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Something about vehicles

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  00:38:49  25 February 2006
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Morbid Nostalgia
On forum: 02/12/2006

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Morbid Nostalgia
02/25/2006 0:44:39
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Something about vehicles

To me, the way vehicles appear in the game is an important issue in terms of realism. In the videos about the game I've seen a scene where a vehicle drives around a corner, and I've noticed that it changes its orientation too abruptly. I don't know what that's due to, but if the reason is the physical model of the vehicle, it probably isn't realistic enough.
Furthermore, I've recently played Quake 4. In that game, you can move around in a tank. I wasn't content at all with that vehicle. First, because the player's perspective wasn't right when sitting in it, second because it moved like sliding on ice. Even if the accelaration forces are higher than the forces between vehicle and ground, the tank certainly wouldn't move like that in reality.
I wish that those two things are gonna be improved in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.!

P.S.: Sorry if this topic has already been dealt with, here in the forum. There obviously is another thread of the name 'Vehicles', but I couldn't find it using the Search Function.
  02:24:44  25 February 2006
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Resident Filth


On forum: 03/30/2004
Messages: 337
Morbid, are you talking about the car and BTR ?

Except for the *brief* tractor bit in the dx9 video from last year, everything
else is old old old. You might want to reserve judgement.

All vehicle physics aren't *that* unrealisitic even in those.. I remember
the car bouncing very convincinginly when a dead body dropped on it from
  18:05:06  25 February 2006
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I'm lost... got a dollar?


On forum: 12/22/2003
Messages: 90
You have reason to be concerned, but I have to agree with wonder. Almost everything we've seen is a year or more old, and while some good effects we can see in the videos, they did look quite unfinished. They've almost certainly been fixed over the last few months (Or years, depending). I mean, they delay for this long and don't have vehicles on the polish list? Riiight...

Damned be the man who suggested a news freeze, theres just so much we don't know! Oh well, theres a good chance a huge amount of info will be released in the coming few days, what with the gameland awards and such.
  21:15:56  25 February 2006
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Local Law-Enforcement


On forum: 03/02/2005

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02/25/2006 21:16:05
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The camera can be moved while you are driving. The driving mechanics and physics have been refined to look more realistic, and it is possilbe to shoot small-arms from the car while driving.

This message has been brought to you by Oleg Yavorsky, approved by Oleg Yavorsky, and told to you by Siro Dracosin.
  09:23:23  27 February 2006
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Independant games developer.


On forum: 02/13/2005
Messages: 618
I wonder If you have ever driven a car...

Some cars are very twitchy ( in reality)...even really old cars like the Niva and what not.
I havent noticed much wrong at all in terms of vehicle fact, even from playing an old build of the game, the vehicle physics were far more superb than anything you would see in any of today's games....gosh, I would even compare it to most of the racing games out there (the more realistic ones...not NFS games, cuz NFS is crap now).

Thanks Siro...when are you going to show us your interview with oleg? has he approved the questions yet?
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