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L.U.R.K.: Overhaul Discussion

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  06:59:20  21 May 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 05/21/2009
Messages: 232

Another MOD pack?
Seems so. It's sad that no one wants to create anything original =\

Although I understand that you don't wish to offend, I can't say I wasn't a little tiffed at the idea that no original features were added.

Every single aspect regarding weapon parameters, NPC scaling, especially AI parameters have been completely overhauled. I've designed skins for each and every character model, ported content from Clear Sky, and so on and so forth.

Lots of effort has gone into making L.U.R.K. distinct, refined, and fun. While incorporating brand new features, that are of course still being implemented as we speak. Making new things is difficult when merging and balancing is on your top priority list, quality over quantity is the primary goal.

I'm sorry for the misnames, and as I've stated in the main post, I'll talk to Psycho in order to correct the mistakes in naming.
  06:53:47  21 May 2009
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Don Reba
Bishop and Councilor of War


On forum: 12/04/2002

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Don Reba
05/21/2009 7:26:03
Messages: 11726

Seems so. It's sad that no one wants to create anything original =\

What a gloomy outlook! People are doing original things, too: ZRP, Ambient Audio Overhaul, Nandersen's mods, etc.
  06:44:34  21 May 2009
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Senior Moderator

On forum: 04/10/2007
Messages: 8995

Another MOD pack?

Seems so. It's sad that no one wants to create anything original =\
  06:42:44  21 May 2009
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level designer


On forum: 04/08/2007
Messages: 3803
I don't want to be rude or offensive, it's not my style, the images are nice, everything is clear and good, but i cant understand, why do everyone release the same modpacks over and over again with the same or very similar features under different names.

Actually one thing i didnt like (this one was the reason why i posted): incorrectly written names, such as xStream's name (i dont know what that Holden guy did for the aipack, but i wouldn't add the origi author to the end of the list) or BAC9-FLCL's name (if BACL is an other guy, then my apologies). They wont be angry though, i just found it important to post it, because i dont like when someone calls me "dezoder" too.

PS: don't listen to me, im just burnt out, and i don't want to make anyone sad or angry, just wrote down my opinion.
  06:31:15  21 May 2009
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Max Fu


On forum: 10/22/2007
Messages: 282
Another MOD pack?
  06:04:06  21 May 2009
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On forum: 04/08/2007
Messages: 107
I'm glad to finally see a topic about this! I'm greatly looking forward to release day.
  05:47:19  21 May 2009
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On forum: 04/07/2009
Messages: 143
I for one, would like to try it out
  05:42:32  21 May 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 12/22/2008
Messages: 4762
Looks cool, dont really feel like lookign through each and every picture to see what you 've changed
  05:00:52  21 May 2009
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Psycho Sonic
On forum: 05/21/2009

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Psycho Sonic
05/21/2009 5:07:00
Messages: 10
L.U.R.K.: Overhaul Discussion

L.U.R.K.: Overhaul


The purpose of L.U.R.K. is to create features, and take pre-existing features from other mods deemed positive, and merge them as well as completely overhaul every aspect of them in order to create a balanced and rewarding experience. Much effort was put into preserving and improving the original atmosphere and balance of Vanilla Stalker, while adding more gameplay elements to the formula. Although we're nearing our first release, we've been consistently adding and changing features based on community input at our discretion. We're working hard to create the definitive Stalker experience.

This mod was founded and being developed from the 4chan /v/ and /k/ community.

Please note that your support and suggestions are important to this mods success and completion. We're always looking for input from the community, and we wish to emphasize that by all means necessary.


Cordon Album:
Dark Valley Album: Valley/
Garbage Album:
The Bar Album:

Current Team-Members:

Holden: Project Lead/Production Lead
Giegue: Weapon Ballistics/Weapon Balance/NPC Configurations/Input
Psychosonic: Special Thanks and Support/Input
Nkatyusha: Skinning/Input
John: Various support requests/Input
Vlad: Various support requests/Input


Vast array of weapons select from many different modifications, including brand new reskins
Note: Various weapon skins were changed in order to maintain quality and consistency
(BACL, Gosuke, Holden)

Overhauled weapon ballistics, better suited for balance and scaling
Note: Realism was noted for scaling, however it wasn't the staple. Gameplay and balance were the primary concerns.
(Giegue, Holden, Vlad, PLR)

Entirely overhauled smart terrains, monster spawns, and NPC spawns
Note: Smart Terrains dictate the area that NPC's and Monsters can traverse

Overhauled in-game economy
Note: Emphasis was put into funds, suit gifts are now nonexistent
(Holden, Emporikon)

Overhauled NPC and Monster balance

Minimalist, opaque HUD interface
(Holden, Darius)

Realistic actor parameters, everything from speed, carry limit, to headbobbing and weapon sway

New grass sprites and grass placement from Clear Sky
Note: Clear Sky increased the grass sprite variety and grass density, as well as distance to a considerable degree
(GSC: Clear Sky, Holden)

New color mapping for every level
Note: Color mapping is what gives terrain variety and diversity, as well as reduces the visible tiling effect from ground textures
(Holden, BACL)

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, Steep Parallax, Improved HDR, Stronger Shadow Contrast, etc..

Overhauled weather system, randomized, dynamic weather structure, saturated sunrises and sunsets, rich shadow contrast etc..
Note: Weather wasn't created under the concept of realism, rather aesthetics and gameplay
(GSC: Clear Sky, ArtistPavel, Trojanuch, Holden, Argus)

Overhauled AI structure, including dynamic light visibility parameters, flanking capabilities, medkit usage, dragging corpses etc..
(Holden, Xtream)

Improved monster textures, bumps, and specularity

Overhauled audio

Overhauled weapon orientations
(Holden, Vlad, John)

New textures for nearly every surface, a composite of Clear Sky and Photorealistic Zone
(GSC, Argus, Holden)

New character model textures, icons, etc..
(Holden, JakeyB)

Various bugfixes

And many more features implemented from our team and other modders
I apologize in advance for any miscrediting/lack of crediting in the features, and I implore you to correct me whenever possible.

Also, if anyone wants to hear from Holden, Don Reba has to unban him.
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