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a few anomaly ideas

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  01:11:48  29 September 2006
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On forum: 09/27/2006
Messages: 17
a few anomaly ideas

hi, had a few ideas for some new anomalies.

Vortex - a visible, blue-ish white, funnel-shaped )( tornado that tears randomly through the zone. it sucks in nearby movable objects and hurls them away like the gravitational anomaly. it's loud, and very visible, so it's easy to stay away from, but it's still dangerous because of its speed, and if you get close, you'll be pulled in and hurled into a nearby wall

Tesla - another visible anomaly; it's a stationary "ball" of hovering electricity. every second or so, it arcs any 'nearby' object with an electric jolt. it could arc a movable object like a barrel or crate, a monster, a humanoid npc, or the player. the range of the arcing possibility should be about 50 feet, and the number of arcs would be random; from 1 to 3. what i mean by number of arcs is - on one arc, the tesla ball could arc only once, and just lash a nearby crate that is 50 or less feet away. or, it could randomly be given 3 arcs, and the tesla ball could arc off a barrel 50 or less feet away, which arcs off a metal pipe 50 or less feet away from that, which in turn zaps a stalker who is standing 50 or less feet away from that pipe. since it may randomly have annoyingly long range (may even be able to zap around a corner if there are adequate objects) it shouldn't kill in one hit. maybe 20-25% health per arc.

Brainwhirl - an "invisible" anomaly with a very large field, maybe 1/2 a mile in diameter. the strength of the anomaly however gradually fades out to the end of its radius, so its very weak (virtually unnoticeable) at the edges, and extremely strong in the very center. this anomaly emits a strange type of radiation throughout it's field that affects the mind. a stalker near the center would be tripping out badly. the sky might pulse between normal to white, or black. contrast and gamma might change (not to an extreme blinding level though). field of view might increase and decrease as well as waver slightly as if being affected by a blind dog attack. maybe your 1st person weapon model (hand included) would fade away to invisible then fade back. most importantly though, you would begin to see freaky hallucinations such as: a limp corpse of a stalker or such floating in the air in the distance, then suddenly being dragged down toward you at a fast speed (right up to your face) and fading away. or a monster randomly fades right in front of you, slashes/bites at you, then instantly fades away (does no damage, it's not real). or maybe you turn and see an npc signaling you over with his hands, then he begins to walk to the side and disappears. zombies may emerge from the ground, run at you, and disappear. and of course, you'll hear monsters and soldiers who aren't really there scream and stuff. certainly all these illusions should NOT happen at the same time - that'd make it unplayable and possibly cause seizures lol, but the frequency and POWER of these illusions should increase as you near the center of the anomaly. npcs affected by this anomaly should stumble around, randomly shoot at nothing, and randomly decide to run away in fear from nothing.

Wormhole - a barely visible anomaly, looks like ripples of heat travelling upwards, but maintaining "ring" shapes. stepping into this simply teleports you to a linked wormhole in the zone. would be cool if you actually flew through the air and could see yourself passing buildings and trees and such before landing at the 2nd wormhole. you could step back into it and travel back to the 1st wormhole if you wanted. npcs and monsters could also accidently travel through one.

Unlinked wormhole - these would simply be a wormhole with no destination wormhole - which is bad. you would fly up through it, travel through the air over buildings and such, then suddenly start losing altitude and fall to your death. these unlinked ones should be very rare compared to linked ones, so players arent always afraid to use normal wormholes.

those are all my ideas for now
  02:01:14  29 September 2006
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On forum: 09/28/2006
Messages: 20
That Brainwirl thing sounds amazing. Seriously, if they put that in the game, i'd **** my pants if I got stuck in it.
  05:48:58  12 November 2006
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Ataru Moroboshi
Senior Resident

On forum: 02/25/2004
Messages: 218
I've got one.

I call it "The Grave"
It's one where the ground turns a different color than the surrounding ground. If you touch it, you're dragged within and crushed.

I call this one "Tralp"
It's an organic melter that burns away all your flesh, bone, and internal organs. It can be found by listening to a very slight sound that sounds like a stove cooking.

This one is the "Monarch"
It looks like a snake wriggling vertically. When you get caught in it, your body is constricted and it wriggling you while crushing you at the same time.
  22:41:22  23 November 2006
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On forum: 11/22/2006
Messages: 27

That Brainwirl thing sounds amazing. Seriously, if they put that in the game, i'd **** my pants if I got stuck in it.

Great idea, the brainwhirl gets a thumbs upp from me.

I have an idea for a biological anomaly the "fallout puffball". It should be a relatively unnoticable mushroom that whenever someone gets too close will disperse a cloud of spores that apart from adding to the radiation would cause nausea and dizzyness (like from alcochol).
  23:11:30  24 November 2006
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On forum: 11/20/2006
Messages: 81

it sucks in nearby movable objects and hurls them away like the gravitational anomaly.

Sounds like something from Lost maybe it should hunt you down!
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