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The Ghosts

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  04:27:40  14 August 2010
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On forum: 10/28/2009
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planed for update last week but my computer went down while I was checking it lost most of it (Shows I need to save me work more often)just got my computer back up hoping for large part this weekend or possibly monday. and probably the ending of Legend of the stalker named Death
  04:21:17  18 August 2010
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On forum: 10/28/2009

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08/18/2010 4:34:58
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I let him take in my words for a minuet while I pull out my pda and check its map then I say

“We best get to the small homestead south of us if it’s still standing before any rain comes. The rain here is never something to take likely I have seen short five minuet showers wipe out large swaths of trees though they seemed to grow back few months later.”

He looks at me in disbelief of what I said then starts to walk down the hill beside me I smile at his boldness as earlier he was petrified and follow after as he enters the thick brush choked trail that should takes us to our home for a few days though he didn’t know it.

We walk down the trail for an hour or so I smile at the calmness of the place a light breeze blew near constantly keeping the intense humidity around us to a bare able level. The path was covered with dead foliage in spot stood puddles of water stirred only by a falling leaf or by out steps trees popped and groaned from a strong gust of wind from the north that broke the stillness left by the breeze. As we reach the end of the trail maybe a hundred yards at the most from our soon to be camp I see him stop dead half way through a step and raises his gun. I ease my rifle from safe to single and move up beside him.

“What’s wrong?” I whisper to him as I knew most of the dangers of this place all too well.

“Something moved in the bush up a head” He answers not taking his gaze from the bush.

I move around him and start to move closer to the bush feeling my body beginning to turn on as most people call it adrenaline begins to enter my system enhancing my senses. I stop by a limb laying across the trail as I step over a large shirtless man steps out of the brush. My heart almost stops as I knew what he was by the scars that crisscrossed his body like tiger stripes.

He was one of the Freedom Rogues out casts for there over use of the new drug they created a couple years ago with the help of the eggheads when they had a small lab step up near the pond back then that’s now a lake. The drug was designed to pretty much act as a adrenalin like substitute for their elite soldiers for their deep raids on Duty in there never ending war.

It makes the man who takes it near imposable to bring down unless you shoot them in the head they feel no pain, blood clots near instantaneously, gives near never ending stamina and heightens all the senses “strange how I didn’t get addicted to the god like feeling it gives a man” I mumble to myself remembering my short stent with Freedom.

I raise my weapon and aim at the man an evil grin comes across his numb looking face his cold eyes never changing from a dilated state he reaches into his tattered pants and pulls out a small vile of black liquid I move my gun to shoot him in the arm as I see in my peripheral vision three more men step out of the brush near me with pure evil intent in their eyes.

“RUN!” I yell to Snitch as I fire on the first man as I hear him take off through the brush chased by the men to my right the 5.56 rounds pound his chest after they pierce his hand and forearms shattering bone and the vile in between his fingers he buckles over in pain as I swing my gun to the man on my left he slaps the gun away while simultaneously punching me in the side of the face with enough force to knock my helmet off causing me to let go of my rifle having my worn sling the only thing keeping it from flying to the ground. Before I am able to recover a knee hits me in the gut taking all the air out of my lungs bringing me to my knees the next punch I half way block it my arm taking most of the blow as I try to get back to my feet another knee to my battered ribs sends me back down he steps back with a smile upon finding a clear weakness.

I stand up and look into his eyes and see that one was dead of all life yet it moved like it was working he charges in on me as I swing my knee up filling the knee pad connect with his face half stunning the man as he raise up and plows his shoulder into me knocking me to the ground. I hear a primal roar come from down the trail I knew the man I had shot had found another vile I roll to my feet slipping on leaves and mud as fast as I can knowing I had very little time to get rid of at least one of them. I grab my knife from it sheath on my belt feeling its rubber handle eagerly accept my hand yanking it from its home as the man turns around still slightly dazed. He smiles as he sees I had the will to fight in my eyes as they became dilated and fixed on him.

“Good now you be a challenged maybe.” He says mockingly in heavily accented and broken English.

He takes swings at me I raise my arm and block it slashing his arm while turning my back to kick him but he steps away and trips me with his left leg with not a bit of hesitation from the six inch cut running the width of his forearm. I hit the ground and kick with all the force I can muster from laying on my back breaking his leg at the knee he drops to the ground next to me I role on top of him and using my knife to load my fist to hit with more force I slam it into his face breaking his noise after a couple of hits. Shifting it I slam it down into his chest with both hands as I start to get up the last thing I see is a huge boot hitting me in the face.

A slender man dressed in faded urban style camouflage flanked by two other men dressed the same steps into the trail with a smirk as the plan he had thought up weeks ago was at work he had captured the last man he needed to accomplish “Black Dawn”. He walks over to the large man who had kicked Ghost

“Good you took him alive like I ordered. Now go see if your friends have caught his friend.”

He turns to the man on his right

“Sargent send the message to Sidewinder that the missions accomplish on our way back to base will arrive in a few hours.”

The man pulls out a small encrypted device and begins to send the message. The other Rogues come back one of them carrying Snitch like he was a child the man see them.

“Good one of you grab him and let’s get going.”

With that the group of five moves off deeper into the jungle as a pda inside a Duty outpost to the north vibrates as it receives a message.
  20:21:39  16 October 2010
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On forum: 10/28/2009
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Sidewinder stands on the balcony of his office taping his fingers on the concrete railing while staring out at the hundred or so Duty soldiers he commanded as the commander of the southern sector running drills in the early morning hours. He pulls a cigarette from a gold plated case marked with the Grey Wolf he smiles at the idiocy of Duty of thanking he had killed the real owner when Duty had attacked the Wolf’s during one of Duty’s wars on the mercenaries to the north. As he lights it he hears his pda vibrate inside his desk. He steps into his office the worn wooden floor creaking slight he pulls out the device and smiles as it was from Captain Mathew. He reads it and the smile grows he sends the code word back then walks to the filing cabinet standing next to a glass case that contain his medals and awards for his years of service with Duty.

He sits in his chair and flips through the large folder smiling as he see what the mission will bring to him on a worn and blood stand sheets of paper. As all the facts that he had scavenge the zone for have lead him to believe that indeed the unknown experiment known only by the files in his hands as Black Dawn was indeed carried out in the underground facility in Limansk. Where most people know of the laboratories and other facilities there but none know of the one known as The City as the name implies it is a sprawling complex that according to the files housed three hundred men over half were scientist the rest were military or support personnel.

He reads more of the files and some photographs. When the squawk of the loud speaker outside announcing that the morning exercises were finished and for all leaders to report to the meeting hall for assignments makes him groan at the duty, his rank required when he would rather read these files again as if they were a great novel though he already knew most of it by memory alone. He closes the folder and puts back in his cabinet locking its drawer then heading out the door to the meeting hall he smiles, as this will be the last meeting he would be doing for Duty by noon he would be at his new home and on his way to his destiny.

An hour from the ambush point Ghost comes to in a small dimly lit room. “Oh my head,” Ghost exclaims while holding his head as looking into the lone light above his head had caused it to pulsate with pain. He spots Snitch leaning up against the other wall trying to wrap his arm with part of his shirttail.

“Good you’re awake thought you were dead and I was going to be stuck in hear alone with just me and the rats.” Snitch remarks oddly calm upon seeing Ghost move.

“Glade to see you too now just where the hell are we?”

“I have no idea still in Dark Valley they brought us to some large factory buildings about an hour from where they attacked us. Some beady eyed man came and looked us over then ordered for us to be taken down stairs and put into this cell you’ve been laying there in the floor for almost thirty minutes since then.”

Ghost starts to say something but stops as they hear what sounds like a group of men coming to the door. It opens and a man dressed in Freedom officer’s colors is shoved in as it shuts Ghost recognizes the man. He was one of Freedoms second in command of combat operations a hardened war tempered man.

“Stalin?” Ghost questions to the man as he turns and kicks the door.

The man turns and raises a hand as if to strike but quickly sees who said his name and a large smile grows over his heavily bearded face.

“Can’t be you Ghost heard you got killed over in Yantar trying to defend the eggheads from zombies.” He says grabbing Ghost by the shoulders.

“Yeah it’s me heard the same thing about you heard you were killed in the fighting for one of Freedoms outpost last month that got over ran by the Monolith.”

Stalin smiles and is about to say something when Snitch interrupts.

“Why are you two supposed to be dead? Seems odd for two men one who appears to be a high-ranking official to just die and what the hell is the Monolith?”

Stalin looks at Snitch then to Ghost “He’s some sort of reporter or something.” Ghost answers without Stalin saying a word. Stalin rolls his eyes at such a useless person in the zone then chuckles a little at the thought of Ghost having to protect him.

“Well boy the first question I have no answer to the second is simple the Monolith is a group of stalkers who are completely mad with the myth of the wish granter or Monolith some huge artifact or hunk of rubble in the sarcophagus of the Chernobyl power plant. They are its defenders and are fanatical in its defense very few men have fought them and lived to tell the tale.” Stalin answers.

“I have seen them charge up close against tanks firing their rockets throwing grenades into the treads hell once I saw one climb up on top of a tank pull pins on some grenades and then calmly hoped right inside still hanging onto the grenades.” Ghost says backing up the Monoliths willingness to die to defend the center.

Ghost and Stalin sees Snitch having a hard time believing what they had said as it did sound like a bedtime story made up to scare stalkers away from the center, but they and many others knew too well how true their existence. When Limansk north was released from the zone’s grip hundreds found out how strong the Monoliths are. Snitch sits down on the small wooden bench resting against the wall as Ghost and Stalin tell each other what they knew of the others demise.

Sidewinder walks into his office for the final time and sits down at his desk tossing the folder some scout had giving him at the meeting into the trash can as it contained little information on what he wanted it to contain. He gets his pda out of the drawer replacing it with his Duty issued one then gathers his reaming gear from a weapons locker as his most loyal men under his command here come into his office lead by the man who had lead the ambush on Ghost and Snitch.

“Ahh Mathew glade you decided to come here,” Sidewinder greets him while walking back to his desk and taking out an elaborately decorated Makarov and handing it to him. “For years of loyal and unquestioning service under my command this is for you.”

A large grin grows on the face of Mathew as he takes the pistol out of the beautifully engraved leather holster.

“Thank you sir I never thought I would mean this much to you this had to of cost a fortune.” Mathew exclaims while looking the pistol over.

Sidewinder smiles, as he knew he had Mathew‘s full cooperation in the plan the little doubt he had in him was gone for the meager price of three hundred rubles.

“It was good size part of my last pay though it was for a good cause. Know have you scouted the trip to the base we are going to take back?”

“Yes sir found only a few signs of blind dogs the length of it and only three anomaly clusters along it with only one of them being of any danger to us should arrive there a little after noon if nothing happens.” Mathew answers while putting the shoulder holster on.

“Good let’s get going I don’t want to spend another second in this Duty scum ridden base.” Sidewinder exclaims forcefully as he slams shut the door to the filing cabinet the folder for Black Dawn was residing in.

The four men walk outside the huge concrete building meeting the two men who had come with Mathew then they load into a battered truck. As they turn at the gate a young man sitting on top of a nearby hill notes how many loaded into the truck then gets up and walks down the hill to his squad gives a simple command and they begin to follow the men.
  02:18:16  17 October 2010
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Ex modder, Zones only ferret and will someday release a game


On forum: 02/20/2010
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Nice to see your still around
  07:17:45  22 October 2010
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On forum: 10/28/2009

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10/22/2010 7:31:42
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Thanks Fluffy though I never really left been busy working on all my other stories (four or five counting this one and Death witch may never be finished as its most critical critic cant be satisfied ( thank its maybe in its final adaptation though) and attempting to illustrated for another I am working on.
  05:45:49  19 November 2010
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On forum: 10/28/2009

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11/19/2010 5:47:31
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Announcement For The legend of the stalker named Death

Figured i would post this here than try to find Death where ever its gotten buried too plaining on the first part of the End to Death to be released the day of or the following day of Thanksgiving As i am tired of working on it and it not seeming good enough.

(And may release my metro 2033/stalker story the same day)
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