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new psychic idea!

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  22:08:52  6 December 2006
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On forum: 12/06/2006
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new psychic idea!

I was thinking and i tought of an idea for S.t.a.l.k.e.r.

If a mutant or human comes face to face whit u very near and has a good chance to jump at you trying to kill you.

mabe you can do it as well.

AGENST HUMAN/STALKER: Lets say your sneaking behind a stalker. and you kicked a can so he heard you. hel pul hes gun out or mabe rifle ( whatever ) what would be good. whit fast reflexes you can jump at him driving hes gun away. but the stalker will also fight for it.
so im thinking. once you and the stalker are fighting for the wepon, u have to click as fast as u can to take the rifle or mabe push him down. if u click whit both clicks as fast as you can youl be able to stab him whit your knife... if u have. This isnt gona be a problem. ive expirianced the clicking part from a game called DARK MESSIAH. its a medival game. If both people parrys on each other at the same time. youl have to push him away from parry by clicking on the mous. and also disarm him.

AGENST MUTANT: Lets say a blood sucker came right up at you. and you wer to slow to jump away from shot him away. so when you face to face him. both need to enter the hand combat fast. ( also clicking. )
Youl be resling him by clicking as fast as you can. if u fail. well... ya know. and by clicking whit both clicks you will be able to keep shoting him whit your secandory wepon. intil he dies off.

This Action can only be used on humans. and human mutants like bloodsucker-snork-teleknisis guy-mindcontroler-zombies and rest human mutants.

This will be good and scary expiriance on the game. sorry for my typing. im not very constentreated on righting it good... only fast.
  14:14:17  7 December 2006
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Odaise Gaelach
You want a what now?


On forum: 08/01/2005
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Hand-to-hand with another human might work. Maybe. But hand-to-hand with a bloodsucker? No so goood...
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