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mutant camp capactity?

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  20:21:35  20 November 2012
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/24/2011
Messages: 421
To be clear, a mutant generic smart_terrain is a general_lair.
This is the same thing as a specific smart terrain.

They used the same logics and jobs

General_lair smarties used only the mob_home logic.

Look in gulag_general.script:

if type == "general_lair" then
-- Ïðîâåðÿåì íàëè÷èå ìîá_õîì.
local it = 1
while level.patrol_path_exists(gname.."_home_" do
-- Íåîáõîäèìî âû÷èòàòü êîëè÷åñòâî ðàáîò èç íàçâàíèÿ òî÷êè ïóòè.
local way_name = gname.."_home_"
local ptr = patrol(way_name)
local wp_prop = utils.parse_waypoint_data(way_name, ptr:flags(0), ptr:name(0))
local job_count = 10
if wp_prop.count ~= nil then
job_count = wp_prop.count

for i = 1, job_count do
-- äîáàâëÿåì äîëæíîñòü
t = { section = "logic@"..way_name,
idle = 0,
prior = 5, state = {0,1}, squad = squad, group = groups[1],
position_threshold = 1120,
in_rest = "", out_rest = ""
table.insert(sj, t)

-- äîáàâëÿåì îïèñàíèå äîëæíîñòè â ëòõ.
local job_ltx = "[logic@"..way_name.."]\n"..
"active = mob_home@"..way_name.."\n"..

"path_home = home_""\n"

ltx = ltx..job_ltx
it = it + 1

You could change the position_threshold value. Like this, mutants walk farther.

The mob_home logic define the area where mutants attacks actor.
When player is between the max distance and the min distance, mutant walk and don't attack always.
If player is between the min distance and the center of this area, mutants run to him and kill him.

For other smarties, you need to study each logic for each smart_terrain and don't forget the space restrictor.

Take your time, read the wiki page and the smart terrain thread to understand this system.
  20:27:32  21 November 2012
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Storm Shadow
A machine, a Shadow Machine.


On forum: 11/14/2007
Messages: 1430
ok cheer bro, this makes a lot more sense now.

so, unless custom defined by a logic; most monsters will adhere to the logic of mob_home.scipt, where they will always rush to and attack any enemy who is within the home_min_radius of their ST, and will pursue them as far as the home_max_radius.

also, they will wander around within the position_thresehold as defined in gulag_genral.script

and mob_camp.script is similar, but for human NPCs

have i got the hang of it now??? and what defines the position_threshold of human NPCs?

and cheers for that link, i will read in detail shortly, i read the smart terrain tut earlier, but, it wasnt that useful, this one looks much better tho.

regards, shad.
  20:51:18  21 November 2012
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/24/2011
Messages: 421
One important thing, you could have few mob_home or other logic for one smart terrain.
And each mob_home have his own center (the way point).

About mob_camp logic, i don't remember, look in the sdk wiki, you could find all information for all logic scheme.

The threshold value is present for all logics, this is the area where the npc (human or mutants) could travel.
You could find it in the different gulag_xxxxx.script.

A good way to learn: download the iwers_un_life_mod and compare with winmerge the files from this mod with vanilla files.
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