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'The Rookie'

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Question Erm,excuse me,is it good?
Hell yes
No!!!! NO!
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  23:56:57  2 April 2010
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On forum: 08/24/2009
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i will join, you can be sure of that
  23:02:56  6 April 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Life had been hard,so sorry for the delay,my inspiration was gone for a while.

Typing as fast as I can,new chapter will be up soon...
  22:54:17  8 April 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Chapter 5

02:35,Zaton,near the Burnt Farmstead

I heard a faint noise,but did not care much about it.
It was Alisa,she was awakened,probably because of the howling dogs or the thunder. She slowly placed her hand to my shoulder,and patted it.
‘’You awake,girl?’’ I asked,I still did not know what to do with her. Skadovsk was not the place for her,or perhaps it was. She kept looking to me,I generally got hypnotized because of her stare. She was a weapon. Women were the deadliest things on Earth;they had the power of Technology,as they were from mankind, and they could use their bodies as a weapon. I feared that Alisa was one of them. Still,she owed me one,but still,I was the one who shot her. It was normal for her to get mad at me,or shoot me if she was a sociopath.
There was a weird farmstead nearby,ruined. The place gave me the creeps,it was bad mojo. I kept looking,hoping to find a way where we can rest. She looked around,and then shrieked in fear. It was night,perhaps she saw something.
‘’Why are you shouting?’’ I asked while she pushed herself away from me and tried to crawl away. Her eyes were shining in the dark,and weirdly,she pulled a knife.
‘’She had a knife?’’ I thought,while looking over to her.
‘’Snork! SNORK!’’ She shouted,as she got up and hid behind a rock. I turned my back.
‘’Snork? What is it-‘’
A being jumped like a kangaroo,and landed on a roof. It roared,then jumped on me. Thankfully,I had some ammo.
I fired my 1911 to the sillhouette,but no avail. The broken gas mask,the shred overalls and shoes made it obvious this thing was human once. Beneath the bloody gas mask lied a mouth,full of yellow,putrid teeth and a purple pair of lips. The chin was home to many scars,and the thing’s tongue was ripped apart. It raised it’s head,probably readying itself to dig into my neck. It was probably my death,my hands were held by it.
All of a sudden,it gave a roar,kind of a moan. It was sure I was dead meat. People knew this,if you were a rookie,you were snork bait. I closed my eyes,trying to get the thoughts away and slowly accept death,as it whined. Alisa had stabbed it in the back,literally saving my life.
It fell,giving me a chance to get up. Alisa grabbed my hand,as I felt five cold fingers grabbing my leg. It was still alive,it played possum. I fired my 1911 into it’s head,finally killing it.
‘’You saved my ass there.’’ I muttered,as I walked towards her. ‘’You owe me one.’’ She muttered,while looking towards the ships. Alisa was waiting for the sun.
‘’Hey,stalker,wanna get some sleep?’’ She asked. She was right,I did not sleep for two days or more,perhaps less.
‘’It would be good...’’ I muttered,as I placed my hand towards my abdomen. A warm liquid was dripping. Alisa suddenly looked towards me.
‘’You are bleeding!’’
‘’Oh really?’’ I replied,trying to break the ice,but,no avail,I fell. I did not know what to say,this was the first time I got a serious wound. Yes,I am a soldier for five or more years,still,that was the reason I was called ‘Rookie.’
I never fought in a hot zone before.
And,this place seemed to be the hottest zone.

Zaton,Alisa’s safehouse,06:54
‘’Are you allright,stalker?’’ Alisa asked,trying to wake me up. ‘’Am I dead?’’ I muttered,looking around. I was in a little part of a ship,and there was nothing around,except a table,and some supplies on it. I could make out some canned meat,some bread and some medkits. My armor was out,and my abdomen was bandaged.
‘’Thanks...’’ I muttered,slowly looking towards her. I had a cold or something,I did not feel good.
‘’What’s your name?’’ Alisa asked.

This was a hard question. I couldn’t tell my name (for security reasons) and if I would say my nickname she would say ‘you don’t trust me?’ to me and then she would leave.
‘’Just call me Rookie.’’
She sighed.
‘’REAL NAME!’’ She shouted.
I finally chose to say it.
‘’My name is Brian.’’
She smiled.
‘’Okay Brian,or Rookie...thanks for saving my life.’’
I felt weird when I was looking at her. Looking to my watch to see 07:00,I jumped out of the bed and I fell.
‘’OW!’’ I shouted as I waved my arm and finally got up. Alisa was shouting at me,but I didn’t care. My mission was to meet the U.N. Informants in 07:30. I was going to break Alisa’s heart,but mission first.
Then I remembered I was the only one alive. I could not live til I could get to Yanov. I quickly stopped myself.

‘’What the fuck are you doing Rookie?’’ Alisa shouted as she waved her hands quickly,unaware of my mission. It was normal,I met her sixteen hours ago,and now..she was attached to me. I sighed.
‘’Alisa,do you have any idea why I am here?’’
‘’Artifacts? Money?’’
I took a deep breath.
‘’Undercover mission.’’
She laughed.
‘’And I am a pink elephant.’’
I got up,and grabbed my bulletproof vest. It was nearly penetrated. ‘’DAMNIT!’’ I thought to myself,as I kept looking around while trying to find some equipment for repairing.
My L85 was also in the worst condition,it could explode in my hands.
‘’What happened Rookie?’’
She was teasing me.
‘’Do you have a gun?’’ I muttered,secretly looking at her cleavage. She was beautiful,still,I could dump her if she got me in a sticky situation.
She suddenly grabbed an Armsel Striker,and threw an AKS-74U to me.
‘’I don’t know how to use it.’’
She sighed.
‘’What the fuck do you want me to do,find a suitable weapon?’’
I sighed as we got out.
  07:14:32  9 April 2010
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On forum: 04/09/2010
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Keep it up
  20:31:07  18 April 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Chapter 6

07:55,Zaton,nearby Circus anomaly
‘’Hold on.’’
Alisa weirdly looked at the crater-kind of anomaly,there was two,or three fireballs circling around the crater,and there was a weird thing inside. The weird thing,that I could not identify,was sticking out of the cracks surrounding the crater. I slowly got up,and walked near the anomaly. My armor was nothing but a thing that saved me from the cold air. Kevlar was a mess,and there was no ‘protective element’ at all. That meant ‘one wrong step and you are grilled’ to me. I neared the anomaly field,and now,I could see what was the thing sticking out. A man in blue armor,burnt and grotesquely changed. His arm was the thing sticking out,and his other body parts were generally turned into dust. Still,the smell of burnt human flesh irritated me,and I backed. I looked around.
Alisa looked over to me.
‘’You talked about informants...maybe they are the mercs who are in that place over there.’’ She said to me.
My info matched with her,and there were many evidence supporting her. The dead guy’s arm had a blue glove,and his overalls were blue. Also,the informants were going to have blue,standard armor and a guy in an ‘Exoskeleton.’
I did not know what was an Exoskeleton,and I did not cared about it much. It was probably some high-tech armor. Leighman told stories about Exoskeletons before,he said those things could lift 100 kilos and make you walk like nothing happened.
I slowly patted Alisa’s shoulder,and we started to walk towards the ‘compound.’

O8:00,Zaton,Merc Compound
I slowly looked over to the metal door,it was rusted and it was open. The bullet holes served as a warning,I slowly walked over the gate,took cover and peeked inside.
Some dead bodies,some alive guys dumping corpses in a campfire,and some guys checking my position.
I made a move with my hand,calling Alisa. She looked inside,and took cover immediately.
‘’Girl,do you know about them?’’ I asked.
She sighed.
‘’Everyone here knows about them. ‘The Starving Squad’ people call them. They are out of rations,and the group was attacked by bandits and loners a lot. They hid themselves in that building. I wonder who are the guys dumping bodies.’’
I slowly got up,and walked over to the place stealthily. Three guys,dumping five dead bodies in the campfire,some still moaning. The killers then poured petrol on the guys.
As you can think,they were burned by the guys.
I slowly peeked through the corner ,as two bullets suddenly entered the pillar in front of me. If they were three centimetres to the left,I was now a dead body without a head.
I shouted,and as you can think,I was shocked. My gun was on the ground,and I just fired my 1911 towards the guys. Some of them got hit,and the most unlucky one fell with a sudden blowout of red on his chin. He was still alive,but he fell on to the dead bodies,he got immolated alive.
‘’ALISA COVER ME!’’ I shouted while crawling to get to safety. Alisa threw a grenade towards the guys,I could hear them talk in English.
‘’COVER ME!’’ Was one of the things I could hear.
‘’GRENADE!’’ One of them shouted as I looked towards him. His equipment was black and brown.
All my thoughts gone haywire as a grenade exploded in front of me. A lot of rubble flew around,and one of them fired a grenade launcher towards the wall I was taking cover a few seconds ago. I just looked to the thing,it didn’t explode,much to my surprise.
Alisa suddenly jumped near me,firing towards the guys. One of them fell to the automatically fired buckshots,and the other just took cover. It was only him. Probably he was scared shitless,as he was shouting weirdly.
Alisa kept firing towards the maniac as three guys fired upon her. She suddenly took cover and threw another grenade towards them. I could get up,the shock was gone.
Grabbing my AKS-74U,I ran inside the little building,somewhat ruined by the grenade. Bullets whizzed past me as I fired towards the guys,one of them fell,shouting and moaning.
Finally,my trick went well,I could flank them. I double-tapped one of them,and fired the rest of my magazine to the guy who had a weird armor,maybe the Exoskeleton.
A bullet whizzed past me again,and I turned to the guy. He aimed for Alisa,she was still busy firing at the other guy who was not killed by me.
I ran through the cupboards and threw myself on the guy,his bullet was nowhere near Alisa.
He tried to shoot me with his Magnum,still,I could keep myself going. I kicked him in the face three times,then got up from my baby step-like position. His gun was on the ground,and I just kicked it away,then punched him in the face til he stopped moaning. He did not wear a gas mask,and unfortunately for him,his face was nearly destroyed because of my fists.
Blood splattering from his head,he sighed.
‘’What the fuck do you want from me?’’ He shouted,swaying.
‘’Who the fuck are you?’’ I asked,looking towards him as Alisa entered.
‘’I took out the guys-who the fuck is this guy?’’ She said,looking towards me and then turning,looking towards him in a weird way.
‘’We are just some expert bandits! We were trying to get some guys and these maniacs attacked us! Thanks to you my whole group got killed!’’
Alisa sighed.
‘’This guy probably killed your are on your own now in the Zone,Brian.’’
I looked over to her.
‘’Can you give me that Striker please?’’
She looked weirdly at me,thinking what I was thinking. She first stuttered,and then took a breath and looked over to me.
‘’You are not going to do that,right?’’
‘’I am going to do that.’’
I backed a bit,aiming towards his head with the Striker. Alisa just looked,watching the scene. I pulled the trigger as I heard a short-lived scream. The ground was sprayed in red,his brains were also splattered around. It smelled bad.
Alisa closed her eyes and got out,while I checked the place for survivors. One guy in blue was still alive,perhaps dying. I slowly neared him.
‘’What is your name? What are you doing here?’’ I asked,while holding his wound.
‘’My were just a group of –cough- mercs,these maniacs attacked,Hatchet took some of them out...still,he was knocked down...’’
The guy stopped breathing. It was obvious that he died. I slowly got up,kind of shocked by that thing,a guy who could get some help getting killed in front of me,and I walked over towards Alisa.
‘’Girl,did you find any alive guys?’’
‘’I found one in an Exo,he is lucky to be alive,his arm is burnt like hell. Better talk to him before he dies.’’
I quickly walked over to the guy in an exoskeleton,lying near the wall,holding his arm.
‘’Who are you?’’ He asked,while holding his PDA.
‘’Are you the guys who were going to get the operation working?’’
‘’Yeah...we got cut off. So,I am thinking of staying here,as our guys in Pripyat got killed by a single guy.’’
‘’Single? You fucking kidding me?’’ I replied. A group of mercenaries,owned by a single badass bastard.
‘’Hey...the guy also helped us find food. If not for him we were dead meat. What was his name... Dergatyov or something...’’
I slowly looked over to his PDA. All the info was gone.
‘’So,can you help me with my arm? It hurts bad.’’
He was a deserter,and he had no information about my informants,but still,I had to find some companions here,and he seemed like a good guy.
‘’Look,here’s a deal. I stick to you,and you follow me.’’ I muttered to his ear,covered by the helmet. He nodded.
Alisa returned,holding her Striker.
‘’Why did you drop it? I nearly lost it. This gun is hard to come by,Rookie. Treat it with love.’’
While Alisa was talking to me,Hatchet slowly raised his hand,possibly trying to say something. I was right.
‘’Hey.’’ He murmured.
I turned back to him. I had to answer his questions,as he could become one of our ‘team’ made up of two.
‘’Yes,what happened?’’ Alisa said before me,it was kind of annoying.
Hatchet slowly got himself up,and he slowly walked towards us.
‘’Here’s my thought: I don’t think we can make it to Pripyat now,so,how about getting some information around here? I know how to kill but I don’t know what is what. It seems like Alisa is the only one who knows what the fuck is going on in this shithole,so we stick to her.’’
Alisa smiled,she liked Hatchet’s compliment. She slowly looked over to me.
‘’Rookie is the one who got us. Better ask him.’’
I was rather uneasy,as I knew nothing about this place,so giving the responsibility to Hatchet was the best idea.
‘’We’ll go by Hatchet’s plan.’’ I muttered,and I slowly looked over to Hatchet.
He nodded.
‘’So,guys,follow me.’’ Alisa said,as she turned back and walked towards the rusted gate...
  20:52:21  23 April 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Should I continue?

I don't think anyone reads this,and I am still writing.
  22:12:26  23 April 2010
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Ex modder, Zones only ferret and will someday release a game


On forum: 02/20/2010
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I read.
  22:28:34  23 April 2010
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On forum: 11/01/2009
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I do, I like it, keep writing.

  22:00:58  30 April 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Chapter 7

Alisa’s Safehouse,22:55,Zaton

We were in Alisa’s place for a long time,making plans. Hatchet was the sentry tonight,and I was the sentry tomorrow. We were planning on our plan of going to Pripyat as Hatchet alarmed us.
‘’Hold on.’’ Hatchet muttered,as he slowly grabbed his TRS-301. I grabbed my AKSU,that I finally learned how to use thanks to Alisa. She just grabbed her trusty Striker. Hatchet slowly kept looking through the cracks in the closed window,checking for any threats.
‘’Three guys in green stalker suits,they walk like idiots.’’ He muttered,as he slowly opened the window,and started to aim. He slowly grabbed his pistol,and he threw it to me.
‘’You have the worst gun among us. You’ll need it,it’s much better than your 1911.’’ He said,one arm still holding his gun.
I got up,as I looked over Alisa. She was confident.
‘’Whatcha gonna do?’’ I asked,her shotgun could not do good against guys who were not in a range of a shotgun.
‘’I’ll keep an eye on the door,while you will go out and storm them,your gun is for that.’’
I was confused. ‘’What?’’ I asked,as she pushed me. I was near the door and she seemed serious.
‘’C’mon! Don’t be a pussy!’’
I looked over to her,my eyes filled with shock.
She suddenly grabbed my shoulder.
‘’Just kidding. Hatchet will shoot’em and we will just keep an eye out.’’ She laughed,but Hatchet’s gunfire voice suddenly stopped her.
Hatchet turned to Alisa,his shock could be seen from the visor.
‘’Um,these guys did not care about my shots and they walk like zombies...’’ He muttered as a sudden hailstorm of bullets destroyed the remains of the window.
Alisa got up and shouted.
While the zombies walked towards us,probably four of them,I got up and calmed the two down.
‘’So,what the fuck are we going to do? They got us surrounded!’’ Hatchet shouted. He reloaded his gun,threw me a magazine,and he started to pray as he fired the bullets. Alisa was the safest of the group,all she had to do was to keep an eye on the door.
Hatchet shouted He was shocked,but still,he had to kill. I threw myself near the window and started shooting blindly. I fell with a voice of a bullet whizzing near my ear,and another hitting it,and the last hitting my shoulder.
I fell,I could not hear the constant speech of thoughts,it all went slow-mo,I just held my ear.
‘’FUCK!’’ I shouted,I could not do something else. All went black after my roar.

Alisa’s Safehouse,06:44,Zaton
I woke up in a carnage. The room was destroyed,all the stuff was thrown around or shot,Hatchet was lying on the floor moaning,and Alisa was crying.
I slowly patted Hatchet’s shoulder and I got up. Staggering towards Alisa,I just listened to the woods.
‘’Alisa,what is going on?’’
Hatchet,with the last of his strength,raised his head.
He fell again,unconscious.
I grabbed Alisa and slowly looked at her. She was crying,her iris white like an albino,and she was just like a rabid dog.
I shaked her,trying to get her on her senses. ‘’C’mon Alisa! C’mon!’’ I shouted,still shaking her. She looked at me...
‘’My head,what are we going to do I am say?’’
She was seriously bad.
‘’Girl get on your goddamn senses!’’ I shouted,she was still murmuring meaningless things.
I sighed. I would regret what I have done.
I held her head and then I threw her on the floor.
She rolled on the floor like a lifeless body. I grabbed her arm,then got her on my back.
I did not care about my bleeding ear,but still,it was a bad wound. My shoulder was even worse.
‘’We better get her to Skadovsk.’’ Hatchet muttered. He was fine,thanks to his helmet,but Alisa was affected a lot. I kicked open the door,and started to walk.


‘’What’s the matter with her?’’ Beard asked as I carried her inside. Hatchet was helping me carry her,and he was a bit afraid of stalkers,who could have shot him by now.
‘’She got attacked by a controller!’’ I shouted,as I placed her on a table. Beard was looking to my face weirdly.
‘’Kid,the only thing that would heal a critical psi-attack is time...’’ He muttered,looking towards his hand. He pressed his fist against his palm,then grabbed a bottle of vodka.
People were out by now,as they were going artifact hunting. Only two bandits that did not give a damn were inside,drinking vodka.
I left her,then walked over to Beard.
‘’There might be artifacts!’’
He turned towards me. He was probably the messenger of bad news today.
‘’No. They only protect at the moment. She might stay that way for weeks. Hell,she might even turn, her face zombified. We better look after your wounds,they seem serious.’’
Hatchet tried to stop me,but I did not care. I grabbed a vodka bottle and drank some of it,then I got out.
The sky was grim and reddish,something was going on. It was not an emission,there were no sign of thunders or things. I walked away,there was only one stalker looking around like me.
‘’Bro,you have any ideas about it?’’ He turned to me,his face a bit pale.
‘’The Zone is angry.’’ I muttered.
All of a sudden,a dog ran towards us,with crowds of it running behind him like a race.
‘’What the fuck is happening?’’ He muttered,looking towards my face. I slowly backed away,he was ‘changing.’
‘’Why are you running away?’’ He asked,as he pressed towards his cheek. It fell with burning skin. He was dying.
‘’What the fuck? WHAT THE FUCK?’’ He asked as he fell,groaning. I ran inside,then I tripped,falling on Hatchet.
He stopped.
‘’There’s something on your face...’’
I looked over to my hand. It was burnt,as well as my face. Then I remembered the stalker outside.
‘’Don’t get out. DON’T.’’ I muttered as three stalkers came down the stairs. ‘’What’s going on outside? Mutants are dying.’’
  22:54:36  8 May 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Comments appreciated,and the happening is a 'superstrong blowout' something has granted a wish.
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