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Developer's Cut Issues

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  22:22:42  29 April 2017
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On forum: 04/28/2017
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Developer's Cut Issues

I sent these issues to but no response and eventually got an error saying that the e-mail failed to go through, so I'd rather post here:


•Ragdolls seem to get stuck when you ram them with the car, then the car cannot drive properly anymore.
•When you are paused too long in the menu, it gets glitchy:
---Cannot move the mouse
---When you press ESC to go back to the gameplay, there is a Graphics Leak and Graphics distortion all over the screen showing mashed up textures
---I just tab out or Ctrl+Alt+Delete to fix it
•At Dark Valley, when you wear the Bandit Jacket and the Bandits are allied to you, you go to the Trader. When you pick up the Prison key, the Bandits do not turn hostile, the Trader just keeps on looking at you
•ACCESS VIOLATION when you have night vision on when switching areas
•I got another different ACCESS VIOLATION error, but this time it was to do with the car, steps below on how I got it:
---Traveled from Great Metal Factory to Garbage with the car
---Drove very fast on the road
---When I got close to the water on the road, I slammed on the breaks barely stopping before the water
---Opened my door, but I couldn't leave my car
---As soon as I closed my door, right when the door was shut closed, I got the ACCESS VIOLATION
•I don't know if it was a once off thing, but when you get the document retrieval quest from Petrenko by the Bandit Mines in the Forest and you reach psychosis, (Minimum psyche, the white brain bar, sorry, don't know what to call it), I get an empty ACCESS VIOLATION error, see attached picture
•It seems like a Burer doesn't like cars very much, because when you go near one with your car, your car blows up. Would have expected it just to tilt from the Burer's telekinetic power
•No footstep sounds in First-Person View
•There is something wrong with the helicopter sounds, in the Cordon I can still hear it in the tunnels and when it goes away, you can still see the helicopter close by (I think this happens when the helicopter is returning south above the east border around in line with Sido's camp)
•There is something wrong with Nimble's route, he only goes to the Stalker Camp by Sido when you are in range, and when you are too far away from him, he just returns to the underground, so every time you return to him, you have to wait until he exits the underground tunnels before you can talk to him. This is a big issue because of so many quests he has.
•I would think that Wolf is an important character, but when you are done with the Wagon Key quest, he goes to the location where you encounter Mad Dogg the first time and when you are close enough, Bandits spawn along with Stalkers and Wolf has a high chance of dying, same with Petruha. Also, I think both of them must have more extra quests and higher skill (Not dying so easily, being group leaders and all...)
•I think that Wolf, Petruha and the guy that rescues Marked One from the Death Truck should eventually have a permanent PDA marker on them after you did their first quest. So that you can find them again and do the extra quests that I requested. Or what can be done is you add dialog to Sido and you ask Sido where they are and he will give you an approximate location of where they are camping
•Sido's quests to hunt mutants do not work as well the second time round, because only 1 of the mutant's types spawn, not a horde
•Sido's mutant parts quests does not work very well because there are so little Dwarfs in the zone, you struggle to even get 1 Dwarf's Ear in the full playthrough. So I think this should be changed in a way that Sido must have seperate quests to choose from to return parts
•When I tried to rescue Fox, a Dwarf walked in and injured one of the Sin, but I couldn't give him a med-kit (Probably intended because of the Stalker's less than neutral reputation towards the Sin)
•In Agroprom, there were no helicopter sounds when you enter the location
•After the rescuing Mole in Agroprom when going underground, the stalkers that ran from the Military goes back, then fight and win against the military, which doesn't make sense because those military soldiers are supposed to be vicious and strong. I think those stalkers should rather run away right after the rescue and go make camp somewhere north, or they must have a scripted route to take northbound, then eastbound into the railway tunnel and camp there.
•The quest for Strelok's flash drive states that Mole went underground and opened up Strelok's stash and found Strelok's Book, but when we go there it is locked, which is strange because he must have had the key to do so and I couldn't find the key anywhere, so I think inside the quest description it must state with a tiny hint what Mole did with the key or you must go back to Mole and ask where the key is (He must either have it or tell you what he did with it) (I know where the key is now because I saw a picture of it lying inside one of the vents) Unless Mole went down there during the Clear Sky Prologue
•The Fungus artifact's description is not the same as the effects that it has, the bleeding must have a negative effect instead of positive.
  11:45:10  30 April 2017
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On forum: 04/28/2017
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RE: Developer's Cut Issues (Spoilers)

At Yantar on the Third Scientist Expedition, it asks to examine the Warehouse, but I have examined everywhere and the door where the Groza/Ecolog Suit is, is now locked and it wasn't locked before, there's no clue as to how to open that door and I've done 10 quests past that one, but still no luck.

Not sure if there is a missing item that you should've picked up to progress on the examine part of the quest

Any help will be appreciated.
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