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Underwrote in Paradise: A Stalker Story

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  15:32:12  10 April 2010
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One word...


Good spelling,long,good character development and details...

  14:19:43  10 April 2010
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Albanian Monsteя!


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Moar? Please?

Perfect, finally somebody with good grammar/spelling that is capable of atleast rivaling snork, and the others.
  01:22:50  10 April 2010
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04/10/2010 1:25:46
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Underwrote in Paradise: A Stalker Story

So here is chapter 1, I guess an introduction to the start of a long stalker story I wrote, or I should say attempted.

Chapter 1: The Lone Stalker

“Where is that guy?” Wolf said angrily as he was standing off to the side of a group of stalkers sitting around a fire.

“Maybe he got lost?” said one of them, while a few of them laughed under their breath, some drinking that typical vodka, others smoking cigarettes.

“It’s been three days now since I gave him this job, Sidorovich is starting to get pissed at me now ‘cause of it”.

Three days in Cordon could seem like an eternity with its bleak fauna, ravaged houses, and its main road that fades off into oblivion on the distant horizon. But everyone around here knew where that road went, and it’s where Wolf had been keeping his eyes attached too ever since he sent Stagger to try and obtain a hidden stash of canned foods. The stash information came from Sidorovich, of course. He told Wolf he bought the information off some military commander who brings in shipments. Food in the Zone isn’t necessarily hard to come by, but when it’s free and when there’s a lot of it, it’s worth the effort to go after. That is exactly what Wolf did, except he hired a stalker to do it. He figured it was an easy job for a rookie.

On the early morning of the fourth day a traveler finally came walking down the main road which led into Cordon. The traveler finally resembled a stalker and it was perhaps Stagger. As soon as Wolf heard the news someone was approaching he started to flee towards the entrance of the village. Standing at the main entrance the blurry image started to become clear as the loner walked off the main path and down the road that lead right into Wolf.

“Well… holy shit, look who has finally come back for a visit,” Wolf said in a very cocky tone. “It’s been awhile since last time you were around here, I figured you’d tried your luck getting to the center and died off by the Brain Scorcher”.

The lonely stalker didn’t say a word. He rested his hand on Wolf’s shoulder as he casually walked right by then released as he continued away. He had a long brown coat on. Just like those brown trench coats you see on stalkers around the zone. His large bag was hanging off to the side of him underneath the concealing coat. His rifle, which resembled an M16, was off to the other side. The hood from the coat was up and just beyond the faint of darkness in the back you could see part of the handle from a sword peering up beyond his shoulders in his hood.

The lone stalker opened the steel door that led to Sidorovich.

“Come on in!” Sidorovich said in a loud tone as he turned his chair toward a barred window resting on a desk. “What can I do for you today?”

“A can of Tourist Delight and a loaf of bread,” replied the lone stalker.

As Sidorovich was handing over the purchased items he said “This reminds me, I’m supposed to get a big shipment of food in, and unfortunately it’s not coming. Some uh…problem arose I believe”.

“You should go see Wolf so we can feed ourselves, and you!” he added.

The stalker put his newly acquired necessities in his bag, tipped his head to Sidorovich and exited out the same steel door and made his way toward the rookie leader.

“So Wolf, what happened here?” the lone stalker spoke.

“You mean about the stash? Yes, it was a usual job, go pick up the stash from these coordinates and bring it back. I sent out Stagger, granted he was new to the Zone, I thought it would be just a grab and go.” Wolf explained to him.

After Wolf had explained the situation in complete detail, he knew details are what the loner liked to hear, he stated “I’ve uploaded the coordinates to your PDA, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you shortly”.

The loner grabbed his PDA and scanned through it to find where exactly the coordinates were. He then put it away and walked off towards the destination without saying another word.

“Who was that guy Wolf?” asked a relatively new stalker standing near Wolf at the time.

Wolf replied, “His name is Chronos”.
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