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Alexi's sentence

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  05:16:53  1 February 2010
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On forum: 02/01/2010
Messages: 1
I love your work! whens the next one gonna come out?
  05:58:13  1 February 2010
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Out In The Stix Bartender


On forum: 12/22/2009
Messages: 1901
I'm glad you like my work

but I haven't started chapter four yet I have had a lot of school work I'll see what I can do check back later in the week and it could be up
  09:26:31  4 February 2010
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Out In The Stix Bartender


On forum: 12/22/2009
Messages: 1901
Chapter 4 is ready sorry about the delay

Chapter 4

A boar could be heard grunting in the distance and Alexi awoke abruptly to the noise. “Fuck I’m going to have to get used to these noises” he mumbled, Alexi checked his PDA, the clock read 0530, “no point in going back to sleep now”. Alexi could see movement in the village he wondered if it was that wanker he met yesterday but didn’t give a rats because the grunting was getting closer and he didn’t exactly want to be impaled.

He got up and made his way towards the village. When he arrived next to the campfire he felt a hand land softly on his back. “FUCK” yelled Alexi “didn’t anyone teach you not to sneak up on people”. Alexi turned round and was greeted by a man who also wore a strange suit like Package did, “I’m sorry did I startle you” said the man sincerely.
“Did you startle me, did you fucking startle me, no of course not. You only gave me a fucking heart attack’ Alexi yelled, with anger and nervousness in his voice.
“Calm down please, you will wake the other rookies”.
“Well if you hadn’t fucking scared the absolute shit out of me I wouldn’t be yelling”. Alexi wasn’t yelling anymore but he was still talking loudly.
“I am sorry I thought you were Fowl and I was goi…..”
Alexi cut the man off, “who the fuck is that”
“Fowl is the guy who stands guard at the road”
“That dickhead do you know how hard it was to get an answer out of him. All he kept saying was Fucking rookies this and fucking rookies that. I would have punched him in the mou….”
This time the man cut Alexi off “typical, Fowl thinks he is top dog of this village and will train the rookies when I leave. However everyone around here knows he is only a rookie so he tries to push around new arrivals telling them all sorts of shit. Such as how Wolf and I are fucking sick and tired of rookies and training you wears us experienced ones out.”
“Yeah he told me that. So why do you call him foul is it because of his vocabulary”
“No, not foul as in foul language but Fowl as in poultry. He likes to think it’s because of his name so that’s why he speaks like that but he got the name Fowl because of a mission he did.”
“Which was?” Alexi inquired intrigued.
“A few months ago I chose my three best students if you can call these people that. The people I chose were two guys who left awhile ago and Fowl.”
“Go on.”
“It was a simple job, go and retrieve the PDA off a nearby stalkers body. Simple really but no offence intended, rookies aren’t the best fighters.”
“None taken”
“So off they went they didn’t even have to travel to far, a K at the most and when they get there, the sight of a dead body is to much for Fowl he starts throwing up and becomes hysterical. The thing is the body hadn’t even decomposed it was a fresh corpse that had been created by the military not even half an hour before hand. Yet Fowl treated it like it was a 6 month old body. They came back and Fowl has never left the village since.”
“Nice story and all but how did he get the name.” Alexi asked impulsively.
“Don’t get impatient with my stories boy I have many that would blow your mind.”
“Sorry about that”
“That’s okay I know your anxious to find out how he got the name I just hate people who don’t slow down. Anyway a few days later some of the other rookies started calling him chicken and so he started swearing. Sure everyone swears but he was doing it excessively. I didn’t like people calling him chicken it was juvenile and inappropriate but when he tried to give me a tongue lashing that’s when I had enough.”
“What did you do?”
“I told the boys they could call him another name as long as it wasn’t as direct as chicken they got together and they came up with Fowl for its double meaning, his language and his nature.”

“Pretty smart that.”
“I know but how rude of me I haven’t even told you my name yet. It’s Wolf and you are?”
“Alexi, Alexi Vodosky, I was sent here as punishment for petty theft.”
Wolf stuck a hand out and Alexi gripped it firmly and they shook hands. “Alexi hey, that’s pretty harsh. So I take it you want me to teach you the basics of zone survival then?”
“Ummmm yeah I guess that’s it.”
“Well okay but you will have to wai…” Wolf cut himself off. “Alexi get down into one of the basements now!” Wolf whispered with urgency in his voice.
“What? how come?” Alexi asked confused
“Just do what I tell you, that is the first lesson of survival here, now go.” Wolf directed Alexi down into a basement before he proceeded to ring a bell near the campfire.

The bell clanged loudly a lot of movement could be heard from the nearby houses. Boots were being pulled on, pistols were being loaded and safeties were being turned off. Suddenly there was silence, bar the heavy breathing of a man wearing a brown leather jacket at the top of the basement’s stairs. Something was out there but Alexi didn’t know what.

Three minutes later the sound of a burst of assault rifle fire filled the crisp morning air. It wasn’t so quiet anymore. Pistols were going and so were assault rifles this was interspersed with brief shouts. “Get the fuck away from there, grenade” and “fuck that was to close”, were the main ones but something caught Alexi’s ear above the noise. “Alexi I’m coming down don’t panic.” It was Wolf he was calling for Alexi in a urgent tone. “Alright Wolf I won’t.” Alexi called back to him.
“Alexi it’s gone to shit up top normally the military only sends three or four to attack us but they have sent around 15 this time, they want to wipe us out so I need every available man I can get.” Wolf had a pleading look in his eyes and Alexi knew he was desperate.
“Wolf I have never fired a weapon before how can I be any help?”
“That’s why I was reluctant to come and ask you but since we have lost three guys we need you”
“But I don’t even know how to reload a pistol”
“It’s simple; here take my Tokarev I will show you how. To place a fresh clip in the pistol press the magazine release then slam a fresh one in after that all you need to do is release the slide. Easy right”
“Yeah I guess so.” Wolf was still looking at him “Okay Wolf I’ll try”
“I’m sorry that your first lesson was like this, but afterwards if you survive it’ll be invaluable.”
“If I survive Wolf?” Asked Alexi while gulping
“Yes Alexi if, I can’t guarantee your survival I have twelve others to worry about as well, not just you.”
“Okay let’s go.” Alexi said trying to sound determined.

Outside of the basement it was hectic bullets were whizzing all over the place, men were cowering behind walls trying to pluck up the courage to fight but not being able to, in the centre of the village were three bodies, all looked like a thousand shards of metal had just ripped through them and in the middle of all this was Alexi Pveta Vodosky petty thief now turned village defender. “Alexi” Wolf shouted “you see those three bodies over there a grenade landed near them and tore them to shreds try not to end up like them.”
“Okay Wolf I’ll try he shouted back.” Wolf led Alexi up to an old bus that was inoperable and turned around to talk to him. “Alexi use the Tokarev I gave you and just fire blindly at them okay, you have three clips use them how you wish just don’t get killed. I have to go and check on the group in the cemetery Void here will help you. Good luck Alexi.” Before Alexi could say a word Wolf was off dashing from cover to cover making his way to the cemetery. “So you must be the new guy huh?” Alexi snapped out of his trance and turned to the voice. “Names Void and at the moment I don’t give a fuck who you are just fire that pistol.” Void turned away, leaned around the side of the bus and unleashed a volley of fire on the enemy before ducking back in just as a burst of fire hit the fence next to him. “C’mon newbie do something I can’t do this myself.”
“O…O…Okay Void I’ll try.” Alexi stood up using the bonnet of the bus as cover and unleashed three rounds he wasn’t expecting the recoil and his arm went wild. “Quick get the fuck down.” Screamed void, “unless you want your body to be shredded by those guys.” Alexi was about to stand up again but Void held him down and just shook his head at him before pointing towards the enemy position. “They have a bead on you pop up again and your mince meat I’ll fire now then you can, we have to alternate.”
“But won’t they eventually pick up on that” retorted Alexi
“I don’t know probably, just get ready when it’s your turn okay.” Alexi nodded grimly knowing this tactic would probably be the end of him but he was powerless to stop it.

Another burst of assault rifle fire sounded just as Void was about to lean but it came from the side of the enemy not from them directly. “Someone’s flanking them” cheered void.
Wolf came running up the path and dived in behind the bus. “What the fuck was that” he hissed.”
“Don’t know Wolf but it’s not them or their guys that’s for sure.” Void said joyfully.
“Don’t dance just yet Void it could be the bandits trying to pick off the weakened military before taking us out.”
“I doubt that Wolf, look” Void pointed out to where the enemy used to be, “they are retreating”
“Well who the hell was that then?” Just as Wolf finished four figures walked down the drive way.

“Ahhhh brother” said a jolly voice “I see you just had a hard fight on your hands don’t worry most of them are dead and the rest are retreating. They won’t bother you for a while.”
“Thanks Fox” Wolf said through clenched teeth.
“Why the anger Wolf? me and my boys just saved your camp so how about a drink.”
“At six o’clock in the morning why?”
“Because I’m thirsty, why else.”
“Okay brother what ever you say.”
  21:16:14  6 February 2010
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100RadsBar - Formerly known as LoboTheMan


On forum: 06/03/2009
Messages: 1709
Nice reading, I like the story so far

Keep it up
  22:32:03  6 February 2010
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On forum: 08/24/2009
Messages: 348
great story so far
waiting for next chapter bigtime!
  23:02:53  6 February 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
I LOVE the story,keep it up.
I wonder only one thing: Military tried to stop people from getting in the zone,but how come they are given a choice to go there?
  10:56:16  7 February 2010
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Out In The Stix Bartender


On forum: 12/22/2009

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02/07/2010 10:57:59
Messages: 1901
Thrashdude to answer your question they thought that because he would be ill equipped that he wouldn't last long

anyway here is chapter 5

Chapter 5

As Wolf and Fox went inside the nearest house Alexi sat down to regain his thoughts. It had only just hit him that he had been shot at. As he was sitting there Void put a hand on his shoulder “Hey what’s your name?” he asked.
“It’s Alexi. You’re Void aren’t you?” Alexi replied.
“Yep the one and only. Listen I’m sorry about before up near the bus I’m not usually like that but being shot at changes people you know.”
“Don’t worry about it Void I probably would have acted the same if I was stuck with me.”
“No it’s not like that it’s just that, hmmm how do I put this. Usually I’m one of the nicest blokes around the camp, I try to never say a bad thing about anyone, I try to be every bodies mate and all, but the realisation you could die well it changes people you understand.”
“Yeah I guess I do.”
Void looked at Alexi in an appeased but irritated way “I’ll leave you alone for a little bit and see how you feel later.” As Void walked off, Alexi over heard a bit of the conversation going on in the house Wolf and Fox had just entered. “Come on wolf they are just rookies besides if you can’t make it in the zone without training you shouldn’t be here.”
“No Fox.” Came the reply.
That was the last part of the calm conversation before the shouting started.

Alexi looked up as the shouting contest began; everyone was starting to gather out the front of the house. “Wolf this is an opportunity that you need to take!”
“Fox why do you even care about what I do, this is what I have chosen to do I’m not asking you to be apart of it now am I!”
“You’re unbelievable you are. You would rather train these fucking brain dead rookies over a chance to explore the zone, my god you are fucking retarded!”
“Fox there is no requirement for me to go with you. Why is it so important that I go with you?”
“It….” Fox lowered his voice a touch “it just is okay.”
“That is not an answer and if you have no legitimate ones get the fuck out of here now!”
“Wolf you will regret your decision believe me.”
“I don’t think I will Fox.”
“Whatever, come on boys let’s go to the 100 rads bar.” Just as Fox finished a chair scraped along the ground and Fox and three others exited the house “What the fuck are you fuckers looking at” He yelled, as he walked away he spat right on Alexi’s shoe.

Wolf walked and noticed everyone crowding around. “Alright guys seeing as your all here I need work parties. No volunteers I’m picking. Alright people dragging the bodies off will be…..” In Total there were three jobs, dragging the corpses away, collecting all the equipment from the bodies and sorting the ammo from the guns. Alexi, Void and Fowl however were left standing there. “You three wait right there” he said. He went back inside and rummaging could be heard. When he returned he was holding a PDA in his hands and fiddling with it while muttering things to himself. “Alright here it is” he announced. “I have someone waiting with a delivery for me he is out under the bridge. So Void I want you Alexi and Fowl” he said the last name with disdain. “To go and meet him and pick up my item.”
“Alright Wolf” Void replied “anything else”.
“Yes there is, Alexi Can I have my Tokarev back?”
Alexi looked at Wolf with confusion before realising what he said “Huh, what, oh yeah here you go.” He stammered.
“Thankyou, here take this knife I don’t feel I can give you a firearm of your own just yet.” He handed the knife to Alexi before continuing “Void is in charge okay.” Alexi knew this was intended for Fowl but Wolf had to make it look like he was addressing the whole group. “Okay you better hurry he’s leaving in 25 minutes.” With that Wolf went back inside.

“Alexi before we go you better attach that knife to your thigh okay, and Fowl you bett…” Void cut himself off “were the fuck is your shotty.”
“I left it in the basement I was hidi…. I mean observing in” Fowl replied.
“Well hurry up and get it.”
“Whatever” and he ran off.
“I swear I’ll smash him one day” Void mumbled as Fowl disappeared down into the basement. After about five minutes Alexi spoke “here he comes now Void.”
As Fowl approached Void lost it “what the fuck took you so long you moron.”
“I had to find it” replied Fowl with a smart ass sound in his voice.
“Whatever, we don’t have time to waste. Come on lets go.” With that the group left and at pace.

They ran the majority of the way only starting to walk when Fowl complained of a stitch and forcing Void to stop. “Your lucky were not to far from the tunnel or I would leave you here and let the boars deal with you. Void declared.
“As if you would, you know Wolf would have your head if you did that” Fowl retorted.
“Just hurry up we are almost there then you can rest.” Void said with disdain in his voice. Alexi and the others arrived at the tunnel just in time. The contact was packing up his stuff just as Void told him and Fowl to wait outside.

Alexi sat down and closed his eyes to try and get some peace but Fowl dashed all hopes of that. “Alexi, Alexi, Alexi what are we going to do with you.” Fowl spoke softly. “You know what I reckon this job is intended to dispose of useless people which in this case is you.” He laughed after he spoke.
“Shut up Fowl you can’t even handle the sight of a corpse so I wouldn’t be calling me useless.” Alexi growled back and he had bite “You are a fucking waste of space, you’re just an oxygen thief. Do you understand, you only try to make others peoples lives miserable because yours is miserable.”
“Shut up, shut up, shut up you ignorant fuck, if you had any use at all Wolf would have given you a gun but did he, no which proves something and that is he wants you dead he told me so himself” he started to laugh manically .
“Fowl you seriously need help did your father beat you as a child or something.”
Fowl snapped out of his laughter and shot a murderous look at Alexi. “Don’t you dare talk about that dick in front of me.” His eyes were filled with rage.
Alexi had, had enough and wasn’t going to let Fowl push him around any longer “Yeah he probably didn’t love you thought you were a messed up kid.” Alexi tried to fake a laugh but it wouldn’t come he just wished he hadn’t said what he did.
“Oh no Alexi my father loved me very much right up until I murdered him last summer for hitting me when I didn’t deserve it. That is why I am here Alexi to escape prosecution.”
“Your fucking crazy Fo...” before Alexi could finish he was facing down the barrel of Fowl’s sawn off.
“Alexi I may be very crazy but your going to be very dead, they will make me a hero and Wolf will step down and put me in charge.” And he started to laugh manically again.
Alexi watched Fowl carefully as he imagined his ticker tape parade and knew he wouldn’t notice him unsheathe his knife. It made a slight hissing noise as it came out but Fowl was unaware.
“You know what Alexi when your dead and if I decide to leave the zone I’m going to pay your wife a visit and ha, ha, ha” He let out a blood curdling, psychotic laugh.
Alexi froze no one not even a psychopath brings his family into anything. His blood boiled but he waited for the right moment to strike.
“Oh well, I hope the boars don’t maul your body to much, goodbye Alexi.”
“Yes goodbye Fowl” Alexi muttered “I didn’t want to have to do this before but now, now I do.” As Fowl brought his shotty around into Alexi’s face, Alexi lunged knife in hand.

It was an awkward lunge to say the least but it did the job Fowl fell to the ground and Alexi pinned him down but didn’t do it well enough because Fowl broke free and unleashed a punch on his nose. A sickening crack filled the air and warm blood started to gush out from Alexi’s nose. Fowl didn’t waste a second he started scrabbling on all fours to reach the shotty he put a hand on it but Alexi kicked him hard in wrist and Fowl doubled over with pain. He tried to get up but Alexi delivered a kick to his stomach. “I never said you could leave did I Fowl the party has just begun” Alexi whispered to him and it chilled Fowl to the bone. He had to do something because he knew he was going to die, he let out a groan of pain and unleashed the strongest kick he could muster at Alexi’s leg. His face dropped Alexi just side stepped the kick all it did was give an extra second or two to look at his killer.
“There was no need for that now, don’t you have any manners.” Alexi breathed, the blood from his nose had stopped gushing out but was starting to cake to his face making him look like hell.
“Please Alexi don’t” Fowl started to plead “I didn’t mean it I swear I was only jesting”
“Yes Fowl sure you were and I’m a millionaire now shut the fuck up.” With that Alexi gripped Fowl by the throat and severed his wind pipe with his knife. A hiss of air came rushing out along with blood which flowed over Alexi’s hands and causing Alexi to drop him to the ground.
“Try and touch my wife now you freak.” Alexi said triumphantly over the body of Fowl. The only reply he got was the hacking and wheezing of the dying man. It was a gruesome sight Fowl’s neck was covered in blood and it was starting to come out of his mouth as well, Alexi smelt the air which had a disgusting smell to it and he realised Fowl had shit himself, after another minute or so the body went still and all the life went out of Fowl’s eyes.

Alexi stood there for a few minutes more before snapping out of a trance like state. “Oh my fucking god” he yelled “what the fuck have I done I killed him, what will happen to me, oh shit Wolf will kill me after Void is done killing me. Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Alexi picked up Fowl’s shotty and checked to see if it was loaded. “Fuck it wasn’t even loaded I won’t be able to say I was defending myself fuck”
Alexi started to stagger around looking like he was drunk. He felt light headed and sat down the last thing he heard before he fainted was someone yelling his name.
  14:48:06  7 February 2010
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100RadsBar - Formerly known as LoboTheMan


On forum: 06/03/2009
Messages: 1709
Nice... can't wait for the next chapter
  21:49:53  10 February 2010
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Out In The Stix Bartender


On forum: 12/22/2009
Messages: 1901
i'm have say sorry to to the people who are enjoying Alexi's sentence but there will be a delay for the next chapter because

1. It's so damn hot in Australia which causes my computer to shut down on occasions and makes it hard to concentrate

2. School's becoming even more hectic

3. I'm having writers block of the amatuers variety (i'll try going through SoC again to see if it helps)

But the sixth chapter will be up I assure you
  23:33:17  10 February 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 10/28/2009
Messages: 429
I had the opposite problem of you i had a ice storm kill my power

isn't it summer in Australia now like to go there but I never will (to far a way)
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