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To the North

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  06:24:29  22 May 2010
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Eager Amphibion
Senior Resident

On forum: 07/15/2008

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Eager Amphibion
05/22/2010 6:35:51
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To the North

*Glad you like *

I rose my head and looked outside the slits of the rear hatch. The other BTR was following close behind, I'd never seen one moving in the zone before, usually they were only used as stationary weapons and KAMAZ trucks were transportation back when the Military had an 'official' position in the Zone. Looking at the BTR, rolling through the trees with it's gunners just waiting for something to shoot at was just completly scary and something I never wanted to see. The Berkut didn't look exactly happy either, so I could tell when ever they were going to speak to me there would be no disobeying whatever they wanted. I was finally shaken out of my deep thoughts as I felt the vehicle come to a harsh stop. I slid further back into the BTR as the hatch slid open, the soldiers shined extremly bright lights into my face and began yelling, I couldn't understand but I got the idea. I jumped out with my hands on my head and they finally got quiet, but continued to shine the light in my face to where I couldn't see a thing except that I was in a large field surrounded by trees with grass up to my waist.

"Get the Commander!" A soldier, who was giving all the orders yelled.

I stood surrounded by the soldiers for a couple of minutes before they turned their lights off and a man stood in front of me. He wore an officer BDU and a Berkut Maroon Beret, he was clearly of a high rank. He motioned for the soldiers to lower their weapons and then turned to me, "You are a Stalker correct?"

I nodded.

"And you are also a 'Guide', yes?" He asked.

Yet again, I simply nodded, shaking in the cold night wind and scared of what might happen to me.


Soldier, wearing a clean set of clothes and a bulky kevlar vest ran up to the Commander and saluted, "Yes sir?"

"Take our guest to the cell, I'll talk to him later..." The Commander saluted once and headed towards a large building.

Soldier grabbed my arm and roughly dragged me towards the building.

I looked up to his face, "You fucking bastard..."

Soldier didn't say anything but simply looked straight ahead. As he was pulling me towards the building I noticed its walls were covered with moss and the two watchtowers on each side of the gate were covered with vines. In the courtyard of the large building were three ancient looking Urals and a flagpole in the center with several sandbags around it. The place looked military, and not just because of the military objects lying about, but there were statues of Soviet Soldiers holding the Hammer and Sickle of the USSR the on each side of the door.

"What is this place?" I asked as Soldier shoved me into the doors.

Soldier pulled out his rifle and stuck it to my back, "It's an old Soviet radio station, suitable for our operations here. Now no more talking and don't make me shoot you."

I sighed and walked forward, Soldier shoving the rifle into my back and telling me where to go. At last we reached a set of stairs going down, he told me to go downstairs as he stood at the top, not taking his sights off of me. At the bottom was a door flanked by two more Berkut soldiers, they yelled for me to get inside and the shoved me in, slamming and locking the door behind me. The room was illuminated by a single light bulb flickering in the center of the room. The floor was simply dirt, with the only beds being dirty matresses lined against the brick walls, it was then I saw a man sitting in a dark corner of the room wearing torn navy blue jeans and a simple jacket, the hood pulled over his head to where I couldn't see his face.

"Hello?" I said, finally breaking the silence.

His head moved up slightly, but he didn't show his face, "More meat lied to?" His voice was extremly raspy and hoarse.

"Excuse me?" I replied, not understanding what he was talking about.

"You think they really will keep you alive? They won't let you go even after you do as they ask....I know, I was promised to get me out of this hell and I was thrown in this cell instead." The man rose his head, his face was covered with wrinkles and his eyes were black and sunken, large bags were under his eyes, he looked as though he was old, at least in his fifties, "You're fucked."

I was about to speak but was cut off as the door slammed open and several soldiers came in. The old Stalker lowered his head again, I crawled back but the soldiers approached me and aimed their rifles at me as the Commander I saw earlier came into the room and kneeled at my side and took off his beret, "How are you?" He asked, his voice strangely calm and peaceful.

"Where are my comrades?" I asked, my voice unexpectedly shaking with fear.

The Commander sighed, "The Scientist will be fine, the radiation sickness will wear off in time, and seeing as he is working for the government, he will be returned to Yantar after he has fully recovered....The young man on the other hand, he died as soon as we got him inside to our infirmatory....Whatever injured him topped with radiation did him in, I'm sorry."

I stared at the ground....Scavenger dead.....This was all my fault, if I didn't follow that bastard Soldier out and stayed in the woods I could have gotten my true friends out alive and just fine, and that bastard Soldier could have wandered around alone.

"Don't blame yourself, Stalker. You got my soldier out alive, that counts for something." The Commander said, trying to ease my suffering.

I looked up, my heart stinging for the loss of Scavenger, who died because of me, "Fuck your soldier, he's a traitorous piece of shit!" I yelled, spitting at the Commander.

The Commander frowned and stood up, he nodded at one of the soldiers and he approached me just before slamming the butt of his rifle into my face.


When I awoke I found I was sitting in a pitch black dark room on a wooden chair, my hands were bound behind my back and I had a terrible headache. I groaned and instantly blinding white light from heavy searchlights instantly illuminated the room and made my headache ten times worse. As I looked down, avoiding the light freezing cold water was poured all over me.

"Enough!" A voice yelled.

The search lights were lowered just enough to keep the room illuminated and I saw three Berkut soldiers in full gear, one of them was Soldier. The forth soldier was the Commander, he was wearing a balaclava along with his maroon beret and BDU. He wore rubber gloves and was holding jumper cables connected to an old radio box, he approached me and held them to my leg.

"No do-" I was cut off as the Commander activated the cables and an extremly painful shock went through my body, the cold water making it even worse, "Stop! Stop!" I pleaded, but the Commander did it again just as the pain went away.

"Had enough!?" The Commander yelled.

"Ple-" I attempted to talk but he jolted me again.

"I don't think you've had enough yet!" He yelled, quietly laughing.

I felt myself drifting into unconciousness but was awoken by one of the soldiers. The Commander laughed and approached with the jumper cables, I prepared myself for another painful jolt....But the cables didn't activate, he tried twice, three times but no electricity. I sighed with relief, thinking it was over....But then I saw the Commander pull out a large combat knife from his boot.

"Don't do it, don't do it!" I pleaded, but it was no use. The Commander drove the knife halfway into my leg, twisting it around as to cause the most pain possible. At last he had enough fun and pulled it out.

"Take him back to the cell." The Commander ordered. I felt my hands being released and I fell into the arms of two soldiers. As they dragged my limp body out of the room I fell unconcious.
  15:47:45  23 May 2010
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
Oh damn! I feel sorry for him now I wish they all died!
  05:03:13  25 May 2010
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Eager Amphibion
Senior Resident

On forum: 07/15/2008

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Eager Amphibion
05/25/2010 5:15:27
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To the North

I came to several hours after my torturers tossed me back into the small room. I didn't even know why they did it to be totally honest, it was as if these bastards did it for fun. I tried to stand up but instantly felt my leg give out, it was wrapped up in bandages and blood stained it all the way through.

"Told ya..." A voice said. I looked into the dark corner of the room and saw the same hooded old man gnawing on a piece of hard bread, "Here, I saved you some."

I approached him and slumped down into the corner beside him, taking the bread and swallowing it whole, "Thanks..."

"No problem....You'll need your strength....They haven't even begun interrogating you yet, you haven't felt pain yet my friend." He said solemnly.

I felt my heart pounding harder, I dreaded to go through anything worse than what I just endured, "I need to get out..."

The old man laughed, "I've tried numerous times....This room is our tomb Stalker....Might as well get comfortable."

I stood up and limped towards the door, it was locked but looking under the door I saw it wasn't guarded, "There's no guards." I said, looking back at the old man, but he didn't reply, he just sat in the corner chewing on the same piece of bread.

I sighed and began digging under the door. I didn't feel concrete or rock on either side so I dug and dug until there was a hole under the door just big enough to squeeze through, I turned to the old man, "Come on, we can escape!"

"No thanks, I tried that before. You won't get far..."

"Fine..." I replied quietly, crawling under the door. The staircase was completly abandoned and it was a dark, rainy night outside and the lights inside the building were all turned off. I climbed up the stairs on my knees and peaked around the corners, no one was present but I could hear voices just outside the building in the courtyard. On my knees I crawled under the windows and watched each corner. For some reason the place was completly empty within, with the only soldiers patrolling outside the building, it was then I heard the loud speakers boom.

"Recon patrols arriving in five minutes! All prepare for switch out."

Ok, five minutes. I had five minutes to get out before the soldiers arrived and I would be found and killed. I crawled faster, eventually standing up as I got away from the windows. I came to a hallway with a single lightbulb illuminating it and a single wooden door on the other end. I moved slowly, dropping back to my knees and moving without creating a single noise when I finally reached a window in the wall. It was covered by several steel bars and a single guard sat sleeping in a chair on the other side. I lowered down and looked at the door, it said armoury and to my surprise it wasn't locked. I pushed it open and stepped inside, flicking the light on. Weapons and suits of all kinds were on racks on the walls. I approached the weapons and examined them, they were all in perfect condition and loaded. I picked up a basic Kalashkinov and pulled a kevlar vest over the dirty BDU the soldiers gave me and limped out the room, the guard was gone and at the end of the hall, to my horror, stood Soldier and two other soldiers all aiming their weapons at me.

Soldier stepped forward, his Abakan already aiming at my head, "Any last words?"

"I just hope you rot in hell..." I replied, fearing nothing, I rose my weapon and suddenly I heard a loud bang, but it was from neither the soldiers nor my own weapon.

"What the fuck! Watch this asshole!" Soldier yelled before rushing outside.

"Drop it!" One of the Berkut yelled.

"Ok...Ok..." I was about to drop my weapon as the wall behind the soldiers was blown apart. I dropped to my knee and shot both soldiers in the chest as they were recovering from the blast. I picked up one of their helmets and put it on my head to protect from the debris and shrapnel from the various explosions which began haphazardly going off outside, violently tearing the building apart. I hadn't the slightest who was attacking, or even who could have found the location of the base. It didn't matter though, I ran out of the building. With the helmet and military vest the soldiers didn't recognize me and I ran right pass them, unfortunatly, the soldiers were loosing the fight against these unknown attackers firing from just beyond the searchlights. I crawled behind a set of sandbags and peaked over them. In the middle of the field just beyond the main gate was the recon patrols convoy of BTRs with soldiers taking cover behind them. The front BTR was struck by an RPG and blocked the path for the others.

"No surrender! Hold the line!"

I looked over at the person screaming the orders from behind one of the sandbags beside the doors to the building....The Commander....I unslung the Kalashkinov and pulled it into my shoulder. For an old Soviet era rifle it was in excellent condition and was sighted perfectly on the Commanders head. I took a breath and squeezed the trigger, watching as the round flew from the muzzle and into the Commanders head with a satisfying crack. I got lower behind the sandbags as the radio chatter became even more frantic than before.

"The Commander is dead!"

"Hold the line!"

"Fuck that!"

"Commander dead? Fuck it! Retreat!"

"They've broken the line!"

More than five soldiers ran back into the building leaving myself and several other soldiers back outside. I saw the attackers rushing inside the building courtyard, the searchlights were destroyed and the only light was a small fire but I could make out the attackers wore old Soviet army era helmets and long fur coats. They seemed to be armed with nothing but Kalashinovs from AK47s to new army AK74Ms. I lowered myself down to the ground and pulled a soldiers body over me to hide me. The puddles from the pouring rain were beggining to turn red from all the dead bodies, and in those puddles I could see that just in front of the sandbags I hid behind was one of the attackers. He walked around the sandbags and stood just in front of me. His face was covered by an old white gas mask and on his helmet was the symbol of the USSR...The infamous hammer and sickle, just like the ones beside the doors to the building. His long fur coat also had a patch with the same symbol on it, at first I thought it was just a Stalker with odd tastes but then I saw all of them wore the same thing and I even noticed they had ranks on their shoulders and several had it on their helmets.

'Communists?' I thought to myself, the idea sounded hilarious, but I did hear stories of some factions that operated in desolate areas of the Zone which came probably from Russia all the way to Ukraine, some of which wanted the Soviet Union back and all of that good stuff. I became scared of the idea, after thinking awhile it didn't sound so ridiculous....The Zone had no laws, they could do whatever they want and start whatever they wanted too, unlike in the Big Land. I had to get away. As I lied under the dead body I saw that the soldiers were all dead and the 'Red Soldiers' had taken no prisoners....Except one. I saw a soldier, and what were the odds? It was Soldier. Leave it to be Soldier to be one of the cowards hiding in the building. He was injured badly and was now on his knees with his hands over his head. One of the Communist soldiers approached him, he wore an extremly nice uniform and unlike the others he just wore a pilotka instead of a helmet.

"Where is your commander?" He asked almost robotically.

Soldier kept looking at the ground, "Dead..." He replied quietly.

A 'Red' standing behind Soldier slammed the butt of his Kalashkinov into Soldiers back, "You will look at the Polkovnik in the eyes and speak clearly!" He yelled.

"Dead!" Soldier yelled angrily, looking into the Polkovnik, or Colonels eyes.

The Colonel nodded, "You know who we are, yes?"

"Soviet wannabe pigs." Soldier replied calmly, bracing himself for the blow, which came harder this time, making him cough up blood.

"Not what I wanted to hear exactly, but the Soviet part is right..." The Colonel sighed, "And I do take it you know why we attacked this building of yours, warranting uneeded deaths on both sides."

Soldier took a breath, coughing still, "'s an old Soviet......Radio broadcasting building. I guess..."

The Colonel nodded, "Yes, and you refused to give it up in a diplomatic way. Well, now you see what happens to those who do not give in to our requests." The Colonel pulled out a decorated PM and aimed it at Soldiers head.

"NO DO-" Soldiers last sentence was cut off by a bang and the thud of his body hitting the floor. The Colonel shook his head and walked into the building, ordering the rest of the Reds to dump the soldiers dead bodies.

The Red standing closest to me tossed his ciggarette to the ground and turned towards me. I closed my eyes and played dead, taking the smallest breaths I could.

"What a god damn mess...." One Red said.

"Yep, at least the pay is good." Another replied.

"I came all the way from Moscow for this shit...Fuck it, let's just load the bodies onto the Ural and be done with it." The first said.

I felt them lift the body off of me, then lift me over one of thier shoulders. I held my breath as they tossed me into the back of a ural, and lied silently awaiting for them to dump me somewhere hopefully far away from them.
  13:54:11  25 May 2010
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
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This is getting interesting.. I wonder what happened to the Scientist in that "base".
  17:13:39  25 May 2010
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
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For the Soviet Union, URRAAAAAAA!

albeit the first part was written in haste and speed as I can see, next time do not rush the parts too much, as I started to lose the "fluidity" it was too quick ;p
  17:29:44  25 May 2010
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  19:58:42  25 May 2010
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Lone Merc looking for a job.


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  20:36:38  25 May 2010
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Eager Amphibion
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Yeah, the first part was kind of rushed. I plan on getting the next chapter up tonight or tommorrow.
  16:43:59  27 May 2010
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
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  23:11:49  27 May 2010
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Eager Amphibion
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On forum: 07/15/2008

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Eager Amphibion
05/27/2010 23:19:20
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To the North

I rose my head as the Ural began moving. The sun was rising and in the little sunlight available I could see we were moving West, we moved back into the Forest, but this part had small bumpy road just large enough for the Ural to slowly move through. I could hear two Reds speaking in the cab and I rose up to get a better look when one of the soldiers grabbed me.

"Help..." He whispered, gasping for air.

I lowered back down as the Reds turned around, hearing the voice. The Ural came to a stop and I lied still, holding my breath as they walked around and looked into the back of the Ural.

"Looks like we got someone alive..." One Red said, raising his weapon.

The soldier tried to sit up but couldn't, attempting to point at me. I got lower behind another body slowly as the Reds pulled the soldier out of the truck and slammed him onto the ground.

"NO-" The soldier screamed as they unloaded a clip into his body.

"Thanks for getting blood all over me dipshit." The other Red said, cursing at the first Red.

"Shut up, just get the body back into the Ural."

The Red tossed the body right ontop of me and covered me in blood and flesh. I rolled the mutilated body off of me as the Ural started back up, if I didn't escape soon they'd find me for sure. I crawled to the back slowly, making sure the Reds were not looking and looked at the road below. I braced myself and rolled out, hitting the ground and rolling several feet, the blood which was all over me was now mixed with dirt and was giving off a terrible smell. I crawled into a ditch on the side of the road and covered myself with grass as I saw the Ural stopping, the Reds getting out. They walked down the road, whispering amongst themselves with their weapons ready.

"You saw that right?" One asked the other.

"Yeah....I knew someone was still alive back there." The other replied.

They were now standing right in front of me, looking about. They were looking about in the trees, sometimes firing off a random round into the forest. I noticed the Ural was still running so I crawled slowly after they moved further up the road, the Ural was now only two metres away from me. I stood up and ran into the cab, alerting the Reds in the process. I heard them fire their weapons at me as I crawled over to the driver seat, as I got seated the rear window exploded, I screamed as a piece of glass flew into my shoulder and I hit the pedal as hard as I could. The Ural chugged and began moving slowly on the road.

"Come on!" I yelled, putting all my weight on the pedal, noticing the Ural was barely moving at 10 mph.

I looked back and saw the Reds had gotten into the back of the Ural and began firing into the cab at me. I looked around and saw a sawn off shotgun at the foot of the passenger seat, I reached over and clumsily stuck it out the rear window and fired both triggers. The weapon kicked and damn near took my hand off. I looked back and saw I clipped one Red who fell out the back of the Ural, the other looked enraged and unloaded his entire clip into the cab, shooting out the window. I stopped the Ural and lowered myself into the seat, clumsily sticking two more shells into the sawn off and aiming it at the window. I could hear the Red yelling in victory, thinking me dead. He stuck his head in the cab and I pulled a trigger, the slug flew forward and the Reds head exploded all over me, covering me in brain matter and chunks of skull. I started the Ural back up after wiping the disgusting flesh off of me and tossed my helmet out the window. My head was covered in sweat and I was shaking in fear that more Reds were coming.


The road seemed to go on forever and the Ural remained at a constant 10 mph until I reached the end of the forest. The sun had fully set now and I guessed the time was around 9 am, I couldn't tell without my PDA. All I had on me was the sawn off with a single shell in it and the military BDU and kevlar vest covered in blood from at least four different people, including my own. I looked around and saw I was in an unfamiliar area. It was a rather large swamp and I could see the looming buildings of Pripyat far in the distance. I was probably just northeast of the Military Warehouses and the disabled Brainscorcher, and in front of me was Pripyat and after that....The North....My goal. I felt bad about not getting Scavenger and Scientist to the North with me, my only hope was that Scientist managed to get out of the Military base alive and that the Reds would spare him.
I shook the thoughts out of my head...Mourning wouldn't get me anywhere. I stepped out of the Ural and walked down a small hill into the large misty marsh. The reeds were few and far between and I could easily see the forest on the other side, which was about two miles away. Without a gieger counter or anomaly detector I was walking blind, it was like a silent mine field. I saw several areas where the water was lifted into the air or sunk down, obvious signs of gravitational disturbances. I avoided the water and walked straight on, hoping I wasn't walking in a whole field of radioactivity. I saw to my left was an abandoned shack sunk into the water. I approached and tossed a rock inside, nothing. I stepped inside and it smelt like damp, rotten wood, I didn't see anything besides toolboxes and shelves which were all looted long ago. I picked up several bolts and stepped back into the swamp. The bolts made it easier to detect anomalies, but it didn't help with the radiation, I kept on walking for another two mintues as a ground shaking roar came from the NPP. I looked towards it and saw the sky was red and phantom shapes began shooting across the sky. I ran as fast as I could towards the trees as the sky began turning bright red and the clouds began vaporising from the emmision. I noticed things were even harsher at the center of the Zone, more so than I imagined. I saw ghostly things moving in and out from the trees as I finally reached the forest, but they simply disappeared as soon as they appeared, as if the emmision was fucking with my head. I dove down behind a large tree as the wave of energy and radioactivity slammed into the Zone. The tree defended me from the wave but I could feel the heat around me, it felt like the sun was magnified and began burning my legs. I pulled myself into a ball and held my breath as the wave came again, knocking a tree beside me over. I crawled closer to the tree I hid behind as the wave stopped, the ground was still shaking violently but the sun was now hidden behind the clouds which slowly came back, returning the sky to its original colour. I rose my head and looked around. The forest trees were slightly more burnt than before and I noticed the blood that was all over me was now completly dried and caked onto my clothes, giving off another rancid smell. I stood up and dropped my sawn off which was now completly useless from being in the heat and moved towards the looming buildings of Pripyat....Unarmed, afraid, and alone.
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