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Soldier in Hell

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  05:40:44  16 April 2010
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On forum: 11/01/2009
Messages: 883
I like it, very interesting, like snorkbaits story, keep writing im looking forward for more

  23:24:18  17 April 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009

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04/19/2010 18:44:05
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Gee....didnt expected such strong support... So....OK I am moving on

Few minutes later.In front of Skadovsk.

-Ok Gregor that is it.The safest place in 5 kilometers radius.
-Soo...that is the great ship eh ?
-Well...if you dont like it you can always stay outside you know.
-The fact that I dont fancy it doesnt means that I wont be in there...carry on Stamen.

Stamen stopped in fron of the door,took his weapon in side his backpack and entered...then Gregor and Lenya came in.

-Hey lads,check that out:We got a new family member.-Stamen loudly greeted everybody.
-Who is that boy and why you are bringing him in here ?-One of the three men in the room asked.
-This is Gregor lads.He got screwed up near the lumbermill outpost by the millitary...they shot his friend.
-Poor luck kid...get used to it.-the same guy responded.
-Ok Gregor meet the band.The guy on the left that didnt kept his mouth shut since we came in is Yosif.He is specialized in boar hunting...and crow hunting.The one in the middle...with the drunk look,is Alexander.He got in from the Belorussian border of the Zone.He walked for two days unprepared through the zone and came in Zaton.Damn lucky isn't he ? And the last one is Oleg.He is on the hunting career too...Ah,where is Lenya again.
-He went up the sta...uuh...-Alexander tried to say something but he couldnt because of the last bottle of vodka.
-Ok.Gregor come up I will greet you with the rest of the lads.

The both men went up the stairs...Stamen introduced Gregor to Cardan.And Gregor to the "bedroom".They saw Lenya almost asllep...and seconds later they took the free places to have a rest.
End of part 19
  23:58:27  17 April 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009

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04/18/2010 13:06:49
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Same place...and time

Lenya,Gregor and Stamen were lying on the beds.When Stamen asked:
-So Gregor.Tell me more about your friend.
-Well.He already was at the zone.For two times i think.He seemed to me a quite an expireinced stalker.He said the he has sabotauged the millitary fuel depot half an year ago.
-Hmm...Did he had any uniqie items,weapons or something ?
-Well...he had an almost black gas mask,with red lines by the sides.
-Did he had a nickname ?
-Why do you know him ?-Gregor asked because he saw that Stamen began to look him more strange.
-I think I do.Answer the question...come on.
-Well...some people called him "The Spartan" because he never gives up and he was always on his toes and ready to fight...that is what they said.
-Aaahh...the Spartan.What was he to you ? A friend...a brother or cousin ?
-Well...we were friend from eight year olds...we were just realy close.I cant believe he is gone now.
-Dont worry about him.I bet he is on a better place now.

Stamen turned his head right to Lenya.Who was playing with a swiss knife.

-Lenya...I will tell you once again...maybe for 20th time.To make your Monolith suit a bit different...Maybe put some more green on him...or yellow stripes on it.We will both get shot because of it.
-Calm down...isnt is green enough from crawling through all those mud and grass...
-No it is NOT.Just change it...and your gasmask needs got a minor crack on the left cheek.And how do you manage to spend so much time with the mask on your is an ordinary gasmask.
-No it is is my luck mask.
-Oh please...everything in you is lucky.

That were the last words between them...when Gregor asked:

-Who is that guy to the bed left of me ?
-Oh you mean the one that snores like a bear ?
-...And smels like a bear.
-Well...we arent taking much baths around here.This is Matey.He was on a pretty long trip few days ago and he couldnt have a sleep for a while.
-Ok...Now let me have some rest !
-You want a get pretty cold in here ?
-No thanks I will be fine...Gee never though I might fall asleep before 10 AM.
-Oh believe me kid...this will happen more and more ofthen....have a good time
End of part 20
  00:52:35  18 April 2010
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On forum: 11/01/2009
Messages: 883
cool, I like it, keep writing sota thing

  14:07:38  18 April 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009

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04/18/2010 14:08:32
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9:47 Just north from the Gas station

"Leutanant...Leutana...".Those were the only words one of the soldiers managed to say before he colapsed on the ground.

-What is it...hey hey what is wrong with him ?-Kuznetsov turned around and asked.
-I...I dont know sire.He is just making strange sounds and looks like he is trying to point something.Maybe like the road to the outpost.Or the outpost itself...He is talking too quietly.
-Well...get closer to him.
-He...he.I think he passed out.
-Damn it...we are losing men left and right.Make a grave for that soldier and move on.We will wait you here.
-Roger that.

10:41 Almost at outpost 57

-Miloshevsky.Did you tried to contact the outpost again.
-Of course I did Leutanant.But nothing.There is a connection.There is no white noise.Just nobody is answering.Maybe the problem is in the our radio.
-I hope it is.

They walked for few more minutes when the squad was supposed to see the outpost buildings.When Miloshevsky asked quietly.

-Sire...There are crows all over the place.This is looking suspisious.
-You have a point.Prepare your weapon for just in case...You can shoot right ?
-Well...I think I can.

The rest of the soldiers also noticed the high concentration of crows in the area.Some we even saying that they feel blood in their mouths.Frases like "This is not good" and "I have a baad feeling about this" were common in the next one minute.When Miloshevsky saw that the gate was open...He really woried and almost rushed into the base...only to see blood,crows,guts and bodies everywhere.Then the Leutanant came in...They both couldnt believe their eyes.

-Any idea what the hell happened ?

At the time they were talking the rest of the soldiers saw the horrifying "view".Everybody was stunned...

-Everobydy.-Kuznetsov loudly started: Organize yourself and start searching for clues,surviviours,bodies and supplies.Get a move on.
-Yes Miloshevsky.
-There is a leg on the roof...and shels all over the place.

"We got a sirvivior"-Somebody shouted from the main building.Kuznetsov and Miloshevsky rushed in.The sirviour was awfull condition sitting on the ground.Just in panicked condition...He even tried to shoot himself.When he was asked what happened he couldnt say anything but strange mumbling noises...

-He is in freak out condition.He might be even traumatized for his whole life.
-Yeah...the poor bastard.
-Hey another sirviviour !!!

It was Vlad...the mechanic."I was on the attic when awfull screams started.Few gunshots were heard.The electric generator came off and I felt an awfull headache.And I lost counchisness.I dont know when the attack happened...or what made the attack.I am just glad I am safe."

The soldiers that were in good shape started to clean the mess in the outpost becuse they were all really afraid from mutants....
End of part 21
  00:29:27  19 April 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009

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04/19/2010 0:29:51
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10:38 Outpost 57

The soldiers were almost ready with the "mop up".At that time the sky went black.Like before a thinderstorm.But in the middle of December.The soldiers noticed that...had a nice look at the sky...when a strong thunder was heard.The troopers didnt had idea what was going on.A strong,freezing wind started.Another thunder was heard and the soldiers got in the main building.Before that they have decided that now all of the six surviviours will sleep in the main building.The sirviviours were:Kuznetsov,Miloshevsky,Boris,Vlad,Feodor and Emil.The rest of them were dead...or missing.
When everybody was in the building,Kuznetsov started:

-Ok men.How much supplies do we have ?
-Well...when we were twelve people they would last enough for a week sire.I guess that they will be enough for two weeks.-Vlad replied sitting like a minister in a chair and smoking a cigarette.-But the smokes will end in few days...damn it.
-So we will stay here...wait till the weather is OK,call a pickup and get the hell out of here.It will be a suicide to go on foot in that..."Thunder Blizzard".Have some rest will gonna need it.

Same time,Skadovsk

Gregor waked up...the snoring Matey was still there.Stamen wasnt .Only Lenya was still playing with his swiss knife.

-Uuuh....gee...Lenya where is Stamen ? the other guys.
-Ah ok...whoa...what was that thunder ?
-"Thunder Blizzard".
-Thunder Blizzard ???
-Yes a "Thunder Blizzard" !
-What is that ?
-Mix of a snow bliizard and thunderstorm.The worst of the two seasons eh ?
-Yeah right...
-By the way.Dont go might be -20 outside but it certanly feels as atleast -35 C.
-Ok.Just...I have to eat something...Do you...
-"The Family gathers for lunch at 12 PM.
-Ah...Right.Whatever.I will go down to see what are they doing down there.

Gregor went down and saw (and heard) the company telling jokes and laughing.

-Hey kid...You feel fresh now ?-Yosif greeted him even before Stamen had a chance to do it.
-Sure you are.Come on join us it is fun here you know.Stamen was just telling us what did you done out there.

Gregor stepped forward to the plot (or more like a high table) and putted his hands on it as the other ones.For a second everybody looked at him but they turned and Stamen started...or more like continiued:

-...Then we were at the drainage system.It was full of clues that that place is full with bloodsuckers...
-Just one second.Can you guys tell me more about those creatures ?-Gregor kindly asked.
-Sure we can.-Alexander said,who was almost "fresh" now.
-Well...go on.
-As you saw it: Tall,ugly with tentackles.Sucks your blood out.It can turn invisible...
-Turn invisible !!!
-Practically...So they go out at dusk and turn back at sunrise.Aldo if it is really hungry it will come out in the day.Just...that is the most important.You dont need more exept you become a "cleaner".And before you ask: that is a person who clears an selected area from mutants.Now lets keep up with Stamen's talk.
-Well...there isnt what much more I can say.-Stamen said.
-Do you know that joke:

United Nations gathering: Please tell me your honest personal opinion about the lack of food products in some other countries.The gathering failed because:
1.In South America they dont know what is "please"
2.In Eastern Europe they...pardon me...we dont know what is "honest"
3.In China they dont know what is "personal"
4.In Western Europe they dont know what is "lack"
5.In Africa they dont know what is "food products"
6.In USA they dont know what is "other countries"

A short laughter started only to be broken by Yosif who started:

-An Ukrainian company is exporting the Pripyat's mailboxes,as microwaves in Kiev.
-It is spring in Chernobyl...The birds are barking,the grass is blue.-Stamen said trying to suppress his laughter.

The stalkers kept telling jokes and having a good time...till the blizzard was raging
End of part 22

P.S.:Hey no one got offended by the U.N. joke right
  00:40:56  19 April 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940
That's it!

BTW,it is not sirviviour,it is survivor.

Aside from that,I like to hear Kuznetsov's story.
  15:51:03  19 April 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009
Messages: 667
Ah...ok thanks for the tip

In the evening (Estern Europe's) will come out 1 or 2 parts.
  15:54:10  19 April 2010
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On forum: 01/15/2010
Messages: 3940

Pretty good story,different perspectives,good jokes (I am still laughing at spring one)

Dogs are flying,trees are pink....
  19:33:06  19 April 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009
Messages: 667
At 12 PM the Bliizard was still raging.At Skadovsk everybody gathered for lunch.Even Matey was woken up.At the millitary outpost the soldiers were doing the same as the stalkers: Telling jokes,eating...just not drinking vodka.Basically the life outside of cover in the Blizard is very tough.The storm stopped pretty sudden in Around 3 PM.And around an hour later the Skadovks doors opened.And a stalker entered.

-Hey is Philip.-Oleg shouted so he can be heard in the entire ship.
-Ahoy...-Philip said in a relief.
-Hey man...I thougt you were a gonner in that storm.
-I hid in the Zemsnaryad*.I preffered the strong radiation than the strong wind.I used all of my anti rads...Pass me a vodka botlle to prevent the "glowing in the dark" effect...haha.
-Heere you go lad.-Oleg passed him a bottle afther taking a sip from it.

He was dressed like a normal stalker...but the bloodsucker's tentacles hanging from his belt and the neclace from boar tusk were telling that he was the "top gun" of the "family".He was using an IZH-21M (ИЖ-21М) hunting rifle.He drunk his bottle to the bottom...made a strange look around the place and went up the stairs at the bedroom.And he almost threw himself on the bed.Gregor...of course wanted an explanation.

-Who is that guy ?
-Philip.-Lenya answered,this time playing with a Makarov magazine.
-Umm...what is his job around here.
-He is out best hunter.He is always walking alone...Ah damn i dropped the mag...

And that was all he said...
End of part 23

*-Zaemsnaryad is the place of the first mission from Beard....with the artifact.
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