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GSC's stance on the literary contemptition

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  17:26:15  13 October 2003
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The man lacking a plan


On forum: 08/02/2003

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10/13/2003 17:27:38
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GSC's stance on the literary competition

Today I sent a fairly lengthy e-mail to GSC detailing my concerns about how the ratings in the literary competition were being manipulated, and how things would end up if this carried on ( a top ten where we never know for sure if any of the votes are genuine, ten best stories or ten best cheaters? ).

Got a response a short time ago.

Basically GSC know about the problems with the literary competition but have neither the time or the staff to assign to setting them right atm. I pretty much feared this might be the case, it would be naive of me to expect them to concentrate on the contest over the game, but it's a shame nonetheless.

So, any would-be entrants to this contest are faced with an uncomfortable series of choices;

1. Hold off entering any stories until the current system is overhauled, which may or may not happen in the future, and deny their work getting any attention until that time.

2. Enter their story and hope no-one decides to manipulate the system to cripple their grading, which will almost certainly happen if their work is considered to be a threat to others in the top ten.

Talk about rock and a hard place, I wonder if they'd accept independent help in tweaking the current system, is there anyone here who's skilled in web design and willing to lay down some spare time for this?
  18:53:27  13 October 2003
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Fanfic Reviewer


On forum: 10/06/2003
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Talk about rock and a hard place, I wonder if they'd accept independent help in tweaking the current system, is there anyone here who's skilled in web design and willing to lay down some spare time for this?

Actually, perhaps it would be easier if we 'elected' a few individuals to vote on a story, and then their average could be posted up here in the forum, with their own comments.

Unless of course, somebody is skilled in web design (me only a little), and we could do some of the things that were suggested in the 'Should the Literary Contest Change?' thread and your other thread, Ian_C.

Actually, we could try a test of a system similar to what is being done now, and my suggestion above. We could do it right here in this forum. I suggest that we find one story, and post it up on a new thread. Then we ask people for a vote (1-10 + comments). If somebody gives no comments, their vote is disqualified. If their comments makes no sense, their vote would also be disqualifed (like, well I didn't like this and this, when 'this and this' isn't even in the story). We could have a maximum of, say 50 votes, and then we could calculate the average, and that should then be a more reasonable method of doing it.

Then we could just start a new thread that lists final scores on all of the stories.

The only problem with this method is that we would still need some people administrating the process, averaging the final scores, deciding which scores are disqualified, etc. So we'd need to have volunteers or stage an election.

If it turns out that one of our story administrators is corrupt, then we would be able to tell by his scores etc. and we would all just publicly announce it, and we could ignore him.

Perhaps some of this would work.
  05:46:31  14 October 2003
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back with a vengeance


On forum: 07/31/2003
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To be honest, I prefer the log-in type. That way, no one can manipulate tteh scoring system.

I also agreed with Grisly's idea. Many people would open a story, see the length, say "Damn", scroll down to the last part and gave a '1' because they don't like it, but they haven't even read the writer's idea. That is not fair for many writers. Of course, undeniably, some of the works are really terrible and deserve a bad vote. An example was the story about two guys slashing zombies with axe. But they are actually some work that are worth the high votes, but when jealous people see those stories on top, they actually vote '1', change their IP address, and vote '1' again, and... well you get the idea.

Additionally, Grisly's idea is easy to implement- what you need is a change in the voting system. Simply add another comment button below the voting box. When people vote and commented, you can actually see the votes AND the comment. Ou dear moderator, Atem, can also delete irrelevant comments and votes. And to not to overburden the moderater, people can asked for deletion of votes and comments when they think what the voters said is irrelevant or simply unrelated. Good idea, eh?
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