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The legend of the stalker named Death

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  10:25:52  23 May 2010
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On forum: 10/28/2009

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05/24/2010 18:53:37
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Chapter 11

Next day I awoke with a sense of desperation that I couldn't git rid of as I looked out the window and see that the sun's first rays were just coming up over the horizon. I turned around to face the cell door and see Doc standing there with some scissors.

" I am to remove your cast as the leader thanks it will give you a unfair advantage." He says laughing a little as he enters the cell.

I sit down on a crate as he pulls his little cart over so I could set my hand on it. Few minuets of cutting the casts come off my fingers covering his cart in dust. I close my hand a couple of times and surprised that I could pretty much move it like it wasn't broke just three days ago. The Doc smiles at my reaction as he pulls out a dime size glass like rock from the part of the cast that was on my hand.

"Whats that" I say still messing with my newly freed fingers as he inspects it.

"Its called a Pearl" He wipes it on his pants leg a couple times.

"See how it shines there like one its heals more serious wounds in a couple days I have seen many years ago mine you a big one bring back a dead man". He says putting the little oddly shaped rock into his front pocket.

"Why was it all dull and dirty like that" I ask digging though my pockets trying to find my pack of cigarettes the one thing they let me keep from my pack.' I find it and hand him one.

He takes it and hands me a match. "When its used it gets dirty some say because it absorbs whatever is the problem with whatever its touching. He lights his cigarette and takes a drag

"Didn't you notice how those tortures didn't hurt so bad after they broke your hand?"he says with a little smile

I look at him with a look a slight amazement " Now that you mention it they didn't" I say taking a long drag from my cigarette. He starts talking about the fights he saw last night and how the men I was going to fight were nothing but animals while I am siting there thinking of how this artifact could save me.

I stop him mid sentence "Just exactly how big was the one that revived the man who was dead".

He looks at me puzzled for a minuets then says "About the size of a dog bowel I would guess why?"

" You thank you could get one before my last fight?" I say looking him dead in the eyes

"Sure I have a really big one in my office I break pieces off it to use on little wounds but I still want to know why"Hes says raising his tone slightly.

"You and I both know that the fact is even if I beat these three fights I wont leave Dark Valley alive".I take one last drag from the cigarette and flick it on to the floor. " I want you to take that Peal thing and bring me back to life to put in bluntly"

He stares at me for a minuets I see him get agitated then calm down back the way he was. He finish his cigarette then says

"What do I get out of this they see you just die out their they will know somethings up and you know who they would look at first ME! that's who as I am the only one who's being allowed to see you today.

" I will give you anything I can I just need to get out of this fucking hell hole so I can go nor.." I say

He looks at me and sighs "I will do my best but you have to make your death look convincing." I smile "I will kill as many of them as I can I wont go down like cage lion who's given up."

With that he stands up and leaves his cart squeaking all the way down the hall. I stand up and walk over to the window I am greeted by a cool early morning breeze coming through its rusted bars. I look out and see the sun was now over the horizon and just above the large warehouse like building on the other side of the Pit. I look out to the tree on the hill and smile as I see the bird was back on its perch if moves around then flies up into the sky. I say to myself "Soon my friend I will join you in your freedom soon."

I take one last look out the window then sit down on my bed to wait for Boss to come get my for my first fight. It doesn't take long before a tall man wearing a trench coat and balaclava allowing me to only see his eyes comes to my cell door. I stand up and go to the door as he unlocks it he points down the hall to the right we go down the hall way to a room I haven't seen before.

I walk thru the rusted steel door into the room witch was lined with worn bright red bricks the heavy smell of gunpowder filled the room the celling had four thick brick arches. In the far corner of room set a large wooden barrel it was leaking what looked like water out to the center of the room witch had a rotting chair setting in the pool of liquid from the barrel. Above the chair is a rusting light fixture trying pitifully to light the gloom out of the place. In the dark corner stood the Leader I don't know his actual name as hes never said it to anyone.

I see on the wall on rusted hooks behind him were assorted "tools" for interrogation a machete some tree trimmers and pruners and other hand tools. He steps out of the shadows and I see hes wearing simple bandit clothes a black long sleeve shirt what look like khaki cargo pants tucked neatly into a pair of long lace up boots on his hip was a wwII style luger pistol.

"Well Death see Doc made you a visit" He says letting a little smirk come across his bearded face.

I cross my arms and just stare at him as his ego its much to big for a man who is surrounded my men who would kill him if the price ever got big enough on his head.

"Come on Death loosen up today you start on your path to freedom" he says getting a laugh out of the man behind me. He signals to the man behind me he grabs me and puts me in the chair causing the worn out chair to grown under my weight as he straps my arms in.

He then drags a large steel wash bucket over and orders the man to stick my feet in to it as the leader takes out the bulb from the light and screws in something with wires coming out that just touch the concrete floor. The henchmen gos over to the corner of the room and lights a touch bathing room in in warm forgiving glow compared to the dread that undoubtedly filled this room from the many people who had been put thru in here.

"Well know Death you probably can predict now what going to happen" He says getting another laugh from the other man.

I smile at him and half laughing I say " Never thought you to be a man who would get his hands dirty figured a little piss ant like you would just stand at the door and watch."

He hits me probably as hard as he could across the face with his fist causing my nose to bleed a little then he puts on some rubber gloves on and sticks the wires into the bucket.
Squeezing the chair's arm rests so hard I could hear them popping I Just manage to fight down the need to scream out as he pulls out the wires.

I smile and say thru my still clinched teeth " That all you little pussy have for me then wake me when you actually ready to start."

He takes out his pistol and hits me across the right side of my face causing me to spit blood in to the other mans face causing him to remove his balaclava. I see who he is and stand up with all my strength breaking the chairs rest and tackle the man to the ground causing the bucket to spill all its water out on to the floor and start to hammer my fist into his face. I hit him five or six times knocking him out and breaking his nose and bruising his tattooed face before Leader cocks his pistol and puts it to my head.

"STOP! or you wont leave this fucking room!" He yells at me I get one more hit in before I stand and put my hands up. He goes over to the door and kicks it a couple times yells for some men they come and take me back to my cell me smiling all the way.
  06:55:22  9 June 2010
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On forum: 10/28/2009

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Chapter 12 The End?

I look at the man in the cell next to me still smiling and lightly laughing under my slightly labored breaths.

“Why the hell you smiling you dumb ass your still in this hell hole” He yells at me.

I smile and move my shirt tail up showing him stuffed in my waist band was the tattooed man’s knife. He look at me with fear and anger in his eyes

“Man they catch you with that they will kill you” he looks into my eyes after saying that and realizes that its what I wanted.

“You crazy bastard they finally broke you” he says hanging his head slightly

I take a deep breath and say “ No they haven't broke me I have a plan and my death is the only way I can get out of this hell hole and fuck I probably should tell you as its probably the last time I will have the opportunity to tell anyone. I need to get to the center I have to its the only way I can get my family back”

He shakes his head “ As long as you have been here you should have enough money that your family should come running back to you.”

I walk over to him and grab him by his neck “ Their dead! you little piss ant and the last man who did it is still alive and he is here and I will fucking die with a smile on my face when I kill him.” I yell at Rat Feeling my angry grow at the thought of the tattooed man causing me to squeeze him harder than I intended.

The thought of escaping goes through him I can see it in his frighted eyes

“ I I Will help you just let me the fuck go!” he says gasping for air.

I let him go and he collapses on to the floor gasping to catch his breath.

“Good I will need someone to open all the cells and cause mass disruption with every one trying to escape at once they wont know where to focus.” I say pulling my shirt tail back over the knife making sure it doesn't show.

“Now I figure my little stunt I just did will have them pissed and want to wait till this evening so the Crazies will be back from their hunt and they can have at me.The Leader will probably come in here and personally take me to the Pit when he comes I will kill him get his pistol and we will go from their alright” I say to him as I look around for guards.

Still gasping for air he nods I go to my bed and sit down while lighting a cigarette to try and relax a little as soon I would need all of the anger I can muster to get to the man I wanted. About a hour later they bring us are weeks ration witch was a bowl of mostly spoiled rice and a pieces of bread that probably could be used as a weapon in its self due to its hardness. The short elderly prisoner who brings us our food looks at me and just shakes head as he had heard of what I did. He takes a labored breath then says through his dirty grey beard.

“Heard you beat up Biker” As he hands me my bowel with a moldy looking piece of bread stuffed in it I smile at him and nod he laughs and booming cackle and moves on down the cell line. I lay down after my meal and smile as in few hours all my suffering would be over with.

Any Comments appreciated as I am debating on weather to end this or not.
  15:49:39  9 June 2010
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It'd be nice to see a story end. Nice,good to see Death coming closer to revenge.
  06:20:35  30 November 2010
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Sorry for delay but i have kicked my self every day for not posting a chapter for it would have made ending this so much easier and i would be able to keep my original ending wish i felt better on what i have posted for it probably sucks compared to the time frame to write it though this is i thank the six rendition of the ending and iam going to keep it for sake of getting this story done again sorry for the wait and comments appreciated.

I awaken abruptly a few hours later by a thunderous boom of thunder rattling the building. I look up and see that the dim lamp in the center of the hall was swaying back and forth from the gust of wind coming through one of the doors that lead outside, as it slams open and shut. I sit up and look into Rat’s cell smiling a little as I see him toss and turn on top of his sheets no doubt afraid of what I had asked him to do a couple hours before. I take my last cigarette from its pack and light it letting its sweetness take me back to a time I was truly happy to my family before all my pain and anger corrupted me. With the smile still on my face I exhale a cloud of grey smoke and take out a pda I had brought to me when I first got here and continue working on my project as I have for the past few weeks.

Couple of hours of typing on the worn pda’s buttons I take the last drag from the cigarette and sigh as I flick it to the floor then putting the worn pda into my torn left pocket of my ragged blood stained cargo pants. I stand up and move to the door as I hear an argument coming from the Boss’s room down the hall. I smile as I hear someone tell Biker to calm down and that he would get pay back sooner than he thanks. I shake my head as I knew he wouldn’t get his if there was a breath left in my lungs and a drop blood pumping in my veins I would kill him. I look into the cell beside me and see a single cigarette laying on the box right beside the bars to my cell. I reach thru the bars take it I look it over as it was very odd for lone cigarette to be there for it had been empty since before my incident in the torcher room.

I smell it and smile as its semi sweet aroma was very familiar to me as its maker though I had not seen in years since I had ran out of it. I called it Black Ice it has an interesting property for causing extreme pain for hours in its victim I have seen it kill someone as well as motivate a man to keep living witch was even odder than the death. Its name came from when its let set for minuet or two it would create little black icicles inside itself. I pick up my wadded up pack of cigarettes off the crate beside me and slide it into it as the low echo of boots coming towards me quickly reaches my ears.

I look to see two men dragging quickly down the hall a relatively young man probably no more than twenty to the cell next to Rat. He had had a few tattoos that looked like they were ether done in prison or by him, one was a bird on his shoulder the other was some wire like marks on his neck. I see that the racket made by the trio had stirred Rat from his bunk.

“What’s going on?” He questions while stretching.

“Looks to like they captured someone.” I say slightly mocking his obvious question.

He looks at me annoyed then gets up and moves to the bars looking down to the man the men had carried who was just lying in the floor.

“He looks ex-military judging by the short cut hair and the cleanliness of his clothes for being in the zone.” He says taking a sip of water from his cup that was resting on the barrel by him.

I look closer and see that he was right he definitely had the look of military about him.

“See if you can wake him I want to talk to him.” I say to Rat.

Rat looks at me doubting as he knew what I was probably going to say to him then tosses his cup of water in to the man’s face. He gasps, as the water was surly ice cold he looks to Rat who was smiling at him.

“What the fuck you do that for?” he half yells at Rat while whipping the water dripping off his face.

Rat simply steps a side and places his cup against one of the bars on the window letting the now pouring rain fill the cellblock with its echoing taping on its thin metal body.

“I told him to what’s your name boy?”

“Private Nikola Ivanov and just who the hell are you?”

I ignore his question “We are planning something and I could use someone who is “experienced” with a weapon. You want in?” He straightens up and looks me in the eyes I see his face react to their coldness, as I knew they showed he looks to the caked on blood that still stained my shirt.

“Yes” he finally answers with a hint of fear.

“Good, my name is I smirk a little as it was one of the few times I have ever had to tell anyone is Death and you have meet Rat.” Rat smiles at him tipping his cup.

He looks at Rat sternly then ask “So what this plan?”

“The plan is for you to help Rat when the time comes now get some rest I expect it to begin soon.” He looks at me questioning as he sees a hint of emotion show in my eyes for a second then fades away as I walk over to my bunk and sit down. As I lay my head against the wall, I close my eyes and see small tidbits of my past all of them cheerful happy a small tear rows out of my eyelid as I hear a quiet whisper in the voice of a goddess say “Soon my child soon.”
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