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Choosing mods for first playthrough

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  22:16:12  22 June 2012
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On forum: 06/06/2009
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You can't really go through SoC just once and consider the game played as even the simple vanilla has 7 endings: 5 'false' ones, some of which can be exceedingly difficult to attain, and 2 'true' ones.

But the vanilla experience is in no way impacted by using the ZRP. It isn't a mod in the correct sense, more of a super-bugfix. It has many features that can help you get by the odd problem of a stuck door or something, but has also made most problems things of the past so you'll never even know they were there.

  22:47:51  22 June 2012
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On forum: 06/22/2012
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Hell yes. If i were you, id do the same i did:

Play the game at the full experience (Patch 10005)

Then, Get priboi story and play it carefully trough. It will 1, make you forget a bit about the vanilla plot, 2, its a superb mod to play with new level enhancements etc.

Then, id get a mockup of several little mods, like Meltacs mod, I can give you my particles stand alone without all the new stuff etc. and the SWTC beta key, maybe even absolute textures and you could also try out my K10 vision mod (in my signature) and ofcourse ZRP.

For the 3rd playtrough id pick LURK, if your pc can handle it

In this way you vary with gameplay, vanilla is an introduction to the game, priboi is an alternate to the game, leaving the vanilla impression but altering it slightly in such a manner that you wont forget it but you will still think like:"Damn, that was a good mod!" and then, get back to vanilla with beautiful graphics and stabilized gameplay

Thanks for your feedback! Priboi story sounds interesting. The reason I'm on this forum is because I really like the idea of a fictional story about Chernobyl. I haven't even played the series yet, well, besides a couple of hours Call of Pripyat on rookie difficulty at a friend's house. In fact, I don't even have a laptop yet to play the game on . The story and the games just look so interesting to me that I'm already looking through mods and stuff. People like Lord Santa only make me more excited . I hope one day I can be of help to this modding community, hopefully with something like a new story.

As for ZRP, is there something comparable for Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat? I guess CoP doesn't really need something like ZRP, but Clear Sky might...

And does ZRP really change NOTHING in terms of gameplay experience, whether it is sound, graphics or features? Only bugfixes?
  23:41:13  22 June 2012
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On forum: 05/27/2011
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Fixes buged quest and stability and overall bugs.
Everything is same no gameplay changes or graphics enhancemnts, its like an unofficial patch.
  00:53:19  23 June 2012
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On forum: 06/06/2009
Messages: 5171
The equivalents of the ZRP for SoC would appear to be the SRP or Sky Reclamation Project for Clear Sky and the PRP or Pripyat Reclamation Project for CoP.

Never tried the latter two, so can't comment in any way.

Though the ZRP allows of a bug-free* vanilla experience for SoC, it does have some features that are entirely optional. Take a look at the ZRP thread for more details.

*There is always the possibility of a CTD out of the blue, as it were. This is, after all, a Stalker game.

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