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The Last Trip

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Good,good Grasshopper.
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  19:47:06  18 February 2010
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On forum: 11/01/2009
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~very nice thrash, i want to know what will happen next?

  17:28:26  18 February 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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The Last Trip

Now,now,now... My last story,and it will be the longest (I hope) so,I hope you guys enjoy.


My old radio was still working,to my surprise. I suddenly fell from my bed,and tried to grab the walkie talkie. Amongst my stuff thrown onto the table,I grabbed it after finding some bullets and an empty drink. ''Who is this?'' My harsh voice asked. ''This is Tolik,Thrash. We are giving a party,Shag found some artifacts with Claw.'' my radio stopped the message,and it stopped beeping.
''Oh,damn. I have to buy a new radio.'' I muttered,my eyes darting around the room which consisted of stairs that went up to the house,the basement's gloomy table,my bed,and the stuff on the table,which was a just lot of bullets,and a pistol. I sighed,and turned my back against the table,facing the old,crooky steps of the stair.
''I hope it will not break.'' I thought,as I stepped. ''Fine.''
I grabbed the wall,and pulled myself slowly. ''Damn,I forgot my armor!'' I shouted,and I ran to the basement once again. ''This CS-3a is getting old. I need to find something else.'' I thought. I grabbed the vest,and placed my arms inside it.

''It fits,in a weird way.'' I thought. I grabbed the back,and grabbed my rucksack. ''Okay. I can go now.'' I grabbed my old PMm,as I turned it. ''Safety is on. Okay...''
I got out of the basement,and started to walk to the village,where I hoped Claw and Shag was there. I walked near the scary tree,and I grabbed my trenchcoat in my rucksack. ''It will rain. Better wear this.'' I thought,as I placed it on my CS-3a. ''Allright.''' I thought,as I got on the road...

''...And the bloodsucker said,''I did not meant pseudodog. I meant,psue,do dog!'' All of the crowd laughed,as I neared. ''Guys,where the hell is Claw?'' I asked,as Tolik got up. ''Thrash,Claw is dead.'' He said,as I muttered ''What?''
Claw was a good guy,he was always giving us the ammo,armor...Hell,he even gave me my CS-3a. I sat on the floor,and grabbed a vodka from Shag's hand...
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