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Soldier in Hell

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  19:47:20  20 April 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009
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As the day was passing...both the stalkers and the soldiers were staying in there "camps" talking...and talking.

-Feodor...what was it like out there.Beyond the fence.In the wild,pure zone.-Vlad asked as he was lighting another ciggare.
-Belive me...if you are not mazochist or something like that you dont want to be out there.Those mutants...anomalies.It is awfull.I prefer to be on your place than trying to close that underground.
-You may have a poit...but I still havent been otside that gate.
-You beter stay like that...How is Boris ? Is he still sleeping ?
-Yes.He'd better dont wake up till the morning because if he starts mumbling againg I will throw him out through the window.
-Hah...I am a bit worried for him...and for us.He might be turning in a mutant or something.You have wached Resident Evil right ?
-Yes.I have.You may have a point.
-He'd better stays strapped for his bed...I dont want to wake up with my throat cut.
-Do we have only cans for food ?
-Damn.And no vodka...this is worse than Chechnya...and I even dont know why they removed me.
-Well...there is no worse than that.
-Sure it isnt..on Earth....

Skadovsk,Same time.

-Gregor come for the brief...Lenya you too.-Stamen shouted.

They both came down to join the rest of the stalkers.

-So ok we are all here.-Philip started quite seriously.-For tommorow there are three routes each of the two teams can head.The River docks,Izumrudenoe and north to Zemsnaryad.Stamen,choose for your team.
-The tiver docks and the bridge...unless Oleg,Alexander and Yosif want it.
"No will will take Izumrudenoe"-Oleg responded.
-So good...Stamen,Lenya and Gregor are on the River docks and the bridge.The others are for Izumrudenoe...I will be hunting for boars in the weeds to the south.That is all...

Afther most of the stalkers went to the bedroom, Stamen called Gregor.Passed him a Makarov,knife and a PDA...and along with that he said:

-Every stalker needs his basic equipment.Here comes yours.
-Wow...gee...I thought I will never get those.
-Do you know how to use the PDA ?
-Yes...I was shown how to do that.
-What about the gun ?
-Well..some help here can come in handy.
-Ok..this is the safety...this is the mag-release.Now there is not a bullet in the barrel but you know how to put right ?
-Yes...I saw how they do that in the films.
-Good...Here is and your portable Geiger Counter.You turn it on with that button...and when tyou hear that step back.This one also detects anomalies...
-I didnt knew you have any spare equipment.
-Well...some was left from the stalkers who left at the autumn.They will come back in three or four months...but till then...
-Ok.Thanks a lot.I will go up now.
-Allrigh...I will stay and drink some vodka with Phillip.
-Have a good night kid.
End of part 24
  20:22:05  20 April 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940

Keep it up
  18:54:01  21 April 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009

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04/21/2010 18:54:16
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The next parts will come out maybe afther 2 or 3 days....I need to think up the storyline...

  02:57:01  23 April 2010
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On forum: 11/01/2009
Messages: 883
I like it, you keep getting better,cant wait till next part.

  19:26:29  23 April 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009
Messages: 667 it goes.

Next Morning,Skadovsk

-Ok Gregor you know what to do and more important...what not to.-Stamen said while he opened the ship's door.
-Yes.I have remembered all.
-Repeat it once again.
-Um...uhh...shoot only if attacked,and not too far.Never get far away from the group...
-Ok that is enough...Oh damn.That snow cover is going to slow us a bit.
-It wont stop us right.
-Noothing can stop us...So the port cranes are to south east.If we follow that pipeline over there...we will get on the road for there.Lets get a move on.

The group walked for a while,almost reached the pipeline when Gregor asked:

-Isnt the water here freezing ? The temperature now is far bellow 0 C (32 F).
-No it is not.Do not ask me how.This is the zone...we cant explain many things...And be carefull with that water.It is more dangerous like that than frozen.I dont need to explain you why...right ?

And the morning was really cold...It was around 8:35 AM.The sun has just shown.Giving the zone even more sheer beauty...And a bit later the group reached the cranes.Stamen took out the Geiger Counter and made some measurings around...When a strong roar was heard...

-Holy shit...what the hell was that.-Stamen said.
-This sounded like umm...bloodsucker ?-Lenya responded.
"Not again those freaks"-Gregor said with a bit "scared" intonation.
-Dont worry kid...let it come.Even if it gets invisible,we will see its steps on the snow.

The group kept silent and still for nearly five minutes...But nothing happened.

-Hey Stamen.
-Now what Lenya ?
-I think the sound came out of that shed.
-Well...I dont know.Lets go and check.Gregor keep our backs covered and wach for footsteps emerging from the nothing...Lenya come on.

The group slowly approached the little shed.Stamen opened the door with a kick...And they found out that nothing was in there.Afther that they searched the shed...but they didnt found nothing.They went out...scaveged for any supplies but they didnt found anything.

-Now what ?-Lenya asked.
-Now we will go back the road but instead of turning left to Skadovsk we will go to right.There is a whole building complex.I dont know for what it was used.But we have to be carefull at there.And afther that is the bridge. lets move.

The stalkers continiued by the road...and of course Gregor started a conversation.

-Are there any other mutants that are "legendary" or really mysterious...Like the Poltergeist.
-Well...Philip told me about one.-Stamen responsed without losing his attention from the enviroment.
-What is it...come on talk. all animals and the rabbits suffered mutations.The mutated one is completely black...with sharpened long teeth and red eyes.I have never seen one but I have seen its trails.There were some rumours that it has the bloodsucker "technology" to turn invisible...But its existance is not confirmed.
-Any other ?
-Wel...oh...damn quiet we will talk in Skadovsk...something is not feeling right...just walk and be carefull.

They continiued to walk towards the buildings
End of part 25

Now I got to go...maybe I will write another part today (maybe).But it wont be as long as that one.

  22:13:12  23 April 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009

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04/23/2010 22:14:32
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Same time,Millitary outpost

-How is Boris...Vlad...VLAD..
-Uuuh...what mind got "blown away".
-How is Boris ?-Emil Asked again.
-Well he seems OK he might be OK till a day or two.Anything strange at night...
-Noo...only the traditional sounds,that can drive you mad.

That was all they the outpost the soldiers werent talking much.Vlad went back to the attic to repair the weapons of his squadmates.

And at the same time....

-Those buildings look too...calm.Do you guys feel that there is absolutely no sounds around...not even the wind can be heard.-Gregor stated.
-You have a point.Lets check the main building.
-Ok Stamen.

As they continiued Stamen took a good look of the place and said:

-There are no clues that any kind of mutant is inhabiting that building...No blood no awfull smell.The radiation is at standart levels...This is one very strange place.

As Stamen walked to the entrance of one room a zombie showed out of there.Gregor screamed...Lenya and Stamen shot with their double barrels at its head...and it exploded.

-Whoa...what was that ?-Gregor asked.
-Ordinary zombie.People that have stayed at the zone...took a lot of radiation.Thery can live for weeks without food...especially at winter.They are a bit hard to kill if you shoot them at the body...but our TOZ double barrels are a bit deadly for him.Now lets search for supplies.-Stamen responded.
End of part 26
  18:04:21  5 May 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009
Messages: 667
Well I know I havent wrote since a lot of time but there was no way I could do here it goes

9:14 Zaton's Bridge

The three stalkers were having a rest...sitting near the bridge and wathing the view that the zone has offered them:A morning fog that blocks the view so you can't see the end of the bridge...and the bright sunrays that cut through through the sky...

-The zone is not stopping to suprise me.In so low temperatures,there is fog.That place just does not likes natural psysics.It does whatever it wants.-Gregor broked the silence.
-Well...I saw so much things that now nothing can suprise me.Even if the pigs begin to fly I may not notice it.But still the view is great.-Stamen responded.
-Yeah...looks and feels so calm.And again you can't hear anything.Not even the wind.It is like living in a picture...only the cold reminds you that this is the real world.
-What can I say,this is the the most extraordinary place in the world.I saw pictures of so beautyfull places.
-Like what ?
-Like the eastern part of Red Forest.Where that fucking brain scorther is.
-Brain Scorther ?
-Some kind of radar complex was transformed in a psi-emition factory.It blocks the way to Pripyat and the powerplant from the south.But from here we can reach it...but with a lot of effort,ammo,suplies,better gear,more men and better weather so just forget about it...Lenya what are you doing on that truck.
-Searching.-Lenya responded.
-For what ? Beetles ?
-For whatever there is.
-And what is in there ? thing can be found in vast amounts.
-Steel ?
-No it ?
-Yeah very come here we are going the weeds.

Lenya jumped out from the truck and went back to Stamen...the Stalkers got up and headed down to the weeds.
End of part 27
  14:14:35  18 May 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009
Messages: 667
I am sorry but I am too busy to write now...The series will continiue afther around a month...a month and a half...lets say in the first week of July.If I can do something on it i will write but I will not post it.The time will give me time to work on the story line...

  14:23:10  18 May 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
Good to see you did not stop buddy.
  23:35:13  7 June 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009
Messages: 667
Just in case some of you are thinking that I am not doing anything on the story...or just want to know more about it:7 days in the story are ready.They need a bit of revisin' and filling some holes but i am working on it...out

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