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Possible to fly Helicopter?

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  00:02:54  8 April 2007
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On forum: 03/21/2007
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Possible to fly Helicopter?

well i dont think it would work to well since the sizes of the maps arent large enough, but i found this and im sure alot of you have seen this too.

I just wanted to know what you guys think, is it possible to mod it in just like the other vehicles?

lim_pitch = -1.5, 1.5
lim_yaw = 0, 0
lim_zoom = 5, 25
rot_speed = 3.14, 1.0, 10

;lim_yaw = -0.01,0.01
lim_pitch = -1.2, 1.2
lim_yaw = -1.5, 1.5
rot_speed = 3.14, 1.5, 0

lim_pitch = 0, 1.56
lim_yaw = 0, 0
lim_zoom = 5, 15
rot_speed = 3.14, 1.0, 10

there in system.ltx

one other thing, can someone please tell me how to get rid of the circle crosshair when you are unarmed, i would like to be able to take screenshots with nothing on the screen except the background.
  01:33:40  8 April 2007
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On forum: 03/21/2007

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04/08/2007 1:34:32
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I'm thinking flying a helicopter will be very hard, if not near impossible, because of all the differences in control scemes between standard fps and flying. you need up down, tilting and rotating which has probably not been put in already since they said they were not going to from the start so it would take a lot of work. Also because of the fact that if you flew to about tree height you would see of the edge of the maps.

If you press ( - ) on the numpad it removes the entire hud, (I actually pay the game like this sometimes, looks awesome with the motion blur and the dynamic tilting camera thing ) or you can just remove it in the game options page.
  04:45:38  8 April 2007
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On forum: 04/05/2007
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Well, you wouldn't need the up/down controls, as I've never seen a heli go up or down, you could just have their movement on a suitable high plane. After that, your regular controls would work, just as well, You'd have to mod the camera view angle in some way, to account for the tilting. You'd also need to disable sprinting I think.

Now getting in/taking off would be something else entirely. Probably you'd want a quick fade to black, startup noise, fade back in, and your up and going. Cheesy, and fairly hard. I just can't think of anything better.
  04:57:28  8 April 2007
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On forum: 03/25/2007
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Let's not forget that these helicopters have been abandoned in a radioactive depository for the past three decades after they flew around or directly over Reactor No. 4.
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