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'The Rookie'

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Question Erm,excuse me,is it good?
Hell yes
No!!!! NO!
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  15:10:24  9 May 2010
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On forum: 08/24/2009
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Awesome as always, and you really have taken your writing potential up to the next level. Purely Awesome
  10:50:00  23 May 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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‘’There’s a blowout outside,and this one is a tad dangerous than others.’’ Beard said. He looked towards me.

‘’Hey,kiddo,we better patch you up.’’ Beard said. ‘’There is our medic,Tremor up there. He’ll patch you up.’’

I nodded. Good to see there were medics in this rusted hellhole,though
I knew the place was safer than Alisa’s safehouse. The pain in my ear and my face got it’s toll,I needed a medic seriously.
I slowly walked over to the rusted stairs.

There was a mechanic in front of me,and there was another stair and another pair of rooms. I turned towards the one in the right. I was right,it was the medic’s room. He was a weird guy from what I could see. He looked weirdly towards another stalker lying on a bed. The guy was bandaged. I did not ask what happened. Tremor turned to me.

‘’What happened,stalker?’’

I gave out a breath then looked towards Tremor.

‘’Blowout,bullets,anything you can think about.’’ I said.

‘’Okay then,lie on the bed and I will patch you up.’’

I slowly looked towards the bed. There was blood all over it. I did not mind the cutting tools around,the guy was a medic. Though the blood packs creeped me.

‘’So,your shoulder...’’

He grabbed his knife and slowly took the bullet out. The pain was immense,but when it got out,I breathed in relief. It was good to have things out of your body. Weirdly,it was painful but it gave a little sense of pleasure.

He grabbed his bandage and bandaged my arm. I sighed. This had no pain at all,except it made my arm itchy.
‘’Don’t touch your arm.’’ Tremor muttered.
‘’FUCK!’’ I thought.
‘’For the burn wounds...’’
He looked at his table,then threw some of his stuff around.
‘’Ah,here it is! Burn lotion.’’
‘’What does it do?’’ I asked,while holding my arm.
‘’It makes you feel a little pinch,but it will do good to your burn wounds.’’

He squeezed the lotion to his hand then he slowly rubbed my face with the lotion. It was painful,the smell and the pain got me questioning about going to a medic. I had to be calm.
‘’It hurts like hell!’’ I said to Tremor.
‘’I know,but otherwise you’d have to amputate your own arm.’’
I nodded.
He patted my shoulder.
‘’Here ya go.’’
I slowly got up,looked around,then I slowly got out,only to see Hatchet looking at me weirdly. He had a saddening feeling in his eyes. He was in a Mercenary suit,his exoskeleton was off.
‘’That thing was...irradiated. So I am too.’’

I sighed.
‘’Fucking kidding me! At least you are alright?’’
He looked up to me.
‘’I am,I am. Those stalkers gave me a couple of antirads.’’
I looked around. His exoskeleton was on a table. He could sell it to Owl to make a good chunk of money. But still,I had to learn why he was so sad.

‘’What happened?’’


He looked up to me.

‘’What happened to her?’’ I asked. I knew it,but there was a slim chance. Don’t lose hope.

‘’She died.’’
I looked up to him.


I shouted while kneeling. Alisa,one of my only friends died. She had sympathy,she had jokes,she had confidence.

‘’What happened to her?’’ I asked,tears dripping from my eyes.

‘’She started gurgling,then she puked blood on my suit. She then died.’’
‘’FUCK THIS SHIT!’’ I said to myself. Still,I had Hatchet. He could live through. He was a tough one. At least I hoped him to be.
Hatchet looked down to me.
‘’Well,we must stick to the plan. We should go to Pripyat. But,I don’t think we can make it. What I am thinking is,that we should go to Yanov. I had some friends there.’’
I nodded. We were going to Yanov. That was the plan.
I grabbed Hatchet’s exo and gave it to Owl after running up the stairs.
‘’How much does it cost?’’
‘’Well,it has blood on it and it is a Mercenary type Exo... 50.000 roubles will do the job.’’
I sighed.

‘’Alright then. Gimme the money.’’

He slowly gave me the money. I placed it in my backpack while going down.

‘’I have money. Now we can go.’’

Hatchet sighed.

‘’Off we go then.’’
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