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Mutant hunt

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  02:21:21  26 March 2007
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Mutant hunt

This is basically a mod just like the game "the hidden: source"
Only the person playing as the bad guy actually gets to choose which one they want to be.

So basically, if you play as a snork, it's quick, agile, and it can climb up walls, and stick to basically any surface, which would be cool, but it doesnt have that much health, it also makes pretty much no sound until it does it's pounce attack.
It's attacks would be the pounce, which should be a one hit kill, and the normal slashing attack, which would cause the player to get a fair amount of damage, but not killed.

The Bloodsucker would have it's invisibility ability and would be able to sneak around and attack rather easily, however, it's footsteps can be heard, (but not loudly or anything).
It can do a powerful one hit kill attack, and a less powerful slash attack aswell, and it has more hp, only it is not agile and fast like the snork, and needs to attack lone enemies.

The pseudogiant is basically a walking tank, it's footsteps shake the screen like it does in singleplayer, and it isn't all that great at hiding, but it can pack a mean punch, and it can do it's stomp attack for those who are up in unreachable places, which will actually cause players to bounce from their position in the direction they are looking.
The psuedogiant also has it's charging attack which is a one hit kill, and can take out several people at once, so bunching up with the psuedogiant around is not a good idea.

The controller will cause all the players to get a wonky vision from the start of a round, and this makes it hard for players to aim and hit the controller.
The controller also has it's psi attack which will actually not kill players, but severely screw up their head, and cause them to have hardly any stamina for about 30 seconds, their vision will be blurred, and doubled, it will pretty much be impossible to hit anything with this, and they are basically stunned.
The controller then has it's close range swiping attack which then just does a certain amount of damage, not heaps, but it will take about 3 hits to the body and 1 hit to the head to kill someone. The controllers health is between the snorks and the bloodsuckers aswell.

There could be the blind dogs and stuff, but that would be stupid as they can't really do's more a mod for those more special mutants.
I would have suggested the poltergiest if mp had physics in it, but it doesnt so...damn.

All mutants would have a slow healing, each having a different speed of the weakest mutant would have the fastest healing and so on.

It's a 1vs8 game.
One team has a team of 8 military guys, you can choose your weapons at the start of the match, but you don't get to choose every single weapon that is in get to choose one weapon from the category of rifles/shotguns, one pistol type, one grenade type, and your armor.
Each armor causes the player to move at a different speed, and alllows a different amount of stamina and protection.
Eventually you would also be able to choose which attachments you want on your guns, such as lazer sights and flashlights aswell.

If you've ever played "The hidden: source" you'll know how it could work...if you havent, find the download for the mod for half life 2 and download it ASAP, it's freaky as all hell, and my favourite mod for half life 2.
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