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The Last Trip

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  20:26:41  10 March 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
The Last Trip Pt.11

Looking around in the dark night,I found myself wondering ‘’what would happen if I got this PDA to Owl?’’
The thoughts were too stupid,I forgot them shortly in the darkness. Sneaking behind a tree,I looked up to the camp of Duty,which was,probably,under attack.
‘’Making a fucking camp nearby a ‘scienic outlook?’ Now that’s stupid.’’ I thought. From what I learned from watching movies,making a camp this way was just stupid,but it was a good option for me to open fire without attracting attention. Looking towards the camp,I watched the fight.
Three ‘Retired’ Dutyers,opening fire on some ‘Freedom’ members that were attacking. I looked up with my trusty AK,and watched,like a psychopath that was watching a gore movie.
They started to open fire towards my position in a sudden. ‘’What the hell is happening?’’ I thought as I jumped back. ‘’Damnit!’’ I thought,and turned my back,hiding behind the tree. They probably sent some guys to ‘take care of’ me,and I knew that. I pressed my hand against the tree,and pushed myself away,trying to gain some momentum. Running towards the Skadovsk,I grabbed my energy drink and threw it away. In this pitch-black night,they would probably think that it was a grenade. ‘’Tired,goddamnit.’’ I thought. Throwing the drink away was probably a mistake. Running and trying to evade the mercs,they started to open fire. The bullets started to pass nearby,as I felt a major pain in my arm. I was probably shot,and I could do nothing but to run. The bullets whizzed,leaving a weird voice on my ears.
‘’Allright. Fuck this.’’ I thought. It was probably my end,but I could do nothing. Grabbing my AK,I turned and fired blindly. The night was penetrated by the flash of my rifle. Knowing that they did not know the dangers of The Zone as much as Loners,I knew what to do. They suddenly stopped. I probably shot one of them,and I knew this would attract the attention of bloodsuckers.
‘’They won’t see it coming.’’ I muttered to myself as I ran.


‘’Stalker,do you need a job?’’ Beard asked as I looked up to him. ‘’What happened? Some new artifact?’’ I asked,as if I was a guy that saved the ass of Beard. ‘’Kind of... Now there is a weird glow on the barge,and I sent a guy called Degtyarev to get it. But it seems he got away,the bastard left The Zone. ‘’ Beard sighed,and continued. ‘’I sent another stalker called Tuna to get it,but it seems he got killed by Degtyarev.’’ I looked to Beard. ‘’How much does it cost?’’ Calculating,he looked up to me and said: ‘’Well,about 2000 roubles.’’
‘’Goddamnit.’’ I thought. ‘’So,what are the dangers?’’ I asked,with a sly tone on my voice. ‘’Radiation and gas. I will give you an antirad for it.’’ Beard said as he looked up to his cupboard.
‘’Sorry. None left.’’
I sighed,as I left for the door.

Looking towards a copse,I looked around. ‘’No bandits,no zombies,good.’’ I thought to myself as I walked towards the barge. My legs were stepping on an unknown land,so I had to be careful. Slowly grabbing my AK,I looked up to the barge. The thing was glowing,and I had to get it fast,before night.
‘’Damned Beard.’’ I thought,as I opened my PDA.
One message unread.
‘’Damn,who the fuck is this guy?’’ I thought to myself as I sat and opened my pack. I was starving,so I grabbed my bread and placed the sausage in it.
‘’Not good as a hot dog,but it will do good.’’ I thought to myself as I took a bite. It tasted bad,but I could not complain. There were a lot of stalkers who died of starvation.
After finishing it,I heard a voice.
‘’What the hell-‘’ I thought as I realized there was a gun that was aimed to my head. ‘’Damn,what do you want?’’ I asked,and slowly reached for my PMm. ‘’You are going to sleep now.’’ The guy said as he tried to pull the trigger.
Knocking him down with an elbow thrust,I got up. Taunting him,I got my gun off.
‘’You’ll wish you never tried to mug me,you bastard.’’ I said,as he got up. He punched me in the arm,and I grabbed his finger. Pulling it with all my strength,I broke his finger.
‘’Arrgh! FUCK!’’ He shouted as I turned back and knocked him down with a kick. Tying him up,I looked up. There was a fruit punch near,so I started dragging him.
‘’Don’t do it,I promise,I’ll give you all I know..’’ The bandit shouted as I grabbed him and threw him towards the fruit punch.
‘’Damned bastard.’’ I thought,and walked away,to the barge.

‘’Hmm. Weird artifact,right?’’ Beard said to me,as I shaked my head. ‘’Hardly found it. I was nearly dying.’’ I said to him.
He looked up to me weirdly.
‘’Thrash,you don’t seem fine. What happened to your eyes?’’ Beard asked,as I looked up. ‘’What’s wrong Beard?’’ I asked,and looked towards him.
‘’You don’t look good. Go upstairs to the medic.’’ He said to me as I ran upstairs. ‘’MEDIC!’’ I shouted as I swayed and opened the doors. ‘’WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING! YOU SPILLED MY VODKA!’’ Cardan shouted. I didn’t care. Finally opening the right door,I fell,and crawled to the table. ‘’Hell,my friend,you don’t look good. Did you get zombified?’’ The medic said.
‘’What the fuck are you talking about you stupid bastard?’’ I asked to him. ‘’Okay,calm down. It seems,you are,a bit,irradiated.’’ The medic said,as I groaned again. ‘’Get me up.’’ I said to him,and grabbed his jacket. ‘’Don’t worry my friend,you will be fine.’’ He said as I got on the table. ‘’I will have to do serious things here. Better knock you out.’’ He said as he injected me with something. I blacked out.

I woke up,and I realized that there was a serum that was attached to me. ‘’Hey... What is happening...’’ I asked with a grim,tired voice. The medic neared me and said: ‘’My friend,you have absorbed way too much radiation. You owe me sixteen antirads,three bottles of vodka and your life.’’
I could observe that he was probably bluffing,not about the radiation,but the three more antirads and the vodka.
‘’Okay,thanks...’’ I said to him,as I looked around. I was tied,and the medic was looking weirdly to me. ‘’Why the fuck did you tie me up?’’ I asked. ‘’You might move.’’ He said. I thought of things. ‘’This Skadovsk medics are insane. One psycho,another hemaphotage...’’
Why the hell did they find me instead of someone else anyway?
I realized that he was coming to me with a scalpel,so my survival instincts tingled. Grabbing the serum,I started to pull it. The blood pack fell,and blood splattered all over. I grabbed the pole,that was blocked by the blood pack,and pushed it. It fell,and my left arm got free. Grabbing my PMm that was nearby,I grabbed it and fired it towards him full-force. He groaned,gasped for air and kneeled. Emptying the last bullet to his eye,I tried to get up. The stalkers entered,looking at the bloody corpse,the remains of the brain on the ground,the eye parts that was scattered over my arm,and me,who was injected with morphine.
‘’You are lucky,stalker. We always got reports from this medic... But why the hell did you kill him anyway?’’ One of them asked,as I left my pistol.
‘’What else could I do...’’
  19:03:43  16 March 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
Well,I am stopping this story. You probably know what is thrash's fate,and I have a great plot that can't fit in.

I hope Siro will let me open a new thread,I think I posted many stupid stories.
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