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Soldier in Hell

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  08:57:33  26 October 2009
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On forum: 02/11/2009
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Nice. A bit hard to follow, and some parts are unclear.
Keep going.
  19:47:37  26 October 2009
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On forum: 07/10/2009

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10/26/2009 19:51:17
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21:47 Outpost 57's HQ

Miloshevsky is on his "bed".He is thinking about the officers.
"Bastards...why they should be such assholes.They dont allow us so many things...why."
This and other things passed through Miloshevsky's head.It was clear that he is disgusted from all ranks higher than Corporal.Aldo he is close to promotion..he just doesn't.....feel it like that....He decided that there may be an exit from the place called "army".


The night is cold and pichblack.Feodor is guarding the western gate.Now there werent any patrols-some soldiers are recovering from injuries that they got few days ago.
Feodor looked around himself....his partner on the "night duty'' went in the main base for a while....feodor just pushed the gte smoothly and got out of the outpost....if Kuznetsov sees him...he will shoot him.The "deserter" took out a night vision from his backpack.He took it along the AK from the crushed truck.He putted it on and continiued up on the hill.He looked around himself...cursed the cold and continiued.He reached some sort of a pine tree or something....Took out the AK,assembled it and putted it under the tree along A GP 25 launcher,ammo and grenades.
"Thats it....I hope you find it buddy"
He took off the NV and continiued toward the outpost.

23:54 The guard post

-Feodor...where were you ?-his partner asked.
-I heard footsteps and I went to check it out.
-Damn.If the Leutanant knew..he would shoot you.
-Yeah...forget about that.
End of part 5
  18:20:54  30 October 2009
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On forum: 07/10/2009
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Next day,Same place,Morning

Everything was alright....the patrols,the weather maybe not the temperature but it was calm.Some soldiers now had AK 74 instead of the smaller "brother".There were two reasons-out of stock..and the cold...those AK 74 were fully metal....and the U variant had wooden front hold part.....and the metal gets a lot colder than wood.Aldo some of the soldiers (mainly patrols) put wool,rope or anything else from textile industry on the grip and front part of the gun.


-Corporal report.-Kuznetsov said
-An unknown squad aproaching from east,just at the turn...
-Ok.Round up the men in a defencive line...we will destroy them.
The outpost was alerted and the soldiers prepared for an engagement.
-Why are they walking like that ?-Feodor asked.
-Zombies.-Miloshevsky said,looking through the binoculars....In such worse condition it can be only zombified stalkers.....Damn more coming from around the turn....Shots fired..Take em down..

The shooting filled the entired vicinity...the zombies were falling one afther another....but they were more coming....
-Corporal...There is an sniper rifle at the the metal box near the table.Get it and purge the bastards.-the Leutanant said.
-Yes sire.
Miloshevsky went in the building.... down.-somebody shouted.
-They are getting close.
Then the Corporal appeared with a SVD rifle....he started taking down the far targets....buth e couldnt handle most of the close ones.
-Pakhomov,Sergeyevych,Mikhail and Boris get out...and clear the rest of them.Use the North gate and slay them...we will cover you.-Miloshevsky said.
-Shit another man down....
The attack squad left the outpost and went forward....
End of part 6
  22:30:09  24 November 2009
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On forum: 07/10/2009
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-Proceed....push them back,slay them all.-Miloshevsky shouted when he run out of ammo.
The shock squad was killing everything on its way.
2 mins later

-Corporal...I want report of the losses and the injured ones.-the leutanant calmly said.
-Yes sire.But what should we do with so much bodies.The blood has definetly attracted some mutants.

And he was rigth.The dogs were already tearing appart the bodies near the bridge.

-Well....move only the closer ones....the mutans will leave us tonight.
-Yes the way 2 killed and 4 injured.

The procedure of body moving continiued for a half an hour...and the soldiers returned to their posts.

It began snowing again.
End of part....uuhhh 7
  14:10:07  4 December 2009
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On forum: 07/10/2009
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Same place 12:45

The light snowing escalated into light blizzaard.All of the soldiers were in the base....exept the patrols(which werent patroling,only waching for intruders).They were out of the buildings...covered from the snow under the shed.....but havent got any wind protection...


The blizzard sudently stopped....
-Damn.The blizard stoped like a ligth switch.Only...that fog is left.-one of the parols sad.
-Yeah....dont freak out,this is the zone you know.
-Ok...buut this fog is freaking me out.You cant see further tand 30 feet.
-Well...20 more minutes and our "day duty" is over.
And the silence took control again
End of part 8
  14:28:13  12 December 2009
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On forum: 07/10/2009
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Zone's border line,16:23

Two STALKERS in simple jackets were crawling on the cold ground, passing the zone border at Zaton.The first one was pretty tall and strong,he was leading.The second one was less tall and he doesn't looks like a stalker at all-He was like a mommy's boy...all clean (exept the dirt stains) and always avoiding mud and other dirty things.He was around 20 years old.The first looked like he is an experienced stalker....around 25-30 years....

-Come on Gregor, come on.Stop being a clean boy.This is the zone! First we will check out one tree , a bit west from here...-the leader said to his follower.
-Check a tree ?
-Yes.There is a nearby millitary outpost.I have a friend at it.He said that he will leave us some equipment under one tree...Oh I almost forgot.Here is your PDA.I showed you how to use it.You got your knife ?
-Ok dont lose it.By the way we can stand up now.

The stalkers walked around 25 minutes and the first guy suddently stopped.

-Gregor...Stop.Here is the place.I will go and pick up the things around.You stay here.Do not show yourself.
-No prob.

He went forward and soon some voices were heard by Gregor.

-Hey you on the hill stop immediatly...Stop..Stop...
Then somebody fired about ten rounds.
End of part 9
  16:38:50  13 December 2009
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On forum: 02/11/2009
Messages: 1254
It has its own flavor in its simplicity. Keep it up, buddy.
  17:21:40  13 December 2009
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On forum: 07/10/2009

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12/13/2009 21:20:56
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16:52,The millitary outpost. on the hill.Check it out.-a patrol soldier said.
-Dont worry I shot him.
-Ah good.Go with Boris and check the ID.

The soldiers quicly reached the body and started serching it.

-Umm....ah here is it.Ok lets see...Oh is that the same guy that blowed our fuel one month ago.
-Hey look at the backpack it is definetly him....

In the backpack was a stange gasmask...with two black lines and darker colour than the standart one.

-Hm...wonder what he wanted that time.
-He wasnt even armed....provably he would steal something again.
-Yeah...right.Whatever lets go back.

And Feodor just wached....standing on duty.It was his guy.The equipment was for him.


Gregor waited for the soldiers to return to the outpost and then he headed south.
Soon he came out of the light forest,to see a vast area covered by water and strange green clouds around it.He went down to it and he felt a pungent smell...he made few steps back.And went right around the large pool.
When he got to the other side he saw something like a drainage pipe.He got into it and sitted to have a rest.But he was tired and falled asleep.
End of part 10
  21:44:07  13 December 2009
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On forum: 07/10/2009
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18:47 Millitary outpost

Miloshevsky walked in the HQ.Kuznetsov waited for him there.
-Hello Corporal.-the leutanant started.-Tommorow we will make an operation...You may have heard about the place Jeleznyy les (Iron forest).
-Yes sire.
-Good.You know where it is located.So,tommorow we will gather a squad and we will visit that place.Maybe you should ask why...You know that in the zone there are many undergrounds.One of them is there.As all other undergrounds and this one is full of mutants.And you know that most of the man-made undergrouns are locked.But this one was opened few days ago.Nobody knows why...but we must close it.It houses a lot of dangerous mutants that can come up on the surface.Tommorow we will close it.I will be in charge,you will come with us.Boris will be in charge here.
-Roger that sire.
-Here is the list of men I want.-He passed a litle sheet of paper to Miloshevsky.
-Yes sire...I will brief them.
-Any questions.
-Uh...yes when we will leave
-At 7 AM.
-No more questions. can leave now.

19:12,A bit south from "Топь" Аnomaly

Gregor got awake by a strange noise.He opened his eyes and saw an ugly reddish,bald humanoid with tentackles around his mouth...He just screamed standed up and started running north screaming...He stopped afthe around of 3 minutes and realized that he forgot his backpack with all suplies.Aldo he decided not to go back there.Now he havent got nowhere to go..and he just headed east.
End of part 11
  17:25:10  20 February 2010
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On forum: 07/10/2009

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02/20/2010 17:27:37
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6:30 Lumbermill Outpost

-Alright....everybody up !-Miloshevsky waked up the soldiers.-Boris,Petrov gear up i want you both in front of the HQ afther 5 minutes.
-Rog.....Roger,Boris come on get up you lazy bastard.

Miloshevsky was talking to the Leutanant at the HQ when all in sudden a loud noise appeared and the ground began to shake....

-BLOWOUT....BLOWOUT...EVERYBODY IN THE MAIN BUILDING NOW......-somebody shoted like hell.The blowouts then were much stronger...but the mill was in better condition so all soldiers got inside the HQ....
-Ok now we wait till the hell ends and we will go on our way.-Miloshevsky said trying to calm himself....

At the same time....

Gregor got really scared from the quakes and thunders so he started to run in random direction...without knowing what to do or what not to do.....He was running chaotically without waching where he goes till somethig grabbed him for his back...

-Calm dow...calm down kid...calm down.
-Aaahh...wh..who..are you two.
-Regular Stalkers.You ? name is Gregor.My friend got shot....and i lost my backpack.
-Hell of day eh ?
-Kind of....
-Ok...I really enjoy that chat but we must hide from that blowout....we got about 2-3 minutes till it strikes with full power.

The small group of stalkers began to run at mid speed toward the same drainage pipe where Gregor "met" the bloodsucker.Gregor felt that so he asked:
-Bloody hell...where are we going?
-To a safe place kid.
-Where is
-The VZNS Krug drainage system.
Gregor sudently stopped.
-NO...there is no way I am going back there.
The stalker just grabbed him for the arm and said:
-Come oonnnn....we got the guns those bloodsuckers there wont stand a chance.
-Blood...what....oohhh way....
-Ok fuck you,stay here and die from the blowout,I am not you babysitter.
Then the ground shaked again very very hard.Gregor shouted and began to run forward to the stalkers....
-Come oon kid faster..faster.
Then the group finaly reached the pipes.
-Woohhh...hell of a luck.-The first stalker said and sitted on the floor.
-Ok,can I now ask about your names ?-Gregor kindly said.
-Aaaahh.Yes sure my name is Stamen and this is my buddy Lenya.He doesnt talks very much but he is OK.

-So your words i guess you already met one of those bloodsucking bastards ?-Lenya said something for first time.
-You mean big,ugly,red,bald....
-Yeah...heyyy there is my it is empty.
Then a very powerfull quake emerged and the awfull sound from the blowout stopped.

-Well i guess that is it...we are good to go.-Stamen happily said.
End of part 12

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