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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The Infection. Part1

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  09:09:33  16 December 2010
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The Infection. Part1

All I can remember was waking up in a bed, somewhere in a swamp. I tried to move but was stopped by the pain in my gut. I looked down my body to see bandages had been wrapped around my body. I could not remember anything before hand, I looked around to see if there was something like a backpack which could have been mine. There was a small table beside the bed which had a photo on it. I raised my arm and picked the photo up. All that was on it was a picture of the Chernobyl facility, the only thing with the photo that there was a name. Grigory Hidor, who was this man? was it me or the man who had rescued me.

I yelled out "Hello!", nobody answered. The only noise that I was able to hear were foot steps coming from outside. My heart beat began to elevate as they were squelching through the mud of the swamp coming towards the cabin. Maybe it was a bad idea to yell out, I could not do anything so I just waited for whatever it was to walk into the cabin. I franticly looked around to find something which I could atleast guard myself with. The only real thing was a piece of metal which was broken off of the bed. I grabbed it and was ready, the footsteps now were walking up what sounded like steps. The door creaked open and a man walked in. He was an old man and walked with a limp. "Your finnaly awake" the old man said. "And... who are you?". "I am Grigory Hidor, how are you fealing?" Grigory said. "I'm doing... fine I guess, except for this pain. Do you know what had happened to me?". "Well, you walked to my cabin bleeding and stumbling everywhere and noticed that you had been viciously attacked by something." Grigory said.

I did not know what sort if mutant would have attacked me, a Dog?
"Grigory, do you by any chance know who I am?". "No, as I said. You just walked by my cabin." Grigory said. "Well I need to get out of the zone.". "And why is that?" Grigory said. "I do not exactly know but I just need to.". "Well in your shape your not going anywhere" Grigory said.

Grigory walked back out of the cabin and walked somwhere. I tried to move but my gut was still acheing. My senses were just urging me to get out of the zone for some sort of reason. Maybe something was going to happen to me if I stayed in the zone? I do not know so I tried to get up again ignoring the pain. I stumbled once or twice then became find. I still felt alot of pain but I did not want to think about it. I walked forward and looked around, I saw a bag laying again the wall and picked it up. I looked through it and found a piece of paper. I looked at it and started to read.

The infection, it is growing at astounding rates. The test rats have started to die after no more than a week. We have tried to detain the virus but one of our scientists had cought the virus. We have never seen an infected human before so we put him in a containment cell but not long after he was not there. If he come back I will have the vaccine ready for him.

On the bottom of the paper there was some writting in some type of green substance.

Reach the facility at any means necesary!

I thought, maybe this person who was infected might be me. The torn kevlar might be from my armour. I suddenly had a massive headache and I fell to the ground holding my head. I smacked the floor with a thumb, the pain in my head was the worst pain I have ever fealt.

Since you have read the first part, now for you to read the second:


I know that I am not the most talented writter on this forum but I just wanted something to do so I wrote up part 1 of this mini series... It not the most descriptive thing you will ever read but it's mainly about understanding the story of what is happening to this person.

If you wish to share any ideas for any of parts of the story then please do.
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