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sound_theme.script question

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  01:57:47  8 December 2012
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On forum: 06/19/2012
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sound_theme.script question

I've been writing a bunch of new logic scripts for the various megaphones/radios you can find out in the world, and I've been using Daemonium's rather excellent stereo fix. The problem is that I can't seem to get the sound_theme script to accept these new stereo tracks. For example, I have it set to play "megafon_music_3" and in the correct directory I've placed two files: "megafon_music_3_l.ogg" and "megafon_music_3_r.ogg"

For most other uses, these two would play in the correct stereo format, but sound theme seems to ignore these and continues playing the propaganda I ripped from Clear Sky instead. Presumably because it doesn't parse the sounds in the same way that other sound sources do. Would there be a scripting fix for this, or would I have to go back to using the frankly inferior mono setup for radios and such?
  08:24:14  10 December 2012
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On forum: 09/27/2011

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12/10/2012 8:27:06
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3D positioned audio cannot play in stereo in X-Ray. 3D positioned audio is required to play in mono so that the game/AI can pinpoint where the sound comes from in the world.

An example of 3D positioned audio is a gunshot, a campfire, the radio in Sid's bunker, etc. Any sound that originates from a specific 3D space. So, the reason this isn't working for you is because you are trying to attach a stereo audio file to a 3D sound (like the megaphone).

A quick test to see if a sound is 3D positioned or not is to slowly turn in a circle while the sound plays. If the sound rotates while you turn, then it is positioned and cannot be changed to stereo. This is actually good because you want to be able to tell the direction of a sound, like a gunshot.

In other words - 3D audio = mono.

The only example of in-game audio that is NOT 3D positioned (and can therefore play in stereo) is the menu and in-game music (though you have to get a copy of the music in it's original stereo format to split it properly), and the voices from actors/PDAs that play in your "head" from radio calls.

This would be an example 2D audio. So, 2D audio CAN be played in stereo if you properly split the left and right tracks into _l and _r.

The vanilla game doesn't really have anything that can benefit from stereo audio, in my opinion. For LURK 1.2, I created boxes in the game world that play stereo audio when the player walks into them. I accomplished this with space restrictors and info portions. Stereo audio here makes a big difference. An example:

Walking into Sid's bunker during a rainstorm (mono):

Walking into Sid's bunker during a rainstorm (stereo):

Here is a dev diary about this topic I made for LURK 1.2:

Feel free to ask me any questions on this topic. I have spent hours and hours working with this stuff.
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