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Bladewraith and Wingnut

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  13:31:23  16 December 2010
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Bladewraith and Wingnut

Chapter 01: In the Beginning

As the final bolt was tightened into place, Bladewraith relaxed his grip on the worktop he’d been supporting.
“Well then buddy… looks good.” He remarked to Cardan
“Yeah, if only all your work looked as good” responded Barge
“Shut up you prick… I break one gun… ONE, and you won’t let me live it down” replied an exasperated Cardan
“So then, how long until the workshops finished?”
“Hopefully, only another week or so… problem is the lack of tools, I’ve got my spanners and whatnot, but…”
“If I see anything lying around, I’ll give you a shout”
“Cheers Bud”
“Yeah, if you find a brain as well…” Joker left it at that… the disgruntled look obvious across Cardan’s Face
“I’ll keep an eye out.” Bladewraith left the bickering trio and went downstairs to find Wingnut. As he walked into the forward hold, he raised an eyebrow; he should’ve known Wingnut would be slacking
“You know Beard… this Boar Stew is fantastic.”
“Know anything about the Stalkers that were cut off?”
“I haven’t heard anything… that Blowout after path was opened was powerful, it completely destroyed route from red forest. That why everyone coming round here… and going to Yanov Station of course, a few boys, are trying to make camp in there.”
“Bloody Typical” remarked Bladewraith coming into the conversation
“With your help, it the least I could do. Spasiba.” Beard offered Bladewraith some of the stew in a thick Russian accent
“Don’t mind if I do… spasiba.” Bladewraith tucked into the stew, Wingnut was right, it was delicious, he’d always been impressed how so many British and American Stalkers entered the zone and got very hostile welcomes, where as Bladewraith and Wingnut had always been fine, he knew the fact they were British was better in this part of the world then being American, but they’d always made an effort to help out, and always got along with everyone in return. Of course there were the typical problems with Bandits, but apart from that everything was good. Bladewraith and Wingnut where explorers, they found new routes to places new and old, gathered artefacts if they found any and did their best to map anomalies, they always sent the data on anomaly fields out to anyone with a PDA set to receive. A few years back, bandits used this generous stream of data to track them when they were off all alone, after half an hour's fighting, and Wingman getting shot; the Bandits were no more, Bladewraith carried Wingman back to the Freedom Base in the Dark Valley, where they patched him… unlucky bastard got his left bullock shot off completely, his meat and other bullock were fine, but his name was changed to Wingnut ever since. Ever since that day, they sent the Anomaly Data a couple of days after gathering it.

The duo finished their stews and checked over their equipment, they watched as a very dodgy looking fellow, probably a bandit, never quite sure, was carrying boxes upstairs,
“What’s you name friend?”
The man merely looked at them in disgust…
“Як Вас звати?”
“Owl…” he replied in the most sarcastic Ukrainian accent they’d heard in the Zone.
“Peche mon Scoer!” responded Bladewraith, growing up on an island with its own language often allowed him to make derogatory comments without the backlash if they took offense, Owl continued carting his boxes upstairs, without any further notice, Wingnut walked towards the door
“Come on then lets...”
Suddenly Wingnut was pushed to floor landing with a heavy thud
“Out of way… English Pig” ordered an overly aggressive Bandit
“What… you wanna go some cocksucker???” responded Wingnut
The two men were chest to chest ready to fight
“Wingnut… down big fella!” interjected Bladewraith
“Now now… you don’t want to upset the neighbours do you Knuckles”
A slimy individual walked in behind the bandit, obviously the bandit leader, his was short, much fatter than any normal Stalker, it was obvious he made money without getting off his ass.
“Now what seems to be the problem…?”
“No problem… just a misunderstanding.”
Bladewraith and Wingnut weren't scared of these idiot Bandits, making an issue out of it would only result in harsh treatment on other Stalkers, something he didn’t want to be responsible for. He put his hand on Wingnut’s shoulder and pulled back gently, encouraging him to leave it. As the pair made their way to the door a sudden loud crashing sound resonated throughout the ship, emanating from upstairs, followed by cheers and clapping.
“Ah Shit” cried out Cardan
Bladewraith opened the door and left, followed quickly by Wingnut.
Bladewraith turned his head to Wingnut whilst walking along the broken tarmac road.
“So then… what’s the plan” Asked Wingnut
“Well, everyone’s heading South… so I say, we head along the river bank and cross to the eastern side.”
“More swimming?”
“It’s good for ya bud!”
“Yeah sure, except it took 2 weeks to dry my suit out afterwards!”

The duo walked and walked, the river bank was peaceful, except for the squelching noise coming from underfoot. They carried on, until they reached the mouth of the river, which Zaton comes off.
“So why’d you think the water level is so low”
“Don’t know… don’t care… it just means I don’t have to swim so far!”
Bladewraith removed the inflatable rubble ring from his pack, and started blowing it up. They’d done this so many times they both knew the routine. Wingnut removed his binoculars and began scanning the other edge of the riverbank. He did wonder why the water had dropped so much but rarely gave it any thought. He could see trees… bushes… trees… bushes... trees... oh, some boars having a drink, we’ll avoid them he thought to himself.
“Ready to go,” explained Bladewraith
“Group of Boars upstream but the current will take us away from them”
“Good Good”
The pair took their packs off and tied them to the ring; it kept them and the contents dry and also took a little weight off the swimmers. They began swimming across, slightly with the slow moving current dragging them downriver, it was only when they were half way across they both realised that they’d crossed rivers and streams in this way before, but this was definitely the widest. Bladewraith handed the rope attached to the ring to Wingnut and dived down to check out the riverbed, the visibility was poor, the current wasn’t strong so it wasn’t silt that was being picked up by it, but the water was a murky green. He dived down almost twenty feet before hitting the bottom; he quickly scoured the bottom for anything of use, typically he found nothing in the few seconds he had before returning to the surface for air, when he returned he’d only drifted a few metres downstream, he swam back to Wingnut and dived once again, once again he reached the bottom and began searching, this time he swam back the way he’d come covering a different area of the riverbed, and the water cleared slightly, he had much further visibility, he noticed a fresh water fish, that was swimming around a small outcrop of coral. This shocked him, coral… in the Ukraine he thought, he decided to try and spear the fish with his knife, it’ll be food for later he thought, and he’d have to be quick as he was quickly running out of air once again. As he approached, the fish continued to swim as if it had no fear of him, he got very close before the need for air was two great and he had to surface. He swam hurriedly back up and gasped for air
“What’s taking so long down there?” Asked Wingnut
“I’ve found… a fish… a big one… for dinner!” he was still gasping for air.
“Well what you waiting for up here.” He was treading water holding onto the ring for added buoyancy.
Once again Bladewraith dived down, and found the clearer patch of water, the outcrop of coral, but no fish… the bugger’s swam off, he thought, he decided to inspect the coral, he placed one hand on it and felt something strange… an odd feeling within him. And as if without any effort a chunk broke off, he held it up, and inspected it, still feeling odd. He placed it in his pocket and decided to check it out later, as he looked up, the fish was back once again… Little Bugger! He thought to himself, and decided he’ll get that fish with his knife or if all else fails drop a grenade down to bring it up. He swam towards it and began to realise he didn’t need any more air at the moment, in fact the more he swam the more he realised he didn’t need any air… the Coral, it must be an artefact… he breathed out slightly to test it, something he later realised could’ve been a very stupid idea, but he was right he didn’t need any air, he decided to leave the fish were it was. It brought him to the coral; it doesn’t deserve to die for that.

He returned to the surface, but kept his head under and before taking a breath, he breathed out completely, and tried to stay under, he soon realised that he needed some air in his lungs for the artefact to work. He snapped his head back out of the water, gasped for air, coughed and spluttered…
“Jesus, bud… I was getting worried you’d been down there so long”
“That was a stupid idea!”
“What was?”
“I found this…” he held the piece of coral up showing Wingnut; it neither glowed nor showed any of the usual signs of an Artefact. Wingnut didn’t look impressed “It may not look like much, but when it was in my pocket, I could hold my breath as long as I wanted”
“Bladewraith looked up and noticed the clouds were coming in fast… ”
“Yeah I’ve been watching them come in… we need to get across to the other side as quickly as possible”
They continued on and eventually reached the other side… they walked up the mud bank as the rain came down… they sort cover underneath the overhang of some rocks, removing their suits and Wingnut began drying himself off with dirty rags… Bladewraith walked out into the rain and collected for firewood before it all got too soaked, they lit a fire and began warming up, they’d never travelled to this side of the river and had no idea what awaited them.

End of Chapter

Please understand, i know i'm not an amazing writer by anymeans, but i thought i'd try and write this story, if it's good or you like it please respond with any suggestions you can... i'm writing more sections about what happened to them afterwards this is just chapter 1, sorry it's a bit long.
  07:04:46  17 December 2010
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
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Keep on going. This story has potential.
  11:17:49  17 December 2010
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Out In The Stix Bartender


On forum: 12/22/2009
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I like it, keep going

P.S don't apologise for it being to long, the longer the better in most cases.
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