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Model Issue

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  04:46:04  19 October 2013
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Model Issue

Pretty strange issue here. I'm using Complete 2009. Which is pretty much just a whole bunch of mods like Oblivion Lost and AMK, functionally smashed together. But I'm having a strange problem.

One of the things that one of the mods does, is change the "not that great" AK weapon models and replaces them with higher quality models that your character actually holds right. Well, for some reason the models have only changed in 3rd person. All the characters I see with the weapons are carrying the higher quality modeled weapons. But when I pick up the weapon, I see if in first person as the lower quality model.

Any ideas? I'm not sure why the model would work fine in 3rd person but not 1st.
  04:44:39  20 October 2013
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Storm Shadow
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Storm Shadow
10/20/2013 4:49:42
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Firstly, Complete 2009 dosn't use AMK or Oblivion Lost. The main mods that replace wpn meshes are; Arsenal, & STALKER Re-animation Project (SRP). I'm not that familiar with Complete, but I think it uses the SRP, which replaces the animations and arm meshes, but it still used the vanilla wpn meshes.

Secondly, the wpn meshes are found in gamedata\meshes\weapons\... or gamedata\meshes\Arsenal_Mod\... (in the case of the Arsenal mod).

In here you will find the wpn_xxx.ogf, which is the meshe that's used in 3rd person, or used when you see an NPC holding the wpn, or the wpn lying on the ground, etc. The wpn_xxx_hud.ogf is the meshe that's use by the 1st person view.

Next, look in gamedata\config\weapons\w_xxx.ltx and find the line visual =, this points at which external (3rd person) meshe is used. Then find the [wpn_xxx_hud] section, under this you will find another visual = line, which points at the meshe used by the 1st person view.

All you need to do is make sure all these variables are correct, or how you want them to act.

Thirdly, don't keep creating heaps of thread. If you are working on your own project, then create one thread for all issues to do with that project.

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