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The Last Trip

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Question Is this one good?
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Good,good Grasshopper.
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  14:45:24  21 February 2010
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On forum: 08/24/2009
Messages: 348
i really liked your description of the dream, and the way you describe his senses is good to! waiting for next chapter.......
  16:15:35  21 February 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
The Last Trip Pt.4

I grabbed my diary,and started writing. ''Dear stalker,I am in deep shit this time. If you found this diary,I am probably dead or caught or something like that. From what I heard,you guys are planning to kill me soon. But you cannot. I just say,you cannot kill me. I found a sewer grate to away under my bed,and if you attack,I will barricade the door and get away from there. By the way,I don't have any info,so don't search my PDA.''

I dropped my diary. ''What the fuck am I writing? Deathwish or something?'' I muttered to myself,and I grabbed my stair. I placed it against the door,and I bolted it shut with some ropes and pieces of wood.
''My barricade outside will keep them down for a long time.'' I thought,as I opened the sewer grate. ''Not just yet.''
I tripped a wire between two grenades,and placed them against the door. I could hear the voices of the bandits outside.
''Now I can escape.'' I thought,as I opened the grate,and grabbed my new stalker suit. I walked towards my rifle,and grabbed it. ''This Vintar and PMm will protect me from trouble.'' I thought,and jumped down the grate. I ran towards the exit,and tripped. ''Damn water! It made me slip down!'' I shouted,as I heard voices. ''What the,the bandits could not open it. Who is this?'' I thought,as I saw the bodies,slowly walking,and grunting. I heard a jumping voice,and I slowly crawled towards the exit,trying to get up. ''Stop! STOP!'' I shouted,and I saw one of the sillhouettes get up the grate and attack the bandits. I grabbed my PMm,and started shooting. The being finally showed itself. A melted,shot body with blinded,glass-like eyes,a tentacle which seemed to be his tongue,and blood splattered like reddish ink upon him. ''No,god,no,please,no...'' I thought and I grabbed my Vintar,firing upon him. He fell,and I got up,running towards the exit. ''I had an AK in my rucksack,better look in it.'' I thought,and I dropped my empty Vintar,as the creature teared the rifle into pieces. I ran towards the exit,which seemed to be away,so I jumped. I fell from the exit,and I found myself falling from the grate into a swamp. ''I made it! Hell yeah! I made it!'' I shouted,but I fell on a rock,and I slowly got up. ''What the fuck are those creatures?'' I thought as I grabbed my AK,and I dropped my rucksack. I could see a ship in the distance,and I started to run with the last of my strength. ''Ah,Skadovsk...'' I heard a moan,and I turned back,happily.
I fell as a creature lunged on me. It was the same creature,and it was angry. I saw it's hand coming right on me,and I shouted with the last of my will...
  11:07:54  22 February 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
The Last Trip Pt.5

''Get off me you fucking bastard!'' I shouted,trying to grab my pistol. All of a sudden,lots of them started to come out of the sewer,trying to swarm on me. Their skin pale,wounds like bullets to the head,no organs inside,and blood dripping from their tongues,these things were surely experimental. ''I don't want to die like this!'' I shouted,and finally,grabbed my pistol. I fired shots,one of them fell,headless. I crawled on the floor,trying to get away. I finally climbed on a rock,and started to run. ''They can't come here.'' I thought and turned back. They were here,trying to kill the wildlife. ''What are those things?'' I thought,and grabbed my PDA,taking some pictures of them. I dropped my PDA,and looked down. One of them impaled me in the leg with it's hand,trying to get my bone.
I started to shout,my voice hurting my neck. No being had to die like this! I grabbed my pistol,and fired. No shots came out. ''Fucking,kidding,me.' I muttered as it lunged on me,trying to kill me. I punched it,and started to run away. ''I must inform the others!'' I thought,as I ran towards Skadovsk. Finally,Skadovsk was near,and I could see the stalkers on it's hull. I fell,looking towards Skadovsk. Some stalkers came out,shooting those things near me. I grabbed a rock,pulled myself towards it,and finally grabbed Skadovsk's ruined boards. and,I managed to go in,falling as a medic neared me...

I woke up,looking around. ''You are lucky,stalker. If we did not hear your screams,you were dead meat. What are those things? They surrounded Skadovsk. We can't get out,and a lot of stalkers died trying to kill them.'' Medic muttered,as he patched my arm.
''I don't know...'' I said as I grabbed my rucksack,trying to open it. ''There are pictures in my PDA.'' I muttered as I got up and got out,trying to find some food...
  21:37:44  22 February 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 10/28/2009
Messages: 429
its good dude I personally liked simbalimes stories
  20:52:17  24 February 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
The Last Trip Pt.6

''Well,well. What do we have here?'' Beard said,as I slowly staggered towards his counter. The Skadovsk was not a big place,there were just old tables and some chairs,placed without symmetry or some sense of comfort. Stalkers were looking around,drinking vodka and placing their stuff on the tables. A gloomy mist generally shrouded the ship. I slowly placed my hand against his counter,and said: ''Do you have some meat? I am hungry.'' I muttered,as he turned to me.
''Of course we have meat. 500 roubles will do the job.'' Beard muttered as I opened my wallet,and placed some roubles on the old counter. Beard pointed me to have a seat,and I slowly sat on the chair. He walked towards the room,and started to place somethings on a pan,and I slowly looked towards the door. It was made of rusty metal,and dampy air seemed to weaken it even more. I looked towards the stalkers,as I heard: ''STALKER! Your meat is done! Come get it!''
I got up,grabbed my plate,and got back. The food consisted of a huge,spicy chunk of boar meat,some ribs and some bread with it. I grabbed the fork,and started to eat it. I grabbed the bread,and started to eat like an animal. After I finished,I thought ''Wow,I am hungry.''
I got up,grabbed my rucksack,slowly walked towards the door and opened it slowly,having the feeling of a ''redshirt.''

Slowly walking towards the hills,a copse was nearby. There was voices nearby,and I slowly looked towards it. A voice slowly howled,and I stepped back.
I slowly walked back,aiming with my AK. It growled,and I ran. As fast as I could. It jumped on me,and started to look at me,as it's saliva dripped on me....
  19:38:25  25 February 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
The Last Trip Pt.7

The thing's heads were looking towards me,in an unspeakable way. It's eyes burning with hatred and hunger,it was certain that I would die,unless a sudden miracle occured. The second head turned towards the copse,and the chimera's second head turned into a pulpy mess,and it moaned in pain. It ran away,and started to run towards the copse that the shot came from. My eyes darted around the ground,hoping to grab something. I saw a guy who had a Vintar,and he ran towards me.
''Don't worry,I got you covered.''

I started to walk along with this guy who was called ''Kingpin'' and I sat on the grassy field.
''You are lucky. I was hunting.'' He said.
''Who are you?'' I asked,and he did not answer. A sudden scream made me turn towards him,and he was being eaten by the chimera.
Even a stone would save me,I just had to find something fast. I grabbed my AK,and started to run towards the Skadovsk,firing blindly towards the mutants looking at me. I finally managed to find some stalkers,and I tripped.

Falling towards a group of dogs,I could not do something. My head was turning,and I finally hit my head on a dog. They looked towards me,and howled in a rage. Three of them surrounded me,and one of them bit my leg. I shouted.
Who had to die like this?
They started to bite me,and one of them bit my hand so bad,and I tried to move it. One of them started to drag me,and I could easily understand that it was the alpha male. The others surrounded him,and I grabbed my sling. I pulled the gun towards myself,and finally,grabbed it.

The alpha male started to bite my arm,and I shouted. ''HELP! PLEASE,PLEASE HELP!!''
I grabbed it's jaw,and pulled it. It left me,and I started to get up. Running as fast as I can,I thought of my luck,as the pack started to chase me.
  12:45:25  26 February 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
The Last Trip Pt.8

Trying to escape from a pack of dogs,I thought of turning and facing them.
''Fuck it. I am going to die anyway.'' I muttered.
Who would live in The Zone and die of old age anyway?
I was just a military deserter. I did nothing but to clean the toilets when I was in the army.

''Fuck it.'' I thought. I had no chance,running without ammo towards a place that I did not know. It was not Skadovsk,it was a barge. Quickly running towards the swamp,I fell in a crack.

''Goddamnit.'' I muttered as I slowly walked,unaware of where I am. There was a creature,a snork,and it turned towards me.
''Fuck. Fuck!'' I shouted as I turned,shaking and sweating. I was shouting,hoping that I would come out alive. I found an opening,and tried to pull myself up,hoping to get out of the crack.
The snork jumped on me,and started to bite my arm,which was already opened and bloody thanks to the fucking dogs.
''AARRRGGHH!! SOMEONE HELP MEEE!'' I shouted as the snork slowly took a little chunk of my arm,gnawing,satisfied. My arm was bleeding,and I could do nothing but to grab a stone,but it suddenly jumped for my neck.
''No,no,no,no,no,no,nooooooo-'' I shouted as it bit my shoulder,ripping some of my skin tissue.

It was the greatest pain. Eaten alive,helpless.
I started to cry. The snork slowly bit my leg,and started to gnaw on my toes.

That was a weird thing,being tickled while being eaten.
''FUCK! ENOUGH!'' I shouted,tears splattering on my blood. I grabbed my AK,which was out of ammo and started to beat the snork with the butt end. I crushed it again,and again,and again. The snork slowly moaned as I grabbed my pistol,and emptied the mag on it's head.

It was midnight. I was lying on the ground. I could bandage my wounds with some of my pieces of cloth. It would keep for a while,as I got up,looking towards my leg. One of my toes were nearly gone,there were a lot of bite marks and cuts. I slowly staggered. I could not see well,blur taking over. I started to cough,my neck getting hurt. I fell,coughing,as some stalkers approached.
''This guy is in bad shape,folks. Let's get him back.'' A voice muttered as I blacked out.

''Wake up sunshine,wake up. You owe us one. From now on,you will work for us.'' A voice muttered as I looked around. I was in a camp of Loners,they were looking towards me in a weird way. There was a guy with an Exoskeleton,and the others had random armor. The guy who was near me said: ''You are lucky stalker. You are goddamn lucky. If not for us,you would be snork meal.'' He said. I got up and grabbed my rucksack as he turned to me...
  20:24:25  26 February 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
comments are,as always,appreciated.
  23:53:19  2 March 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
The Last Trip Pt.9

I slowly got up,and grabbed an energy drink. I saw the people,who were in a big hurry,and I slowly grabbed my helmet. A Leather Jacket wearing man neared us,and shouted ''MERCENARY ATTACK-''

He fell as a ''RATATATATATA'' Voice turned his head into swiss cheese,and I jumped in the house,as the doors started to get mowed down.
''Those maniacs found a machine gun!'' One of them shouted,as I looked around. My fingers were wounded by splinters,I had no armor,and a machine gun was pumping lead in my direction,shooting every man trying to move.
''WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING HERE?'' I shouted as I grabbed the leg of the Exoskeleton guy.
''Dunno man,dunno!! We are just renegade Freedom members!'' The guy shouted as he fell,an arm missing.
''FUCK!!!'' I shouted,crawling back as gunfire flew nearby me. Pieces of meat and once-living men were all around me,and some were still alive. I grabbed the leg of one of them,and he turned to me.
''Give me a fucking weapon you idiot!'' I shouted as I grabbed his SIG.
''How do you fucking use this shit?'' I yelled,cold sweat dripping off my forehead.
''Man,you have to pull that thing there!'' He shouted,as I pressed my fingers against it.
''DAMNIT! You shoot with this shit! I am getting outta here!'' I shouted,hardly running against a vehicle. I could hear the mercs' screams and laughs. I grabbed a pole.
I did not want to die!
''Help me... Help me...'' A man grabbed my leg. His face was burned,and a portion of his skin was gone. I grabbed his Walther,and took him out. ''Bitch distracted me.'' I muttered as the car suddenly exploded. Some guys were burning,running around. I roared in disgust. I could not take their agony,representing itself as voice.
Tears were flowing off my eyes,as I saw one of the mercs entering. I shot him three times with my pistol,and started to run away. An explosion threw me into a tent. I tried to move,as I stopped. Air was red,and the explosions,as well as the bullets just made me more and more unstable.
With a threatening roar,I grabbed a SIG from a dead body.
''Just pull the trigger Thrash. No matter what to cost.'' I muttered,looking up. There were survivors of the renegade Loner and Freedom guys,but they were outnumbered.
Machine gun voice irritating me,they stopped.
I took a breath in relief,as more bullets started to flow. Decided to leave,I looked up to all the exits.
All crowded,all under flank.
I was in a frying pan,and I had to leave fast. An explosion threw me towards a window,and I shouted.
It was like hell. I closed all the doors,and barred them all.
''Have no fear.'' I thought. ''They will kill me with one bullet.''
I could hear the doors opening voice. Grabbing my weapon,I readied myself.
Aiming to the door,I breathed in relief and my nose started to bleed.
  20:46:36  7 March 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
The Last Trip Pt.10

Holding the SIG in my hand,I crawled back,staying away from the window. They would blow my head off if they would see me,and I was in a partially destroyed building. I knew I would not survive long,still,there was a faint sense of hope in me. I still heard the gunfire,but it ended fast. The Loners were probably dead,some would save their arse and run away,but still,I could not escape.

''They are all dead. Shall we return? They won't observe our operations again.'' One of them said.

I thought of getting up and emptying all of my magazine into him,I knew I would not survive.
''Fuck it.'' I thought. My sweat dripped on the floor,and the small puddle in the ground was painted red with my nose's blood. I was dead meat. I heard footsteps,and a shadow entered the room where I was.
Backing up,I looked inside my backpack,hoping that I had a silencer.

He entered,armor's kevlar shining,and I got under a table,waiting for him to look inside the closet.
What I wanted happened,and he opened the door of the closet. I crawled towards him,and got him on the ground.
I plunged my knife to his back,and I grabbed his mouth in order to make him not to shout.

''Oh my god...'' I thought. He was a Duty member! Slowly getting out,as it was night and it was raining,they wouldn't recognize me easily.

Walking towards the base's exit,I ran away. I did not understand why they would do this attack,and why they were called 'mercs.'
Grabbing his PDA,I looked inside it.

''We have to kill them,and we need to disguise ourselves as other faction members. The attack on the renegade duty base will make them even angrier.''
I sighed,as I ran away. Stopping after a couple of meters,I looked over to the renegade duty camp.
Gunfire all over.
''Damn...'' I thought as I started to run towards Skadovsk.
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