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Sleeping Bag mod problem

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  11:18:40  19 October 2012
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On forum: 06/18/2008

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10/19/2012 19:51:07
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It has something to have with a "missing" level_weathers function.

 From bind_stalker.script, the cause of the crash to desktop.
function actor_binder:__init (obj) super(obj)
	self.bCheckStart = false
	self.weather_manager = level_weathers.get_weather_manager() -- Bind_stalker is calling that "missing" function here!
	self.actor_detector = xr_detector.actor_detector()

Add this to level_weathers.script :

-- singleton object
local weather_manager = nil

function get_weather_manager()
    if weather_manager == nil then
        weather_manager = WeatherManager()
    return weather_manager

NOTE : I am not the author of the fix!

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  09:39:44  19 October 2012
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On forum: 08/07/2009
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As far as I know this mod is for version 1.0004
  06:57:52  19 October 2012
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On forum: 10/19/2012
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Sleeping Bag mod problem

Hi to everyone, I'm new.

Can someone help me

I have just instaled this mod;82029

But the problem is that when it finishes loading my save, it crashes to desktop. And this is what the log says


[error]Expression : fatal error
[error]Function : CScriptEngine::lua_error
[error]File : E:\stalker\sources\trunk\xr_3da\xrGame\script_engine.cpp
[error]Line : 73
[error]Description : <no expression>
[error]Arguments : LUA error: ...ow of chernobyl\gamedata\scripts\bind_stalker.script:23: attempt to call field 'get_weather_manager' (a nil value)

stack trace:

My version of the game is 1.0006


And I also have a question, how much time has to pass for the dead bodies to disappear. The thing is that when I enter in Wild Territory, the frames per second are unplayable, I think that its because of all the dead bodies and weapons that I left behind and also some mercenaries are fighting dogs, this makes the fsp drops a lot and the game is unplayable. Actually this is why I need the sleeping bag.

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