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Reviving (possibility to save youre shot mates)

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  20:42:57  6 December 2005
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On forum: 12/04/2005
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Reviving (possibility to save youre shot mates)

Sorry if this is already suggested, I tried searching yes (pretty handy that search toolbar at the bottom) but couldn't find anything related, I actually wrote this as a lettre I wanted to send to the devolpers, but I changed my mind and though I might as well share it on the forums:

Recently I was playing Call of Duty 2, I was playing a map, I totally didn't like, since I always got shot at the beginning of the round and verything often went wrong. But this time, I played it again, and things went much better. I often was the last left in the round, and won on my own against to other team, even resulting in compliments from my fellow players on my team.
This made me think about it: the fun of one player often goes at the cost of the missery and anger of other players in shooter games. Which made me think about how something could be done about this matter in games, so games would be more fun for everyone. Which reminded me of Battlefield 2, they actually made everyone profit from a frag in Battlefiled 2, since medics are able to revive people ingame, and can earn points with that.

This is actually a pretty ingenious sollution I think. The killer makes a frag and wins a firefight, the medic has an oppertunity to revive the victim, and earn points with it, and the victim itsself lives again, and can learn more easily from its mistakes.

I am a real fan of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. particulary because of its imense amount of possibilties, the work spend on it, the theme and it's realism.
I've read about several kinds of medications for the singleplayer of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. but haven't read of heard about this aspect for mulitplayer, and if it's as versatile as in singleplayer, with all kinds of medics for different things.

But I think it would be awesome if there would be some sort of revive tool or kit that you can buy?/find? in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in several gametypes.

Though, for one thing I believe the devolpers of Battlefield 2 made a mistake. That is that it's all very easy and quick to revive someone ingame, with one click you can instantly revive someone if you're close to him. This caused a new kind of "sport" to be born ingame. At the moment, many players in Battlefield 2, make a sport of reviving. Trying to revive as many as possible, just to revive em, so they earn a point, and rush to the next, not caring about if the player they just saved from being really killed, is shot again just a second after he revived him.

If my suggestion is really toke into discussion, I do hope the devolpers will implement it in a different way then in Battlefield 2, because of the above reason. For example, making the reviving, take longer or make it more difficult. For example, by making it somewhat similar to planting the bomb in Counter-Strike, but then by using a revive-kit and reviving a player.
To prevent that the player who is revining somebody is being shot while doing so, you cold for example make it possible to drag the victim out of sight of the enemy by grabbing him by its armor or collar. Although I can understand it would be rather difficult and/or bugprone do make this possible, since (with my little knowledge of gamedevolpment) I think it would be pretty hard to "merge" an dynamic ragdoll model of the shot player together with a fixed animation model of the acting player dragging him over the ground.

But I think it would be awesome to see a stalker being toke down in large firefight, and see his teammate, take cover, lowering his gun and swining it to his back, starting to drag his mate out of the action to a safe and covered place, and reviving him, patching him up, so he's good to go again.
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