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Soldier in Hell

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  13:35:34  20 July 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 07/10/2009
Messages: 667
17:47 Skadovsk

Stamen,Cardan,Gregor and Lenya were having a chat when the door of the ship opened...then Yosif,Alexander,Oleg and Matey walked in.

-Woo...look who came back.How is I it going mates.-Stamen greeted them almost instantly.
-Nothing serious...just like everyday.-Yosiv responded with a tired voice.
-This means something has happened ?
-Come on talk...
-Wel give me some vodka then.
-Haha...Okay you got it.-Stamen passed him the half empty bottle.Yosif took it,and drinked the 3/4 of the liquid that was left.
-Ok now talk...we are all ears.
-Well...As we arrived at izumrudenoe,a boar herd charged us.We just coulnt find a place where to go...and you know what we did ?
-From where the fuck should I know.
-We went on the sloped wooden "roof" of the scene.You know this may have been a theathre or something.And the boars couldnt reach us.Haha.

Yosif lifted the bottle again and finished the vodka bottle.At this time the rest of the group came down from the bedroom where they left their equipment.And joined Yosif and the rest of the stalkers.

-So Stamen.Now tell us what you lived through that day ?-Yosif asked. havent finished.
-Oh really ?
-Yes you escaped from the boars and then ?
-Ah yes...We waited for few minutes and the boars just left the place.Just like that.They just leaved us there.Afther a bit of searching around we saw the coming blizzard.We had no idea where will we hide.The houses in the resort couldnt give us a lot of protection,so we started to run towards the little tunnel just next to the swamp where you found Gregor.We went in there.And we realized it was a mistake.The air current was chilling us to our bones.IT WAS AWFULL.Then in the middle of the storm we ran to the sewer exit,right where you sheltered yourselves at the blowout.And we waited for the storm to end thats all.What about you Stamen ?

Stamen started to talk about his team's experiences,just when he was about to end the door of the ship opened again.Stamen said:

-Oh look Philip.
-Thts right...It is me.-the figure next to the door responded and walked closer to the improvised plot holdin something in his hand.

-Uhh...comrade what is this in your arm ?-Alexander asked leaning to the left to get abetter look.
-Dog tails.
-From blind dog i see.
-Yes...Just came across one of their packs.And that happened.
-Ah...Ok.Will you join us ?
-Sure...just afther I leave my equipment upstairs.
End of part 34
  14:29:34  22 July 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 07/10/2009
Messages: 667
21 of December,Sawmill


-Allright we are ready Leutanant.
-Good.Bring some joy back with yourself.
-I will give the best from myself.
-Ok Corporal.Now go dont waste time.

Miloshevsky,Vlad and Emil went out of the camp and headed north-east.The Corporal was armed with the SVD rifle till Vlad and Emil were with AK-74U's.
At the Same time Stamen,Lenya and Gregor left Skadovsk in direction to the burned village.Their plan was to check for any artifacts and then to continiue north.

7:21 West from Skadovsk

-Alright here is the pipeline,here is the road.We are on the right direction.-Stamen broked the silence.
-What are those crevases in the ground ?-Gregor asked.
-You dont want go there.Just walk afther me and DO NOT step anywhere where such a drop may exst.Look for thin snow or any other signs...Hey wait.
-What is it ?
-Just wait a second.-Stamen said this with a conserned intonation and took out his binoculars and then he started to look,or search for something on the horison.
-Stamen what is it ? Come on dont scare me.
-That crashed truck over there was not at that place during my last raid in the vicinity.How could Yosif and the other lads miss it.Lets go and check it out...wach for holes.

Same time,North-East from the Sawmill

-So what are we looking for ?-Emil asked
-Everything that moves and can be eaten.-Miloshevsky responded while he was checking the horizon with his Sniper rifle.
-Hmm...I wonder is there any fish living in that lake.
-Maybe.But it surely has more than three eyes and 15 sm teeth.
-Ok you win.Carry on.

A bit north from Izumrudenoe

-Alright...just as I have expected.No radiation.Lets examine a biit....Ok engine torn out.The cabin is almost crushed,aldo there should be some cargo or something.The driver is with a military uniform.Perhaps someone has came and looted everything.Most likely the military themselves.But it may also be bandits or other stalkers.
-Hey Stamen they skipped that part...-Lenya said while he was examining the cabin.
-What is it.
-Wait till I get it out...oh..uhh...Ok here is it.
-Alriiight.AK-74U with around 120 rounds for it.This may come in handy...
-I think it is not all...I will check one more time.-Lenya said and went back in the cabin.
-Anything ?
-Antirad pills juice...what kind of soldier takes apple juice with himself ?-He said and went out of the semi-crushed cabin.
-Good job...Gregor,you found anything ?
-Just that medkit thrown away in the bushes-the boy responded.
-Thats is enough for now...lets move on.
End of part 35
  13:39:13  23 July 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009
Messages: 667
7:30 Northern Zaton

-Haha...Good shot "sir".But I dont know what exacly you hit.
-I doubt it is good to eat...But hey another one.

Miloshevsky shot the distant figure with the SVD rifle.Then checked the area one more time and stated "It is clear lets move".When they reached the bodies Emil and Vlad showed their disgussion from the bodies.Miloshevsky did not.He already saw them in details through the scope.

-What the fuck is this.Tarzan on four legs ?
-Kind of.With a hole in the head.But look his teeth.This was a human it is completely...Jesus no word can be found.So ok we are leaving those creeps here.Lets search for anything usefull.Those bushes over there might house something...
-That can surely eat us.-Emil interrupted the Corporal.
-Well be prepared then.-Hesaid that and took out his Fort 12 gun afther shouldering his rifle.

7:36 The Burned Village

-Alright Gregor.This is your first artifact hunt.I will show you the basics and Lenya will be assisting me.I dont recomend you to go in the anomally field with this jacket.So first throw some bolts around,or any other small ojects.Little stones will also do the job.Walk slowly and keep it goes.
-That...was awesome.-Gregor said as the flames bursted in front of Stamen.
-Wanna come on my place and see how fun this is ?
-No thanks.
-Then shut it.Lenya you found something ?
-Yep...a weak signal.I am still searching for the right direction.-He responded.

The stalkers continiued to advance cautiosly to the artifact.Soon Stamen said that he got it.He reached to take it but a flame bursted and burned his arm....

-Oh my god are you OK Stamen.
-Yeah...yeah...I am OK Gregor.Lenya you try to get it.It is a crystal.

Lenya made few steps and "secured" the area with few bolts.Then he took the artifact.He bypassed the flames that scorched Stamen's arm and reached him.And then he assisted him with the part called "Getting out from the shit''.
As they were out Gregor asked could he see the artifact.

-Yes you it is.-And Lenya passed it to him
-Cool.We can use this for warming ourselves.
-No we cant,it is radioactive.-Lenya responded while bandaging Stamen's right arm.
-Shit...then here it carry it.

And Gregor passed him the artifact.Lenya took it,Stamen standed up and they bypassed the anomaly field and they almost passed when Gregor asked:

-Is that there the military base ? I am 90 % sure it is.
-You do have a point.Let me see throug.....aaarhhh.Lenya use your binocular.I cant even grab mine. prob....Letss see.Hmm absolutely no movement....oh wait.One guy coming out of a building....Hah he is peeng on a tree.But it's only him.No patrols or anything.Where are everybody supposed to be ?
-Never mind lets go.-Stamen said and the stalkers continiued north.

Same Time

-Nothing in those bushes Corporal.
-You can call me Ivan when Kuznetsov is not around.Both of you.
-Corporal Ivan Miloshevsky...sounds...
-How ?
-Well...when I saw your ID that says "I.Miloshevsky" I thought your first name is "Ibrahim".
-Now you know it is not.Come on lets check the rest of this place
End of part 36

Any feedback ?

  13:41:17  23 July 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
Ibrahim Miloshevsky FTW.
  15:02:36  24 July 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 07/10/2009
Messages: 667
7:45 Noth-East from the burned village

-Easy there lad...dont make any moves.-Stamen said as a boar appeared ten meters in front of them. your gun ready ?-Lenya wispered.
-It is on safety.
-Well I got the beast on my ironsight.
-Wait just a second.

The boar was staying still with his back towards the stalkers.Stamen just removed the safety lifted the gun...and then the worst sound a hunter or a soldier could ever hear..."click"...Stamen's gun has jammed.The boar obviosly was listening aroung to be sure that nothing is in his teritory...heard the sound,turned around and charged the stalkers.Stamen manages to fire only with one of the barrels.Lenya shot twice but in the rush of adrenaline he missed with the second one.Gregor fired some rounds with his pistol but with minimum effect...

The group got separeted.The boar was afther Lenya.Gregor was just waching when Stamen threw him the AK-74U that they found in the truck....then Stamen tried to reload....but because of his injured arm he didnt managed to put the second round in the barrel and dropped it on the ground....

It was late...the boar was headed right at him.But Gregor pulled the trigger of the AK and bullets beging to fly all-over the place.But for his luck one of the bullets went straight into the eye of the boar which started,to lets say "wave" his head furiosly in all directions.And just from 40 sentimeters Stamen fired his TOZ and hitted the skull of the boar.Lenya came and putted a second one "Insurance" as he says.

-Huh...there will be what to tell about later in Skad...ovsk-Gregor said.
-Tell what ? That you almost killed me ? Hehe...But yet again thanks.-Stamen said while taking a look of the boar.
-What are we going to do with the pig ?
-Cut of the usefull parts.
-Like which ones ?
-The foot,some of the meat,the vital organs.
-The feet ?
-Oh yes they are highly apreciated from the...actually they are precious for everyone.
-What is their use ?
-Scientist study it,some eat it...that kind of things.
-Well...dont be like "Oh grouse" untill you try it.-Stamen said that while he wand Lenya startes to ''gut and clean" the pig.
-How do you eat it ? Raw,baked...
-I will explain this later,now come here and help us,as fast as we end as good it will be.
-But I dont know what to do.
-Well you are a stalker now.You gotta learn how it is done....

Same time,Northern Zaton

-Vlad,Emil anything ?
-Nothing.-Emil responded while walking out from a nearby bush
-Same here.
-Gee those bushes are awfull.
-Lets have some rest eh ?
-It will be much apresiated.

They sat at the nearby "mini quay" waching the water of the lake streching to the hill far in front of them.

-This place is almost idilic.-Emil said while opening a bottle of water.
-And so deadly.-Vlad responded
-Yeah...hey Vlad what is wrong ?
-I run out from ciggares.
-Gee that sucks.
-You are telling this to me ?

The kept silence and continiued to sit at the quay
End of part 37
  15:39:06  25 July 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009
Messages: 667
8:10 North-East from the burned Village

-Ok we are ready...lets get the hell out of here.We were lucky enough that no mutant attacked us for half an hour so lets move before this changes.-Stamen said while he was collecting all of the items he used.
-Now where you said we will go ?
-At that forest over there-And Stamen pointed a hill that was pretty close to them.
-And then...We wont be spending our whole day there right ?
-No we wont.Then we will check the Swamp to the north.
-I am ready to go.
-And me...come on.

And they started walking to the hill.

Same time,Northern Zaton

-Ok thats enough sitting on one place...I think we even had too much of it.-Miloshevsky stood up.
-You do have point my butt hearts from this rugged and cold wood.-Emil said,also standing on his feet.In a seconds they were on the move again.
-We will search this mini penunsila is not big so we will end quickly.
-Oh my god....did those weeds just moved ?-Emil said and lifted his rifle towards the weeds.
-I am not sure...I may have been the wind.
-No no no...I really saw something moving there.
-Then we charge in three,two,one GO.....

The soldiers rushed forwards,just to see that nothing was in there.

-You see Emil.Nothing.
-Then how will you explain those footsteps Vlad ?
-Uhhh.I have some knowlege about the animals.I am son of forest warden you know.But I never saw such thing before.
-Reminds me of those stories about a creature in america called bigfoot.
-Sorry we are messing up with Yeti.Not with bigfoot.
-Hah...Cor...Ivan what do you thing ?
-We will be in deep shit if this attacks us.And the traces are so fresh.I would say that they were made just few minutes ago.-The Corporal responded.
-So what do we do now ?-Emil asked.
-Check the bushes ASAP,keep your eyes wide open.And we are out of here.
-Ok lets get over with it.

The trace they saw was an enlarged human feet.With no shoe.There were only three fingers.

A bit to east from the soldiers

-Ever been in that forest before Stamen ?
-Yes Gregor.Five of six times.
-Then why we are you going back there ?
-We are constantly checking the areas that might house mutants.
-Should I expect something ?
-Always expect something.Now we will just check for a minute if there anything...And if there is.We are sending them Philip and then wach some mutants fly.

The group entered the forest checked it and went out of it for less than five minutes.

-Nothing,that is good lets check the north lake.-Stamen said,Lenya and Gregor followed him to the west.

Same time,Northern Zaton

-Nothing.Damn if it keeps going like that we wont find nothing.Not even rats.-Emil said as he finished searching
-I dont regreet about it now lets move before that weird thing eats us.

Just a bit to the east Stamen,Gregor and Lenya were going straight towards the soldiers.When the first of the militaries showed behind the bushes.Stamen reached for his binocular...with a lot of effort he managed to stabilize it in his arm just to see Miloshevsky aiming at him with his SVD rifle,Stamen ducked at the last moment before the bullet flew just inches above him he shouted "LENYA,GREGOR behing that rock NOW.........
End of part 38
  15:01:13  30 July 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009
Messages: 667
Half a minute earlier

-I dont regreet about it now lets move before that weird thing eats us.Uhh...did something moved on that hill ?
-I think I see something Vlad-Miloshevsky responded.
-"Check" it with the rifle.
-Thats what I am gonna do.-the Corporal ducked and lifted his rifle.-A ordinary stalker.He is scouting with a he wont...

The sound from the shot filled the vicinity and a shout was heard.

-You got him ?-Vlad asked.
-Noo.He ducked In the last second.
-So now what ? Play hide and seek or storm the hell out of them ?
-We will wait.We are not in a hurry.Are we ?

150 meters in front of them

-Stamen.What was it ?-Gregor asked
-Military sniper.
-Military ? Shit.How are we gonna get out of here ?
-No idea just stay low they are surely waiting for someone's head to show up.I will just peak from that side to check are they there or they are advancing towards us.Lenya,here take the AK I am not sure that I will be able to fire accurate with my arm.

Stamen peaked a little bit.He saw that the soldiers were waiting and hid back as fast as he could.Emil proposed to assault the stalkers but he didnt finished because he heard a roar behind him.He turned,Ivan also did and fired with the sniper rifle.The body collapsed between Emil and the Corporal.

-Today is you lucky day Ivan.One the forehead.-Emil said with an uncovered relief.
-Yep.It really is.I just blindfired and...hey what about the stal...

Miloshevsky did not finished.The stalkers opened fire on the soldiers.Ivan,Vlad and Emil were forced to withdraw from their current position becuse of the lack of cover.Emil got hit in the shoulder by a AK bullet.And minor 12. rounds were constantly hitting them but causing nothing but pain from that distance.Soon the soldiers took cover behind another rock but the stalkers were nowhere to be seen...
End of part 39

Time to count the readers....who is reading the story to post a messege and a comment about the story.

  21:58:58  30 July 2010
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The Dane


On forum: 09/22/2007
Messages: 1959
I'm reading and likes what I see . Only posting because you asked as I dislikes having to look through a lot of post for finding where a story continues.
  17:18:51  3 December 2010
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Colonel Skull
On forum: 11/07/2010
Messages: 95
Dead?... Sad, i really liked this story... Oh well, all good things end at some point.
  14:47:09  10 December 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 07/10/2009

Message edited by:
12/10/2010 14:48:55
Messages: 667
^ started a petition to renew the story which is completely possible (as December comes,it brings cold weather and inspiration for me) because i still keep the plot written long ago.

Does anyone else wants the story to continiue
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