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Day Dreamers.

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  06:45:47  18 September 2011
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Day Dreamers.


Where is this? The sky is so strange, it’s filled with white, a blurry white light. Far brighter than anything I’ve seen before.

Where am I? Only can I spy a massive structure upon my endless vision. A giant standing out in the horizon completely of white. Could it be?


Suddenly comes a man, dressed in complete black as if he’s a devil that was reincarnated in heaven. Who is he? He stood still upon the blinding white, his anorak waves between the winds in a calm notion. Such movements gave way to the location of his hands, which was cradling a weapon. A weapon destined to be unleashed upon the damned.


What is his ethics? The man points his weapon at the colossal structure, the point of his desire. Then, a strong gust of wind swept through the atmosphere. Such force was quite unbearable to the man. His anorak blew wildly to the back of his, threatening to throw him into the horizon. He fought to regain control of his posture. He groaned. The sky kept getting brighter, just as the winds get stronger.

What is happening? The horizon shifts its color abruptly. From bright white to dark red, a color of great contrast to the still white sky. The red grew larger and larger, the sky went brighter and brighter, just as the winds get stronger and stronger.

*Flash* *Flash*

The red horizon exposes its unruly residents. Thousands of figures, all clad in black anoraks rushes forward. A chain of sounds as if of thunder followed. The man points his weapon to the point of desire. Fire spits out the tip of the metallic weapon, threatening to catch it’s wooden holder ablaze. Figures struck by the weapon was torn apart like paper. Many was shot dead, but many more was there to replace. The weapon was unable to prevail against the many. The too many. The red grew larger and larger, the sky went brighter and brighter, just as the wind gets stronger and stronger.

Closer and closer do the black figures come. The man was hopeless to stop it’s raging fury. No matter how hard he fought, no matter how much he struggles, no matter how he cries for help in a world filled with sounds as if of thunder. It was inevitable for him to be consumed by the blinding crimson. He continues to fire his weapon at the point of desire, fire threatens to catch it’s wooden holder ablaze. Figures struck by the weapon was torn apart like paper, many was shot, but many there was to replace. In a moment which time as if stood still, the sky at it’s brightest twilight, the horizon at it’s peak of chaos, and the wind at it’s ever lasting strength. A voice echoed to the deepest of space, clear as crystal, to the man whom as about to give way to such unimaginable force.


He turned his face toward me, his anorak weaves away in a swift movement. A face emerges from the hood of the devil, a face of a man whom had lost all hope of survival. He whispers a sound at his own lips:

When did we lost….our humanity.


The red horizon consumes the man into the thousands of figures. The ground rumbles just as it swept along the silhouette of the man, the blinding horizon kept absorbing everything in it’s path. The sky, the bright white sky was no exception. Violent flickers was brought into my eyes when time and space it self was eaten by the horizon of red. The figures, even them self was being consumed. I trembled at such force, it was overwhelming, chaotic, inexplicable.

It was not long…it was not long at all for it to reach me. I was at the epicenter of madness, of insanity. I cannot be consumed, I must keep on going, not anymore, not one more time.

Keep on running, keep on moving away. Not anymore, not one more time. I must go. Go now before it’s too late.

-Why You-our fate iis already sealed. There’ss no turni*ng back…

Who…what are you. Why do you insist on my end here? What was my mistake? What was my sin? What was the reason for my punishment?

-Because iits you wh*’s the de-vvil.


A smile, a smile of a devil was all I could saw. The epicenter of madness, the core of insanity, the inexplicable ethic. It was next to me. It has consumed me. All that I’ve done up until now. All that I have done, was nothing but to help the devil… the real devil…

When…when did we lost…our h humanity.
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