their cover and headed through an old gate towards the power plant.

Bullets and grenades flew everywhere as the man slowly followed them, they ran until they found some chain link fences. They ran behind some cover near them and ducked. The man dropped his revolving grenade launcher, he let go of the minigun letting it hang from his arm as he pulled out a dragon missile system from a box attached to his ammo box. He pulled it out and loaded a missile into it and aimed at them.

"oh son of a bitch" said Mitya "how many guns does he have?"
"I won't want to hear the answer to that" said Viktor as they watched the missile fly towards them, miss their cover by a slight inch, their heads by just under that and hit the sarcophagus, there was an explosion and a hole was blown through the wall. They heard a horrific wailing noise, suddenly hundreds of eyes were looking at them.
"oh god" said Mitya
"well... theres something you don't ever want to see in your life" said Viktor

What seemed like hundreds of mutants of snorks and rodent-like ran out of the small hole in the sarcophagus. There was a loud roar and a large creature smashed through the weakened wall, the hole was now fairly large. The beast swung massive claws at them. They ran as fast as they could, turning to see the commando loading another round into the dragon he had just dropped. They heard a massive explosion and the creature roar. There was a spray of minigun fire and several grenades exploding after that. Pavlik turned around and sprayed a burst of from his Abakan into the horde of mutants, he watched the giant mutant swing its arm and threw the commando towards them. He landed behind them and crashed into a BMP-1. They ran over to find him either dead or unconscious, they couldn't tell through the armor. Mitya and Pavlik quickly grabbed the dragon missile system and load another round, Viktor fired several more bursts into the horde. Mitya grabbed one of Pavlik's F1 grenades and threw it into the horde. There was an explosion and several corpses flew into the air. The massive creature charged through the horde stepping on many smaller mutants. Pavlik rolled out of the way of its claws clutching the dragon with a grip of death. Mitya rolled the other way and fired grenade from his Groza, it hit the creature in the eye, it turned towards Mitya. Mitya backed into a corner, the monster walking towards him. Pavlik aimed the dragon, he had to find a weakness, he was shaking as he heard hundreds if not thousands of footsteps coming towards him. He took a deep breath and fired.

The missile flew out of the dragon and flew straight into the monsters gaping jaw, it disappeared for a few seconds and the creatures head suddenly exploded, pieces of it flew everywhere. There was the ringing of a minigun as the man woke up and sprayed bullets everywhere. Pavlik signaled Mitya and Viktor who quickly ran for the breach. Pavlik climbed up onto the BMP-1 and aimed his Abakan down.

"nice armor, will it repel a full clip of armor piercing 5.45x39mm FMJs" said Pavlik
"but will your armor repel seven F1 grenades" said the man holding up a cluster of grenades, his fingers in the pinnies
"ah, well played" said Pavlik

The man man raised the grenades. Pavlik jumped over the man and ran for cover, he heard the man get up and limp the other way. Pavlik ran for the breach and headed inside, the others were climbing down a ladder, Pavlik climbed down after them, they reached the bottom, and were almost through a door when seven F1 grenades fell down the shaft.

"RUN" shouted Pavlik as the shaft exploded, the ladder snapped leaving it impossible to climb back up
"well that is great" said Mitya "were trapped"
"we just need to find an alternative way out" said Pavlik

They turned on their flashlights and walked down the tunnel, it was dark and the metal creaked loudly with each step. They reached a staircase eventually leading up, there was an old sign saying 'Reactor 4 /\'.

"up I suppose" said Viktor, they heard a loud roar followed by the noise of a stampede of footsteps.
"up" said Mitya dragging several crates and barrels to the foot of the stairs "I will hold them off"
"are you insane?" Pavlik asked
"GO" Mitya shouted "I will be along shortly"
"come on Pavlik lets go" said Viktor loading his SPAS-12

Pavlik reluctantly ran up the staircase, they went up several flights until they were in another set of tunnels, gunshots and roars echoed behind them. They followed it until they were in a corridor with two doors. They walked in separate directions but ended up at the same spot, it went in a giant circle. They looked towards a massive hole in the wall, inside was a large room with a ladder going up. They heard a loud roar down the corridors, hundreds of mutants stampeded towards them. They ran through the breach, Viktor fired his shotgun through it.

"go up the ladder, see if its there and we can get the hell out of here, I will cover the exit" said Viktor
"I'll be quick" said Pavlik

Pavlik climbed the ladder as gunshots and roars filled the sarcophagus. He reached the top to find himself inside the reactor, up on a platform was a massive crystal, it was glowing beautifully and illuminated the entire reactor. Pavlik took a picture via his PDA and climbed up towards it, he was almost at it when he heard a horrific wailing noise right behind him, the same one he had heard in his dreams.

He turned around to see a horrific creature behind him, it stood on two feet and had massive shards of what looked like crystals sticking out of its body, it wore a tattered outfit that looked like a long coat and had sharpened claws, its face was horrifically human, and somehow familiar. It swung its claw in a stabbing motion straight towards Pavlik's chest. Pavlik fired his Abakan into the monster, the monster swung its claws knocking Pavlik off his feet, his rifle flew out of his hands. He crawled across the ground towards the crystal, he reached for his rifle, which was right below it. He heard the horrific wailing noise and suddenly he was dragged back, he watched his blood trailing off. He turned around to see the creature throw him off the edge of the pit, he fell all the way to the bottom where he landed in a green liquid, his suit began to burn and his body was in pain. He felt hands grab him and drag him out. Viktor lifted him out of the green chemical and helped him to his feet.

"Pavlik we have to get out of here" said Viktor "come on, did you get what we needed?"
"yeah" said Pavlik "lets go"

They ran back out the breach and headed down the corridor, Viktor ran ahead. There was a loud creaking noise and the floor beneath Viktor's feet gave way. He dropped down and out of sight. Pavlik ran to the hole and looked to see Viktor lying at the bottom, his legs were broken and around him were thousands of rodent-like mutants, waiting for him to die.

"Viktor don't worry I will find a rope or something" said Pavlik, jumping over the hole and running down the corridor, there was another loud creaking noise and the floor beneath his feet gave way and he fell down a hole and into the darkness.

He hit the ground, his legs broke on impact. He screamed in pain but stopped when he heard a roar. He looked up to see two white eyes looking down at him, a creature with tentacles where its mouth should be was looking down at him, he pulled out his Colt 1911 and fired his magazine into its head, the creature fell limply to the ground. He went for another magazine, he found one left. His flashlight ran out of batteries, he pulled it off and saw he was in a small shaft of light surrounded by darkness. He pulled out his satellite phone and turned it on, barely getting any reception, he looked up to see a small hole in the sarcophagus. He dialed the only phone number he could think of calling.

"Petrov..." said Pavlik breathing heavily in pain "I think... I might have... made a mistake..."

The power plant was silent, the ground suddenly quaked and the sky turned blood red. Not a soul in the zone knew where he was, and not a soul in the zone would be able find him...

In the End, he was alone...

---------------------------TO BE CONTINUED----------------------------------
  21:51:21  28 June 2010
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
Soviets, still alive? Vympel, send those in. I love those guys.!!!!
  14:32:53  28 June 2010
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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In the End, Part 14

Part 14
Pavlik woke up in a daze, he was lying in the middle of a great forest. Around him were tall trees and thick bushes, he for a while thought he was outside the zone until he heard his geiger counter clicking. He rolled over and slowly clambered to his feet, he looked around but found himself alone.

"well... this complicates things" said Pavlik to himself as he pulled out his PDA

He scrolled around on his PDA, he stared at it for what felt like an eternity, he was just south of the silent city of Pripyat, just at the edge of the Red Forest, north of the brain scorcher. He smiled slightly, he did it, somehow he bypassed the brain scorcher. Dread suddenly filled him as he remembered Stag's words, he was alone, he was inside the center of the zone but he was all alone, the others were missing, for all he knew they could be dead. He turned north and walked, sure enough as soon as he passed the thick bushes he found himself staring at the city of Pripyat and the power plant beyond it. He looked at his PDA and noticed a small lens on the back of it, he saw a small camera button. Pointed the PDA at the view in front of him and clicked the camera button, it took a picture. He sent the picture to Professor Sakharov's PDA and put his PDA away.

He walked down the silent hills, the Geiger counter began to quiet, there was a tranquil peace about it. He reached the city of Pripyat several minutes later, he walked through the abandoned streets, there was an eerie silence that was suddenly interrupted by his PDA beeping. Pavlik pulled it out, Professor Sakharov's face was visible.

"Pavlik where are you?" Professor Sakharov asked "how did you get that picture?"
"I am currently in Pripyat" said Pavlik
"how did you get past the scorcher?" Sakharov asked
"don't know, a blowout hit the facility and I woke up in the Red Forest" said Pavlik "but what I do know is that I don't want to waste such a perfect opportunity"
"listen we need to turn the scorcher off" said Sakharov "I have no idea how to shut it off from the outside but now that you are in it should be easy"
"I'm listening" said Pavlik
"there is a structure somewhere in Pripyat" said Sakharov "Facility X1, it should be able to turn off the scorcher"
"where is this facility?" Pavlik asked
"uh... according to my computers you are standing on top of it" said Sakharov
"I am in the middle of the street" said Pavlik
"well, since Pripyat was once a thriving city, such an important place would be well hidden" said Sakharov "probably in the infrastructure beneath the city such as the..."
"sewers" said Pavlik staring at a manhole in front of him
"exactly" said Sakharov "it is... perhaps two levels below the sewers, the access codes are... according to these documents 341364273"
"couldn't have made it an easier code" said Pavlik "well wish me luck"
"good luck stalker" said Sakharov

Pavlik dropped down the manhole and landed in the sewers below, it smelled terrible like something died down there, but he had to remind himself many things probably did. He walked along the tunnel and stopped, his PDA said the door was right here, he looked down into the murky sewage water and saw another manhole of some kind.

"you have got to be kidding me" said Pavlik strapping on his gas mask

Pavlik jumped into the water, he was glad he had the full face mask. He reached down and lifted the manhole, he was sucked into it as water poured down the hatch. He hit the ground in a narrow corridor, now flooding with water.

“welcome...*static*... comrade” said an electronic voice, it was faltering due to years of neglect “welcome to Facility X1 la*static*ease state which agency you represent”
“uh...” said Pavlik thinking fast “KGB”
“What is *static*ame Agent of the KGB” said the voice
“Pavlik” said Pavlik awkwardly
“I have no*static*owledge of an Agent Pavlik of the KGB” said the voice
“I am uh...” Pavlik thought hard “I am an NOC Agent, I have no identity so I can better help the USSR”
“welcome true patriot of the motherland, do you require any*static*sistance?” the voice stated
“where is the armory?” Pavlik asked
“down the stairs, please enter the facility, the keypad is down*static*he end of the hall” said the voice

Pavlik ran to the end of the corridor and punched down the code. The door opened and he ran inside, there was an inch of water now. He took off his mask for a moment but the smell was so bad he put it back on. He walked down the hallway and ran down some stairs, the water was pouring down the stairs. He reached the bottom and found a small armory. He climbed in and sealed the door before the water reached it, he stripped off his armor and dropped it to the ground. He grabbed a fresh suit of military combat armor and strapped it on, he looked at his SKS, it was wet, battered and rusty, it had been through a lot with him. Pavlik hung it on a gun rack and grabbed an AK-74 and a backpack which he filled with ammo and military rations. He grabbed a couple anti radiation cases. He grabbed several medkits and a bandoleer of F1 grenades. He strapped his night vision on and put his PDA in his chest pocket and his satellite phone in a slot designed for radios. He looked down at his Colt 1911, it was in pretty good condition, so was his hunting knife, he holstered them and walked out the door.

The water level was still very low and hadn't reached the armory, he ran down to the end of the hall and ran down some more stairs. He reached the bottom of the staircase and found the doorway to the control room. He entered the room and looked around, it was designed in a similar fashion to X3. He reached the main controls and looked at the buttons, he saw three levers and pulled the first one.

"oh shit" said Pavlik pulling the second
"okay now lets just..." Pavlik began, he heard the rumbling of water above him, he heard it rushing towards the stairs, he pulled the last lever "SHIT"

Pavlik turned and closed the control room doors, the water hit it so hard that the door dented inward, water began to spray through leaks, the glass was cracking, water sprayed through. Pavlik turned and saw the floor beginning to open, revealing a staircase. Pavlik ran down and pulled a lever closing the floor above him, he sat for a moment listening to the door above shattering under the weight of the water and the room flooding. The door at the foot of the stairs opened. He walked through it and found himself in an old tunnel, he wandered through it for what felt like several hours until he saw a ladder. He shrugged his shoulders and began to climb up opening a hatch and climbing out onto the street, he turned around to find several rifles aimed at him, he looked around to clarify whether he was still in Pripyat, he was.

"well looks like we found ourselves a grunt" said one of the stalkers
"hey I'm not a grunt I'm a stalker" said Pavlik
"where did you get that armor then stalker?" said the stalker
"there was a military facility down there, I found an armory full of stuff down there" said Pavlik "I turned off the scorcher from there"
"really?" said the stalker "you're the one who did it, you must be one hell of a stalker to breach the scorcher"
"yeah, you have no idea what it took" said Pavlik
"for all I know it was an army of mutants" said the stalker "good work, names Charon just so you know"
"nice to meet you Charon, names Pavlik" said Pavlik "I hope the Sakharov is pleased that its off"
"you're working for that old egghead?" Charon asked
"yeah" said Pavlik "he offers good money, well if you excuse me I have to head north, theres a power plant to raid now"
"good luck stalker, I made it here but not even I would head that far north" said Charon
"yeah good luck" said Pavlik

He walked down the streets, there were stalkers everywhere, like Sakharov called as many stalkers as he could and told them the scorcher was off before Pavlik turned it off. He was almost at the end of the road when a stalker stepped out from around the corner, he was aiming a Groza at him, he was wearing an urban camo suit with a Kevlar vest, he had a hood up and a gas mask on.

"GIVE ME ALL YOUR VALUABLES" shouted the stalker, Pavlik raised his rifle, the stalker took off his mask revealing a familiar face
"wow Pavlik, jumpy today?" said Mitya
"Mitya? where did you come from?" Pavlik asked
"well I found myself in the Red Forest, just south of the scorcher, I then got a call telling me you were turning off the scorcher and that the path would be open soon and bam it shut off and I kept going north" said Mitya "nice suit by the way"
"could say the same about you, where did you get yours" said Pavlik
"found it in a bunker along the way north" said Mitya "same with this Groza"
“I got mine in a military armory” said Pavlik
“yeah your old suit was pretty damaged and still covered in fake blood” said Mitya
“oh that washed off, instead it was just sewage water, old sewage water” said Pavlik
“you went swimming?” said Mitya
"yeah and I had to ditch most of my things” said Pavlik “lets go...”

They both heard a gun cock, they spun around to find a man holding a SPAS-12 and was wearing a sky blue camouflaged outfit with a combat helmet. They simply stared in surprise as the man took off his helmet laughing.

"Viktor what the hell did you do that for?" Mitya asked
"it was funny" said Viktor "I got you after you did the same thing to him"
"yeah but seriously" said Pavlik "once is enough
"ah well" said Viktor "it was still funny"
"where did you get that suit?" Pavlik asked
"yeah when did we start needing cloud camouflage?" Mitya asked "I don't remember when the military announced that wars now require flying infantry"
"it was on some dead guy in a tunnel" said Viktor "it seemed in great condition and this gun was there so I said screw it"
“you took the clothes off a dead guy?” Mitya asked “thats disgusting”
“where did you get yours then?” Viktor asked
“bunker” said Mitya
“armory” said Pavlik
“dammit that backfired” said Viktor
"know where the others are?" Pavlik asked
"no, I am still wondering" said Viktor "Sasha grabbed Nikolas just before I passed out so I hope she's with him"
"yeah but even if, where would she be?" said Pavlik
"I don't know but I am sure she is fine" said Viktor "so where are we heading?"
"north" said Pavlik "to the power plant"
"well" said Mitya "might as well now that were here"
"yeah lets go" said Viktor

They walked out of Pripyat, they walked down the road for hours, the power plant was ahead of them, the center of everything was right before their eyes...

Two figures watched from the distance, they looked at each other and shook their heads.

"they killed Sigma and Epsilon, what are your orders, shall we kill them?" the second asked
"send Omega to turn the brain scorcher back on, then send Gamma to the power plant" said the first
"what of the scientists, they have Case 61e" said the second "we must reclaim it"
"no, let the scientists solve the puzzle for us, then take it" said the first
"anything else sir?" the second asked
"have Zeta organize some deep military patrols" said the first "that will cause some chaos amongst these stalkers"
"at once sir" said the second

They both walked down the hill and into an old jeep, they drove north to the power plant...
  14:23:21  28 June 2010
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Guess Who.


On forum: 01/22/2008
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In the End, part 13

Part 13
They left the bunker, none of them spoke as they did, they had a job to do and after that there was a chance none of them would ever see each other again. Stag's words had a deep impact on the group, it was unknown whether they would come back if they attempted the second assignment but they didn't seem very confident about it. They walked along the road east and headed north making a wide berth around the X16 complex. They headed north until they saw it, the complex, they looked at each other nodding briefly and headed down the hill. The complex was walled off, they simply stared as they could not find a gate anywhere around the complex.

"its like they needed a helicopter to get in" said Mitya
"Gustov, work your magic" said Pavlik

Gustov pulled out several plastic charges and attached them to the wall, he slowly inserted the fuses into them and prepared the detonator, they backed away, hiding behind several large boulders, Gustov clicked the button blowing a large hole in the wall, a horrific wailing noise was heard, they stood up rifles raised and ran through the breach. they walked slowly to the central structure, according to their PDAs the laboratory was here. They heard an endless moaning sound, they turned around to see out of every door and window and every structure were hundreds if not thousands of blank faces looking at them, slowly each of the 'zombies' stumbled towards them, some had weapons others did not but they all crawled towards the stalkers at the same pace.

"run" Pavlik muttered and the group ran into a frenzied panic, they ducked behind cover and fired their weapons, there were too many zombies to make a difference.
"what do we do?" Mitya asked
"can you guys hold them off while we search the lab?" Pavlik asked, the stalkers turned and looked at him like he was insane
"I will" said Nigel "if we are going to go out I say we go out with a bang, what do you say Gustov?"
"I do like a bang" said Gustov "Joseph?"
"I fought twelve wars I am not going to die today" said Joseph "anyone else going to join us?"

One by one each stalker knelt outside the doorway to the lab and fired their rifles, one by one they sat comrade at arms, ready to die for the mission. Pavlik ran in, Nikolas, Sasha, Mitya and Viktor ran after him. They ran down a long flight of staircases to the bottom, a sealed door was in front of them, a keypad beside it, Pavlik punched the code in and it opened.

"et voila" said Pavlik "its open"

They ran inside and strapped their night vision goggles on, they looked around slowly at the many windows, inside were many scientists remains, some of their remains looked shredded, others tortured, some even looked electrocuted and burned. They reached another flight of stairs and lowered deeper into the lab, they walked along the dark halls to another flight of stairs, they reached the deepest level of the lab, many warning signs were on the walls. They reached the end of the hall and opened the secure door, inside were many computers and lab equipment, they saw a corpse holding onto a secure brief case.

"that has got to be what we are looking for" said Pavlik
"how do we know?" Mitya asked
"Lab X16 is very important, obviously the head scientist here would try to protect all information regarding it" said Pavlik pointing at a badge on the corpses coat "this is it"

Pavlik grabbed the brief case and there was a loud banging noise, they heard footsteps above them.

"what was that?" Sasha asked
"I have no clue" said Pavlik "I think we should be careful"
"yeah I agree" said Viktor
"its a level above us" said Mitya
"lets get out of here" said Nikolas
"agreed" they all said at the same time

They ran out the door and looked at the stair case, several flashbang grenades bounced down the stairs, they turned and ran back through the door. There was a loud banging and a ringing noise and they opened the door. Two men were walking down the stairs in state of the art combat suits, they were carrying the weirdest looking rifles, the men fired their rifles which made a weird noise and was quickly followed by a hum. The rifles blew holes clean in the wall. The five of them ran back inside firing over their shoulders, these guys were not to be messed with obviously. They knocked over tables for use of cover, though doubting whether it would repel those weapons. Two more rounds fired through the door.

"what kind of guns are those?" Nikolas asked
"I don't know" said Mitya
"they resemble those old magnetic guns people would make" said Pavlik
"coil guns?" Viktor asked "I didn't think those were possible"
"yeah what next lasers?" Mitya asked before a round missed his head, he shut up quickly and ducked

They fired more volleys at their attackers. The attackers fired another two rounds, there was a humming noise.

"they can't fire until after the humming stops" said Pavlik "we have to abuse that delay"

Two more shots fired and Pavlik ran across the room to right by the door, the others fired several shots through it and reloaded. The two men fired their rifles into the room, Pavlik grabbed a lead pipe and hit the rifles, there was a cracking noise and the guns went silent. The two men backed up and readied their fist.

"I think they want to fight us hand to ha..." Pavlik began before getting jump kicked in the face by one of the men

Pavlik jumped to his feet and sidestepped, avoiding a roundhouse kick. He backed up and almost was hit when the others fired a volley at the men, the men were simply knocked back.

"thats it guns don't seem to bother them" said Mitya "time to play this their way"

They ran at the two and each were thrown around. Pavlik pulled himself to his feet only to get kicked in the face, he went to swing but in the time it took for his fist swing he was already punched four times in the ribs. He was roundhouse kicked in the chest and was thrown into a computer desk, breaking both the desk and the computer. He watched as Mitya grabbed his attackers fist but was kicked in the side of the head. He was picked up and thrown into an expensive looking piece lab equipment. Viktor swung a pipe and hit one of the commandos in the head. The pipe bent, Viktor looked up at the man and back down to the pipe, the man picked him up, punched him twice then threw him into a control console.

There was a loud ringing noise, Sasha jumped on one of the attackers backs and hit him on the head with a pipe but the man simply did a back flip knocking her off balance and throwing her into a wall. Nikolas grabbed a pipe, its end was broken and sharp, he ran at one of the attackers, the man turned towards him an drop kicked him, Nikolas landed on his back, the attacker swung down to punch him but Nikolas rolled over in time, the man punched the ground and shook his fist in pain Nikolas leaned up and stabbed the broken pipe right through the commando's goggles into his eyes. The pipe went right through his eye and into his brain killing him instantly, the other commando turned around and ran towards Nikolas and his fallen comrade. He kicked Nikolas in the face, Nikolas stood up and was kicked straight in the chest. He flew straight through an open door. The commando closed the door and pressed a button, Nikolas's Geiger counter began to click hysterically. Mitya and Viktor quickly tackled the man, Sasha joined the others as the three of them quickly attempted to overpower the man.

Pavlik ran to Nikolas, he tried to open the door but it was stuck, he saw Nikolas inside, the radiation levels were rising, in a few moments they would be lethal. Pavlik hammered on the glass as Nikolas smiled and fell over, Pavlik grabbed a chair and slammed it against the glass breaking the chair, he grabbed a pipe and hammered on the glass, he hit the glass over and over, he pulled out his pistol and shot it a few times cracking the glass. He swung his pipe with all his strength into the glass, it shattered, he climbed inside, his own Geiger counter clicking hysterically, he was feeling weak, he was feeling sick. He grabbed Nikolas and carried him through the window, he felt Mitya and Viktor grab him, he felt several arms trying to keep him steady but he fell over, his mind drifting.

He found himself staring at a giant crystal, there was a large bang as the ground began to shake and through the few cracks in the sarcophagus he saw the sky turning red, he heard the horrific wailing noise behind him, he turned around to see a dark shape moving towards him, he looked back to the crystal and saw Nikolas, he was lying motionless, the ground collapsed and he was suddenly falling, falling until suddenly he jerked awake.

"easy" said Mitya "you okay?"

He was outside the control room, they had sealed the door and he and Nikolas were lying side by side.

"is he?" Pavlik asked
"he is going to be fine... I hope" said Mitya
“you have no idea do you?” said Pavlik
“I haven't a clue” said Mitya “but for now lets just say he has a chance, regardless of facts”
“right” said Pavlik
"listen we got the documents and those crazy commando guys are dead, lets get out of here" said Mitya
"agreed" said Pavlik "who were they?"
"took their badges, no names, no agencies, no anything, just a code name" said Mitya "Sigma and Epsilon"
"well, one mystery at a time" said Pavlik "lets go, our team is probably needing our help"

Mitya and Viktor picked up Nikolas, Sasha put her arm around Pavlik to keep him from falling over. They walked up the stairs as quickly as they could. They reached the top and heard the screams of gunfire once again. They walked outside, they saw Roy and Johnson firing their revolvers cheering.

"Americans" said Mitya slowly when suddenly several zombies came out of nowhere and tackled them. Mitya wrestled with a few as they attempted to bite his hands off. He pulled out his pistol and shot it in the head, quickly pushing it off of him, Pavlik kicked his off and fired three rounds into it, he jumped to his feet, they quickly picked Nikolas up, Viktor and Sasha covering the rear, the group was scattered, blood was everywhere, they saw their team fighting off hundreds of zombies.

"TIME TO GO" shouted Pavlik "LEG IT"

They pushed their way through the zombies when the ground shook and the sky turned blood red. After that Pavlik lost track of what was happening, the ground was shaking and anomalies were appearing and disappearing out of nowhere at all. There were flashes and bangs, suddenly massive spheres began to pop into existence all around them, more and more of them appeared, Pavlik jumped out of the way as one expanded in front of him, the sky was blood red and merciless roars filled the air, the ground trembled. A zombie jumped onto him, he kicked it into one of the bubbles and in a bright white flash it and the anomaly vanished. Pavlik rolled out of the way of a bubble and tried to climb to his feet, suddenly a bubble exploded in his face and everything went bright white...

Dexter climbed out of a nearby building, he was alone and in the middle of a blowout, lying on the ground in front of him was the secure briefcase. He quickly ran over and grabbed, he turned and quickly ran as fast as he could out of there, he did not know whether his comrades were alive or dead but he was going to be rich, that was for sure, two million all to himself...
  04:53:30  28 June 2010
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Guess Who.


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Post now you yankee traitor, also Germany won!

You are incorrect good sir, the Soviets always win

I have some time later tonight and I will post then so just be patient
  23:09:44  27 June 2010
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Albanian Monsteя!


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Post now you yankee traitor, also Germany won!
  17:27:15  27 June 2010
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Guess Who.


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Weird guys...


couldn't resist mate!

And we are heading to a close surprisingly, the story is nearing its climatic... erm... climax, but for dramatic effect I, instead of releasing it right now will hold off until tonight or maybe later
  17:12:52  27 June 2010
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Senior Resident

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Weird guys...

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