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We could never imagine - Preview

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  00:03:25  10 October 2010
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Scared shitless by Bloodsuckers


On forum: 04/16/2010
Messages: 530
We could never imagine - Preview

Ok. This a little cut-down preview and not so well described scene but gives a slight idea of what will happen at a point. It is part of Red Dawn, the name has changed. Too many "Red Dawn"s going around I'd say.

“The zombie. He looks dumb, slow and dead. Pay attention now!”
Mike swats a fly trying to land on his cheek. A dreadful little thing. Luckily it is too small to see what the zone had done to it. The sweat droplets glimmering in the bright morning sun.
“They are not of the likes you see in the movies. They are smart. They remember. I’ve seen complex social structures still remaining. They even fight among each other. The psi waves that caused their brains to be damaged like this have not completely done its job. We see the lucky ones.”
Mikes gun pointing to the creature in front of him. Call it a zombie or a walking-dead-guy or whatnot. But how can this person next to him talk about them as if they are human?
“They are not dead, remember that! Sometimes, if they got off lightly, they will remember YOU. If they’ve known you before. Some others are in such a way they will just attack whatever they see.”
The man... Ugh! What am I thinking? The zombie in front of Mike began turning around, mumbling something.
“Listen carefully. Sometimes you can hear what they say. Memories, family, experiences. Its all there. Just not always enough brain power to process it all. That’s mostly why they walk so slow around here. These guys won’t go far. They still have fear in them, they are too damaged. Sometimes traumatised. The ones you see out there, they are the lucky ones. They can mostly walk normally, can mostly fire guns and can sometimes even use tactics as if in the military or something. They might recognise or bond with someone. They’ll stick with them, attempt to talk to them and even fight with them. A scary sight I can tell you! They can even take orders at times. However, those are hard to come by.”
Some tears started to appears in the man’s eye.
“This one, the guy you’re looking at. He was my friend. He was unlucky enough to go too far. I couldn’t stop him. He got off lightly enough but the scorcher did its job.”
The man kept staring at the zombie. His eyes bloodshot.
“If you don’t believe me.”
The man got up, holstered his pistol. Took a step forward, looked at me, and all of a sudden asked or shouted a name. What it was I didn’t know. The zombie looked around suddenly, frightened. It looked puzzled for a moment. Squinting his eyes. After a few moments of doing this it almost seemed to start to smile. It groaned and started walking towards the man, Arms outstretched.
“You see, he remembers.”
The man grabbed the zombie or human thing around the neck and whispered a few words. The creatures eyes lit up in astonishment. It truly seemed happy...
  23:56:32  11 October 2010
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Scared shitless by Bloodsuckers


On forum: 04/16/2010
Messages: 530
I might post another short bit(also same style as this one ;aka Cut down and not so well written, just the basic idea) tomorrow
  14:48:08  17 November 2010
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Colonel Skull
On forum: 11/07/2010
Messages: 95
Though the story seems a bit weird, it's very interesting. Can't wait for more.
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