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  07:15:35  12 December 2012
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On forum: 09/12/2012

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12/13/2012 2:40:06
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Hello fellow Stalkers,
I'd love to play this mod, but it always crashes with an Engine Error when I start the game...
I used a clean install of Stalker, patched it with the 4th patch and copied the gamedata folder from the despair folder in the main stalker folder.
Did I miss something?
  07:16:33  2 March 2013
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On forum: 02/09/2009
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Mod Info

Hi, I came across this mod for stalker and wanted to know a bit more information.
Is there a readme I can look at before I download or can I only read it when I download the mod?
  22:38:03  26 July 2013
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On forum: 07/03/2008
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[error]Expression : vertex || show_restrictions(m_object)
[error]Function : CPatrolPathManager::select_point
[error]File : E:\stalker\sources\trunk\xr_3da\xrGame\patrol_path_manager.cpp
[error]Line : 155
[error]Description : any vertex in patrol path [mil_fblockpost_camp_walk06] in inaccessible for object [mil_freedom_barier_respawn_114362]

  17:56:50  16 December 2013
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Don Ribon
On forum: 11/20/2013
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Hello fellow Stalkers

So I've been playing this mod for a while and I enjoy it very much. But I would like to solve a problem of crashing every time a controller is around. I installed everything correctly including the mini fix for Oblivion Lost version which I play. This is the error log:

[error]Expression : assertion failed
[error]Function : CSafeFixedRotationState::create
[error]File : e:\stalker\patch_1_0004\xr_3da\xrgame\phvalidevalues.h
[error]Line : 81
[error]Description : dBodyStateValide(b)

stack trace:

My understanding is that game crashes because of controllers animations while being attacked by other mutants or npcs. So is there any way to solve this? Perhaps stop them from spawning or kill them with some command. There is a solution of killing them before they crash the game but it is a bitch to find them sometimes and the annoying psy effects start when he is still quite far away, so that makes it a bad solution. Can I write something in command line to kill them or edit some ltx file to stop them from spawning which I would even prefer.

And also a matter that isn't so important. Bloodsuckers have a massive amount of health which makes it completely unrealistic. Where can I reduce that amount of health to let us say normal but still quite resistant as in vanilla game?

Thank You
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