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The Ghosts

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  07:30:57  2 February 2010
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On forum: 10/28/2009
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I slowly change out of my blooded clothes and stumble my way up the stairs the cold wind of the zones first snow fall this winter greets me.I smile as it brings back long dormant memories of home back in the "big land" befor the world virtual collapsed.I am snap back from my dream of sorts from another strong gust of cold wind and snow hits me in the face.I look around and see Tank's at the fire playing a slow song on a guitar I go over to the fire as he stops playing a great big smile comes over hes face

"Glade you decided to come out of that basement your gears in the house there behind wolf" I nod at him at keep going to the house wolf looks up from his pda and waves at me to come over to him.

"Well well the Ghost is still alive been a long time since you first came to this camp those boots were still shiny back then"

I look down at my worn out standard issue boots and feel the anger from that day slowly grow the day my squad was abandoned in the zone.A simple recon mission to investigate a report that some terroest group was in here looking for enough radioactive material to make a nuke.That simple mission lost two of my best friends me and one other guy survived the botched mission to recon the meeting area some crazed stalkers in white urbanized camo attacked us shortly after the military drooped us off total of eight people died me and my friend escaped after a massive explosion leveled the building they were in.

We ran to the evact location with a couple of other military personal we found along the way we radio it in me and my friend Mathew hid in a building about fifty yards from the lz the other guys stayed on the lz i figured they were just new or something but the wernt when the chopper landed we came out of the building they emidetnly shot at us we ran from the place. Got to a massive dump of sorts there we went are separate ways he went to Agroprom to join Duty last I heard he was sent to The bar.

I come back from my memoir and say to Wolf

"Yes it has glad to see your still alive too you look like you need something"

He sighs "Yes we do Damn bandits have started really hammering us here in cordon lately Iam planing a little move to try and drive them out could use someone of your skills"

I smile "Anything for a man who gave me a new life here in the zone"

"Ial finalize the plan and tell you later this evening" I nod and go get my gear from the house smile as I see that my rifle survived. I drag my gear over to the fire and painfully slip my armor back on too try and get warm I look at it after i get it on that some one had already patched the hole from the shrapnel that hit me in the side. Tank see me and says " The kid patched it up he had some plates and Kevlar in his bag I asked why he had it he said he use to be a technician in the big land made armor and weapons for some factory in Kiev" that will be handy here in the zone i thank to my self " Wolf planing something going to use us for it if your willing" He shakes his head at me and starts playing a kind of peepy song on the worn guitar.I get some food out of my bag and slowly drift off as another stalker joins in with a harmonica as the snow starts falling harder in the zone "this is peace at its best I smile at this thought peace in the zone.

sorry about the delay tried to write some this weekend but we had a winter storm hit knocking out out power. I plan to wright a pretty long chapter? during the week sometime.

as always any comments welcome
  06:09:12  8 February 2010
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On forum: 10/28/2009

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02/08/2010 18:17:27
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About a hour later the snow starts to slow up.The other stalkers around the fire start to move around to there patrol points. I start to sort my gear out for a quick trip to the man thats supples to be able to fix my carbine.Tank notice me loading my small back pack.

"Where you fixing to head off too" Tank ask I sense a small amount off worry in his voice 'That guy at the rookie camp pass the rails wont wait forever for me to bring him my M4' I answer

I get up and take my main gear bag down to the basement too the left of wolf.I stand there for a moment with my rifle in my hands wandering if I should take it I reason with my self with this snow that it would be more of a burden and place it next to my gear. I climb back out to see Tanks digging threw hes gun back. He finds what hes hunting for from the smile he has he pulls out a very worn Mp5 SD and a bag of clips.

"Here take this pea shooter with you I have no use for it" I take it look at the condition its in "got it off some merc zombie in Yantar Iav never took the time to clean it since you know I don't like them"I cycle the action a couple times take the silencer off inspect it, check the six mags for damage. 'Thanks Tank I will probably need a up close gun other than my colt'.

I draw my colt check it in the same way take the silencer from its pouch check it. 'I will be back sometime this evening probably late for I bet if the bandits are as bad as Wolf says they are Ial probably have to hunt for him' Tank looks at me with a worried look ' I will be find you know Iav been in worser shape than this remember when we came back from Pripyat you had to care most of my gear because of my injures'

With that I started heading out toward the road I realize that all this snow is going to make finding anomalies a lot harder.I see a Whirligig in the middle of the road with all of the snow piled in to the center with a bare slot all around it I reach the base of the hill just south of the auto park as I hear the sounds of gunfire and screams I start to climb the hill at a low crouch the knee deep snow making this manevor a lot harder on me.

I reach the top and pull out my binoculars and see a scene that would put fear in the hearts of the the most hardened stalker. A massive hoard of bloodsuckers and snorks coming from the north are attacking the bandit outpost there I see several bandits being dragged up the hill towards Dark Valley "Justice finally came for yall" I thank to my self.

I lay there in the freezing snow for a hour watching the battle.I shake the snow off me and put my binoculars up and get my Mp5 taking one more long look to make sure nothing still down there and start heading down the hill towards the complex."No sane man would be doing this if they just saw what I did"I complain to my self as I reach the remains of a old truck frame. I check to see if a round is chambered and that the silencer is tight. I listen for anything moving in the building to my right but all I hear is my own heart beating.

I head to the hole in the wall by the room with a fire going I ease up to the hole and crouch as low as I can I poke my head into the room the scene I see by the campfire almost made me throw up blood and guts were every where severl bodies lay about cut in half others were decapitated and the smell of burning flesh from the body in the fire was over powering. I stuck my head back out the hole and took a few deep breaths then went into the room doing my best to keep from stepping in the blood I checked there bodies finding nothing of use I move into the next room and began to climb the ladder.

I ease my head over the top and stop dead as I see a snork eating on a bandits corpse I take one more rung on the ladder and lean forward so my elbows are on the floor and flick the selector switch to burst. I lay like this for a minuet or two not getting a shot on its head I see a bottle laying by me I throw it at the monster it roars and turns to me I squeeze the trigger twice six round pierce its head and neck before it makes it a foot.I go check the bandit and find his pda I smile as I find out its one of the worst he wouldn't just rob a stalker he would give you two options to join them or be killed.

I look for something to check the attic but finding nothing I loop my Mp5 to my back and jump up to a beam I hear it strain from my weigh I do a awkward pull up and wrap my legs around it.Nothings up there but dust and snow I lower my self back down I go back to the ladder and sit at the top for rest."Damn ribs don't like all of this work"I say to my self.

I reload the clip and climb back down the ladder and head to the hole in the conner by the long abandoned truck. I notice the snow is falling a lot harder than it was when I first left as now I could barely see the building to the north of the truck.I quickly sweep the room just to the west then the other small room I stop and listen if anything noticed all my movements. I hear the faint sound of boots crushing snow on the ledge of the building beside me I look but all I can see is the falling snow.

I move to the wall of the building and make my way past the ladder I look into the room and see nothing but bodies I ease my way threw the building I hear three voices above me I make my way to the base stairs I see three booby trap lines going across them.I smile 'Thank there shaken up a little" I thank to my self. I follow the first to a large grenade hanging on a nail in the wall.I smile at this as Its almost complete useless as a killing trap as if it trigged at all it fall and roll all the way to the fire pit only thing it would do would be a warning device.I simply take the grenade off the nail and cut the string I bend the pin and put it in my vest's webbing.

The next one is more like it I follow the string across the stairs to the wall back behind the stairs to a sawed of double barrel shotgun setting on a pile of boxes.I start to cut the string but I stop quickly as I hear the triggers clicking.I climb back behind it I check it for a dead man's switch finding none I simply put slake in the string and unload it and put it back.I reach the top of the stairs but before I look at the trap I see if I can see in the room but I cant as theres a large box in the way.I look down at it and see its a simple claymore but the idiot who placed it forgot to take the pin out I cut the string to make sure it wont go off.

I ease over to the door I hear two in the room and another outside I ease my foot to the box and see if it will move easily but it wont.I look for the ladder to the attic but I don't find it but I do see a few rafters
that I could get to. I jump to one and hear the other end crack as I haul my self into the snow filled attic.I make it to a hole in the roof just above the top of the stairs I look out and see that the roofs covered in loose snow "Do I really want to go out there" I thank as the wind starts to blow harder.A few minuets of standing there I climb out onto the roof and head to the crown for it would be the strongest and if I fell I would go straight down instead of off to a side and probably right off the roof.

I make it to the chimney and see the man standing there shivering like a leaf on a tree trying to light a cigarette.I ease down behind him and draw my knife and grab him cover his mouth and stick my knife to his throat"You say anything I will slit you from ear to ear understand"he nods "Good now throw your gun over the side there" he dos "now Iam going to put away my knife you do anything I will break you neck.

I put my knife away and draw my pistol and drag him to the edge of the door way take a deep breath and spin us into the room using hims as a shield.They see us and drop there plates one in the corner gos for his gun but never get turned around for I shoot him in the side of the neck causing blood to go all over his side room.The other one I see is scared to death his hands are shaking badly "Go and take the clip out of the rifle and cycle the action while facing the wall you turn around before doing that you die" He gos over and dose as instructed and stets it on the box in blocking the door.I shove the other one two him "Sit down go for any weapon you die"

They sit down as I go around the room and get all the guns I see and put them in the doorway behind me.I ask them about how many were here and how many are farther north as their telling me what I ask them we hear one of the few thing that can still scare me here in the zone.The roar of a bloodsucker in the building behind me...

tried a more action driven segment comments on it would be great
  01:22:09  1 March 2010
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On forum: 06/03/2009
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Good story
Keep it up.

The spelling/grammatical errors interrupt the reading experience.
A few things that i took notice of while reading:

- 100.000$ per year, sounds like a bit to much for a soldiers pay.

- Until you mention the 100.000 $, and the army-base in South Carolina, i did not get that the character in the story was from the USA. But that is a minor issue

Other than that i like the story. I hope that we will hear more of the back story for the character, how he ended up in the Zone etc.

Just one question, which year is the story unfolding?
  02:22:56  1 March 2010
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On forum: 10/28/2009
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Thanks LoboTheMan

didn't realize that this story was still getting read figured it had sank it to the depths of the forum

100.000$ per year, sounds like a bit to much for a soldiers pay.

I remember having a hard time thanking of a amount of pay that would seem resenable for special forces

I sort of explained how he got to the zone but at the time my writing skill were really really poor ( I thank they have improved in my second story )

Time frames roughly right after clear sky (I dont remember the year of clear sky lol)

I will continue this story after this second one or I may start trying to do both of them at once since apparently this ones still active
  11:04:04  1 March 2010
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100RadsBar - Formerly known as LoboTheMan


On forum: 06/03/2009
Messages: 1709

Thanks LoboTheMan

didn't realize that this story was still getting read figured it had sank it to the depths of the forum

100.000$ per year, sounds like a bit to much for a soldiers pay.

I remember having a hard time thanking of a amount of pay that would seem resenable for special forces

I sort of explained how he got to the zone but at the time my writing skill were really really poor ( I thank they have improved in my second story )

Time frames roughly right after clear sky (I dont remember the year of clear sky lol)

I will continue this story after this second one or I may start trying to do both of them at once since apparently this ones still active

Found this while searching for Special Forces Salary:

Clear Sky starts in the Autumn of 2011, about 8 months before SHOC. which starts May 2012.

I like in the story that they get the assignment to go to the Zone, at the end of the Prologue, which would have to be 2009.
You then jump 2 years ahead to 2011 (I guess ), this gives you a good base for a continuing story in 2011, and the possibility to go back in time for some flashbacks & further development of the character.

There can't however, be many Clear Sky members left, Lebedev, and many others got wiped out, or taken by C-Con in the final assault at the end of Clear Sky.
I would reckon that Beanpolev, and a small remnant of Clear Sky members are still at the Swamp. Presumably they stayed behind in the Swamps to guard the Clear Sky HQ.

Since your time line is between Clear Sky and SHOC, you would have a base for quite some action, for your character.
The reason being that the Zone changes a lot in those 8 months:

Freedom relocates from Dark Valley to Army Warehouse.

Duty moves from Agroprom to The Bar/Rostock.

The Loners get more scattered, since their Base in Cordon beyond the bridge gets abandoned. Also the Loner HQ in Agroprom gets more or less abandoned

Bandits move to the Dark Valley, and setup their base there.
Mercs move in and out of the Zone according to their assignments, as they usually do

So there are many stories/event just waiting to get told

If you want, I could try to proof read your work, and try to correct some of the errors.
English is not my native language. However, I use it on a daily basis at work
  06:11:58  28 May 2010
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On forum: 10/28/2009

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05/30/2010 0:15:23
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story will continue ether later tonight or tomorrow I will post the next part seeing as Death is almost finished. Edit here it is second Edit added more. Any comments appreciated

I looked out the boarded up window beside me and could bearly see the building next door let alone where a invisible monstor was.

“Alright the only way we can survive this little problem is if we work together. Up here there’s only one way for that thing to get up here and that’s thru that door there.” I say pointing to the partially blocked doorway.

I hand them each a weapon and a magazine “Dont load it before that thing is in the building or I will kill you understand.” I say staring at them coldly as they acknowledged me knowing they needed me way more than I needed ether of them.

This situation brings back some memoires of when me and my squad were traped in a building in some little village on the other side of the world for our first mission. We had to arm the men we were sent to capture to help us hold back a counter attack from the guerrilla group we took the place from.

I return to my place by the window and stare out into the snow I watch for about fiive minuets before I hear the slight grinding noise of one of there ak’s charging handle being slowly pulled back. I whirl around and put a three round burst into the man I draged in from the ledge chest knocking him against the boarded up window behind him. I look at the man next to him then back to the window as a low roar comes from the building.

“Get his body and throw it off the ledge here.” I order the man.

He dropes his gun and quickly drags the body to the ledge and tosses it off covering the perfect clean snow in his still warm and shiny blood causing a little steam to come off it. We watch as a blur runs through the snow grabs his body and run off towards the tunnel to Dark Valley. We smile at each knowing that once a bloodsucker got a body it wasent liklely that it would come back.

We go back inside and I ask him again about the bandits to the north he says all he knows is that there are about four squads around the old rail bridge. I leave him after warning him of what I would do to him if he followed me dropping down off the ledge with a load crunch from the knee high snow drift against the wall.

I look around for a second then head out the worn dilapidated front gate its tin roof rattling from the powerful wind. I walk for thirty minets though the deep snow towards the road and I can just bearly see the bus stop from the near whiteout conditions after fifteen frezzing minuets I make it to the back of the building. I clear the small biulding then start to dig out a small snow shelter against one of the inside walls.

Breathing heavily I sit down in my very crude cave and look at my pda and sigh as it was now four in the afternoon and as cold as I was I knew I wouldnt make it past the railroad. If I did I would probably die from the cold “Fuck I should of brought my main pack I would have some winter gear”. Half yell to my self felling my body begin to go numb.

I close my eyes for a minuet then remeber over at the old gin there was bound to be a little fire wood. From the days it served as a staging ground back when the stalkers were a force to be reckoned with when they actually worked together. I drag myself to my feet and stumble my way across the road my fastly becoming numb feet struggling to stay under me.

When I make it to the first building I stop about thirty feet from it and jump up and down for a minuet to get my blood pumping. If there was something in there I would need to be able to react with force not sluggishly move like a zombie. I quickly stack up against the edge of the wall and quickly glance in all I see is a emptie space. I move in quickly and clear the first half of the large storge building before I start my search for something to burn.

First two rooms were clear nothing had been in them in years one door was still locked though it served no purpose as the door jambs were rotten through and just the light touch of my hand moved it free with a load creack. When I made it to the other end of the building I could hear laughing and a guitar playing through the rusted steel door that divided the building in two.

I looked through a rusted hole and see about ten men siting in the room with a roaring fire in the center bathing the room in a warm pleasent glow. I move back from the door and curse under my breath and start to look for a little fire wood finding enough to make it aleast though the night I start to haul it back to my shelter. Few hours later I have my pitiful excuse for fire wood consiting of a few logs mostly parts of crates hid in another cave built into the side of my main one.I fight my freazing hands and manage to get a fire going I lean back and close my eyes letting my meager fire embrace me in its life saying warmth.

A long night of sleeping for a hour then waking to stoke the fire ended when the morning suns first ray glared off the snow in front of my hideout. I stand up hearing nearly every joint in my body pop in protest and look toward the Gin and smile as not a soul was about I quickly cover the still smoldering ashes from my fire with snow then head towards the bridge.

I make it to the old garage and homestead across from the base with nothing to accompany me expect for my own foot steps. I look out a busted out window of a old van door resting in its grave in the middle of the room to the base. After a minuet of seeing no movement I head across the street to the northern most building of the compound hearing nothing but my foot steps till I get to the rusted steel plates that blocked the main door into the building.

I hear the sounds of faint whispering I look in through a gap between some of the plates and junk and see four or five stalkers in a circle in the center around a small fire. I bang on the steel plate and yell

'Stalkers friendly I am looking for a man named Tac I am suppose to meet him here he is a gunsmith."

After a few seconds of perfect silence I hear a firm but clearly scared voice say " Come in stalker use the side door." I laugh at this as the side door was the only way into the building unless you could climb to the roof. I carefully open the door not knowing fully what to expect but upon entering the room I see that their no threat to me. Two of the men were badly wounded and the other two one was a old man who looked like he could kill over anytime and the other was just a rookie.

"Tac here" I say checking out the rest of the building for any threat. The old man stands and says in the firm voice I heard before

"Thats me son what can I do for you " I look at the old man and say " I was to meet you here and have you fix my M4 carbine sir"

He looks at me and smiles upon seeing my worn and faded american flag patch on my shoulder " Well lets have a look at it soldier." he says sticking out his hand.

I take my pack off and hand him my rifle he takes it and limps back to a small bench turns on a worn lamp and starts working on the rifle. The young man hands me a cup of coffee I look at him and see ether worry or fear in his eyes as they never look me in eyes.

"What happened to these men?" I ask him as I take a drink from the cup.

He looks at them and takes a deep breath "We were attacked last night by some bandits me and Tac made it inside with out a scratch but they weren't so lucky a grenade landed between them."

I nod at what he said as it was clear to me that they had shrapnel injures I sit down and wait for close to a hour dozing off for most of it being awaken my the old man holding my rifle.

"Well soldier heres you weapon good as new well as good as new as it can get in the zone." He says with a old man smirk.

"Thank you sir what will it cost?" I say cycling the action a few times then loading a magazine. He looks at me with a smile "For you solder boy nothing if you are who these old eye sees."

I look at him with a frown " Just who dos those old eyes see sir?"
He looks deeply in to my face and says " Simple my boy a man who saved a man from a bloodsucker den about four years ago"

I smile and say "Nearly spot on sir but I thank it was closer to three years."after a little pause I say " I have to get back to the rookie base sir do you all want to join me in my trip it would be a hell of a lot safer there than in this crumbling structure." He shakes his head I look them over then head out the door.
  03:33:25  31 May 2010
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I make it back to camp about noon and smile as everyones gathered around a wagon it was always a delight when one of the few travling traders come around for they usually don't try to stiff stalkers as most were stalkers before they started trading goods.

I walk down the hill nearly falling down in the wagons deep ruts in the snow I smile again as I see Dimitri going across the street though hes being helped around by the tall one. I arrive at the worn out wagon as the man opens the side door to show his weapons apparently he had just got here as he usually shows his guns first.

Tank sees me and walks straight up to me. “See you got that toy of yours fixed have any problems.” he says pointing to my rifle swung on my shoulder.

I keep walking to the fire and we sit down “ Only thing worth mentioning was the bandits at the compound before you get to the old tunnel to Dark Valley were slaughter my snorks and bloodsuckers.” I say taking out a tin of food and starting to eat it. Wolf hears what I said and comes over to us

“ How many of the scum survived?” he says with the most hatred I have ever heard in his voice. Scraping the last bit of food from the can I say

“ Only three that I found I killed two leaving only one though I realy doubt he would be any problem as there was a bloodsucker still in the area.”

Wolf stands there for a minuet then walks off to his cellar with a troubled look. I toss the can into the fire and we go see what the trader has to offer I look and see that he had a assortment of Nato weapons but what caught my eye was what looked like a brand new m203 siting on top of a bag of grenades. The man see me eying them and after some small talk tells me ten thousand rubles and their mine I just shake my head and walk back to the basement where I stashed my gear. I put my mp5 in a box I had stashed in the wall then get all my gear and climb the steps to see Tank staring at me “Where the hell you going now you just fucking got back.”

I just shake my head at him “ Going to go scout out those merc for Duty figured I would check them out first then send you a message to meet me somewhere and we would take them. I don’t see Wolf getting his act together anytime soon you saw his face after he heard bloodsucker.”

Tank starts to say something but stops himself and nods agreement. “ See you in a day or so shouldn’t take any longer than two ” I say to him while hoping the back fence so Wolf wouldn't see me and have me training the rookies like the last time I came by here.

Climbing to the top of the hill line just north of the village I see the first normal animals for the zone I had seen since it started snowing out in the center near what would be if it wasn't fall a lush forest set a pack of blind dogs. I smile as if a new comer to this seen them playing around in the snow he would probably think they were just group of normal dogs. I stand there and watch them for probably five minuets the whole time thanking of my dog I used to have at home before I had to give him away as I couldn’t stand seeing him starve like I was.

I sigh as my mind wanders to why the hell I was stuck in this hell hole all I did was sign up for the military was a perfect soldier for a year and they just fucking sent my squad here to die. I feel a tear roll down my bearded face at the thought of my parents death “Fucking drunk driver got away free and clear!” I yell to myself as I punch the small tree I was standing by causing one of its snow ladened branch to break covering my head and shoulders with a light dusting of snow. I shake the snow off it cooling my anger after take one last look at the pack I start to walk towards the car park as most people call it don't know why theres only ever been four cars in the place.

I reach the building I had left the lone bandit in the day before and climb up the ladder I look in the door to see that he was no longer wearing his bandit clothes but a very worn blood stained tan jacket and a pair of blue jeans. He also wasn't alone seting on the worn steel box that blocked the door set a man I had never seen before wearing clothes that weren't at all capable of dealing with the harshness of the zone he had one odd thing out of his visible gear that I recognized and laughed a little around his neck was a stupid little light blue tag he was a journalist.

The bandit nearly jumps out of his skin when sees me causing the other man to drop his pda like thing he was fiddling with.

"Easy! Bandit if I wanted you dead you would of been already." I say to him as I sit down on a create by the door.

"Who's your new friend here?" I ask him while getting out my pda to see if any other unexpected contacts in the area.

"My name is Christopher Archer I am a writer and you are" He says in a slight English accent reaching out a hand for me to shake with a smile.

I look at him in the eyes I see his start to show fear " I am a man who can kill you at anytime now sit down and why the fuck is a writer doing in this hell hole."

He sits down and picks up his pda " I I am writing a story about stalkers living in the zone the hardships they go through the comradery they forum in a place as hard to live in as this place." He says avoiding eye contact with me. I laugh at him as he clearly knows very little about this place. After a few minuets a silence from my laughter I say

" Well Archer you wont learn a thing about comradely from a piece of shit like this man" I say pointing to the bandit who looks at me angry. Archer looks at me and I see a little smile come over his face as he recognizes my armor " But I bet I can learn about it from a solider like your self." "Shit" I thank to myself then it hits me like a punch to the face he could probably get me out of here.
  06:36:07  4 June 2010
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I start to say something but I am stopped by the sounds of a chopper getting closer. I get up quickly looking out the door my heart nearly stops as headed our way from the south past the old barbwire fence was two apcs with about a platoon size unit flanking them and a chopper starting to circle our position.

“ Get your asses in to the the attic now” I yell taking off my bag to throw it up into the attic. The bandit takes off down the stair as I toss my bag up it making a loud thud. The writer starts to follow the bandit but I grab him by the arm

“You Go with him those army thugs will shoot you down like a dog just like there going to do to him.”

“But I am a journalist from a foreign country they can’t just kill me.” he says with shrill voice.

‘That doesn't mean shit you are in the zone now you are just another stalker in there eyes” I drag him to the hole in the center of the room. “ NOW UP YOU GO” I angry say to him grabbing him by the waist and shoving him into the attic. I follow him just as the echoing report of several aks firing reach the building. The boards of the attic creaked under our combined weight rather unsettling for me.

“Lay perfectly still as far as you can over against the roof you make the sound that gives us a way the last thing you see will be me putting a bullet in your head understand” he shakily nods and moves to the wall near the roof and puts his head in his hands with knees in his chest I can just make out the sound of light crying.

I shove my bag next to him and make my way to a hole in the roof that would let me see the front of the building I immediately begin cussing as soldiers were clearing the building between us and one of the apcs with a squad of six heading straight to us.

I go back to my bag and try to find both parts to my m16 I stupidly dismantled and shoved into my bag. Giving up after only finding the upper I sit down next to a rafter support and unholster my pistol I quickly put the surrpressor on and take out the mag “Shit four left” I say under my breath I find my spare and see it only had six “ It will have to do ”I thank to my self knowing I wouldn't be able to dig to the bottom of my bag to get my extra shells to reload I shove it in putting the other into its pouch.

“Turn you pda off they can track it” I say upon remembering who I was up here with. He franticly digs through his pockets on his arctic style jacket he stops and looks at me with utter fear in his eyes

“Its not up here” Hes says his voice nearly squeaking I look over the lip of the hole in the floor and find it resting on the other side of the door about five feet into the room as I hear the squad entering the building. I get up and move as quickly as I can to the just above the stairs the boards protesting my quick movements. I can hear the soldiers right by the stairs I start to aim at the pda as I hear the boards creak right below me at the top of the stairs. I look to see it was the bandit he was bleeding badly from wounds covering most of his body he sees the pda

“Stalker help me stalker ” He starts to cry out. I look at the writer his eyes pleading with me to help the man. I sigh and take aim at the man even with a surrpresser the shots would probably be heard as the men were just a room below me.

I fire three shots two in to his back one right side one left a few inches from his spine in between his shoulder blades the last into the base of his head making sure he wouldn't be alive to tell them where we are I go back to the writer and sit down against the roof support again as the writer looks at me with anger or disgust on his face.

“ Its the only way to help him if I would of drag him up here he would of compromise our hiding spot” I whisper to him as I hear the squad entering our floor he starts to say something but I hold up my hand as one of them walks into the room below us with the pda in his hand.

“Sir we found the pda contact and a body” He says his words muffled by the gas mask hes wearing. “Yes sir” He says after a second. Two men walk past him and take up positions outside on the porch as I hear the the steel door of the apc slam down on the ground. A tall elderly looking man with a face that shows years of experience and hardship wearing a red shirt a black overcoat , shiny black boots and beret comes in the room a few minuets later the soldier salutes the man as he hands him the pda. The man looks at the pda for a minuet then he rolls the bandit's body over and takes a look at the face then starts messing with the pda again after a minuet he looks at the solder.

“Good work Sergeant we have that potential problem’s pda and even better hes apparently dead. The outside world wont know what happened to him we will tell them we searched for him but couldn't find him.” He says with a evil look in his light grey eyes. He then salutes the man and leaves them following a few steps behind him. I stare at the writer till I hear the apc driving off.

“Why the fuck is a strike force after you” I yell at the man grabbing my bag and dropping it into the room below us.
He drops down at seeing the bandits body throws up in the corner as the bullet had gone through his head causing most of his face to be disfigured badly. I drop down after holstering my pistol he throws up again then turns and face me doing his best not to look at the body

“ I I am not a writer I am a reporter for a news agency God can’t you do something with that body.” hes says dry heaving a little.

I grab the body dragging it out to the porch after making sure no solider was out there he continues as I come back in

“I am too report on things to to how should I put this shed light on them.” I see hes clearly not telling me everything but the possibility to leave this place is standing in front of me .

‘Then why did you latch on to me so quickly when you saw I was a soldier?”

“ I as you clearly see I need someone to to protect and help me around” I look at him for a minuet fighting very hard to not just shoot him as I didn't need a strike force hunting me around though they did just say he was dead.

“Whats in this for me?” I say emotionless as the thought of killing him was still in my head.

He mumbles something then says “ How about I guarantee you freedom from this place?” He offers with a smile upon seeing my reaction. I thank for a minuet then finally “ Alright” I say nodding my head “But lets get one thing perfectly clear you do as I say without question you understand me you don't you will die.” He reaches out his hand with a big smile on his face “ Agreed” shaking his hand I ask “Do you have any money on you?”

"Of course why?” He says looking puzzled.

“You go any farther in the zone with what you have on there you will die even with my help. How much do you have?” He reach into his right chest pocket and pulls out his wallet then hands it to me. I look at it and see that he has about a thousand rubles. Handing it back I say “ Come with me we will go get you some gear” We arrive at the fat man’s bunker just as the sun begins to disappear behind the hills behind the door.

I yank his blue id card off his neck then tossing it it to a pile of snow we go down the stairs to the worn rustic air lock door to the actual bunker it opening with a hiss of the pneumatic opener as we get near it.

Siting behind his cage eating sits the man nearly ever signal man in the zone completely and utterly hated including me. Due to his willingness to send rookies out on missions that a experience stalker would have difficulty just to pay their debt to him for the shit quality equipment he sales.

What do you want stalker can’t you see I am busy” He says spitting some food on to the counter top.

“ I need some gear for my friend here you lazy son of a bitch” I say to him pointing to the reporter.
The fat man sets the hunk of meat he was chewing on and goes back to the back room and brings out three suits a AK 74u, a mp5, a Beretta 9 mm, and a Makarov. I look through the suits and find one that isn't completely worn out and hand it to the report telling him to put it on as I knew we had enough money for it for it was nothing more than a bare bones sunrise.

I look at the weapons and get pick the mp5 and the Beretta.

“Well how much you going to steal from us fat man?” I ask him after getting a sling and holster off one of the other suits handing it to the reporter. He pushes some buttons on his computer then says

“Suit two guns and a hundred rounds, four clips each and the standard load of crap any rookie would want nineteen thousand should do it.” he says with a grin on his face that I want to beat from his face.

I take the money from the reporters wallet then most of the money I had on me and place it on the counter as the fat man comes back with a back pack with the ammo ,mags and the rest of the kit in it taking the bag from him I give it to the reporter then we leave.

Outside I stop the reporter

“ Where is your first thing you have to investigate?” I ask him seating my bag down digging through it for the other part of my rifle.

While messing with his new equipment he says “ My first places are in some place marked on my map called Dark Valley.”

I look at him knowing full well he isn't at all ready for whats in Dark valley but I was headed there anyways so

“ We leave for it in five minuets get your kit sorted to where you can get to everything I going to put this rifle for it want be much use there if I am to baby sit you.” I say taking my m24 to the basement and stashing it in the same large box my mp5 is in then head back to the reporter.

“Since I not going to remember your name and no stalker uses their real name here anyways I am going to call you Snitch from now” I say with a little bit of a grin at his new name. He sighs slight at it but nods his head. After that we head to the old tunnel to Dark Valley a world of its own.
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not sure if any ones reading this thing still but expect a up date Friday or Saturday
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sorry about delay redid this four or five times still not fully happy with it but need to move to the next part as always enjoy and comments welcome.

We reach the tunnels entrance as a near blood red moon begins to shine through the overcast sky. I stop him on the edge of its pitch blackness.

“Before we go any farther you know how to shoot that thing?”

He scoffs “Sure I do I had some defense training after all.”

I laugh a little in my head as defense training you get on the outside means very little here in the zone hell even my special ops training prepared me very little.

“Let’s get going then stay behind me and don’t turn your headlamp on unless I tell you to. As weak as mines getting we shouldn’t have to worry about something seeing it and thanking were a snack as it glows about like the Spirits that haunt most of the building complex’s in Dark Valley.” I answer turning on my head lamp on and strapping it to the top of my head.

I see him look at me questioningly at my mention of spirits but I turn and head off in to the bleak darkness of the tunnel before he can say something. We walked for thirty minutes before we reached the first difficulty in our path to get to the Valley. It was a place where the roof had caved in and the only way to get around it was to go through a maintenance corridor it wouldn’t be a problem if zombies would stay out of it I stop him at the door.

“If we run in to something in here watch your fire there is a lot of stuff in here that will explode pretty much every pipe contains something that will kill you. Wait here I will check it out then come back get you.”

I open the door it squeaking loudly echoing down the way we came and step inside my boots echoing on the steel grates making me thank of my time in the oil field. I sweep the first three rooms and about half way down the hallway we needed to take then head back to him.

“It looks clear so far remember what I said.” I say to him with a smile as I see fear in his eyes as he nods agreement.

We go in and I clear the rooms again as there are tunnels under most of them and I have seen creatures come up them in the past. When we get past the point I cleared I start to hear the sound of water dripping on to something in one of the distant rooms. I glace back at him and smile a little as his eyes were probably as big as quarters. “It’s nothing to worry about as long as the way up a head isn’t flooded then this quick trip will takes a lot longer and will be a whole lot more dangerous.” I say trying to reassure him as I step into something wet and laugh a little to myself as sure enough not more than fifteen feet from me a bulkhead type door was filled up to the bottom with a light trickle of water coming over it.

He looks around me and looks the water “Why can’t we just walk through it?” I answer as I walk back up the hallway. “Oh you can as long as none of it touches your skin then you will be dead in a week from all the radiation and other things in it.” I go into the first room behind us and start pressing on the floor looking for the hatch to the tunnels below us. Finally finding it I set my bag down and dig through it till I find my glow sticks and set one out then pull up the grate as he comes into the room. He comes over and looks down into the blackness as I crack the glow stick and drop it down the shaft it falls for what seems like an eternity before it hits the bottom when all he sees is a dim light a hear a sigh come from Snitch.

“Again I will go down and check out the room this ladder goes into when it’s all clear I will throw the glow stick back up. Ok?” I murmured ok comes from him “You get scared just shut the door and let NO one in and you should be safe.” I say climbing down the ladder its rungs protesting my weight on them when I finally get to the bottom

I see a room battered by firefights bullet holes marred most of the walls steel and concrete faces I find the door to the rest of the tunnels and sigh relief as it was shut. I go back and throw the glow stick back up few minutes later I hear his boots on the rungs of the ladder. He enters and sees me looking at a map on the wall.

“What you looking for?” he ask me

“How far it is to the exit, Were about fifteen minutes from one.” I answer.

I walk up to the door and turn and face him “Know there’s things down here that have killed squads of Spetsnaz. You know what a bloodsucker is? He nods faintly as if he didn’t want to hear what I was about to say. “There’s a special kind down here most call it a Ghost sucker for its skin has lost all its pigmentation it make very little sound the only real thing we have to our advantage is that they aren’t as resilient as the ones on the surface.” I let me words sink in as I open the door and pear into the blackness and see a few blood stains along the wall some half smears of hand prints.

“I will watch the front you watch our backs let’s move we need to be in the Valley before morning. You hear ANYTHING strange at all let me know.”

He trembling checks his gun and follows after me as I back my down the hall waiting for him to muster the courage to come on. We move down the corridor for what seems like hours hearing nothing but our footsteps, dripping water and the noise of some machine running somewhere deep within the bowels of the network before we reach the ladder that would take us to freedom. We climb up it and come out right in front of the collapsed exit to the tunnel as I reach the top of the incline and appear on the surface once more I take a deep breath as Snitch joins me. He looks out at the view from atop the hill of lush jungle stretching as far as we could see in the moon light the sky its self was clear of all clouds till you reach the horizon of the larger hill behind us then it becomes overcast and asks me.

“Where the fuck are we now?”

I smile and say to him “Dark Valley it’s a world of its own.
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