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To the North

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  20:04:19  9 May 2010
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
I love it, though you could help us, by making it longer.

It's very good, and interesting.
  22:09:54  9 May 2010
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Eager Amphibion
Senior Resident

On forum: 07/15/2008

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Eager Amphibion
05/09/2010 22:14:33
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To the North

*Thanks for the feedback *

I finally managed to stand up after about an hour. Whatever was down in the facility with us seemed to have disapeared....Or was toying with us. I looked around for my rifle, but couldn't seem to find it.

"You two have your weapons right?" I asked my companions.

They both nodded and pulled out their pistols. I guess it'd do, but we needed better weaponry, I knew whatever else was in this lab couldn't be good.

I turned to Scientist, "I need your weapon."

"Why?" He asked, gripping the pistol tightly.

"Unless you can aim properly and keep your cool, that thing is useless, now give it to me!" I yelled.

Scientist reluctantly gave me his pistol, "Good, Scientist stay in between me and Scavenger."

I motioned for them to follow me. As we moved further into the facility we noticed a lot of scientific equipment in the various rooms....Finally though, we came to the heavy steel door which was slamming back and forth the last time I saw it. Now it was open and we could go in, there was a stairwell which led deeper into the facility, I took a step before Scavenger grabbed me.

"Do you honestly think heading deeper into this place is a good idea?" He asked.

I turned to him, "No....But going up isn't an option, is it? Besides, there may be a way out." I turned away and slowly stepped down into the darkness, hearing the pipes around me singing, hopefully just the sign of old architecture and not something more sinister. At last we reached the bottom and found ourselves in another large room with an elevator in the middle, it too, like the previous one, was broken. I cursed under my breath and looked around, noticing a maze of passages.

"Ok." I turned to my companions, "We'll split up. Scientist, you go with Scavenger down that passage, I'll go this way. If you run into trouble, just yell for me."

"But-" Scavenger started, but I was already headed down the passage. I noticed several burn marks on the walls, as if something hot was going back and forth down the tunnels. As I turned the corner I caught movement ahead, something was just peaking around the corner.

"Stop!" I yelled. It was then I heard giggling coming from down the passage, "Great..." I said, slowly taking steps down the corridor until I came into the room. It had large pipes coming from the ground and fuse boxes littered the other side of the room. I saw no sign of whatever was looking at me from around the corner but I could feel as though something was staring at me....But only I was in the room. I took a breath and slowly walked towards the fuse boxes. I opened them one by one and each had been fried....Literally.

"What the hell?" I said, shining my light on the melted wires and metal, it was then I heard something behind me. I turned around and didn't see anything at first, but it wasn't until I saw heat waves rising from the grating in the floor till I ran. I jumped out of the room as fire rose from the floor, I heard the same giggling slowly get deeper until it was as if someone was roaring. I ran faster and faster down the corridors, but I couldn't find my way back to where I started. I heard something behind me running, but looking back all I saw was darkness. I yelled for help over and over again, but recieved no answer. I finally came into a corridor and saw the elevators where I started, I was just about to get into the room when somekind of electrical anomoly appeared in front of me, blasting me back.

"Son of a bitch..." I said to the electrical cloud approaching me. It shimmered as it slowly approached me, I could see a form of body within, it had no legs from what I could vaguely see of it, but it had long arms and a large head. I heard laughing as the thing approached me, somehow tossing cans and floor tiles at me. I closed my eyes, preparing for a grissly death until I heard my companions coming from around the corner, I opened my eyes and saw the cloud was gone, and my companions had just turned the corner, shining their lights at me.

Scientist ran up to me and picked me up, "Are you ok?" He asked, brushing dust and debris off of my clothing, "You look as though you've seen a ghost..."

I caught my breath and looked him in the eyes, "Maybe I did..." I picked up the pistol and limped into the darkness.

Scientist and Scavenger ran up to my side, "Did you find anything?" I asked them, aiming my pistol at the smallest of sounds.

"No." Scavenger said, "What's wrong with you man? You're jumpy, and why are you limping? What happened back there?"

I kept moving, my face still white with fear, "You would call me crazy if I told you...Keep moving." I said, my voice shaking, "Did you find anything?" I asked again.

"No, just a locked door. The key pad was busted." Scavenger replied.

"Great....Trapped underground with...With something, no food, and our exit is locked...." I grumbled, sitting down on a wooden box.

It was then we heard something roar from back down the corridor. All of us stood up and aimed down the tunnel.

"Don't run..." I said.
  00:39:07  10 May 2010
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
Messages: 4114
Keep it up.
  04:46:39  10 May 2010
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Eager Amphibion
Senior Resident

On forum: 07/15/2008
Messages: 675
To the North

We held our ground as the roaring got louder and louder, moving fast down the corridors....Towards us.

"Don't run!" I yelled to my partners, but as soon as the words left my mouth, the roaring stopped, the quietness of the underground replacing it once again. I checked the area and it all seemed quiet, but I and my companions noticed a small tapping noise echoing just beyond the light of our headlamps. This made me more afraid than the roaring, and I just felt like firing off a few rounds and running, but I held my ground, my hands shaking with fear.

"I really suggest we get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Here...." Scavenger whispered in my ear.

I ignored him, keeping my eyes of the darkness in front of us. As the tapping got louder I could see something moving towards us. I fired off 3 rounds, each of them hitting the creature in front of us. It roared and hoarse laughter followed, eventually dying away.

"What the hell...." Scientist said. We approached the spot where the thing was and saw several blood splatters on the floor and wall, "Well....At least it is injured." He said, sticking his fingers in the blood.

"Yeah, because injured things laugh and run off just fine when they're injured..." Scavenger scoffed.

"Shut up!" I ordered, "We need to keep moving...." I spun around and my companions and I headed off back into the darkness. We walked around aimlessly for at least and hour till we eventually came to a locked door.

"This is the one we found earlier." Scientist said, "It won't budge."

I approached the door and pulled on the handle. It was jammed from the other side. I stood on my toes and peered through the window. I saw a large room, I could see light and odd looking green tubes with something resembling babies inside.

"There's light in there..." I said, turning to my companions, "Light means people, people means food."

"Well that's cool and all, but how do you propose we get this door open?" Scavenger replied, looking to me and Scientist.

I turned to the door and tugged on it some more, Scientist was right, it wasn't budging.

"Well," I said, "It's not locked, just stuck on something. Help me pull..." We all grabbed the handle and pulled, the door moved a little, dust spilling out of the cracks, we almost had it as we heard a loud noise behind us. We spun around, Scavenger and I with our weapons ready, we aimed down the hall as we saw a light coming from around the corner, electrical currents shot foward and struck the walls, blowing debris at us, as we were recovering from the blast I looked up and saw the cloud of electricity approaching again, the creature still inside, vaguely visible.

I turned to Scientist, "You'd best get that door open now damn it!" I turned around and Scavenger and I fired on the creature, it laughed as the bullets struck the cloud of electricity which seemed to crush our bullets as they impacted, I gave Scavenger my pistol and turned to help Scientist get the door open. We tugged and felt the door creak as it slammed open. I grabbed Scavenger and pulled him inside as Scientist and I jumped in, slamming the door shut just as the creature reached the door. We stood back and watched as it beat on the door before it roared and retreated back to the darkness.

"This is the last time we follow you into a hole, got it Guide?" Scavenger said, laughing and sitting down on a box. Scientist and I both sit down too.

"Well. We're safe now. Let's check out that light..." We stood up and approached the office looking above the baby creatures in tubes. I kicked in the door and looked around. The lights were functioning but no one was present, "That's odd..." I said, examining the equipment, "No ones home." We exited the office and went back down towards the tubes.

"Jesus..." Scientist said, poking one of the baby creatures through the broken glass, "Are...Were they human?"

I looked at them, "I doubt it....Hard to believe they once were....But I don't think anything will make sense after that...Thing outside." I walked away and saw Scavenger trying to budge a door open.

"Almost.....Got it!" He fell through the door and into a room. I walked in and saw cage in the wall, bones of rats and hamsters were in each, and each smelt terrible.

"The hippies would shit their pants if they saw this..." Scavenger laughed, looking into the cages at the dead animals.

"Shut up, stay behind me." I snapped at Scavenger. At the end of the room was a door, it looked as though it hadn't been opened in years, but it wasn't locked. I pulled it open and saw several dusty scientific protective suits like the one Scientist wore hanging on the walls. As we entered the dusty room my gieger counter began slowly clicking. I approached the door on the other side of the room and brushed the dust away.


"Get one of these suits..." I said to Scavenger as I pulled a suit over my clothes and sealed the scientific gas mask on my head.

When Scavenger had suited up and equipped his gas mask I pushed the creaking door open. My gieger counter began clicking wildly as a dust cloud filled the room. I turned on my head lamp and took a step inside. I saw it was a cave of quite some size, with multiple tunnels and was filled with radiation.

"A cave...Must be a place of study for the scientists that were here..." Scientist said.

"More like a graveyard..." I said, looking at the floor which was covered with bones....Human bones.

"Aw fuck!" Scavenger yelled. He ran back to the entrance and found it was locked, "Fuck!"

"Guide? What now?" Scientist asked.

"We move..." I said, as we all heard a bloodcurdling roar echoe through the cave, "We move fast..."
  16:24:24  10 May 2010
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On forum: 08/24/2009
Messages: 348
L.O.V.E IT! waiting for more!
  19:21:20  11 May 2010
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
I've always hated X14, or X18... just Yantar is soo creepy. I wish they get to Dead City. Now that would be OWSUM.
  05:43:38  12 May 2010
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Eager Amphibion
Senior Resident

On forum: 07/15/2008

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Eager Amphibion
05/12/2010 5:54:53
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To the North

I slowly stepped into one of the passages leading further into the cave. I saw various pieces of equipment like mining lamps, desks, drills, and even some scientific devices like microscopes and scientific medical kits. I aproached one of the desks and looted the medkit for some basic supplies, but just our luck.....No food or drink except a rotten apple and stagnant water.

"Here's you some food.." I turned to Scavenger, laughing, attempting to keep the mood alive in this bleak, dark cave.

Scavenger looked at the apple, "I think I'll pass on that one, Guide."

We moved on, our footsteps seemingly being drowned out by the dark itself. Our headlamps provided little light in the dark cave, the only thing which we could see was the wet cave floor. The cave tunnels weaved left and right, or simply came into a large chamber full of more medical equipment. We hadn't seen any sign of whatever roared as we entered the place, and to be totally honest, I didn't want to. At last we entered another large chamber, but this one was different. Our feet no longer met wet ground, but dry, crumbling rock, and the air was hot and humid.....At last I figured out what it was. I saw Scavenger keep on moving, but I grabbed him just in time as a burst of flame shot out of the ground.

I lifted Scavenger up and he brushed the dirt from his suit, "Any tears?" I asked, examining his suit.

He checked himself, "I don't think so, besides, I'm sure I'd be roasted by radiation if there was...."

We looked into the fire as it died down and back into the cave floor, I'd foolishly led us into a Flamer anomoly, and a large one at that. I tossed a bolt in front, and sure enough it struck two flamer anomolies, the flame casting odd shadows across the large chambers walls. In the light of the fire, I saw the heat rising from the ground, it'd be hard to get across, but like I told Scavenger the first time we met....The longest route in the zone, is the easiest. I dreaded what may lie on a quicker path, so I told my comrades to get behind me and I slowly maneuvered through the deadly flamer anomolies, tossing a bolt or shell into the anomolies for light. At last we reached the center of the chamber and felt the air slightly cooler.

"Any.....Water?" Scientist asked, gasping for breath.

I pulled my canteen off of my belt and shook it....Less than half left. I handed it to him anyway, as he was connecting the drinking tube to his mask I grabbed him, "One sip each! Going without water in this place won't do any good."

Scientist nodded and took one sip of the water, handing it off to Scavenger, and then to me. I connected the tube and took a sip of the water. I felt slightly more rejuvenated as the cool water went down my throat. I reconnected it to my belt and gestured to keep moving.


At long last, we finally reached the other side of the Anomolies, feeling a light breeze on our faces....

"You feel that?" I asked, turning to my companions, "Air, we're close to an exit. Move faster!"

I broke into a light jog, my companions following close behind, I broke left, right, right again....I could feel the breeze getting stronger, light slowly penetrating through the holes cave roof. At last the came into a large chamber, and in one side of the room was a long hole, just big enough to crawl through. I ran towards it, ushering my companions through. When they finally got through to the outside I lied down, as I was pulling myself forward to the outside, I felt a vicious, harsh tug at my leg, and terrifying, hoarse breathing. I kicked and kicked, but the grip only got stronger.....I finally got the courage to look back. I found myself looking into the eyes of one of the Zones most feared of all terrors.....A Controller.

I could feel the thing tighten it's grip on me....Whether physically, or mentally, I didn't know, but I felt fear build up inside me as it stared back at me with its lifeless, white eyes. I began to feel lightheaded as it began filling my brain with terrifying images of the CNPP, the dead, mutants, and my past adventures.....It was then I felt myself fall away from the world and into darkness.


"Aleksandr! Get the fuck up now damn it!"

I pulled myself up from the dirt and stood up, I instantly found a hand pulling me down behind sandbags.

"You fuckin' crazy?" The man beside me yelled, "What? You get a screw knocked loose?"

As I looked into the mans eyes I saw it was my old friend, "Suirey....You're alive?"

"What? Yes! Here!" He tossed me a clip for the AK-74 which I held clumsily in my hands.

"What's going on?" I asked Suirey, not having the slightest clue as to what was happening, "Last I remember....I....I was in a cave..Controller..Wait.....Where's Scavenger....Scientist?!"

Suirey stared at me after randomly spraying shots from his AK over the sandbags, "You are one weird mother fucker Aleksandr....You really don't know what's going on?" He asked, lowering fully behind cover.

I shook my head.

"Haha! I knew that grenade landed a bit close for comfort...." Suirey peaked around the sandbags, then turned to me again, "We were headed to the center of the zone....In case you really just lost your marbles, it opened yesterday. You said you'd take me and Yuri....He's dead....Anyway, yeah. We have a nice little run in with your friendly neighborhood Monolith AAAAND....Good morning to you!" He stood back up and began firing over the sandbags at the Monolith forces.

I looked around, noticing the enviroment. It was at the border, when the Brain Scorcher was first disabled, "This already happened, this already fucking happened! What the hell?!" I yelled to myself, shaking my head.

"It'd be really fucking nice if you'd help shoot some of these fuckers!" Suirey yelled to me, firing into the advancing Monolith. I stood up and fired into the Monolith. They seemed to swarm...More than I remembered when it actually happened....Seeming to not care for their losses, as you killed one....Another took his place.


I looked over at the yell and saw my old friend, Suirey, fall to the floor....Would I have to watch him suffer and die again? I pulled his hand away and saw a mess of holes in his body armour.

"Well....Looks like-" Suirey stopped talking and all got quiet. Not even a footstep could be heard. I peaked over the sandbags and saw the Monolith forces were frozen on the spot. I kneeled back down beside Suirey and looked into his eyes....Suddenly, he blinked and when he opened his eyes I saw the same lifless, white eyes as I saw in the Controller. I flew back and blacked out.


"Get him down!

I felt myself shoot up from a soft position, then hands grasping me and holding me down. At last I stopped shaking and trying to shoot up when I began noticing the enviroment. I was in a small, enclosed space. I saw small slats for windows and various pieces of military equipment in compartments on the walls. At first I thought I was in a military prison or something, but that was when I noticed Scavenger and Scientist standing above me.

"Scavenger? Scientist?" I said, looking into their eyes, "Thank God..."

Scientist sat down on the side of my makeshift bed, which I noticed were seats and shined a light in my eyes, "I'm fine!" I yelled, I attempted to stand up and felt an instant headache come on, forcing me to lie back down, grasping my forehead.

"Fine huh?" Scientist said, "You're lucky. We barely managed to get you free from that Controller."

I shook my head, "Thanks....I had a terrible dream...Or actually a flashback..."

Scientist nodded, "I've only been in the Zone a short time, but I've read scientific notes about Controllers. Dreams are normal after surviving an attack by one....Most become zombified, I guess you got lucky."

I nodded, my head pounding with every thought, but I asked anyway, "Where are we?"

Scavenger approached me, bending down so not to hit his head on the low cieling, "We had to drag you to this BMP for cover. More precise though....I have no idea where we are. We are in a large field...Only things we saw was one pack of dogs and a boar."

"You're lucky you didn't run into any anomolies." I said, "But thanks..."

Scientist nodded, "Now you rest, it won't do you any good to walk around in your current state...And don't worry about defences. This BMP still has some functioning weaponry onboard."

I nodded and rolled over, within minutes I was fast asleep.
  11:03:06  12 May 2010
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Albanian Monsteя!


On forum: 10/05/2008
Messages: 918
What happened to the good old times when you could knife controllers and controllers had a huge area of effect?
  03:21:38  13 May 2010
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Eager Amphibion
Senior Resident

On forum: 07/15/2008
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To the North

*Let's just say this Controller was going Sam Fisher *

I sat up as I felt the early morning sun shining in my eyes through the BMP slats. I could see Scavenger sleeping in the front seat and Scientist sleeping on the floor. Silently I stood up and pushed the back hatch open, finding myself in a large field, trees being the only thing in the distance except the large factory which hid the hellish facility we barely escaped. As I stepped forward into the field I felt my stomach growling viciously.....We needed food.

"Come on..." I said, tapping my knife on the side of the BMP, "We have to move now."

Scientist and Scavenger sluggishly stood up and stepped into the field.

"So where to now?" Scavenger asked, stretching his legs after 24 hours of sitting in the BMP.

I looked around, staying silent for a couple of minutes as I paced around, "I've not the slightest idea....My paths lie to the West, as far as I can tell we're rather far East, that factory in the Dark Valley is easily a good 5 miles away." I pointed towards the speck on the horizon which was the factory.

"Well that's just great..." Scavenger grumbled, sitting down on the ground.

Scientist paced around for awhile, "Surely you must have some idea where we are..."

I turned to him, "Yes, we're East of the Dark Valley, but I've not the slightest idea where to head, and we can't go back to the Dark Valley as there is still an expansive abandoned minefield that way which was setup back in 2011...."

Scientist cursed and sat back down on the ground. I paced around in circles, playing with the pocket on my jacket in deep thought. At last I pulled out my PDA and looked at the map, just as usual I got a bad sattelite feed, but I got the general location right. The screen of my PDA was stuttering, but I could make out that heading straight from our position would take us to a vehicle graveyard....

"Alright, heading North will take us to a vehicle graveyard. We move while we still have strength left..." I shoved my PDA back into my jacket and we headed north.
I felt naked without a weapon, the one I had was lost back in the facility, and the only weapon we had was a single Makarov with less than half a clip remaining. The landscape was unbearably boring, we seemed to be walking in the same green field for over two hours and not a single sign of life, or even an anomoly was to be seen....Not that it was nessarsarilly a bad thing, running into even a lone dog was dangerous with our current equipment....

"Stop..." I said as we reached a small creek, "Rest for a minute..." We all sat down on the grass and we each took a single sip of our fastly decreasing canteen of water. I stood up and approached the creek, it looked safe, but when I held my gieger counter close, it began slowly clicking, "Great....Just our luck..." I said to myself, returning to the ground.

Scavenger lied down on the grass and stared at the sky, "How much longer do we have to walk...?" He asked, sighing.

"I don't know," I replied, "I'm guessing another hour at the most..."


After our rest my companions and I moved on. Across the creek, over a small hill.....And finally, we came to a wonderful sight...The vehicle graveyard stood in the large open field, abandoned civilian and military vehicles as far as we could see. I told my companions to lower into the grass as I pulled out my binoculars, and just as I was hoping for I saw movement down below. Stalkers were moving about, searching for artifacts in the vehicles or even, much to my amazement, trading.

"We're in luck boys!" I said, grinning and laughing. We ran down the hill and approached the rather large looking trader selling equipment out of the back of a KAMAZ.

He was yelling in our direction, "Hey! You must be new to these parts! My name is Ruslan, the only trader worth mentioning in this area of the zone haha! Would you like some weapons? Maybe some food?"

I stepped into the back of the KAMAZ and looked around. Weapons, ranging from the average AK-74u, to the Groza. Armour piercing rounds....Grenades, even a couple of RPGs at the rear of the truck, "Where did you get all this stuff?" I asked, examining the fine weaponry and supplies.

"When the military left, they seemed to have forgotten about all their little field outposts....It is my job to hire stalkers like you to get me the supplies...I pay well, and the equipment is morealess in perfect condition." Ruslan said, grinning.

"Seems like you're living a Stalkers dream, huh?" I said, picking up a Groza and examining it....I felt like a child in a candy store.

"Yep, I get and sell all kinds of equipment...All except artifacts that is of course...." Ruslan sighed, but then smiled, "All that stuff is in the North now, around Pripyat and the Jupiter Plant, but that doesn't mean a smart mind like yours truely cannot make a living down here in the South."

I nodded and finally asked for food and supplies. Ruslan nodded and opened a refrigerator, it was stocked with basic food supplies, alcohol, and fresh water. I bought several peices of food, restocked on water and bought some Vodka just for the hell of it.

As I was turning to leave I remembered our lack of weaponry, I turned back towards Ruslan, obviously knowing I intended to spend more money, "I need three weapons, what do you recommend?"

Ruslan laughed, "I thought you'd never ask my friend!" He walked to the back of the KAMAZ and layed out three weapons, "Here we have your basic, cheapest package....Looking at you, I can tell you know how to use a weapon, your comrades out there," He pointed at Scavenger and Scientist, "Look more like the only thing they've ever shot was a BB gun....For you, I recommend this....The Groza OC-14-4A-02, reliable and a very nice rate of fire. Grenade launcher will cost you extra. For your two comrades, I recommend the AK-74u, not heavy at all, and ammo comes cheap for it. Not to mention it isn't hard to fire at all."

I examined the weapons, they were all in perfect condition and looked as though they had been cleaned recently, "How much?" I asked, knowing I'd hate the answer.

Ruslan pondered for awhile, "I can sell you all of the weapons, plus two clips for each weapon for......50,000 Roubles...Good price, yes?"

I told Ruslan to hold on a minute while I approached my companions, "How much money do you guys have on you?" I asked.

Scavenger sighed, "All my money was in the rucksack I lost during the last emmision..."

I turned to Scientist, "Sorry Guide," He said, "My money is at the Yantar mobile base...."

I cursed and returned to Ruslan, "Listen Ruslan, all I have is about 10,000 roub-"

Ruslan cut me off, "Listen, you don't have the money, you don't get the goods! Got it?!" I could see Ruslan was getting agitated, "All I can sell you for 10,000 roubles is one AK-74u and one clip for it, so you can forget about the Groza and the other AK..."

I sighed, "Deal..."

Ruslan laughed greedily, "Good, good. Wait by the desk..."

I stood by the desk as Ruslan packed the Groza and the other AK-74u back onto his makeshift shelf and shoved one AK into a rucksack, "Rucksack is 100 roubles.....I kid, I kid! Haha, thank you for shopping Ruslan!"

I jumped out of the back of the KAMAZ and regrouped nearby with my companions who were sitting on the grass. I pulled out the AK-74u after we ate and drank and loaded the single clip into the rifle. It may not be the Groza I was hoping for, but it was in great, military condition and it was sighted perfectly.....

"Rest," I said, "And enjoy the food and drink, we're heading out in an hour." I stuffed the rifle into the rucksack and lied down on the grass.
  18:39:19  13 May 2010
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Cake Muncher


On forum: 01/08/2009
Messages: 4114
Thats some good stuff HardcoreGamer.

I noticed that the trader is as greedy as Sid hahah, at least he sells good quality equipment.
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