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L.U.R.K.: Overhaul Discussion

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  09:43:52  23 July 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 05/21/2009
Messages: 232
Well, it's been a while since I've posted, I've been quite lost in development for a while and have neglected to post updates, however we're shaping up for release shortly. Here's some promotional artwork for your viewing pleasure:

Please comment, public reception is key to whether or not I design unique menus for the entire game. Please give me your impressions.

As always, questions, suggestions, and constructive criticisms are welcome.
  15:51:05  23 July 2009
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On forum: 04/05/2007

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07/23/2009 15:53:27
Messages: 354
Honest answer? I can't stand it when a mod feels the need to plaster its name all over the menus. It's irritating and not at all clever. The main title screen is more than enough to tell me what I'm playing (like I didn't already know)

I spend maybe 1 in 100 parts of my time playing games looking at the menus and quite frankly anything more than a functional, not totally ugly looking UI is a waste of effort. Rather see the talent and time poured into something that actually adds to the game.

If you REALLY feel the need to make all-new artwork for the menus, at least try to take into account the context under which they are going to be seen. The options screen is mostly covered by the options menu, so if the majority of detail in the image is covered by the useful bits it makes the whole effort kind of pointless. A reasonable background image that frames the useful bits well is 10 times more effective than a gorgeous image that you can't see most of.
  19:46:20  23 July 2009
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On forum: 06/01/2009
Messages: 42
How short is shortly

I've been watching this mod in ModDB (only recently registered there to get updates easier) for a while now and I can't wait to see the release.

Also, quick question. What's the rig you're using the your videos? Seems like even with the recording software on, the gameplay is pretty smooth, I'm guessing around 50-60FPS. I'm looking to upgrade my PC, and I want to know which ones will make a difference (aside from the obvious video card upgrade).
  06:56:09  28 July 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 07/19/2008
Messages: 2461
That latest ModDb video is awesome!
I would not spend too much time on the Menu screens but you SHOULD
have a special look for L.U.R.K.
  00:46:31  3 August 2009
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On forum: 04/08/2007
Messages: 107
As long as the backgrounds are fairly minimalistic (like the ones you posted) I would approve of the changes.
  07:40:45  21 September 2009
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On forum: 08/02/2009
Messages: 50
Release delayed

L.U.R.K. has been delayed until Septermber 25th.
The leaked 0.9 version is available, but it is an internal copy used for testing.
  19:47:30  21 September 2009
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On forum: 06/02/2009

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09/21/2009 19:48:09
Messages: 655

Release delayed

L.U.R.K. has been delayed until Septermber 25th.
The leaked 0.9 version is available, but it is an internal copy used for testing.

that sucks... I wanted to play the mod with no ctd's, and how it was supposed to be, now I know what to expect


but it does kick ass
  23:02:26  21 September 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 09/28/2008
Messages: 153
Hey guys just a few small mod questions that are tangentially related to LURK.

I have added in the mini map because I love it so much ^^ but its missing its boarder. How can I add this back to the mini map?


Also do you guys happen to have STALKER Complete 09? Because I want to copy the weapon cross hairs from 09 over to LURK. If one of you guys could send me the required gamedata files It would be much appreciated.
  02:18:57  22 September 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/11/2008

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09/22/2009 2:33:33
Messages: 409
I've had a bit of a play with L.U.R.K. - some comments:

1. I realise dim visuals is a valid approach to creating a particular zone atmoshere, but I personally don't like it - and it largely wastes all the effort that's put into overall graphics quality - you DO have to look twice initially to decide if it's Static or Dynamic lighting... IMO you should just have picked and used one of the available weather packs.

2. Jump stats and carry weight are fine but running speed is way too high + headbob is too great (easily enough adjusted to personal taste tho).

3. I've just fought the Car Park battle - all my fellow friendlies died VERY quickly on several plays of this fight - this IMO is a big X on various balance aspects. My adjusted AMK has that battle sometimes take 10 minutes to play out - sometimes I'm the only survivor and sometimes one or two of my buddies make it as well - but even if they all die the last one at least usually survives right up till there's only one or two badguys left (often I need to revive some of them a few times in the course of it) - like I say, we're sometimes talking a 10 minute fight and sometimes I just watch from a distance as it can often be really entertaining - like a movie. Likewise the Agroprom Stalkers vs Military fight - my game balance means that lasts quite a few minutes - sometimes military are left and sometimes Stalkers are on top - it's close enough that it can go either way on each playthru - sometimes I go up the hill and just watch... IMO balance is about getting npc's matched appropriately and then fitting the player in.

4. The probability hit factor hasn't been adjusted!! - I can't say how bogus a game is where hits are affected this way - might as well play turn based dice game like Dungeons. This is my own hobbyhorse tho I'll tweak it and see if the balance comes right - it may help a lot...

5. Ammo configs look nice but I think weapons base accuracy should be reduced and then dispersion in ammo configs reduced.

6. Wallmark sizes need to be tweaked - I make 5.56 to be 0.05, 9mm to be 0.09, 7.62 to be 0.07, .45 cal to be 1.0 and slugs and darts to be 0.2 - a simple thing but is a nice touch.
  04:01:39  22 September 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 11/12/2008
Messages: 4387
I personally like the way you're going with the lighting/weather, most mods that alter lighting make the game look over-bright & over-saturated with unaturally high contrast (imo).

It's like when you watch a cheap spin-off series on TV - you know how bad it's gonna be by how brightly coloured it is
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