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MOD making Stalker what Stalker should be

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  06:24:32  26 March 2007
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On forum: 03/12/2007
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Isnt jamming mostly related to the quality of the weapon?

Or condition of the weapon type of use, temp, ammo condition, ammo type, ammo temp, basically everything that you do affects weather you weapon will jam or not (cleaning the rifle, and using clean ammo).

But, seriously weapons should always drop, realism, but then again how many people do you know that can lug around 5 or 6 assult rifles and 300 rounds of ammo. I mean if your going for realism use clips, not individual rounds. STALKER is more realistic than some games, im using double damage mod much better results, but it is still nowhere near realistic. I mean NPCs have 40 rounds, 2 bandages, 2 medkits, a peice of food, an artifact or two, and an energy drink at most. Now that would last you what 4 minutes in the zone? Another problem is what you take into the Zone, now this game is much diffrent than what i expected (personally i expected a wasteland populated by mutant creatures with some humans few and far between, and in my mind anomolies werent everywhere, and were extremely deadly, and artifacts didnt litter the landscape), but wouldnt you expect to take in one maybe two sidearms (pistols), 3-4 clips each, a main rifle and about 6-8 clips for that, then most of your pack would consist of SURVIVAL gear such as food, water, camping supplies, and such. Now if you want to make STALKER what it should be it would be amazingly hard and very maticulous. How real life in the zone would be. And personally i dont think vehicales belong in the zone seeing as how your anomoly detector sees what 10 meters? Cruising along at 30 km/h you would have what a fraction of a second to cut 90 degrees and avoid instant death? The Zone should be a rough place, full of HIDDEN danger. Not that number 4 on your PDA and those red dots moving around on it. Seriously, I get sick of the sheer number of men the Russian/Ukranian Army has lost to just me in this damn game. PLEASE over 30 km of barren wasteland how the hell do i manage to get stuck in every scripted event known to man? Oh thats just it SCRIPTED.

Ok, im good.
  17:22:19  26 March 2007
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On forum: 03/24/2007
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To: Mays

I understand hard the end of your message but before you are describing what Stalker should be, and I must agree. I think that the list of changes what I wrote for beginning will shift the game to this position, what it should be. Also I think it is not impossible. A lot of changes is based only on changing parameters here and there... The problem is it will change the whole storyline (quests) and the gameplay of the game. So I hardly expect that GSC will do it for the official patch. But what I can trust is that developers can release mod that introduces this changes of game or at least release an SDK so we all should make it by ourself
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