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My Story

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  00:55:50  16 June 2003
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On forum: 06/16/2003
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My Story

I know it sucks... that's also why i ain't posting it "for real" but just read it(please, hehe):

I picked up my A.K... and walked slowly towards the woods, i had seen something... yes, something.
It was december the 2th 2010, and a very dark night in the Zone. I usually walk along the borders of the dead
forest, but this night, something was different. It was silent, too silent, not even the wind carrying the smell of death and destruction blew.

There it was again, in the woods, behind me. I could hear it very clearly.
I chekked my AK, making sure it was loaded and ready, and proceeded towards the woods.

'Don't go in there' i said to myself, yet a strange force drew me closer. Many stalkers had disappeared in theese woods...
I tried getting free of the power holding me, but it was to strong, it was like the darkness of the woods, pulling my lems.

I pulled myself together, this was nonsence, i didn't believe in mind control, and got "free" of the grab.
I slowly backed away from the woods... After this experience, i just wanted to get back to base camp.

After waiting a few minutes with nothing happening, i turned around, and began to work towards base camp, sure of the thread
just being my own imagination playing me tricks. I was soon to realize this was not true.

I was almost at basecamp, when i discovered i'd lost my radio. It was in my pocket, must've dropped on my way back i thought.
I went to look for it, the thought of being caught in the Zone without being capable of contact with the outside world, overwhelmed my fear of the forest.
Many stalkers had done that... Going to the Zone, without radios... and many of thoose, had disappeared.

When i got back to the woods, i quickly found my radio, and very relieved, i started walking back to base camp.

I only got to walk a few feet... Then i heard a very strange whisteling sound, it felt like the sound ran through all of my veines
freezing my blood.

I got paralyzed... paralyzed with fear, and then, the strange force began pulling in me... This time much stronger than before.
It took my legs, and tried pulling my into the forest.

Like last time, i came to myself, and started shooting wildly into the forest, the sound stopped, and so did the pulling.
Terrified I ran all i could back to base camp, and here I am.

I lost my radio, during the "attack", and no way am i going back there.

Wait... I hear something, it's... it's that sound again...

Oh my good the pulll... ARGH!




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  14:49:16  25 July 2003
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On forum: 07/25/2003
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Why would anyone read your story if you tell them up front it sucks? Why post it at all? I try to give constructive criticism, but only if the author put any effort into it to make it worthwhile. If it sucks, re-write it. If you're unable to write anything good, get another hobby and stop wasting our and your own time.
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