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'The Rookie'

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  20:04:15  16 March 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010

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03/17/2010 1:03:36
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'The Rookie'


Lieutenant Leighman sat on a piece of sandbags nearby,adjusting,maybe toying with his L85.
‘’Guys,this is a mission that will give all of us a promotion. Don’t fuck this one up. I know many of you are just rookies,but,this is the mission we prove ourselves. Allright?’’
None of us said a word.
‘’Good. Let’s go.’’
Grabbing the side of the helicopter,I threw Thomas my L85,as I could not get up on the chopper without using both of my hands. He was clumsy,but he grabbed it in the air quickly.
‘’C’mon Rookie,you are going to get left behind.’’ Thomas said.
‘’But Leigh did not get on the chopper.’’
‘’Listen to me,just hop on.’’
He was right,there was no time to stick around. Grabbing the side of the chair,I pulled myself up to the helicopter. Lieutenant Leighman hopped on the chopper quickly,I could do nothing but to look at him weirdly.
‘’What are you staring at,Rookie?’’ He said with a harsh voice. It was sure he was pissed,or he was just feeling anxious.
‘’Sir,what is our mission exactly?’’ I asked.
‘’Well,we are going to a piece of heaven called Zone. You probably know what happened back in 1986.’’
‘’Exactly Rookie. There has been a second explosion,and our curious chairman wants us to investigate the place. There have been rumors of mutants and other stuff worth money.’’
Sighing,I just waited for the chopper to go on. The voice of my mates irritated me as I fell into sleep.
‘’Rookie,wake up.’’ Leighman pushed my shoulder,trying to wake me up as I looked around. ‘’We are oscar mike. Hop out,team!’’
I pushed myself out of the chopper,and readied my rifle as if we were going up close and personal. ‘’Okay guys,we are up here,nearby the place where the townsfolk call ‘Backwater.’ Rookie,you are with me. Joker,Psycho,Ripper,you look there.’’
Lieutenant Leighman pointed north with his left finger,as I looked around. We started to walk towards a small copse.
‘’Look out! Guards!’’
As Lieutenant Leighman pulled me to the ground as if he was a lion who grabbed it’s prey,I shouted.
‘’Stop shouting Rookie!’’ He said to me quietly.
‘’We will take them out on my mark. Allright?’’ Leighman said.
I nodded. Grabbing my L85,I lied on the ground. ‘’Sir,they seem friendlies. Should I hail them?’’
‘’Stop saying stupid things Rookie,are you outta your goddamn mind?’’
I looked down the scope as I took the mod to semi-automatic.






I held my breath slowly,aiming towards the one on the left,who was carrying a glowing red thing on his hands,and the other,who had another glowing thing,which was,weirdly,whitish blue.

I fired my gun,and I missed. ‘’FUCK!’’ I thought,as he started to run away. I looked up to Leighman,who was rather interested getting the thing. He fired two shots,and the guy fell. I got up,looking around. ‘’Sir,we lost one.’’
‘’Don’t worry Rookie.’’
I looked up to the sillhouette of the guy as I saw him getting dragged on the floor,starting to float,and get ripped apart into tiny pieces of meat and,starting streams of flame nearby. It was like watching a chicken getting itself into a microwave,and then starting it.
‘’What the fuck was that?’’ I shouted,and looked up to Leighman,who was looking emotionless. I could hear voices of his bones,cracking and breaking. Getting my balaclava off,I threw up nearby. ‘’What the fuck is this place?’’ I asked to Leighman. ‘’Welcome to The Zone,stalker. Been here before,two years ago. Hardly got out,hardly got myself forgiven to the government.’’
‘’Sir,let’s go to the chopper,it was our Extraction Point.’’
Walking towards the chopper,I realized that Lieutenant Leighman was planning something. ‘’Sir,where is the chopper?’’
He looked in shock.
‘’There is smoke coming out! Run! It may have been shot!’’
I started sprinting,dropping my gun in the process. Psycho and Ripper was turned into swiss cheese by unknown assailants,and Joker was decapitated. Our helicopter was in ruins,burning and exploding.
After a long time of shock,Leighman ripped the silence.

‘’Rookie,I guess we are in The Zone again. Good luck,we are on our own.’’
‘’Sir,where are we going?’’
‘’I don’t know! I don’t know this place! I was in Cordon and Garbage before,hell,I even entered CNPP. Don’t ask.’’
I gasped.
‘’CNPP? Kidding me.’’
‘’No kidding.’’ He replied.
  02:11:11  20 March 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
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Chapter 1

‘’Sir,when will we find to rest?’’ Lieutenant Leighman turned to me,disposed his cigarette,and looked into my eyes. He could see that I was tired as hell,not a sleepwalker,but a very tired guy.
‘’Rookie,my stupid rookie. There is no ‘Place to Rest’ in The Zone. Well,technically speaking,there are,but,you want somewhere safe. And here,the safest place is a derelict ship,or a Bar,protected by Military Wannabes. Got it?’’
I nodded.
‘’Good,I knew you would understand.’’
Leighman added: ‘’Rookie,I have to say,we are probably no longer in that Merc group. From now on,you can call me ‘Bug,’ I know that sounds weird,but it is my nickname.’’
I nodded,but I was surprised. ‘’Bug? What the hell is that?’’ I thought. I was probably right. Who the fuck would use ‘Bug’ as a nickname anyway?
‘’Sir,are we-‘’
Leighman stopped me. ‘’A meat chunk,hold on.’’ He slowly walked towards a glowing thing,grabbed a bullet from his pack,and threw it towards it. The bullet burned in the air and got thrown towards a random location.
‘’What is that sir?’’ I asked,surprised.
‘’I think it is a whirli-‘’
Suddenly,’Bug’ fell,and started getting dragged towards the thing. ‘’ROOKIE!’’ He shouted,trying to grab something,like a tree. I looked towards Leighman.
‘’ROOKIE!’’ He shouted for the last time.
I jumped,trying to grab his arm. I flew through the air,and landed on his arm. I felt a painful force,dragging me towards the ‘anomaly.’
‘’AARRGHH!’’ I shouted,trying to let go. Leighman grabbed on to my leg,kind of using me as a ‘way out.’
‘’Sir,let me go! We are fucked in every way!’’ I shouted. He was going to die,and,who would want to die trying to save a guy who will get killed %100?
‘’No Rookie! NO!’’ He shouted. I felt floating,and I realized the piece of grass I was holding was ripped. The anomaly pulled me towards itself,and Leighman suddenly threw a rock towards the anomaly. It discharged,throwing me. I felt good,but my leg was probably in the shape of a sauerkraut.
‘’Rookie? Are you okay?’’ Leighman asked. ‘’My leg... my fucking leg...’’ I said to him.
‘’It’s in good shape.’’
He dragged me away from the anomaly. ‘’We can get a good artifact outta that thing. We’ll try again next time,okay?’’
‘’Sir,we will get killed if we try again!’’
‘’No we won’t. I am familiar to this kind of anomalies.’’ He replied. ‘’Sir,you are out of your mind! That thing nearly got you killed!’’ I replied,in a harsh voice. Leighman got up,and walked towards the anomaly again,with a weird detector.
‘’Okay,so,Rookie,hold on here.’’ He said to me,and he walked towards it. Leighman grabbed a rock,and threw it towards the anomaly. Ironically,the stone was thrown back to Leighman’s head,and he fell. ‘’SIR! SIR! ARE YOU OKAY?’’ I shouted,trying to get a response. No response came. I neared him,looking to his wounds. ‘’What are you doing Rookie?’’ He asked. ‘’You were nearly killed by that thing.’’ I said,trying to negotiate him.
‘’Don’t worry.’’ He said,and he got up. Running towards the artifact,he grabbed it,and jumped away. ‘’You see now,Rookie? I got it.’’
He gave me the thing,which was glowing red. ‘’Okay,whatever. Let’s go.’’ We walked towards the nearby settlement. The place was abandoned,and we entered into a hole,which was actually a trapdoor.
We were nearby a fire anomaly now,Leighman was telling me about of the artifact inside it. Hell,he even said that you would not get tired anymore.
‘’I will get it,and we will share the money.’’ He said.
‘’Okay then,can you get it sir?’’ I asked to him. He nodded,and ran towards the anomaly. It was inside a small opening. ‘’Sir,be careful!’’ I shouted,and I walked towards him. I grabbed my pistol,and checked the area. ‘’Rookie! Come here!’’
I ran towards the opening. There were some dead bodies around.
‘’Zombies.’’ He said.
‘’Zombies? What the-‘’
He stopped me abruptly. Grabbing a piece of junk from the ground,he threw it towards the ‘anomaly.’
A pillar of fire ignited things nearby,and some nearby vines started to burn. ‘’Sir,we better get out!’’ I shouted,and ran towards the exit.
‘’Hold on! Let me get it!’’ He shouted,and entered the now-burning hole. I stopped,looking inside the hole. I could see ‘Bug’ running. I closed my eyes as I heard an explosion.
‘’SIR!’’ I ran inside the hole,and looked over to Bug’s sillhouette. ‘’Roo...Rookie...’’
‘’Yes sir?’’
‘’ROOKIE!’’ He shouted,as he neared. His arm was burnt,he was still burning,and he was impaled with a metal stick.
‘’Kill me,Rookie!’’ He shouted.
‘’No!’’ I replied.
He started to struggle with me,trying to take my pistol. ‘’Sir,you don’t need to kill yourself!’’ I said,as I realized his left arm was dismembered.
I pushed him away,and aimed towards him in all the carnage. His moans irritated me.
I fired all of my bullets inside his head,and I made a run for it,wowing never to return...
  06:50:37  20 March 2010
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
Messages: 4114
Pretty good. I just don't understand why Bug would want to kill himself.
  12:07:19  20 March 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
He is burning.

  12:22:31  20 March 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 03/12/2010
Messages: 787
I like what you did with Bug. Seems very Zone-like.
-David The Novice
  12:23:05  20 March 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
Bug was my old hero.

Read my old stories...

  01:14:27  23 March 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Walking to nowhere,mourning the fresh death of Leighman,I muttered myself some stupid things. ‘’Why did he die? What if I die?’’ Were some of the questions. Leighman was a good man,he generally helped me in the training days. ‘’Bloody hell.’’ I thought. Sitting on a nearby rock,watching the hole generate smog,I sighed.
‘’He gave me some of his cigarettes.’’ I thought to myself,and opened my ‘extra stuff’ pack on my pants. Inside were some cigarettes,a pen and some papers,and a bullet. ‘’Why the fuck did I carry a bullet?’’ I thought to myself,and I grabbed a cigarette,lighting it. I had to get somewhere fast,and knowing I could get in a fight,I started to check my armor. I checked my gloves. They were exact compatibles of my green armor,they were black,and they could protect my fingers from little burns or scratches. Looking to my chestplate,which Leighman called ‘Berill,’something I never understood,I placed my fingers against it and I scratched it a bit. I was not shot,but the place hurt like hell. It was good for firefights,it saved my arse before. I pushed my bag away from my shoulders and I started checking what should I use for ‘missions,’something that I was in. There was a PDA placed diagonally,some magazines that were not for my gun at all.
‘’Enough equipment check.’’ I muttered to myself,and I got up,grabbing my L85.
Walking towards a ship that was probably 4000 meters away,I opened my PDA.

‘’Meet Beard’’ was the only task,as I could not do anything else,my whole team was fucked up and killed in an accident.
‘’Beard? What kind of name is that?’’ I thought to myself,as I detected two stalkers. They were not hostile,from what I could tell. Slowly nearing them,I could hear their conversation from above,the guys did not detect me. I would call this ‘stupidness’ as being in a place where ‘every step can be your death’ being careless would get you into a mutant hole. The duo seemed like friends,although the guy in the white jacket seemed...shady,and the other in ‘armor’ seemed like a stupid ‘trigger-happy’ maniac. They started talking,giving me the time to go nearby,talk and learn something,or shoot them if I had to.
‘’Hey,dude,you have a PDA?’’
‘’Yeah man,why did you ask?’’
‘’I feel like we are being watched,and I can’t learn who the fuck is that guy ‘cuz my PDA got broken.’’
The ‘stupid’ stopped,and opened his pocket. ‘’Okay,I found it.’’
He handed the PDA towards the shady one,and the guy started looking in the PDA. ‘’Stepan! BEHIND US!’’ He shouted,and turned towards me. They were aware of me,so I was probably fucked. ‘’What do you want?’’ I said to them,slowly,and started getting my hand towards my holster. They were rookies,from what I could tell,so they did not realize I was going for my gun.

‘’Tolik? What should I do? Should we shoot him?’’ The maniac with the name ‘Stepan’ said to ‘Tolik’ who was just aiming towards me with his gun and walking towards me. He grabbed my shoulder,checking me.
‘’Hold on.’’ Tolik muttered,and made a move with his arm,probably telling ‘Stepan’ to stop. ‘’No need to get trouble. Just shoot-‘’
I fired my M9 into his abdomen,thankfully he was near me. He fell on the ground,splattering the stones with blood. The other suddenly grabbed his AK. I was actually shocked,as he was more of a ‘quickdraw’ than I am. I did not know what he was using,I was not into AK shit,although I was going to learn what was that soon. I threw myself towards left,and I fired some blind shots. They missed,and he ran towards a sturdy albeit ruined truck. He took cover behind it,and I lied in the tall grass. I fired three shots,all of them missed,whizzing through the air and hitting the truck. He seemed to do something near his pocket. I lied on the ground,waiting him. He grabbed a grenade,and threw it nearby my direction.
‘’OH FUCK!’’I shouted,the grenade did not land near me,but I knew a trick to do.
‘’MY ARM! MY FUCKING ARM!’’ I shouted,hoping to give the effect of ‘dismembered arm.’
He looked towards my direction,and got out.
‘’What did you think,stalker? Did you think Stepan was stupid?’’ He did not know that I was fine,that was obvious.
‘’Yes.’’ I thought to myself. The idiot made a mistake by leaving his cover. Grabbing my L85,I readied it and looked towards him. He raised his hands,probably indicating surrender in an old-fashioned way. He then kneeled slowly.

‘’So,you surrender?’’ I asked,pointing my gun towards his head. He was sweating like hell,that was obvious.
‘’YES! I beg you,don’t kill me!’’ He shouted,as I grabbed his shoulder. ‘’You are not coming with me.’’
He gulped,and closed his eyes. I grabbed my pistol,and slowly raised it towards his head. He opened his eyes,just as I expected.
‘’Are you going to’’
I nodded.
He started praying,and I slowly cocked the hammer.
‘’NO! NO-‘’
I stopped,and I sighed. This guy was probably a bandit,although. I had to do it,he would have been taking my money from my deadbeat corpse right now. I looked over to him.
‘’Look at me. I think you can get me to places,yes?’’
He nodded,his eyes still shining with the fear of a six year old child. ‘’Good. To Skadovsk.’’ I replied.
I got him on his feet,and slowly pushed him. ‘’You are on the front.’’ I muttered,and I started walking,following him. He was walking like a complete coward,bolt on hand,and always the other hand near his knife. Leighman,may he rest in peace,if he can,told me once that you had to hold one of them only. I reminded why I said ‘’Why?’’ in a stupid fashion. I remember his reply very well.

‘’What the fuck are you going to do when you run out of your fucking ammo or when you drop it?’’

I sighed. Leighman was a good man,but ironically,he was killed by me,his friend.

‘’Halt!’’ Stepan shouted,and I stopped,a bit afraid of his harsh voice. ‘’Why the fuck are you shouting?’’ I asked to Stepan. This guy was a probable ‘hippie’ back then,he knew nothing about stealth.
‘’There might be some mutants!’’
I was shocked.

‘’Mutants? What are you talking about,something like invisible things or a deformed pig?’’

‘’They are fucking mutants. In the end,they are mutants.’’
I nodded.

‘’You see,this is not a pig...’’
‘’What is it then?!’’ I replied,afraid of the tales that have been told to me. There have been bloodsucking beings,things that are corporeal in The Zone.
‘’No need to be afraid,the bad ones live underground.’’ Stepan replied. ‘’Still,we should go the other way. This is a fucking bloodsucker.’’
I got shocked. ‘’Blood what?’’
‘’These things are fucking bloodsuckers. They will suck your blood,and they can go invisible.’’
‘’It spotted us! Open fire!’’
Stepan did not have a firearm right now,so I just leaned and started firing. The lambent being jumped nearby,and grabbed Stepan. It hissed towards Stepan,and started walking back.
‘’NO! NO!’’
I watched...
The thing...
Drain all of Stepan’s blood.
It drained his fucking blood in fifteen seconds,and left like nothing happened.
Still,I sometimes hear Stepan’s wild screams for help,and the creature’s voice.

That goddamn voice.
  18:50:09  25 March 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
Should I continue?

I have a good plan,but I want to have votes
  20:14:49  25 March 2010
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
Go on !

Rock and Roll \m/

and, don't make everyone die so soon, let them live a little bit, and kill the god damn bloodsuckers, ingame i could drop the fools easily, in here it seems like hell. I'd love to see a fight with a Pseudogiant, it'd be crazy.
  22:11:35  25 March 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
Thanks,good to hear from a veteran.

Stepan would die anyway.

Probably my best story,but you know,the rookie is a rookie,not the marked one
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