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To the North

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  03:42:58  4 May 2010
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Eager Amphibion
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On forum: 07/15/2008

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Eager Amphibion
05/04/2010 3:43:51
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To the North

To the North


My name is Aleksandr, I came to the zone in 2009, long before the huge inflow of Stalkers and the military raids. I knew paths and shortcuts that many would have died to know, this is the main reason many hired me to be a guide....That and I knew the zone, from the Great Marsh, all the way to the border....That was until someone opened up the way to the North, disabling the infamous Brain Scorcher and opening the way to Pripyat and the legendary CNPP. I won't lie, I tried getting there myself, but I, just like some other smarter Stalkers stayed behind after we saw the number of Anomolies, radiation, and mutants which resided in the north.

I stayed behind, obviously, and guided the few who remained behind, and by few, I mean the ones who didn't die trying to get north, and the rookies. Freedom and Duty had small outposts in the south now, but nothing like before the Brain Scorcher was turned off. Buisness was bad for me and the few other remaining Guides in the south, Rookies couldn't pay much, Duty and Freedom had their own Guides, and the other experienced prefered travelling alone.....Hell, even the mutant hunting buisness had gone to shit, most migrated north, which was where the meat was....Stalkers. Now the south was a lonely place, the military had up and left, leaving only scraps and junk for us.....I knew it was time to move North....


I awoke from my bunk in the rookie village. It wasn't even noon yet, so I had plenty of time to pack my shit and get going to the north, staying here I'd starve.....Sidovorich wasn't known to give handouts......
I stuffed my food and drink into my pack and slung my scoped VSS Vintorez onto my back and walked into the cold morning. I walked towards Sidovorich's bunker and pulled the metal door open, Sidovorich had his legs propped up on his desk, asleep.

"Hey! You lazy fuck! Wake up!" I yelled, slamming a locker door shut.

Sid woke up and nearly fell out of his chair, "Shit! You asshole...What have you got for me? A toothbrush? Anything would be nice...."

I laughed, "No, nothing. I just need some supplies."

"You need supplies?" Sid exclaimed, "Look at me! I haven't seen a fresh weapon here in weeks, hell I just sold my last weapon to a rookie for just 500 god damned rubles! Does that sound like me?!"

I sighed, I guess I wasn't getting any extra food from Sidovorich today, "Thanks for nothing then...."

I stormed out of the bunker and into the village where I found a lone Stalker, a rookie, waving at me.

"Hey! Stalker! Come here for a minute!"

I approached the rookie, "Yes, I haven't much time...."

"Sorry, I just overheard your conversation with Sid awhile ago, I hear you're heading north...." He said, grinning like an idiot.

I laughed, "Sorry kid, you don't look any older than 17, unless you can pay a couple of thousand rubles...."

He grinned, "Better than rubles..." He opened his duffel bag, "Fresh food, drink, alcohol, ammo, and my spare weapon parts if we need any fixes...."

I looked through the bag, "This is good stuff kid....Where'd you get it?" I asked.

"Military outposts and abandoned Duty posts mainly..." He replied, grinning.

"Military outposts and Duty posts usually are empty...." I said, even though I saw several military grade weapon parts in the bag.

The rookie laughed, "They don't call me Matvi Scavenger for nothing haha."

I shook Scavengers hand, "Ok then, you can come to the north with me...Just keep out of the way and do exactly as I say....I'm Aleksandr, but you can call me Guide I guess....."

Scavenger closed his bag and threw it over his shoulder, "Kickass man, I'll do whatever you say man, let's go!"

I nodded and we exited the rookie village....

"So to the north it is..." I said to myself....
  03:59:46  4 May 2010
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Teh Soul Eater
I didn't do it.


On forum: 03/21/2010
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Nice, can't wait for part 2.
  05:13:20  4 May 2010
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On forum: 02/20/2010
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  17:48:29  4 May 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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  21:32:26  4 May 2010
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Eager Amphibion
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On forum: 07/15/2008

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Eager Amphibion
05/04/2010 21:33:26
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To the North

As we left the rookie village I took one last look at the place. It was probably my last time seeing it....I took a breath and took my first steps towards my new life in the north....Hopefully a better one. The kid, Scavenger, was always on my back, asking me why we were travelling this way, instead of that way, or why I was wearing what I was wearing....He was rather annoying, but he had good supplies.....

Finally we came to the bridge of the Cordon. It was nothing like it used to be....Since there was no one guarding it, nature had taken it, leaving the old mining and construction equipment covered in thick green moss and leaves. I examined the mess and noticed several odd areas being pulled into the air.

"Gravitational anomoly....We have to go around..." I said, tossing a bolt into the air and watching it get crushed in seconds.

Scavenger stared at the anomoly, "Surely it isn't that dangerous..."

I was already walking away, not about to answer the kids stupid comment. He jogged up behind me and saw the tunnel we were headed to.

"You know, I'd rather we just stay here...." He said, staring into the dark tunnel.

I tossed a bolt into the tunnel and nothing happened, "It's clear inside, but if you want to go back, good luck living off your limited supplies."

I headed into the tunnel, switching on my headlamp and watching the corners, "The best way through the zone is the longest route..."

At last we exited the tunnel and found ourselves in a forest, before the North opened up the entire Cordon, and the south in general, was a dead, brown landscape with nothing but death to be found.....Now though, the south was green, and the enviroment not only being choked by endless tangles of foliage, but oddly, also anomolies were even more present. It was like the zone wanted to keep as many areas closed off as possible, as if it was making up for the fact its center was breached.
I stood back and slowly began pulling the vines and moss away from our path and flattening the tall grass beneath, it was then I saw Scavenger cutting away with a machete.

"Stop!" I yelled, throwing a stick at Scavenger.

"What the hell!?" Scavenger yelled back.

"Put the god damned machete away!" I ordered, "I figure the zone wants respect, why do you think there are emmisions when a person enters the north? Or why do you think mutants attack Duty more than others? The zone reacts violently to anyone not acting 'nice' to it....Now put the machete away and stay at my back!"

Scavenger sighed, cursing to himself. I went back to getting out of the forest.


Eventually we made our ways out of the forest and stuck to the road, finally reaching the northern outpost leading to the Garbage. I looked around at the old campfire and old, rotten food just lying around. I remembered a time in the zone when many rookies would gather here, talking, trading, or in my case, looking for a 'passenger' so I could make some money. Now the place was just a place of memories, both good and bad, I could almost feel the souls of the dead Stalkers gathering to tell stories or rest for the night.

"Come on..." I said to Scavenger over my shoulder. We entered the old house and passed through. As we exited from the otherside I saw the long road to the Garbage. I remembered the last time I tried going into the Garbage in this new Southern zone. Anomolies were everywhere, and it seemed the few mutants who remained, which were not your average dog or boar, but Bloodsuckers and Chimeras, made their lairs in the cool, lonely Garbage, feeding off of any poor soul that ventured there.

"What are we waiting for?" Scavenger asked, "I want to see the Garbage, I hear since everyone left it has once again become an artifact goldmine."

I shook my head, "Yet again you wish to take things from the zone...Besides, the Garbage is now more dangerous than ever. We'll go around, remember what I said, the safest route in the zone is the longest, remember that....Best advice you'll ever hear."

I looked around for awhile, attempting to recall my old paths in this new landscape. I headed up a hill on my right and helped Scavenger up. It seemed choked with grass and trees, but it looked as though there was nothing to fear within. Nevertheless I pulled out my Vintorez and slowly crept into the darkness of the forest.


It felt like hours while we were walking through the forest, we hadn't seen a soul or heard anything besides the cool breeze blowing across the grass. At last we entered a small clearing beside a radioactive swamp and found an old house sitting at its edge.

"Alright, stay close at my back....I have a weird feeling about this..." I told Scavenger.

He nodded and got closer to me, I pulled out my Makarov PM and handed it to Scavenger. We ducked lower into the grass and slowly approached the house. As we got closer I saw signs of movement within, and outside were several spots of blood standing out on the green grass.

I turned around to Scavenger, "Stay here..." I whispered.

Scavenger got lower into the grass and I moved up to the door. I could hear someones, or somethings, footsteps just behind it. I slowly pushed the door open and instantly heard a bullet whiz pass my head. I dove down and sprayed my weapon at the doorway where the bullet came from. I heard a man run away and out of the backdoor. I cursed and stood up, sprinting to the door.

"Scavenger! Get him!" I yelled.

Scavenger rose from the grass and fired the pistol into the trees, he wasted several rounds but I heard a loud thud and a scream from the treeline. I ran out of the house and towards the cries when I found a man in an orange scientific suit crawling away, grabbing his wounded leg.

Scavenger ran up to me, "Did I get him!?"

"Yeah...." I said, slowly walking up to the injured man. I kneeled down in front of him and stood on his hand.

"Ahhrg! You bastards! You shot me! Let me go damn it! I won't tell anyone you're here!" He begged.

"Sure..." I let my foot off of his hand and grabbed the scientific helmet and ripped it off of his head, tossing it to the ground. I saw a man probably in his forties, balding on top and wearing large reading glasses, "You're no Stalker?" I asked.

"No you idiot! Of course not, how many Stalkers do you see wearing an Ecologist suit eh?" He yelled, "I'm part of an expedition from the Yantar mobile lab. We hired a Guide to take us to the Garbage, we'd heard the place was amazing and of great scientific value now, more so than before."

I looked at his wound, "I could fix that wound up I guess...." I told him.

"Oh gee, that'd be great..." The scientist scoffed.

Several hours later Scavenger and I patched up the Scientists leg in the safety of the house.

The Scientist sat up in the bed, "Thanks...Even though you shot me I'd probably be dead either way had you not shown up..."

"Why? What happened?" Scavenger asked.

The Scientist lowered his head, "My entire Expedition died in the Garbage....Our Guide foolishly led us into a Chimera lair in a forest clearing....We must have put several clips into the beast, but it just wouldn't die....My friend, Yevhen, was torn to pieces in front of my eyes, the other scientists too....The guide simply ran away which gave me time to run....That's how I ended up here....I don't even know if the Chimera is still tracking me or not..."

I stood up from my chair and went over to the window, "You'd better hope not....It's getting dark. Chimeras are even more efficient hunters at night. You can stay with me and Scavenger till morning, then we'll see what we will do with you in the morning."

The Scientist smiled, "Thanks, by the way, my name is-"

I cut the Scientist off, "Your name is Scientist, his is Scavenger. You can call me Guide."

"Ok then, Guide. What now?" Scientist asked.

I looked around, "We'll have to stay here for the night. Heading out is dangerous in such an uncharted territory, esspecially since you said you may have a Chimera on your tail. Also, no fires or anything to give us away. If you need to see something, use your headlamp, but not too much. We HAVE to stay under the radar....No telling who or whats out there...."
  00:26:18  5 May 2010
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Eager Amphibion
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To The North

I lied down on an uncomfortable matress in the corner of the room. I saw that Scavenger and Scientist were already asleep....How I don't know....I always had trouble sleeping in this hell. As I finally felt tired, I dozed off, holding my weapon close to my chest.

"Wake up...Come on!"

I awoke to see Scientist and Scavenger crouching over me, their weapons at the ready, and Scavenger whispering in my ear to wake up.

"I'm up damn it, what is it?" I replied.

Scavenger peared out the window, "There's something outside..."

I looked at my watch, it was midnight, "Ok....Probably nothing....I'll check it out. You two watch each others backs till I return..."

I stood up and got my weapon at the ready. I slowly made my way to the door and pushed it open. I could vaguely hear something crawling just beyond my vision. I switched on my headlamp, praying that it wasn't a Chimera.....As the light illuminated the dark forest, I could see something moving in the grass, approaching me. I readied my weapon as a large dog emerged from the grass.

"Damn..." I said to myself, lowering my weapon. I turned around and was about to open the door as I heard a large scream behind me. I swung around and saw the dogs lifeless corpse being dragged into the grass.....Something else was out there. I fired a few rounds into the grass and ran back inside, pushing a bookcase in front of the door.

Scavenger and Scientist came running around the corner, "What is it?" Scientist asked.

I turned around, panting in fear, "I don't know....It's big, fast, and quiet." I ran to the windows and looked out, I could see the creatures eyes glowing as I shined my light on it....All four eyes. I knew it was Scientists' Chimera, and it was big, "We all need to stay quiet....Got it?"

Scavenger and Scientist nodded and sat down with me. We all watched the windows and heard as the Chimera moved around outside, just waiting for an opportunity to strike.

"What is it waiting for?" Scientist asked, "It could easily burst in here and kill us all..."

I turned to Scientist, "It's toying with us, it is probably waiting till we're caught off guard....It may be a beast but it doesn't like being shot. If we can wait till morning it'll go away..."

Scavenger sighed in bordom, "You'd think this'd be scary and not boring...."

I laughed, "Yep, this isn't quite the adventure you'd been hoping for, huh?"

Scavenger sighed again and went back to watching his window. I stood up and looked outside, the Chimera had left the grass and paced around outside, keeping one of it's mutated heads on the house, growling as it saw me staring at it.

"What are you waiting for?!" I yelled at it, throwing a bolt at it.

It roared and stepped back, it looked like it was about to strike. I aimed my weapon at it and it backed down, quietly growling as I stared it down.

I turned back to my companions, "Beast isn't too smart when-" I was cut off by a thunderous roar and howling winds, "Shit! Emmision! Everyone get down!" I took one last look outside the window and saw the Chimera running away. I dove down onto the floor with my companions and looked outside one of the windows, I could see lightning gathering in the north and the sky growing a light grey and red colour. The thunder alone shook the earth and made even the most experienced Stalkers run for cover. I had no idea whether or not the house could survive the emmision, but I'd soon find out as a large wave of radioactive energy struck the zone. The house shook and my gieger counter started wildly clicking as peices of the house were torn away, nails and pieces of wood flying over our heads.

"Don't move!, Pull your gas masks on!" I yelled to my companions as I pulled my scavenged military gas mask over my head. Scientist pulled his advanced mask on, and Scavenger pulled his battered gas mask over his head just in time as another harder wave of radioactive energy struck the zone even harder. We could feel the house being pushed slowly as the winds battered everything in it's path, the house reached the water and began sinking, I crawled up as the water began to flood the house.....Fortunatly the winds died down just as the house began to sink further. I stood up, holding a shelf so as to not fall down into the water, I walked towards the window and saw the emmision dying down. I jumped out of the back door and helped my companions down, just as we got out of the house the house slowly sank into the water.

"Hell of a ride huh?" I laughed, "Where's your stuff Scavenger?" I asked, seeing Scavenger carrying just his mask and pistol.

"Shit! My stuff was in there!" Scavenger ran towards the house, but I stopped him.

"You want to become a radiated freak?! Jump in the water and you're dead...Shit happens kid. We'll find some more stuff on our way north, trust me." I let him go and watched as he cursed to himself, the Zone, and God. I didn't know if I truely believed what I said about finding more equipment, but nevertheless we walked the rest of the night till we got out of the forest and found ourselves looking out across the vast Dark Valley, now completely abandoned aside from a few rookie bandits, anomolies, and mutants.....

"You have two hours to sleep....We have quite a walk tommorow...."
  00:31:10  6 May 2010
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Eager Amphibion
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Eager Amphibion
05/06/2010 0:34:32
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To the North

As I sat on the edge of the of the hill overlooking the Dark Valley, I thought of the Emmision the previous night....Why were the emmisions much more frequent, and much, much more violent? I was sure someone must have reached the Wish Granter by now....You'd think that an end to this hell would have been wished for....Perhaps I would visit the CNPP one day and make a wish myself. I was snapped out of my thoughts as lightning struck near our position, and rain began pelting down on us. I pulled on my hood and woke up my companions.

"You're awake? Good. Here..." I tossed them both a piece of bread and passed my canteen around, "Enjoy the scraps, it's all we have till we end our travel today."

Scavenger handed my canteen back and we headed into the Dark Valley. We walked across a large field as I kept tossing bolts and metal, I had noticed that the anomolies blended in with this greener enviroment the south had obtained much more than before, sometimes becoming outright invisible. As we walked through the early morning fog, we eventually saw a large factory coming into view on the side of the road. It had been overgrown with vines and leaves.

"Ok," I said, turning to my companions, "We're going to check out this factory. Stay behind me at all times...."

Scientist examined the large factory, "I don't like this place....It seems rather eerie...."

"You have a bad feeling about a lot of things, don't you?" Scavenger replied.

"Well I was right about the Chimera last night...." Scientist said.

Scavenger quieted down and followed me and Scientist into the factory, pushing the thick vines out of our path. I saw several skeletons picked clean by mutants and scavengers sitting in the corner of the room, some still grasping their weapons or gear. As we walked through the large chambers we heard the echoe of the rain pelting the metal rooftop, giving everything a distorted sound and making it hard to hear anything except our voices. At last we came into a new room, nothing of much interest, but we saw a staircase leading down into the ground, I began moving down when Scavenger stopped me.

"You're going down there?" He asked, pearing into the dark corridor at the bottom of the stairs.

"Yes," I replied, shrugging his hand away, "There may be a bomb shelter with some MREs down here....It's worth checking out." I continued downwards, Scientist and Scavenger reluctantly following behind me. As I looked around, at first I thought it was nothing but an empty corridor, but after further examination I saw a door blocked by several bookcases and covered with moss. I brushed the moss and dirt away and shoved the blockades aside, there was a sign on the door:

STOP: Authorized Lab Personel Only

I began to push the door open when Scientist grabbed me, "It says authorized personel only...."

I laughed, "Rules are meant to be broken....Besides, there may be some of your science buddies down here."

Scientist peared into the dark stairwell leading further into the factory, "It doesn't look like anyone lives here....And this place isn't marked on any official maps as a scientific research centre...."

"It doesn't matter," I replied, "You two don't want to come, fine. Stay here. I'm going." I switched on my headlamp and headed into the darkness, shaking my head as I saw my two companions cowardly waiting for my return at the entrance.....
  06:22:18  6 May 2010
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Eager Amphibion
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On forum: 07/15/2008
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To the North

I slowly descended into the depths of the underground facility, I found myself gradually feeling an odd sense of forboding as I finally got to the bottom of the stairwell. I saw a rotten skeleton sitting in a desk, as if it was still waiting to greet a newcomer....The place had a smell also, it was as if death itself lingered in the facility. I tried to take the elevator, but like all things in the Zone....It didn't work. I was tempted to leave until I remembered our desperate need for food and drink, so I moved on, finally coming to a heavy, steel door which was swinging back and forth, slamming harder and harder as I approached. I felt the hair on my neck stand up.....There were things I saw down there that I had never even thought existed. I tried to run back, but I found the chainlink gate to the staircase had been closed....And locked.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" I yelled, slamming the butt of my Vintorez into the metal. As soon as I stopped slamming the door I felt something tugging at my hood, I spun around and instantly found myself flying through the air. Whatever was down there with me began tossing me from wall to wall.

"Help!" I pleaded, as whatever the thing was stopped throwing me. Within a few minutes I heard footsteps on the stairs, and saw lights shining. I could barely lift my head to see my companions burst through the chainlink gate.

Scavenger rolled me over and looked at my bloody, beaten face, "Shit man....Guide! Guide! You ok?"

"Lift him out of-" Scientist was cut off as the chainlink gate slammed closed and locked, "What the hell!"

I slowly raised my head to look at them both, "We're not alone..."
  22:04:18  8 May 2010
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Eager Amphibion
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On forum: 07/15/2008
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Anyone can provide feedback, I want to know if it is good or not so I know whether or not to continue....
  22:41:38  8 May 2010
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Pretty good, we all need feedback while were starting, so we know what to improve on. ATM, I can't see anything wrong with it.
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