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The legend of the stalker named Death

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  09:07:34  2 April 2010
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Chapter 5

I look up from my gaze in to the fire to see that Kids the only one still listen Chimney and Sparrow are a sleep where there sitting. I look at Kid "lets get to bed we got a hell of a morning coming" he nods and kicks them awake I send a message to Cross that he would be re leaved in a couple hours. They get up and head into the bunk area I look at my watch and see that its ten thirty I pull out a metal case and take cigarette from it and light it letting its sweet smell envelope me.

I sit down on a log near the fire and start to lose my self in it rhythmic dance of nature at it bear basic I smile at the thought of how fire like all things need three things to live.I close my eyes and let the zone surround me in its dark embrace of the night most people are absolute terrified of being out at all at night I have become at home at this time just like a baby in its mothers embrace.

As my body adjusts to the lack vision I begin to hear the sounds of all the beast that call the zone there playground at night the growl of a distant pack of dogs fighting over something sounds of distant gunfight somewhere to the east and a low rumble of a thunder storm.I take a long drag of the cigarette pretending to not to hear the sounds of a mans heavy foot falls behind me.As they get closer I ease out my pistol from my hip when I here them with in ten feet I get up quickly turn aim at him I cant believe my eyes standing in front of me is probably the biggest man in the zone.He stands seven foot four as strong as a freight train."Lurch?" I ask I get a big smile from the mountain standing in front of me.

He comes on in to the light of the fire and sits down on a box causing it to creak under his weight "How the hell you been I haven't seen you since you we wer building defenses for the bar" "Been good traveled around with a Duty squad awhile heard you were back down here so I figured I come see you need another hand" He says in a voice that always makes you thank of Lurch from the old Adams family shows I smile at just how much hes like Lurch in every way."Well I do I am leading a little band of loners and we are to attack that little compound there over that hill tomorrow" Lurch just smiles and shakes his head " Well I need some rest see you in the morning Lurch"
I say as I head into the bunk house.

I awake at five and start waking up the squad seeing that Chimney was gone and in his place was Cross I seen a message to the other squad to make sure there going as they start preparing some breakfast. About a hour later we move into position behind the bandits compound "Sparrow you and Kid go to the left building Lurch you and Cross take center me and Chimney take this one here" They move down in the predawn hours I start to look at the place and see that the bandits hadn't been looking after the place at all I send a message to the squad B that we were in position and waiting for them ten minuets is the response I sit there in a bush looking at the amazing amount of dew or frost on the building's roof witch would be where me and Chimney need to enter the building from(hope I can kill a guy with a better up close gun when I get inside) I thank to my self.

Ten minuets pass quick I get a message say we were to start it I signal for them to move in me and Chimney climb a tree that had fallen against the side of the building during one of the frequent thunder storm we had lately due to the amount of buds still on the limbs.We reach the roof and see that the catwalks put there years ago by the loners were amazingly still there most were missing some sections but for the most part they were still there.After a tedious crawl across the roof we reach the hatch into the little attic of what was the loners old leaders living quarters we ease the hatch open with a horrific drawn out creak from its rusted out hinges. We get down into the attic I send three beeps over the pda to the men we drop down into the room and get set up at the door waiting for the others to start suddenly a thunders boom comes from the other building from Sparrows shotgun answered by a load shriek of a scream we storm in threw the door slaughtering three before they can even move their head from their pillows.

I grab the man next to mes gun proceed to kill another as the I hear Lurch's machine gun open up on the area between the building we clear the building quickly finding it odd that theres only five men in here. We turn to open the door to the courtyard as a forty mm grenade blows the door off its hinges showering us with shrapnel from its wooden body and masonry.As the cloud clears we see a scene straight from a action movie tracers from Lurch gun ripping apart the small amount of cover out there I see a bandit get literal cut in half from the ridiculousness amount of fire cutting across the courtyard as the other squads starts cutting into them from from the roof of the other building.

About a minuet later all thats left is standing in the courtyard is fence post the smell of blood and gun power is so thick you can taste it.We go around and check the bandits to make sure there all dead I see some with there guts spilled open most are so shot up they look like ground up meat one man was nailed by a grenade his body parts layed stoled about the area.As the soon begins to poke its head out we see that sometime during the night the bandits had grown to twenty five my men show up I see Sparrow was shot in the shoulder what it doesn't look too bad.'Lets clean up the body before some creature get wind of the blood" few hours later the base is cleared and we begin fortifying the place for a expected counter attack.
  16:17:03  6 April 2010
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next chapter of your awesome story?
  22:32:05  6 April 2010
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Chapter 6

The overbearing noon day sun of spring time in the zone begins to bear down on the old steel roofed buildings of the newly acquired base as a cold blustery northern wind sweeps over the pile of bodies now bloated by the suns rays just north of the compound driving the stench into the men causing many to gag at its potency. This with the sounds of dogs at the bodies hungry eating has nearly every one on edge except for the few experienced men. While Death and his men are working on the back side of the compound trying to restretching a badly slackened and rusted barbwire fence word starts to spread threw the Cordon and Garbage areas about the recent uprising agents the bandits by the loners.

Thirty or so loners had ether walked by or joined the compound in the few hours it had been since the battle swelling their numbers to around twenty. Most were rookies who had learned quick that it was not wise to stay in the stagnant pool that cordon becomes after you had been here long enough to learn most of its cycles. The leader of the compound a man who looked like he could be in his sixties gave them all jobs some went to help Lurch and others drag a old car from across the street to be used as a barrier for the front. Others went about helping dig a low trench behind the fence Death's squad was repairing others patching the roofs , repair holes in walls gathering firewood and one squad of men were sent to carry thick slabs of concrete to be used as a front wall.

After several hours of hard work the crumbling buildings were finally beginning to look like a defendable base.As the sun begins to sink behind another growing storm front the men begin to start a fire in the center and a hunting party is formed to find food for the camp as the work of the long day begins to wind down. Death volunteers his squad manly to get away from the base and the smell of the bodies as the strong winds from the growing storm to the north begin to push the smell deeper into all the men. Deaths party head east across the road to a small valley behind the rail line that usually has many fleshes and boars in it due to its lack of anomalies.

They climb to the rails to get a view of the valley on both sides of the line Kid spots some bodies by a old camp fire at the old locomotive.
He starts to head to them but is abruptly stopped by Death "Don't go near them or you will never leave there company" Deaths says in a cereal tone "Why not looks like a plain old camp with dead bodies near the fire"Kids says in a slight mocking tone. Death shakes his head at the head strong youngster "Spacial anomaly formed over that camp years ago they probably never knew they were trapped till they tried to leave that is the worst death any man could ask for to slowly die of starvation or dehydration the mind soon breaks and one of them probably killed the other two" The Kid stands there for a minuet ponder on the fact that it would truly be hell to be trapped in one of them.

The men continue to walk down the rail the echo of their boots on the steel rails seeming to go on forever in the silence of the area around them only thing to join it was the sound of the grass being rustled by the increasing wind from the storm as it got closer to them. They finally come to a stop as they see there quarry a large boar sleeping in the tangled limbs of a falling tree. Death unslings his rifle and pulls out the scope from his bag then attaches it."You and Sparrow go right around to the front Chimney go to the left find something to make it come out Cross just hang back out of the way I don't thank your Mp5 will do much to it"Death says with a smile at Cross who just shakes his head and laughs a little as he walks on up the rails a little ways.

Sparrow ,Kid and Chimney surround the boar and start to throw rocks while yelling and jumping up in down the boar wakes with a start breaking many limbs trying to get away. It finally breaks free from the tree charging up the embankment straight at Death who calmly wraps the leather sling around his arm with a low creak from the old strap.He takes aim for the nose of the charging beast a slight squeeze of the trigger sends the 30-06 round sailing out the end of the barrel with a thunderous boom it flies slightly high going straight threw the animals right eye dropping the animal in a heap as its brain is killed.

A smoking casing falls from the gun bouncing off the rail as the men move in on their future meal.Drawing a rather large bowie knife from his side Death looks at they others "Any of you know how to clean a carcasses" Kid is the only one to nod his head. Death shakes his head "Figures the only one who actually looks like hes hunted for his food" He says with a slight smirk."Well lets get to it rest of you keep watch don't want any uninvited guest to show up"Death says putting the scope back into its bag and setting his rifle agents his backpack.

About a hour later the headless and gutted body of the boar lay in front of the two men.The men grab their gear as it starts to rain a very cold hard rain Death yells over the pouring rain and claps of thunder for two of them to grab the boar.The five men tromp threw the quickly becoming ankle deep mud under the almost knee high grass in some areas as they try to keep from climbing all the way to the rails for they don't wont to be near them if it gets struck by lighting.A trip that took only thirty minuets at the most earlier was now at a hour and they were only half way thanks to the tangle of roots and quickly deeping mud grabbing at their boots every time the take a step.

Another hour later they make it to the base and see that the fire outside not surprisingly was out but they could see the glow from one in the building to the right. They carry their prize into the cook of the band of loners he takes the meat into a room to put the concoction of chemicals that the scientist gives or sale to men of the zone to make almost any meat from the animals here edible makes them most of the time taste awful but its better than dying of radiation poising. Few minuets later the wonderful smell of a hot meal sweeps threw the building brighting the look on everyone face for most it was the first hot meal in a long time.

The Old Man as the group now call him give orders for the first men to get a meal to replace the men on watch not surprisingly Death's squad was the first to get the meal since they were the one to get the boar in the first place.They eat happily knowing they would be out in the miserable rain in a little bit as the storm seams to grow even stronger as if it knows some weary men were about to be out in it.
  07:18:08  16 April 2010
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Chapter 7

After few days of near constant rain all over the zone Death is alone crossing Cordon heading towards the tunnel to Dark Valley the low rumble of thunder in the distant is answered by nothing but complete and utter silence witch even in the zone was odd.Death pays no mine to this as his mind is on other things particularly the things he learned from a man named Bear after the two day battle to take the Auto Park that was the bandits last holding in Cordon.

At the top of a hill just above the old road to the tunnel Death stops and sits looking out of the bush at the still body laden compound to his right. The wind sweeps up the road bring with it the smell of death so strong that nearly anyone would of probably got up and moved on but Death just sits there breathing it in bringing back memories of the bloody battle that cost more loners than any battle he could thank of even going back to the faction wars.

Death leans back against his pack taking another deep breath as he close his eyes. About four days ago Death and his men had just finished their watch as a call come out over the old radio brought from the rookie camp calling for all the squad leaders with experience in the zone to come to a meeting at the base.

Death arrives there and is surprised to see a lot of familair faces from the faction war days.He enters a large house in the center surrounded by several heavily armed Duty men he enters the crumbling house with the other leaders. In the center of the room set a huge table covered in maps and two badly charred kerosene lamps trying desperately to light the room agents the darknest begining to swallow the base.

Death looks at all the maps seeing that it has radio codes for some squad named D squad and many pictures of the Auto Park.As Death starts looking at the pictures a huge man dressed in a Duty officers exoskeleton walks in and yells for the stalkers to stand at attention.Hes followed by two more and Wolf who has the most serious face I had ever seen on him.

“Men we gathered you all here to talk about our planed attack on the bandits last refuge in Cordon” “I am not going to lie to you like these men were planing on I dont expect many of you to be around after we taking it we are expecting casualties to be as high as half of our men ” he says sounding as if hes about to cry. I look at the men around me and see not many are fazed by the statement as many are veterans of the zone I only see a few with fear in their eyes.

Few hours later the meeting is adjourned and all who attend dispense out into the darkness except for Wolf and the Dutiers.Later that night a huge force by the standers of the loners surround the Auto Park as a massive thunder storm starts lighting up the area around them with huge lightning strikes streaking across the sky.

All the men look down into the compund and see that the bandits had forified the place to the point of being ridiculous two machinguns over looked the open ground in the center and the front and northern entrances. The back side was blocked by the remains of a old truck and metal the northern entreanced had a old wreck of a car in it creating two fatal funnels agents the walls of the two buildings all in all it was just a death trap every where they looked.

As it started to sprinkle rain as if the zone was reading its self wash the blood that was about to be spilled all over its ground the signal for the attack was given.
  07:13:07  30 April 2010
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probably stupid to declare this but planing on a really big update for this Saturday planing for it to have two long chapters as I probably will take a little break from it and try to finish my other story.
  20:44:22  2 May 2010
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Death is stopped from his day dream by the sound of gun fire up the road from him. He eases himself down the hill to the edge of the brush and looks up to the barrier in front of the tunnel to Dark Valley and sees a small group of stalkers being attacked by a pack of snorks. He quickly grabs his bag and his newly acquired ak-47 and starts to sprint up the hill to help as he didn't want to have to dill with the things later when he went thru the tunnel.

He starts shooting at one coming down the road at him a full auto burst from the Ak practically decapitates the beast just as it was about to jump at him. He hurries on up the road right when he reaches the side of the sandbag wall that formed the front wall and the side wall of the little shelter built a stalker comes over it with one of the snorks tearing at him from on top of his back.

Death starts yelling for him to fall down but he just keeps running around Death takes aim and empties the rest of the magazine in to the creature with a few hitting the stalker.

Death reloads quickly as he hears another stalker over the wall screaming in pain he hops the wall and sees a stalker franticly trying to knock one off him Death empties his AK into the snork nearly cutting it in two. He goes over and looks over the downed stalker he can see that he's in bad shape blood was oozing out his jacket thru huge tears his left forearm was broke in two with a large chunk of bone sticking out threw the cuff of his rolled up sleeve. His left hand was missing his ring and pinkie fingers.
Death goes out and look at the guy who had the snork on his back he see that one of the bullets had went thru the snorks head and cut the stalkers jugular. He hurries back to the other stalker and see that he had dragged himself to a sitting position up agents a pile of crates beside the campfire. Death puts his backpack down and digs thru it till he finds a couple med kits and proceeds to wrap and splint the stalkers wounds.

"Stalker where did these things come from" I say to him shaking him.
He groans a little but finally says "They came from the north" He looks around

"Two guys ran into the tunnel after they first jumped us" He says before passing out.

I shake my head as I look at all the blood around "As much as I want to I can't just leave you here" I say to myself while looking around for any threats. Death looks at his watch and curse as if he takes the time to help him to a safe place he will miss his best chance of catching a squad of bandits at the old farm on the other side of tunnel. He starts to go towards the tunnel but stops at the entrance curses some more then goes back and gently pick the man up and starts' caring him off towards Wolf's rookie camp.

Chapter 8
Two hours later I am back at the entrance to the tunnel just as it starts getting dark which I knew was if there was a worse time to go thru it was now as it would be close to midnight before I made it to the other side not including if something that want me as a snack is waiting in its depths. Due to the fact that this particular tunnel the last few years at this time of year was always full of mutants it was a good chance that there was going to be something hungry in its depths
I take a deep breath of the fresh air outside before strapping my gasmask on then I go into stagnate death ridden air that the tunnel possessed. I went in maybe thirty yards before I found the remains of one of the stalkers who fled to the tunnel I looked at the body by the light of my lighter and could see that he had clearly ran in to a bloodsucker as he was as pale as bed sheet with blood all over his neck. I search the corpse and find three mags for my AK and a med kit then move on down the tunnel.

About an hour of walking I find the other stalker the pour man ran into a fruit punch anomaly all that remained of him was his torso at the edge of one of the deeper ones that crisscross this portion of the tunnel. I leave the body alone as he wasn't wearing a stalker suit but just a jacket so I figured it wouldn't be worth the risk of getting near the pit.

Another hour of walking hearing nothing but my own breathing a deep rumbling moan coming from somewhere ahead of me reaches my ears stopping me dead in my tracks "Shit what the fucks a controller doing in here" I half yell to myself.

I fumble along my belt trying to find my psi detector hoping I wouldn't have to strike my lighter to find it as I have no idea how close it was to me. I finally find it and turn it on its light blue display illuminating my face as if it's a mini sun do to the shear pitch blackness of the tunnel thankfully it shows that only minimal levels witch meant it hadn't found me yet.

I flip a few switches on the device turning it to vibrate when it reached high levels and slowly walk down the wall to my right as I reach a place in the tunnel where the tunnel had caved in some I start to hear the shuffling and moaning of a few zombies. I swing my Ak to my back and begin to climb the ruble pile as quietly as I can I look up while climbing over a large chunk of concrete to see a zombies back two feet from my face I freeze as I knew from reports and seeing it done before that if the zombie saw me the controller and every zombie in the tunnel would know where I was.

I stay in this awkward and becoming increasingly painful position for what feels like days. Finally an echo of gun fire makes the once human creature start walking down the tunnel away from me. I slowly begin to move over the rest of the pile I make it over and smile as I see that the end of the tunnel is just forty yards away.

My smile is quickly taken away by what standing in my way three zombies were fighting it out with a group of bandits just outside the tunnel. I start to hurry down the other side trying to watch for the control as I run over small pieces of concrete tearing holes in my suit and body every stumbling step brings more pain "Wish I had a pair of night vision goggles right now" I say under my breath as I finally reach solid ground.

I move quietly down the left side for five minutes with not a shot from the zombies that are within thirty feet of me I reach a door to an old shelter and ease myself in to the doorway. I watch as the bandits start to get ahead of the zombies one falling down right beside me. I look at its face and almost yell its name as it was one of the men I came to the zone with so long ago I look out and see the control staring at me. I grab for my Ak but don't make as I am hit by a blast of energy making my head fill like it's going to explode I start to hallucinate I fight thru it with all my might and finally get my hands on my rifle.

I try to lift it up off the ground but it's as if its glued to the floor it doesn't move at all. The control finally finds the one thing in my mind that I can't fight off it starts showing me memories of my family as raise up on to my knees it starts to show me my wife at the our wedding day. She couldn't be more beautiful if she was a angle sent from heaven she wore a glowing white dress her eyes were like jewels there was light organ music playing bright sunlight was coming thru the huge stained glass around the huge organ in behind a chorus.

I look around the church and see many family and friends I look back at my wife and notice she has a veil over her face I reach up to take it off and see that my hands are covered in blood I look down to wipe them off and see I am in stalker suit with huge rips all over. I look out to the pews and their emptied and rotting the huge doors are gone the glass around is broken but only a little light comes in from a sky covered clouds lighting striking off in the distant.

I catch a glance of what could be Chernobyl way out in the distance. I turn back to look at my wife and she's not there in her place is the biggest bloodsucker I had ever seen blood dripping from its mouth and huge claws. It slams its left claw into me I feel my ribs break and it claws piercing my lungs as it rips it out of me I drop to my knees coughing blood all over the shattered wood floor and its claw like feet it then knocks me thru the air smashing two pews having most of the parts land on top of me. It takes most of my strength to shove the parts off as I hear the creature walking towards me I get to my feet but don't stay long as I fall to one knee. Filling my life slowly draining from me I reach for I knife I knew was in my boot as I always carry it "Come on you fucking monster" I yell drawing it with blood coming from my mouth.

When it gets close to me it swipes at me but miss and with every bit of strength left in my body I slam the knife in its ribs where its hearts is we slam to the ground as it lets out a roar of a controller the church rapidly turns back to the tunnel. laying beside me is the twisted and mutated body of the controller its eyes deaden by the knife sticking out of its chest. I reach up and fill my chest and see their is huge claw marks going across it. I take the knife out it chest and craw over to the door way where I see my rifle still laying there.

I stumble to my feet leaning against the wall I slowly make my way to the exit as I see the bandits left run off. I stumble out in to the cold night air I pull what's left of my gas mask off my face letting it drop to the ground I make it to a line of thick brush I just manage to make it inside before I pass out.
  20:59:36  2 May 2010
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Chapter 9
Death awakes in what looks to be a jail cell he looks around and see that there are other stalkers in cells down the line. He starts to sit up out of the jail style bunk he was laying in but is stopped by a huge surge of pain he looks down and sees that he is tied into the bed by four lines of barb wire wrapping over his open chest wounds too just above his waist. He fights the need to yell out in pain as he starts fighting the barbwire trying to get free causing deeper and deeper wounds a stalker beside him sees him.

"Hey man stop that stupid shit your just making that shit worst" He say half yelling at Death as he fights harder causing more and more blood to drip off the wire.

Death stops and stares at the man who talk to him with cold dead looking eyes that of a cage animal wanting free from its cage.

"Where is this fucking place" He says lying back down on the bunk.

"Bandit headquarters here in Dark Valley more like prison if you ask me what I thank it really is" The man says with a grim tone.

"And by the look of things you're not one in their good graces as I have been here for three months and have never seen someone tied to a bed like you are" he finishes taking a drink from a cup in beside him.

Death smiles slightly at not being in their good grace he had hunted ever bandit he found down and tortured them in to telling him what he need to know he ether killed them after or left them where he started working on them ever bandit told stories about him like he was some boogieman. Death is stopped from his thoughts by a man with a huge tattoo going from his neck up to his left temple covering most of the left side of his face at the door laughing at him.

"Look at the man nearly every bandit in the zone fears worse than the zone its self trapped like a rat to a bunk bed in my prison". He says letting out a booming laugh.

The stalker who first spoke to Death now has a look of shock on his face at finding out who he was the man also sees a look in the eyes of Death grow a look of pure animalistic rage. Death fight with increasing violent force against his bond as he recognize the man who stood in front of his cell it was the man who was in the room his family died the one who was laughing at his handy work as he wiped a knife on his pants leg so long ago.

"You SON OF A BITCH!" Death yells at the man.

He breaks a couple strands before two men come in and knock him out with their gun stocks. Death comes to in the floor with his hands tied behind his back. He looks out the small barred window and sees that it was about noon. He rise up feeling his skin is sticky from all of his dried blood he looks to the floor and sees a good size pool where he laid and by the bed. He tries to stand but he sits back down immediately as his head starts to hurt from the blows from the beating he took earlier.

He looked in to a shiny side of chrome bowl containing some water and see that his face had a big bruise on its right check his nose looked broke and a good size cut went across his forehead caked in dried blood. The stalker next door rises up from his bunk as he hears Death moving around.

"Damn man they worked you over" He says upon seeing Deaths' face

Death starts to say something but is stopped by a man wearing a hood over his face opening the door to his cell but not entering. Death shifts his ropes under his feet and brings them to his front so he could defend himself if need the man in the hood just stands there. After a little bit longer the huge man musters enough courage steps out of the doorway and signals Death to come out. Death walks out of his cell and down a long hallway that had a blood trail where something's been dragged down it. Its dull yellow bricks seem to be complete lacking of any sympathy for the mind of the men in their cells. The cold steel of the cell bars loomed over everything in the hallway Death noticed many were caked in blood and bits of human flesh.

Death was led in to a small room with a couple of somewhat clean beds and some medical equipment with a military man standing in the corner he was Cleary there for his medical training as he had a serpent and staff pin on his chest.

"Sit him their" The military man said to the brute of a man behind Death with all the feeling of a man who had work on wounded men to long.
Death sits down on a bed as the Doctor as his name tag said moved over to him moving a blood stained chrome tool cart with him.

After looking at all the blood on Death chest the Doctor tells him to take of his top after he ordered the guard to cut the rope binding Deaths hands. As soon as Death rope cut he start thinking of escaping but realize quickly that he wouldn't make it far without a gun and the guard didn't have one. So he removes his jacket and shirt causing him to wince a little in pain from the wounds that had clotted reopening some causing blood to ooze down his arms and chest slightly.

The Doctor toss him a rag and a jug of water he takes a big drink from the water and then starts painfully removing the caked on blood from his wounds while the Doctor looked thru a bag of needles. Few minutes later most of the blood is off and the guard and Doctor look at Death body with surprised look on their faces.

"I have never seen a body covered in more scars in my entire service in the army and in this hell hole" The doctor says cutting some string for stitching.

Death laughs a little "I have survived more shit than most men see in their entire lifetime in the zone" he says with compete emotionless face as the doctor starts stitching on him.

Few hours later of work Death is led back to his cell where he promptly falls asleep on his blood stained bed.
  10:04:54  8 May 2010
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Looking good ghost.
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Chapter 10

Several days of beatings and tortures follow for Death he had expected that they would of just executed him and put his body up for display after all the trouble be had caused them over the years. During one of the tortures yesterday Death's heart actually stopped twice but they just brought him back to life and continued.

Resting on his bunk he looks over all the wounds he had sustained his fingers on his left hand were broke but set in place by some poorly made cast over them. His ribs were wrapped by heavy canvas as they were broken the morning after his first day awake by the first beating. His back had several deep cuts from the day before' bull whipping with several more around his body where the whip had actually wrapped around him.

He was weakened by the fact that though being treated several of his wounds were badly infected. His face was badly bruised his left eye was swollen shut. He's stopped from looking at his wounds by a man being dragged screaming down the hallway in front of him and out two large double doors. He knew what was in stored for the young man he was being taken to the Pit as everyone calls it.

The Pit's a hole dug in the ground about as long as a trailer house and about as wide as two and half set side by side. Know idea if it was built by the bandits or had a less barbaric purpose it was basically the Bandit's Arena if you had to described it to someone quickly who never seen it before they held nearly every day some sort of fight in it ether man vs man or man vs mutant sometimes they even have mutant vs mutant.

The man vs man one were usually the one that meant the most to the fighters as if you survived the fight you were usually sent free though being sent out into the Dark Valley with a pistol and a single mag could hardly be described as being free.

" Alright you worthless pieces of crap you know the drill" The Boss as he makes everyone call him yells out to all the prisoners.

We were let out of our cells and taken to a special little area beside the Pit where we watched the fights from we were mainly brought out so we could have our hopes broken when the bandits cheated so the men fighting never make it out of the pit. I see that it was the pretty much the standard set up the two men were on each end of the pit in the center sat a crate on top of it laid a shotgun two shells that were ether both empties or one was loaded and a pistol with one clip beside it both set so that if one man ran into the crate too hard they would fall into the mud and be hard to find.

I look up from the Pit close my eyes and take a deep breath of cool fresh air as it was the first time I had been outside in a couple of days. I open my eyes and look out the hole in the wall to the north of us and smile as I see a single bird just siting in a dead tree at the top of the hill.It turns it head a few time then flutters it wings as if acknowledging that I was looking at it. I watch it for a little longer before it screeches and flights off circling high above us in the compound.

I look down at the pit as the fight was about to start I see that the man who was dragged out was visibly scared to death he was shaking badly where he stood. The other man I recognized as one of the bandit Crazes as most people called them they were the elite of the bandits most were as their name says insane they were known mostly for the brutality.

A pistol is shot into the air and the two men run for the crate the kid falls just short of the box the bandit doesn't even stop at the crate he jumps over it and proceeds to beat the stalker with his bear hands. The stalker tries to fight back getting a few good hits on the man but eventually he gives up and bandits kicks him in the head breaking his neck with a audible crack.

We are led back to our cells where the head of the base is waiting for me witch can't be good as the two times I saw him before the other bandits nearly killed me. He watches me sit down on the bed then clears his throat.

"We have a problem with you being here Death " He says staring out the bared window.

"We cant openly kill you as that would make us quite the few powerful enemies but I am not about to let you just walk out of here freely" He says looking me over with a evil looking smirk.

" Seeing as your in top fighting condition tomorrow you will fight the first of three matches you survive them all I will personally take you to the old homestead to the west".

With a arrogant smile he leaves I sit their staring at the floor as I knew that not one of the fights was going to be in anyway towards my favor. I lie back into the bed and try to get some sleep as I figured I had about a hour or two before we would be taken outside again to help seal the base up for night fall.
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