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Soldier in Hell

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  23:19:42  30 June 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009
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Three days till the return !!!
  13:55:37  4 July 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009
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So this is the great return...

9:16 Under Preobrajensky bridge

-Alright....easy there Gregor,dont get wet or you will have some nice "chilling"...
-I can take care of myself Stamen.
-Yeah,right I saw that already.

The stalkers were moving to the other side of the former river bed.When they came on the other side,they moved up to the bridge.Stamen took out his binoculars...had a nice look at the building complex in front of them and stated:

-Not much movement at the station.
-This is a station for what ?-Gregor showed his curiosity
-A waste prossesing maybe.We havent saw much movement but noone dares to go there....Just spooks everyone.Who knows what can live in there.
-Well...I dare to go there...
-Oh really,you got the guts ?
-If you are with me.
-Well...we have plenty of time.Lenya what do you think ?
-Perhaps we might go there.-Lenya responded are not 50 meters away from us...thats a record.
-Oh shut it.
-OK lets go.-Stamen said with a little smile on his face

9:21 The waste procesing station

-This is back exit probably.We will use it as entrance.-Stamen said.-You lads havent changed thoughts right ?
"No" Said Lenya and Gregor almost instantly.
-Alright then we are going in...By the way.Any bets on what we will find in there ?
"Tushkanos,nothing more "-Lenya putted his bet.
-OK,you Gregor ?
-I have nothing to bet.
-It is a friendly one...
-Ah Ok...then nothing.I just dont want to imagine what is in there.
-Allright...Now me.Lets see...Michael Jackson...noo.Maybe a Burer.
-What the hell is Burer.
-If I tell you,you will refuse to go in.So just move it.

Stamen kicked the door to open it and they went in.

-It is friggin dark in here.I thought that it wont be so dark.
-We have flashlights so dont be so woried Lenya...

They turned on their flashlights had a nice look at the enviroment...And then they started to search around.

9:45 In front of the WPC (waste procesing station)

-So did we found we discovered that nothing lives in there.So now lets get back on course.
End of part 28
  14:32:31  5 July 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009

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07/06/2010 0:51:53
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10:03 Mlitary outpost

-Hey Vlad...come and check this.-Emil broked the silence.
-What is it.
-It is the radio.
-What about it...You managed to fix it.
-Well I dont know.Some weird signals...
-Let me see.
-Alright here you go....
-Hmmm...frequency 189.02.Ever heard of it.
-And this is the only one from where there is a signal.
-Can you clear out the white noise somehow.I think I hear music or something.
-I cant do anything.
-What about minor changes in the frequency ?
-Well...lets try that.


-No no no dont....fuck It went out.
-Any other signals ?
-It a bit unclear.But it is better than the last one.
-Oh oh...listen !
-What language is this ?
-It is Belorussian.
-You understand anything.
-Nothing...There are the news or something.But I dont understand shit.

-Hey what are you two up to-A voice from behind was heard.
-Umm...we have some radio signals Corporal.-Vlad explained.
-Anything usefull ?
-Well...not exacly but the least is that we have a signal from somewhere.The military frequency is not showing any signs of presence.
We wil inform you If we make some progress.
-Ok...keep up the work.

-Alright Emil.Any ideas ?


-Oh....Vlad I think I got something
-On 92.4.
-This...this is from Ukraine.
-Volume up come on...

...And now a special western hit than everyone remembers.

-Is this "Scorpions Wind of Change"
-I bet it is.Come evryone look what we found.

I follow the Moskva
Down to Gorky Park
Listening to the wind of change

-That was the first western song I ever heard.
-Shut it Emil.

...we can be so close as brothers...

...the wind of change blows straight in the face of time... dont stop....nooo.Sorry lads.The signal went down,but we must be glad that we had those three minutes of pure joy...I hope.
-You are right Emil.-The Leutanant calmly said,and continiued: So what were you doing when you first heard that song ?

-Somewhere at Kachalova street at Kiev...-Miloshevsky said first.
-And you remember it ? Huh.Those were nights that nobody will forget.I was almost dead drunk at the Kiev downtown.-Emil's answer.
-I dont remember.-Feodor's one.
-Drunk at a roadside dich maybe.And you Leutanant ?-Vlad asked.
-No idea where.But I was not drunk.So...I enjoyed the song...but now try to do some progress with the radio.-Kuznetzov said
-Roger that !-Vlad responded

-Uh Leutanant.
-What is it Corporal ?
-Arent Vlad and Emil supposed to be qa little bit more serious ?
-I know that they arent doing what they are supposed to...but If we are putting too much restrictions...It wont be very good in this sitiuation.
-You do have a point...but we must not give them too much freedom either.
-I will never do that.....
End of part 29
  00:51:33  6 July 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009

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07/06/2010 0:52:57
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10:36 WPC

-Lenya, good to go ?
-Alright up everyone,before that big bad ugly grey cloud hits us.
-Gee,that is going to be a hell of a blizzard.
-No shit.Now move it. is getting really cold.And I just lifted my ass from the ground.Who knows what is coming.
-We dont want to find out,right ? Now go.Lenya you to.

They all began to walk away from the station.

-Whoa...what is this "weird lanskape" over there.
-Archeoanymaly.Now move we dont have time to stare at the surroundings.
-Whatever you say.
-Now you might get little bit confused because here there are a lots of roads.So if you ever have to navigate.Dont use the roads unless you know them very well.Use the compass ALWAYS.
-So we are not going back the way we came from.
-Why ?
-It is boring seeing the same stuff over again.But dont do that at the other seasons.This is the relatively most calm one at the year.Most of the mutants are in a sleep and there arent much bandits or nasty cutthroats.


-This storm is coming closer Stamen.
-You have a point Lenya.Our slow dragging left us 100 meters from the "Shevchenko" ship.
-We should use it as cover.I wont risk rushing to Skadovsk.
-Sounds pretty reasonable to me.-Gregor said.
-Alright...the majourity wins.We will just make sure that nothing has settled in there.I dont want something to attack me there.


"Flashlights on,gun loaded,safety off,one,two,there...GO"-This is what Stamen said before they enter Shevchenko.The checked the room they were in...but then:

-You hear anything ?-Stamen asked
-What is is in the rooms ahead I guess.
-Fuck this...we are going in...

Stamen and the rest moved up the stairs listened in more carefully.And they prepared to enter the first room.Stamen signaled with his hands "One,Two,Three".And they entered.

-Whoa...stop dont shoot at it Lenya dont.
-It is fucking snork Stamen.
-It is frozen to death...
-So what...oh no you dont.Dont start talking about respect to the creatures.If we leave it.It may kill somebody later.
-You two LOOK OUT-Gregor shouted.

The snork managed to gather strengh to jump onto Lenya who took his gun down when he started to talk to Stamen.Lenya falled on the ground and the snork was on top of him.Stamen kicked the mutant in the head.The snork lost grip on Lenya which alowed the stalker to take out his pistol...a Stechkyn APS.He pulled the trigger and holded utill all of the rounds in the clip were out. OK ?-Gregor asked.
-Pretty much.Only few scratches.My gasmask took fifty percent of the damage.It is good that the snork was tired.If it was in his regural condition.My guts were goin' to be splatered onto the wall behind.
-Perhaps winter is a good time of the year here.Now lets sit and wait for that blizzard to end,what will you say.
-Yes...but afther we chack the other rooms Gregor.
-Oh...yes you do have a point.
End of part 30

EDIT:Any feedback on the return ? Good,bad...not that much."Posting is not forbidden"
  03:44:54  6 July 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Nice,but from what I know Snorks take a lot more of a beating. I remember wasting AK's on them.
  03:50:12  6 July 2010
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On forum: 05/21/2010
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Any feedback on the return ? Good,bad...not that much."Posting is not forbidden"

I see what you did there
  17:15:30  6 July 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009
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@ Zombified Cremator:Well...I belive that the health of the mutants showed in STALKER is not really "probable".I mean not much living things below 400 kg can witstand the force of 60 5.45 rounds...Around 15 9x18 rounds from point blank range in the chest seems enought to me.


15:01 At "Taras Svechenko"

-This blizzard is not showing signs of slowing down.-Gregor started,breaking the silence.
-The force is not important. The storms as well the blizzards can stop and start almost instantly.
-Are there any other strange zone abuses with natural you listen to me.
-Yes I am.I am just bit sleepy...Let me think.Well there was a very weird one.In the autumn a stalker brought an artifact.He placed it on the table,removed his arm from it.And guess what.The artifact lifted itself around 1.5 meters above the table.
-Nnoo way.
-We thought the same.We were like: "Too much vodka man.","Gimme the psyprotection pills,I am having halusinations.".But it was completely real...Antigravitation actually exists.
-Anything else ?
-Cant remember anything interesting.
-Really ?
-Any interesting raids.
-Everyone is interesting.Always something happens.
-Like what ?
-Well...imagine that you are walking in the swamps in a line with five other stalkers.
-Yes...and ?
-A blurry thing appears from the weeds grabs one of you and dissapears again.
-Other cases ?
-Me and Lenya against seven zombified stalkers.
-You two....against seven zombies,it is not that hard.
-I dont mean the zombies like the one we saw.Zombified stalkers are people like us,in their suits using their own weapons.They act like a drunk person.Just fires till the target is down.It can reload and everything a person knows...And it is tougher. did you managed to kill them ?
-We hid in a building.It is somewhere on west from the ship.We had a grenade,which killed three of them.And even with our TOZ shotguns we managed to kill them.

Gregor stopped asking questions and he was just waiting for the storm to end...just like Stamen and Lenya.
End of part 31

Another part may come afther few hours
  15:47:42  12 July 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009
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15:42 Between "Shevchenko" and "Skadovsk"

-You see Gregor.Weather is not something to be worried about.
-No shit Stamen.
-Yeah.But keep your eyes open.Those weeds here are not very friendly place.

Same time,Military outpost. head...hey,Hey...What the fuck ??? HEEY.Untie me now.Where am I.
-Hey hey Boris easy man.Ok I will untie you...Ok you are free now.You allright ?
-Just my head hearts.Only thing I remember is staying inside when I heard some weird whisping.I stood up from the chair,and something just made me collapse on the ground.And from then I dont remember a damn thing.
-Well...we had some "little issues" while you was not on this world.
-What are those "issues" ?
-There are only six of us.
-No way.

At the time Boris said that all of the soldiers were in front of him confirming the thruth.

-So what happened to the rest ?-Boris continiued.
-The "Iron Forest" and something that charged the oupost while we were out.-Kuznetsov said.
-So six of us now ? How much food we have ?
-For few days we can hold out.We are trying to contact the base for suplies...or evac.Are you hungry ?
-Actually yes...

Before he finish,the Leutanant passed him a can of food.He thanked,grabbed a nearby fork.Opened the can and started to eat.As he was eating,Kuznetsov started:

-Listen up.We have suplies for now but we cant rely entirely on them.We dont know when we are going to contact the base,so we will do a "raid".The designated area is to the east from here.It is one lake.We will...or actually "you" will scavenge for any suplies or kill anything that can be eaten.This will happen tommorow morning.The ones who will go will be Miloshevsky,Vlad and Emil.Any questions ?

Nobody said anything.....
End of part 32
  16:01:06  12 July 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
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Good,but place spaces after the periods.
  14:38:59  16 July 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009
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At that time Stamen,Lenya and Gregor were already at Skadovsk.Aldo the second squad has not returned,they,together with Cardan drinked a vodka..."For the sport" as Cardan says.

Few hours later at the military outpost the soldiers were having dinner.When Vlad who was on the attic to get another pack of cigares saw a weak light outside...

-Hey lads is there anything outside...Someone check it out ?-He started.
-What could it be now ? Fitheen meters wide firefly ?-Boris responded while he standed up from his chair and reached for his AK74U.
-From where should i know ? Wait I am coming with you.

As he said that he grabbed the SVD rifle and came down the ladder.

-Ok lets check it out !
-Alright Boris,open the door.

He opened it and they both came out.They walked to the right.Then they called Feodor.He stood up from his chair and went out.When he got there he asked:

-What is it...Whoa !!! No way.
-Any explanations abot that weird globe or ball or sphere hovering in mid air ?
-Puzyr.It is wandering Puzyr.
-What is Puzyr ?
-Teleport anomaly.
-Are you serious ?
-Why not to be ?

At this time all of the persons that were in the building came outside to see the "sphere".When Miloshevsky asked:

-Is it dangerous ?
-As long as I know it is not.It usually hovering at a sertain elevation.It doesnt touches the ground.So it is not dangerous.Now it is at aproximately 10 meters off the ground....wait....where did it got ? Anyone saw where it went ?
-Alright.Carry on.Lets get back to the eating...what will you say ?

His "position was aproved" and everyone returned inside to continiue with the dinner.
End of part 33
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