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add Stalker Map Pack to FreePlayStart

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  10:36:21  6 March 2011
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On forum: 08/06/2009
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; cse_abstract properties
section_name = level_changer
name = exit_to_garbage_01
position = 29.34641456604,16.5561962127686,686.241638183594
direction = 0,0,0

; cse_alife_object properties
game_vertex_id = 1
distance = 7
level_vertex_id = 309788
object_flags = 0xffffff3e
custom_data = <<END
path = esc_way_if_reject
story_id = 91

; cse_shape properties
shapes = shape0
shape0:type = box
shape0:axis_x = 2.22939944267273,0,0
shape0:axis_y = 0,4.83859968185425,0
shape0:axis_z = 0,0,2.22939944267273
shape0 ffset = 0,0,0

; cse_alife_space_restrictor properties
restrictor_type = 3

; cse_alife_level_changer properties
dest_game_vertex_id = 253
dest_level_vertex_id = 209876
dest_position = 36.4117431640625,0.481237411499023,-305.824523925781
dest_direction = 0.0111562451347709,-0.000250374461757019,0.0224392339587212
dest_level_name = L02_Garbage
dest_graph_point = start_actor_01

This is the escape-garbage level changer from alife_l01_escape.ltx.

Check all your alife ltx-es, somewhere a level changer have duplicate section. pt_move_if_reject defines the waypoint, to where the actor is relocated, if level change is refused.
  06:18:55  6 March 2011
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a bit of this and a lot of that


On forum: 08/08/2008
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Are the two conflicting spawn points in the same level_changer section?
  02:05:09  6 March 2011
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On forum: 01/24/2011

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03/06/2011 12:00:12
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I'm french, and it's my first post here, sorry for my very bad english.

I'm working about a merging between the Stalker Map Pack (with all addons), and the FreePlayStart mod.

Firstly, i created a little patch to correct the Stalker Map Pack (one bug, missing textures for map/map_swamp and map/map_yantar_old, location of this maps in the pda).

Next, i merged the all.spawn and the freeplay.spawn in a single file to conserve all stalker map pack levelchangers and spawn, and i merged 12 files of the two mods.

After many crashes and corrections, i have this:

Creating new game...
* Creating new game...
* Loading spawn registry...
* 11479 spawn points are successfully loaded


[error]Expression : fatal error
[error]Function : CInifile::Load
[error]File : E:\stalker\patch_1_0004\xrCore\Xr_ini.cpp
[error]Line : 236
[error]Description : <no expression>
[error]Arguments : Duplicate section 'pt_move_if_reject' found.

In my opinion, i have two identical pt_move_if_reject in the way_xxx.ltx files, but with differents coordinates.
My problem, i don't know what pt_move_if_reject...

Apart a manual methode (read back the files), what can i do?

It's a simple bug about levelchanger, but with many files, it's a big problem for me.

Off topic, i'm searching for Narodnaya mod, or Lost World Condemned, but i don't find it. Can you help me please (links, website or address of developpers)?

Thank for your attention

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