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Quick clarification

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  02:50:16  4 November 2012
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On forum: 06/19/2012
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Quick clarification

I'm using the CoP style loading screen mod that gives you the "Press any key to enter the zone" etc prompt. I understand that this checks for the presence of a level and gives you that prompt if it finds one (so it doesn't work on the initial loadscreen that starts the game).

Given this idea, I'm assuming that it checks for a level that you leave, and not the one you enter.

This is a section of the code it adds to the ui_main_menu.script

if level.present() and not press_any_key_on_start then
        self.start_btn:SetText("Press any key to enter the Zone")
        self.alpha = 0
        local con=get_console()
        con:execute("snd_volume_eff 0")
        con:execute("snd_volume_music 0")
		self.tmr = profile_timer() -- создаем таймер
		self.tmr:start() -- запускаем его

My question is, is there a function that determines the level name (I've looked in lua_help.script and found
 function level_name(const alife_simulator*, number);

but this is completely alien to me as to how it works and how I would even use it if it is indeed what I need), and if I were to use it, would it determine the level name from the level I've left or the level I'm about to enter?
  18:18:49  24 November 2012
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On forum: 07/31/2011
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The function will return this name. I'm currently on the Brain Scorcher task and returns the string "l10u_bunker"
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